What Are Hot Rollers?

Hot Rollers, return of Kings and Queens

evolves of hot rollers technologyBefore the invention of curling irons or wands, using of rollers was in practice. And hot rollers are the new addition to roller concept to create better hair styles. Effortless and damage fewer curls with great styled looks are now few steps away. But before using hot rollers let’s know their ins and outs. Start your curling journey with hot rollers !!!!

What are hot rollers and their sizes?

Hot Roller SizesAs the name suggests, hot rollers are simply roller but curl your hair effectively when you wrap your hair around them when they are hot. Technically, hot rollers use gentle heat to add body and volume to your plain and straight hair without much damage compare to other curling methods. With diameters of 0.25 inches to 2 inches, hot rollers can be of small, medium, large, and jumbo.

Types of hot rollers

various Types Of Hot RollersBased on materials, hot rollers are two types, flexible and non-flexible. Like its name, a flexible hot roller can create various hair styles and naturally defined look provided that how much tension you have applied for it. Non-flexible hot rollers, on the other hand, are rigid. Because of inflexibility, you will get the same result each time with no disappointment.

How do they work?

Using hot rollersBy breaking hydrogen bonds of hair’s cortex, hot rollers twist your hair which last longer. Depending on the roller sizes, you will get loose, beach-wave, or ringlets. However not only using hair spray or mousse aids hot rollers to work efficiently but also cooling completely adds value to your curls.

Advantages of hot rollers

Hot Rollers

  • No Burn, No Pain: While trying out with a curling iron you may have got your fingers, neck, face, hair, or cheeks burned. Now forget those and have fun with hot rollers and be creative in hair styling.
  • Longer lasting curls: Who don’t want curls last longer? Though the lasting time of curls mainly depends on complete cooling, temperature settings, and your hair type have much to chip in.
  • Less Harmful: Where there is heat, there is a possibility of damage. But unlike curling irons or wands which use excessive heat, hot rollers magically create curls with gentle heat.
  • Multitasking: Doing other jobs while putting on hot rollers saves much of your valuable time. Just put off them while you are about to go out of the doors.
  • Voluminous and healthy hair: Jealous of the fascinating, healthy celeb styles? Concentrate on hot rollers. Giving body to your hair bears a good and luxurious impression. Hot rollers work more closely to the roots better than curling irons or wands, delivering the maximum effect.
  • Budget friendly: Even the dearest hot rollers are cheaper than mid-ranged curling irons/wands. So they are healthier for your purse too!!!

Disadvantages of hot rollers

  • Sometimes they are tough to use. There is a learning curve on controlling your hair to wrap around the roller. However, another one is they can be heavy and keep falling.
  • Frequent uses of hot rollers are not good for your hair.

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