Babyliss Heated Hair Rollers Review

In this article, we are going to show you how BabylissPRO Brand has added a new level to modern curly hair styling decade by producing their hair setters.

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About Babyliss Pro Brand

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BabylissPRO is a worldwide personal care company. Various sorts of products for both men and women are produced by this company. BabylissPRO makes different kinds of hair products like hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons, hot brushes, hair setters etc. for women and shavers, trimmers for men.

This company is famous among hair stylists and people who are very much fashion style concern and try to take good care of their hair. People all over the world are getting benefits greatly by using high-quality products made by BabylissPRO.

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Classification of Babylisspro Hair Setters

BabylissPRO setters are one of the best gears for styling hair. It can be a little difficult to start using this amazing tool because BabylissPRO brand offers different sizes and styles of rollers. People often get confused about which roller size they should use.


Sizes of hot rollers BabylissPRO

Selecting the perfect size of rollers is very much important to complete your desired curly hair styling because sizes of the curls of your hair depending on the size of the rollers. So you will not be able to have a satisfactory curly hairstyle if you cannot choose the right size of your hair setter.

After analyzing numerous models of BabylissPRO hair setters we can see there are 6 different sizes of rollers. They are:

Roller TypeRoller Length
Small¾ inch long
Medium1 inch long
Large1¼ inch 1ong
Jumbo1½ inch long
Jumbo X1¾ inch long
Super Jumbo (Jumbo XL)2 inches long

¾ Inch/Small Size Roller – Suitable for Making Small Curls and the People of Short Hair

Small sized rollers are made to make smaller and tighter curls and waves in the hair. People should not use small rollers if they intend to add volume to their hair. Small rollers cannot produce much tension in hair root. Small rollers are able to create very small curls in the hair and usually, the curls become very strong. Many people wish to have 1920-30s curly hairstyles; small rollers can be very advantageous in this case.

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Though small size rollers can be used to long length hair, they are especially recommended for the people with short hair. It will also create amazing and good looking curls in shoulder length hair.

1-Inch/Medium-Size Roller – Suitable for Making Medium Curls and the People of Shoulder Length Hair

Medium-sized rollers are 1 inch long. So from knowing the roller length, you can guess that these rollers can make curls which are a little bit of big in size than small sized rollers. Many people do not want to make much smaller curls in their hair so they look for something bigger than small rollers. And sometimes they do not want to make those large sized curls in their hair too. So they look for something between small and large sized rollers.

BabylissPRO has brought medium-sized rollers, especially for those people so that they can make medium-sized curls in their hair and also add some volumes in their hair.

Since medium-sized hair setters create curls of medium size which suit almost every length of hair people. This is why, people of all length hair whether they have short, medium or long length hair can use medium-sized rollers to have a curly hairstyle. But we are highly recommending these rollers especially for the people who have shoulder-length hair.

1¼ Inch/Large Size Roller – Best for Making Big Waves and Best for the People of Long, Medium Length Hair

People can make big curls in their hair by using large size rollers. These rollers amazingly make individual’s hair smoother. 1¼ inch long rollers can add a great number of the volume in your hair root and if you are one of those people who would like to have lots of tensions in your hair; large sized rollers are a must for you. You will also be able to add some gentle shape in your hair and hair curls.

Large size rollers are greatly useful for the people of long and shoulder length hair. Short length hair people will face some difficulties if they use these rollers for curling their hair.

1½ Inch/Jumbo Size Rollers – Suitable for Making Big Curls and the People Who Have Medium to Long Length Hair

Jumbo size rollers make larger waves in the hair comparatively than large size rollers. Many people do not wish to have really deep curls in their hair. So they just want some really big waves in their hair. Jumbo sized rollers are best for those kinds of people. By using a jumbo roller, you will able to add a lot of prominence and volume in your hair root. Besides that, your hair can be much smoother.

People who have medium to long length hair can use these jumbo size rollers to complete their curly hair styling finely. Short hair people will have no use of using these 1½ inch long rollers for their curly hair styling.

