Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Short Style Set 12 Base Review

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Balanced heat with frizz reduction, days of damage-free glossy curls is knocking!

The most favorite hot rollers of this period named Calista Tools Ion Hot Roller (Short Style Set) has mesmerized the user with its state-of-the-art technologies and first-rate features. Standing among the high-class hot rollers set the Ion Hot Rollers by Calista has achieved a remarkable prestige.

In competition with the other hot rollers set in the market, Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers has demonstrated its proficiency and eminence in functional, technical, design, caring, attachment, durability and all divisions.

Product Specification

Model NameCalista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)
Manufacturer BrandCalista
Rollers12 Rollers
Roller Diameter1 Inch- 6 rollers
1 ¼ Inch- 6 rollers
Roller Length2 ½ Inch
Clips12 Butterfly Clips
Clips MaterialPlastic
ColorRed, Purple, Silver, Rosy, and Violet
Heat Transfer TechnologyIonic Technology
Temperature RangeAuto Temperature
VoltageSingle Voltage (120V)
Power SupplyAC
Weight3 pounds
Warranty2 Years

Why it is ION Hot Rollers

The term ION speaks of to Negative Ion. You may have known positive ion can damage your hair by creating frizz in your hair. Being true to its name Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers is a model based on Ionic Technology. Principally positive ion makes a chemical reaction with the substances of your hair with makes hair frizzed. On the contrary, negative ion gives a moisture to your hair and removes static from your hair. Through the advantage of the Ionic technology, you can get movable and frizz-free curls and you are ready to shine with your perfect glossy curls.
Chart Of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)
Now we will score the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style) from the following perceptions and will evaluate the model impersonally and neutrally for clear interpretation

Functional Observation

  • Curling Hair
  • Adding Volume

The foremost job of the Calista Tool Ion Hot Rollers Set is curling your hair and it does its job impeccably. This Ionic technology based hot rollers by Calista provides you with two different size rollers to curl your hair. You can simply use the rollers to roll your tresses and after a few minutes, you will acquire your desired curls with glossy finish because the rollers have got the blessing of ION!

The rollers are also great in adding volume to your tedious and dull hair. If you are bored of your straight hair then you can use these rollers in the last portion of your hair and can easily get instant volume with a fuller face.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, functionally noteworthy

Design Viewpoint

Design Viewpoint Of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)

Positive Traits

  • Includes 12 Rollers
    • 1 Inch- 6 rollers
    • 1 ¼ Inch- 6 rollers
  • Rollers are 2 ½ Inch long
  • Compact in design

Negative Traits

  • Not designed for long hair
  • Clips do not have strong grip

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style) includes 12 hot rollers of two different sizes. 6 rollers are of 1 Inch and the other 6 rollers are of 1 ¼ Inch. The exceptional information about this roller set is this is addressed as hot rollers for Short Style but you can also use these hot roller set for medium hair.

  • Short Hair: 1 Inch
  • Medium Hair: 1 ¼ Inch

If you have hair of short length then you can use the 1 Inch rollers for curling hair into spirals or small ringlets. Conversely, if you are women of medium hair then you can select 1 ¼ Inch rollers for beachy waves or loose curls. The rollers are of 2 ½ Inch long and so your short or medium hair rollers up in these rollers easily to form curls.

As the roller set includes 2 different sizes of rollers so you will also be able to make multi-textured curls. But as a matter of fact, you get only 6 rollers for short hair and 6 for medium. If you want to create same size curls then you need to use the rollers on one-half of your hair first. You have to wait and only after the half portion is done curling you can unroll them and use them on the other portion of your hair.

The Ion Hot Roller Set by Calista is a compact set. It is called short style and is small in size. This roller set is also called as travel size rollers because it is easily bearable. All the 12 hot rollers can be settled in one base that can hold all of them easily. The carrying case can hold 12 hot rollers and 12 clips together and so it is considered to be compact in size.

These hot rollers are designed for short hair and so long hair cannot be curled perfectly with these rollers. If you use these rollers in long hair then the roller will not be able to hold curls tightly and every time you will end up making wobbly waves which are not satisfactory. If you have long hair and want any hot roller set by Calista then you may possibly get benefitted by Calista Tools Hot Rollers (Long Style) as it is specially designed for long hair.

