Which Calista Heated Hair Rollers Will You Buy?

Calista, the renowned beauty, and hairstyle brand are governing hair setters sector from the very beginning. The brand has demonstrated their dexterity in hair styling region and stood up in the race with dignity as they have products that are extremely competent.

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Rollers are still deliberated to be the prime choice of women when it comes to curling your hair. Calista has launched a few heated rollers however their pioneering technologies, innovative use of the equipment and ground-breaking features has made them stand among the curling leaders of this decade.

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Why Electing Calista Rollers

Calista has 3 sizes of heated hair rollers set entitled as- Short Set, Long Set, and Body Waver Set. Short set is for people who have short hair, the long set is considered for long hair and body waver is also for long hair for creating loose waves.

Calista Hot Roller Set

In some models, you will get rollers that are of the same size (diameter) and in some models, you will get two different sizes of rollers for creating different forms of curls.

You have to select according to your aspiration, if you want to create a selected form of curl all over your head then you can purchase roller sets that have one sized roller. But if you want to make curls of different size or multi-sized curls then you can go for rollers of two different size.

The heated hair rollers set having two different sizes of rollers has rollers that are color coded. It helps you recognize the size of the rollers.

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Butterfly Clips

You get Calista Butterfly Clips with every heated hair roller set. When you roll your hair up, you need to fix the rollers in their position for serving required heat to the hair through rollers.

With the butterfly clips, you can pin every roller on your head and can do you work. When your heated hair rollers are done curling your hair you can unroll the hair by opening the clips easily.

We can say that, the harder the grip, the better the curls. Calista delivers you clips that have fine grip and can hold hair tight.

Calista Butterfly Clips

Metal pins are not good for hair and they can hurt your hand or head. Butterfly Clips are made of plastic and do not hurt your hair or body parts. For every roller, you get one clip so that you can pin your hair.

PTC Heater

Calista uses a PTC heater which refers to Positive Temperature Coefficient when elaborated. This heating element of this brand is a sword for A Grade heat up and perfect curls. PTC heating element facilitates powerful, energy sufficient and safe transfer of heat.

The unsurpassed information about PTC heater is it aids heating up quickly and once the needed temperature is grasped, it helps to stay stable and not to overheat. Thus the rollers get hot fast and stay hot for long.

Ionic Technology

Calista uses Ion technology for damage-free curling. ION refers to a negative ion that provides you hair smoothness and removes static from the hair.

In Ionic technology, electron generates negative ions which neutralize static and flyaway elements to make hair frizz-free, smooth, shiny, and soft by closing the cuticle of the hair. With the use of Calista rollers, your hair will not be damaged rather your hair will be smoother when you styling.

Dual Temperature Settings Harness

Calista hair setters are one of the first brands that provide you the facility in using two different temperatures. Frequently heated hair rollers have auto temperature settings but Calista is distinctive in the sector and offers two different temperature for the different type of hair.

  • Thin hair: Low-Temperature setting (approximately 200 degree Celsius)
  • Thick or coarse hair: High-Temperature Setting (approximately 300-400 degree Celsius)

If you have thick or coarse hair that is tough to curl then you can go for the high-temperature settings and if you have thin hair which is easy-to-curl then the low temperature will effortlessly curl your hair in minutes.

Enduring Curls

Curly Hair By Calista

Curls formed by Calista are enduring because of Ion technology and PTC heating element. Each roller of Calista is baked with multi-element mineral powder in consort with ionic moisture infusion. So the rollers get proper hot and provide the necessary heat to the hair for forming curls that last 3 days long.

If you have thick hair and do not receive the same outcome then you should keep the rollers on your head for more time than thin hair.

Indicating Light with On/Off Switch

Unlike direct connection from the plug, the heated hair roller sets of Calista has individual on/off switch, so you can turn on and off the switch when you curl your hair. It also includes indicating light that helps you know when the roller is appropriately hot and when you should use them.

You do not need to stand and wait for the rollers to get hot because after switching on the device the red light provides you signal whenever the rollers are hot enough and are ready to use.

Travel Case

Calista delivers travel cases for the ease of traveling. The travel case is durable and the roller sets look compact when packed in the travel case. With this case carrying your roller set and being in style become tranquil for you.