1¾ Inch/Jumbo X Size Roller – Suitable for Making Big Waves and People of Long Length Hair

Jumbo X size rollers are 1¾ inch long. By using these rollers you will be able to create really big waves and curls in your hair and add a lot of volume in your hair root. If you want to add some tensions in your hair, we are recommending this jumbo x sized rollers for that purpose also.

We are recommending these jumbo x size rollers especially for the people who have long length hair. People who have shoulder length hair can also use these rollers if they wish to add a light big wave in their hair. Otherwise, we are recommending them to use up to jumbo size rollers to make good curls in their hair.

2 Inches/Super Jumbo or Jumbo Xl Size Roller – Suitable for Making Very Big and Light Waves in Your Hair and the People Who Have Long Length Hair

Super Jumbo (also known as Jumbo XL) sized rollers are literally superjumbo in size and they are able to make really big curls in your hair. Many long hair people are not willing to create lots of curls in their hair. Alternatively, they just want a light big wave in their hair.

BabylissPRO Brand is very much concern about all sorts of curly hairstyles people wish to have by using hot rollers. As a result, they have provided super jumbo rollers with their few models of hair setters so that people can make big waves and add a very large number of volumes in their hair root.

Super jumbo rollers are highly recommended for the people who have long length hair and definitely not for the people with short and shoulder length hair.

Babyliss Pro Hair Setter Box

BabylissPRO hot roller set

BabylissPRO actually offers you a set of rollers. That means you can get a numerous number of rollers in a single product. BabylissPRO is offering 6 different sizes of rollers by which you can make curly hair styling as we have mentioned earlier.

Some of the BabylissPRO hair setter models offer you a few different sizes of rollers. You may get 2 different, 3 or 4 different sizes of rollers in a single hair roller set. Some models also provide the particular one size of the roller in that product. So you should be aware of what your desired curly hairstyle is and choose the right model for your hair.

If you want to make a large number of curls in a single portion of your hair, you should use great numbers of rollers in that portion. In contrast, using a little number of rollers in a particular portion of your hair will make a little number of curls. So a number of rollers using in a single area of your hair actually determines the number of curls created in that area.

Replacement Roller Set

Babyliss Pro Replacement roller set

BabylissPRO provides replacement rollers set for their hair setter products. This is a great thing which is very much helpful for the hair setter users. A roller can be damaged in various ways. So people can buy this replacement roller set to fulfill the lack of those damaged rollers.

But the replacement rollers set only provides jumbo size rollers which are 1½ inch long. As a result, only long and shoulder length hair people can buy this replacement roller set to fulfill the lack of their large, jumbo or jumbo x size rollers. Short hair people, unfortunately, cannot get any benefits from this feature of BabylissPRO.


Clips are one of the essential things for using hot rollers. Without clips, you will not be able to do any kind of hairstyles with your BabylissPRO hair setters. You have to hold your hair with rollers after rolling those with your hair and for this purpose, you will need a clip.

Otherwise, the rollers will fall off your hair. It is up to you whether you hold the clip with your hair loosely or strongly. It depends on the amount of hair you rolled with the BabylissPRO products.

Babyliss Pro Hot Roller Clips

You will get butterfly/metal clips with each and every hair setter product models of BabylissPRO. Provided clips of those models are exclusively made for those model particularly. As a result, they are finely adjustable with particular rollers. So you can hold your hair with rollers by using clips easily.

If some of your clips get damaged you do not have to be panicked. You can buy BabylissPRO’s multi-purpose clips severally which have not any adjustability issue.

Why You Should Choose Babyliss Pro

Now we are going to tell you why you should choose BabylissPRO hair setters over the other companies before going to the product section. There are so many good reasons why BabylissPRO is one of the best personal care companies in the world. In the following, we will show some highlighted reasons.