The butterfly clips that is provided by Calista Short Style Ion Hot Rollers have a loose grip. When you roll you hair with a roller, you need to stick the rollers to your head with clips. Ion Hot Rollers by Calista delivers butterfly plastic clips but they are flimsy and cannot hold curls strongly. As a result, your curls will fall down and you will not get defined curls.

Overall Interpretation

Every problem has a solution, so do these. As the rollers of Calista Tools Io Hot Rollers (Short Style) are designed for the short and medium hair you cannot use this in long hair. You can select Calista Tools Hot Rollers (Long Style) for long hair. The clips do not have fine grip so you can purchase clips from shop separately.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4.5/5, designed imposingly

Technical Perspective

Positive Traits

  • Includes Ionic Technology
  • Has PTC heating element
  • Red Indicating Light

Negative Traits

  • Do not have two heat settings
  • Absence of dual voltage

This hot roller said by Calista uses Ionic Technology for a better outcome. Ionic technology provides negative ion to your unhealthy damaged hair and reduces static by giving you frizz-free shiny hair. As referred to the name, this roller set does its job impeccably by bringing back the lost gloss and smoothness to your hair. With the Ionic technology, your hair will not look fried and you will not feel any burn aroma. If your hair is damaged by extreme styling then the component ION will serve you refined and polished waves.

The Positive Temperature Coefficient known as PTC is the most recent technology in the curling world. This element accelerates energy sufficient, authoritative and safe transfer of heat to the hair for an enhanced result. It helps in rapid heating up and it forces the rollers to remain hot for a long time. The central fact about PTC is it keeps the heat stable so that the rollers can provide proper heat which is needed in curling your hair. The element also certifies about exact heat transfer and so excessive heat cannot burn your hair.
Indicating Light Of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)
The base of the rollers has an indicating light and the red indicating lights ensure it the rollers properly heated up or not. When you supply power to the base the rollers will get hot. The roller of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style) needs around 5 minutes or less to get hot appropriately. You can switch on the roller set and do your everyday works. Whenever the rollers are properly hot the red indicating light will light up and let you know that the rollers are ready to use. For this feature, you do not need to wait for the rollers to get hot rather you can switch on the rollers and can do you daily stuff.

The chief problem regarding Ion Hot Rollers by Calista is it does not allow dual heat settings. Other hot rollers by Calista has dual heat settings as HIGH and LOW temperature.

  • Low-temperature settings: 200 degree Celsius (approximate value)
  • High-temperature settings: 300-400 degree Celsius (approximate value)

It has auto heat settings and so it becomes tough to understand if the heat is perfect for you or not. Usually, thin hair can be curled in less temperature but when it comes to thick hair you need high temperature. If thin hair is provided enough heat then your hair can be damaged. On the contrary, you thick hair cannot hold curls if the proper amount of heat is not given.

Another important feature that the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style) lags is dual voltage. Though the set is called to be travel set but comparing to other hot rollers in the market this set cannot be a perfect hot roller set for traveling because it does not operate dual voltage. For people who travel much cannot select this set because the single voltage is not allowed internationally and using this device with the help of an adapter can entirely destroy the roller set.

Overall Interpretation

This hot roller set does not allow you to use dual heat settings. So it is not possible for you to select different heat settings for different type of hair. If you want dual heat settings then you can give a ride to Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Long Set) as it has a variable temperature- high and low. If you love to travel then Calista Tool Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style) is definitely not for you because it has no dual voltage, even no launched hot rollers by Calista can provide you dual voltage option.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4/5, technically noteworthy

Attachment Outlook

Attachment Of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)

Positive Traits

  • Includes 12 Butterfly Clips
  • Provides carrying Case

Negative Traits

  • Rollers are heavy

This hot roller set is different from the other rollers in the market because serves you 12 butterfly clips for holding 12 rollers. Only a handful of hot roller brands provides so many clips in their set. The butterfly clips are enough to hold the hot rollers. The clips are made of plastic so they are not harmful to your head or hands and they do not discomfort your hair by stretching them as the metal rollers do.

Calista Tools Ion Hot Roller for Short Style delivers a carrying case for the ease of bearing. You can include the hot rollers and clips together in the carrying case. If you love to travel then the carrying case will be a vital element for you. As the roller set does not allow dual voltage you can carry the hot rollers anywhere within the USA.

