Babyliss Hot Rollers

Babyliss Hot Rollers, Always more for less

Giving some volume to your hair is no longer hard as you may think of. With Babyliss hot rollers, you require just a couple of minutes. Babyliss’ hot rollers work so smoothly and without any damage that many users never try anything else in their lifetimes. But why? What makes it so outstanding? Let’s see.

Nano Titanium

Cutting edge Nano TitaniumTM technology produces much needed far-infrared heat and negative ions which eliminate static and improve damaging hot spots. Superior heat conductivity of Titanium styles faster.

Color sensor

Probably the most amazing part of Babyliss hot rollers is the color-change sensor on roller tip. Start rolling when you observe the color change!!! Surely you are going to be a fan of it.

More rollers, more clips, more styles

Imagine the number of hot rollers you want from Babyliss !!!! You may say they must be of 20 in numbers in a model. But you are certainly wrong as Babyliss can offer maximum 30 hot rollers with 15 butterfly clips in a certain model. Babyliss have equal rollers with same clips. So, you can’t miss 5, 8, 12, 20 rollers with the equal number of butterfly clips. Some models have color coded metal clips additionally.

Sizes that define the curls

Babyliss hot rollers are available from a minimum ¾ inch to maximum 2 inches in size. They are of ¾, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2,1-3/4, 2 inches in size respectively termed as small, medium, large, jumbo, jumbo X, and Jumbo XL. Some models have only Jumbo X and/or XL collections while some run the gamut from small to jumbo/large.

Ultra fast heat up

Does saving time means saving a life? Yes !!! Wasting time on heating up rollers is always undesirable. Hence Babyliss has crafted suitable ultra-fast heating up technology.

Dual Voltage

The travel-friendly dual voltage of 110 and 240 hot rollers of Babyliss allow you to move freely across the world. Your Baby is always with you !!!!

Too heavy & No clip

To some experienced users, rollers are too heavy to stay in. Need more money to buy to essentials clips that should come with a roller too.


Bring salon at your home !!! is a dream no more. Babyliss hot rollers are professional because of Nano TitaniumTM technology and various sizes. Additional features like ultra-fast heating up and color sensor attracts busy and careful curl lovers. Don’t miss but kiss Babyliss hot rollers !!!!!!!!!!

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