Caruso Hot Rollers

The brand Caruso comes first when you just start thinking of curling. Safety, effectiveness, versatility, lasting results, and minuteness put Caruso in the top of the table. Let’s see why Caruso stands out.

Perfect curl using moisture and heat

When our hair has some moisture, we simply brush to make style in our daily hair care. And we also notice that heat is the another factor in styling. Combining these two, Caruso hair setters deliver best curls which last long.

Safer for use

Since Caruso hot rollers don’t use chemicals and extreme heat in order to avoid damaging your hair, they are considered to be safe. Like other steam rollers, Caruso rollers don’t use salt.

Ionic steam

Unlike dry heat rollers, Caruso hair setters ensures less static and frizz because of ionic steam. However moisture, shine, and luster of hair are also preserved by means of generated steam. Curly, shiny, and healthy hair is no more a far dream.


No other products in the market are not as good as Caruso hair setters because they are designed to use on all types of hair. Just buy one set and go for curling. Moreover, they also vary by 12, 14 or 30 in numbers and sizes depending on the models. Petite , Small , Medium , Large , and Jumbo are standard names of Caruso hair setters.

Works from molecular level

The secret of curls created by Caruso hair setters is attributed to its working principle down from the molecular level of your hair. As they are working deep into your hair shaft they are really very effective.

But bit pricy

Compare to other brands Caruso demands a bit more money. If they can keep the price a bit lower and quality to the same, many of us can afford Caruso hair setters.


Uniqueness of Caruso makes the difference. So, if you and your hair like some sophistication, there is no way to avoid Caruso. Get them and take on celebrity look !!!!!!!

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