Overall Interpretation

The rollers may seem a bit heavy to use but if you use clips then your rollers will stay fixed in their position. So the weight of the rollers is not a fact to think over if you get used to these.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4.5/5, sufficient attachment

Caring Posture

Appropriate supply of heat

This hot roller set by Calista is caring for your hair because it creates long-lasting curls with the help of PTC heating element. As we have said before, PTC heater provides enough heat to curl your hair and assists the rollers to remain hot for a long time. Accordingly, you get enduring curls for a long time. Correspondingly this kind of heater also confirms the accurate amount of heat transfer. It prevents the roller to get overheated and thus your hair your hair does not burn. This roller keeps fizz away and makes you possess damage-free movable hair.

Time-saving Device

This hot roller set is also a time-saving device in terms of the holding base it provides. The base of the rollers is enough large to hold all the 12 rollers together. In other rollers set you will get a small base that cannot hold more than 6 rollers and so you need to roll one side of your hair and the other side remains incomplete till the previous side is cooled which delays all your work. But with the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers, you can never be late because it can heat up all the 12 rollers in one single base.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, devoted to caring

Safety Lookout

Positive Traits

  • Multi element mineral powder in every roller

Negative Traits

  • Edge of the rollers are rough

This Calista roller uses the power of multi element mineral powder with the help of Ionic Technology. As your hair faces so much styling your hair needs nourishment. Some selected minerals are healthy for your hair and provide nutrition to soften the hair. The Ionic technology of this appliance delivers multi mineral powder to your hair for deep nourishment. These multi element mineral powders aid you in getting soft, silky and smooth hair removing frizzle or kink from them.

The border of the hot rollers are rough and do not have smooth ends. If you are not careful enough then it certainly will hurt your hand or head.

Overall Interpretation

You should be careful at the time of rolling and unrolling your hair with these rollers. It will not hurt you if you use the roller gently.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4/5, standardly safe

Warranty, Durability and other facts

Warranty details Banner Of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)

Positive Traits

  • Durable
  • Curls stay for so long

Negative Traits

  • Not perfect for long hair
  • Expensive

The rollers of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style) is durable and if you use them carefully then they will provide a good result for years. You should be cautious about the rollers and should not allow excessive heat for the rollers. You should not keep the rollers in your head for so long and should avoid sleeping with rollers. This hot roller set will last long if you are a little bit conscious about the usage.

As the rollers are designed for short and medium hair so you will not be able to curl long hair. The curls created will these rollers are long-lasting and it may go on for 3 days if you do not wash your hair. This roller set creates curls fast and you get a curl that does not fall apart.

This roller set by Calista provides a 2-year warranty which itself articulates about the quality. In this 2 years if your products misbehave then you can replace them by contacting the manufacturer.

The only objection with the best hot rollers set is this is expensive. Regardless of being interested in this product people cannot buy this because of their budget. The cost of this hot roller set is more than any other hot rollers by Calista.

Overall Interpretation

The Calista Tool Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style) is costly but if you consider the quality and potential of this model and the pivotal technologies with which the model is infused with then the price will seem reasonable to you.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 3.5/5, durable yet expensive

Summary of Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Short Style Set 12 Base Review

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)

Product Name: Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set)

Product Description: Product Description: Please see the above product specification.

Price: Check the latest price from Amazon

Currency: $

Availability: InStock


  • Functional Observation
  • Design Viewpoint
  • Technical Perspective
  • Attachment Outlook
  • Caring Posture
  • Safety Lookout
  • Warranty, Durability and other facts


The Calista Ion Hot Rollers Set (Short Style Set) is recommended for short and medium hair, 1 Inch roller is perfect for short hair and 1 ¼ Inch roller is perfect for medium hair. The 1-inch rollers create spirals and small ringlets and the 1 ¼ Inch rollers form beachy waves and loose curls. These rollers go seamlessly with thin hair but sometimes the temperature may not be so much effective for coarse hair.

This hot roller set is not recommended for tourists and travelers. As the roller set is expensive so if you are searching for economic hot roller models then this roller set is not suggested for you.

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Short Style Set) is one of the most chosen expensive models for its hi-tech features and elegant outlook. Using the roller cautiously will serve you decent service.

If you have long hair then you can go for Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers (Long Style Set) and if you searching for an economic hot roller for long hair then Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers (Long Set) will be apt for you.

Good: Use of latest technologies
Bad: Expensive
Bottom line: Admirable features with sophisticated outlook

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