  • The manufacture of BabylissPRO hair setters is simply amazing. They use Nano Titanium ceramic technology on their rollers. The ceramic technology sets high technology ceramics. Ceramic technology has the ability to bury heat which can simplify tools to reach larger temperatures for contemporaneous So that the temperature is distributed equally and no hot spots can be injurious. Ceramic technology and BabylissPRO hair setter’s dual ionic ports emit negative ions to save your hair from frizzing. Moreover, you can have soft and silken hair. On the other hand, Nano Titanium technology generates far-infrared heat which helps you to curl your hair faster and perfectly.
  • BabylissPRO is counted special for its variety in the sizes of rollers. BabylissPRO offers you 6 different sizes of rollers. You will rarely find any personal care company that provides this kind of variety in roller sizes. As a result, people of any length hair can buy BabylissPRO hair setter without any doubt. For the betterment of its users, they have provided some different models; some of them have 4 different sized rollers, some of them have one particular sized roller. So you can choose their products depending on your desired hairstyles and your hair length without any flaw.
  • Since BabylissPRO has used Nano Titanium technology in their hair setters, the rollers become very hot when you heat these up. They have provided stay-cool ribbed ends so that you can easily hold the “hot” rollers by that portion and use it. This amazing feature saves you from hurting; burning your hand from high heat and allows you to continue your curly hair styling.

Babyliss Pro Hair Setter Products

BabylissPRO has produced 6 hair setter products so far. They have used Nano Titanium technology in all of their models. The names of the products are in the following:

Model NameRollers TypeRollers Size
10-Roller Hair SetterJumbo10 Jumbo sized – 1½ inch long
Professional 8 Jumbo Plus-Roller Hair SetterJumbo X and Jumbo XL4 jumbo X – 1¾ inch long and 4 jumbo XL – 2 inches long
Professional Ionic 30-Roller Hair SetterSmall, Medium, Large, Jumbo6 Small Sized ¾ - inch long
8 Medium Sized 1 - inch long
8 Large Sized 1¼ - inch long
8 Jumbo Sized 1½ - inch long
Professional 20-Roller Hair SetterSmall, Medium, Large6 Small Sized ¾ - inch long
6 Medium Sized 1 - inch long
8 Large Sized 1¼ - inch long
Professional 12 Jumbo-Roller Hair SetterJumbo12 Jumbo sized – 1½ inch long
Professional 5 Jumbo-Roller Hair SetterJumbo5 Jumbo sized – 1½ inch long

Best Babyliss Pro Rollers

From the above list, we have chosen a particular model which we would like to suggest you buy and also chosen another product which is not considered as a well-featured hair setter product. In this section, we will give a short review of those products.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Professional Ionic BABNTHS40 Hair Setter

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Ionic 30-Roller Hair Setter

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Suitable for the People of All Lengths (Long, Medium, Short) Hair

Why We Love It

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Ionic 30-Roller Hair Setter comes with a set of 4 different sized rollers. You will find 6 small (¾ inch long), 8 medium (1 inch long) and 8 large (1¼ inch long) and 8 jumbo (1½ inch long) rollers.

So if you buy this product we will able to make very small, medium and large size curls, even larger waves in your hair. Long and medium length (shoulder length) hair people should buy this product because they will be able to create any size curls in their hair.

Though short hair people will have no use of large rollers, fortunately, there are small and medium-sized rollers provided with this product. As a result, short length hair people also can use this product and can have any curly hairstyles they want to make.

No one loves to wait so that BabylissPRO has used Nano Titanium ceramic technology and dual ionic ports so that rollers heat up early and create your curls very quickly and make them healthy and sustain.

15 butterfly clips are provided with this product so that you can hold your hair with the rollers. They have also included a handy storage pouch with their product. The rollers of this product have cool touch ends so that now you can hold the heated rollers without hurting your fingers. Read more here.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Professional 5 Jumbo-Roller BABNTTS7 Hair Setter

Why You Should Not Buy This

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional 5 Jumbo-Roller Hair Setter comes with the rollers of only one size. They are 1½ inch long jumbo rollers.

For providing jumbo rollers, this product is definitely not for the people who have a short length and shoulder-length hair, though long hair people can use this product without any flaw.

On the other hand, it provides only 5 rollers. This amount of rollers is not enough if you want to add much texture and volume in a single portion of your hair root and complete your curly hair styling quickly at the same time. Read more here.




BabylissPRO has made many high-quality hair setter products. Among them, people of any length hair (short, medium, long) can use BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Ionic 30-Roller, Hair Setter. On the other hand, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional 5 Jumbo-Roller Hair Setter product is the least featured product compared to the other BabylissPRO hair setter products. And this product is not recommended by us for the people of any length hair.


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