What May Disappoint You

Absence of Dual Voltage

Calista has travel-sized roller sets in their list, but they do not have dual voltage settings. It only has a single voltage (110V) and therefore you cannot take the rollers set to any other country.

If you use an adapter then your device can be destroyed entirely. This is one of the foremost reasons for which Calista lags behind in the rivalry.

Burns Finger

The ends of the roller are not good enough to prevent excessive heat and sometimes it can burn your fingers. The roller sets do not come with gloves so it can harm your hand with unnecessary heat. The clips of the roller set leave mark and create kink where they were fixed. When you get kinks on the top of your head it may seem embarrassing to you as it looks bizarre.


The roller of Calista may seem slightly expensive. Budget is a fact when you are about to buy a heated roller set and numerous women are fascinated with the frontline technologies of Calista and want to buy their rollers but the value of the rollers limits their tendency to purchase them.

Overall Elucidation

The difficulty regarding dual voltage is crucial and so you have to take this blunder if you want to get the other prodigious technologies of Calista. They are expensive but if you consider their trailblazing technologies, devotion, and potential in forming best ever curls then you will undeniably recognize the reasons for their being costly.

If you feel that your hands or fingers may burn then you can use gloves from any shop for safety. The clips leave marks on your head-crown and you have to accept it. If you feel worried about the kinks then you can purchase clips by yourself that fulfills your desire.

Launched Rollers by Calista

There are many launched rollers by Calista, some of the well-known models are mentioned below with the equipment they provide.

Model NameEquipment
Calista Tools (Short Style Set)12 Rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
1 ¼ Inch- 6 rollers
Calista Tools (Long Style Set)12 Rollers
1 Inch- 12 rollers
Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Short Set)12 Rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
1 ¼ Inch-6 rollers
Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Long Set)12 Rollers
1 Inch- 12 rollers
Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Body Waver Set)12 Rollers
2 Inch- 12 rollers
Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Rollers (1 Inch and 1.2 Inch)12 Rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
1.2 Inch- 6 rollers
Calista MagicStylers Heated Rollers14 Rollers
1 ½ Inch- 14 rollers

Best Calista Rollers

Calista Tools Ion Hair Setters (Short-Style Set)

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Suitable for Short and Medium Hair

Why we love it

  • Includes 12 Rollers
    • 1 Inch- 6 rollers
    • 1 ¼ Inch- 6 rollers
  • Heats up rapidly
  • Stays hot for so long
  • Small and compact for travel

What we dislike most

  • Does not have two heat settings
  • Clips have a loose grip

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Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Long Set)

Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Long Set)

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Suitable for Long Hair

Why we love it

  • Includes 12 Rollers
    • 1 Inch- 12 rollers
  • Has two different temperature settings- High and Low
  • The base heats up fast
  • Clips hold curls impressively
  • Comes with a travel case
  • Not expensive

What we dislike most

  • Includes only one sized roller
  • Gets too much hot

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Some Non-Recommended Products

Calista MagicStylers Heated Rollers

Why we dislike it

  • Includes 14 Rollers
    • 1 ½ Inch- 14 rollers
  • Uses Tourmaline-ionic technology instead of PTC Heating Technology
  • Has only one sized roller
  • Does not have two heat settings
  • Rollers are heavy
  • Curls are short-lived
  • Does not go with long and coarse hair

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Overall Analysis

Moon has a dark side so does Calista. It has products that elitist products contrariwise it also deals with models that flopped in the race. Calista provides hair wavers for every hair type and every hair length. You only need to identify your craving and then you can go for any particular model by Calista for your hair. If you have affection for traveling then Calista products will not be accurate for you as it has a single voltage.


  • 1. Calista Tools Ion Short-Style Set (B01CRB98BG)
  • 2. Calista Tools Hot Wavers Long Set (B008ORUKR4)


Calista, the monarch of hair curling sector of 2022 has brought a curl-revolution to the hairstyle era. You will be startled with their supremacy in understanding what your hair needs. If you are women of short or medium length hair you should pick up Calista Tools Ion Rollers (Short-Style Set). It may be called short style set but it has 1 ¼ Inch rollers for short hair and 1 Inch rollers for medium hair. Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Long Set) will be magnificent if you are searching rollers for long hair. Exploring all the Calista rollers, we can recommend this product of Calista for enhanced and super glossy curls. From now on, healthy hair in and fashion is never out!

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