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Rollers are again back in fashion with the term HOT. Unlike ordinary rollers, hot rollers are provided heat to hold up enduring curls. From professional to novices, hot rollers are the hot favorite because, of the simplicity of procedure and productive outcome. Hot rollers nowadays are using steam technology for far better consequence and “hair-health” issue and Caruso is a pioneer brand of the steam hot roller in this 2017.

Caruso Brand

Regarding Health and beauty products, Caruso is the legendary brand of Italy. Comparing with other brands, Caruso has launched hair styling products with the most innovative and stimulated technology. Hot rollers of this brand are designated because of the usage of best ever machinery and equipment and it launches latest technologies at a reasonable price.

Hot Roller Set

Caruso Hot Roller Set

Caruso affords hot rollers both of the same size and of different size. If you want to have a single form of curl on your hair then you can go for hot rollers having same sized rollers but if you want voluminous curls all over your hair then you can pick up multi-sized rollers.

Hot Roller Clips

Caruso Hot Roller Clips

Caruso offers you rollers with clips and without clips. Some rollers have clips included with the roller set and for the other rollers, you need to buy clips from the shop separately. The clips supplied by the brand is COMB CLIPS but they are not color coded so it will be tough for you to understand the size of the clips.

Why you should choose Caruso

Steam Technology

Caruso, the brand, uses Steam Technology in their hot rollers to create coils. Typically, hot rollers use dry heat to curl hair as a result damage becomes an ordinary dispute. Unlike other hot roller sets, a steam roller set uses moisture to lock in curls. Actually, the advantage of the steam rollers arises from the moisture of steam. As steam cools, leaving the hair soft and shiny, it vaporizes and moisture the hair.

All of the Caruso Hot Rollers use steam technology and combine them either with Molecular Tech or Ion Tech.

  • Molecular Steam: Molecular steam is a revolution in steam curling world as in molecular steam technology the petite molecules of steam enter into the hair slide improving the chain bonds for creating healthy and strong curls. When the Molecular Steam setting is switched you hair gets additional steam because the Steam setting divides in molecules (particles) and it becomes tranquil to enter the hair for providing moisture.
  • Ion Steam: Ion Steam is the steam technology for frizzy hair to distribute smoothness through ION. The Ion steam rollers use negative ions (as positive ions are harmful to hair) to generate up to three times the extent of the steam that ordinary steam rollers provide. The negative ion reduces static or frizz and conditions hair by making them soft and shiny.

Multi-sized rollers

Caruso Multi-sized rollers

The hot rollers by Caruso have same sized rollers and multi-sized roller in different packages. You can buy a same sized roller for you desired curl and you can also go for voluminous curls with multi-sized rollers. You can get a head full of curls by using all of the hot rollers. Spirals, loose waves, body waves and even multi-textured curls are also conceivable by the rollers of Caruso.

Dual Voltage

The brand Caruso promises that their hot rollers can be used in foreign countries and so it reprises that the sets had dual voltage. If you love traveling from one country to another then the hot roller of Caruso will help you in using their rollers in any country. It is not easy to use different roller sets for a different country. With Caruso, you can use the same rollers internationally only by adding up an adapter. This feature makes the roller sets travel-friendly.

Heats up Fast

Caruso rollers get heated up fast and give you desiring twists in your hair. The rollers include foam for a smooth finish and less damage. As these are steam rollers so they do not get so much hot but the less amount of hotness is enough to get you enduring curls.

Enduring Curls

Caruso Enduring Curls

As Caruso uses steam technology, we can certainly imagine that the curls will be long-lasting. We have said before that steam uses moisture to lock curls. The rollers provide you moisture and when the hair is cooled off the moisture gets locked in the hair and you get enduring curls.


The rollers of Caruso uses unique technologies yet they are inexpensive. No other roller brand will supply you rollers having the steam technology, molecular technology, ionic technology, dual voltage and other constructive features in such a low budget.

Why you should not choose Caruso

Minimal Temperature Settings

Caruso hot roller does not offer variable temperature settings and so you are not allowed to select among different options of temperature. If you have thin hair then you will have to keep the rollers on your hair for less time than thick hair.

Clips Difficulty

The clips provided with the rollers are not color-coded so it becomes tough for the user to understand the sizes of the clips. Another problem regarding the clips is they do not stay in place and so the rollers tend to fall down.


As the rollers of Caruso uses steam technology so you must clean the steamers regularly so that you can evade mineral build-up. Otherwise, your rollers will not work properly in the long run.

Overall Caruso Brand Interpretation

Though the problems regarding cleaning the rollers and clips are not too much distressing because you can avoid using the clips provided by the brand. You can buy other clips from the shop. And if you are careful in cleaning the rollers then your rollers will last long.


1. Caruso C97953 Molecular Steam Hair Setter

Caruso C97953 Molecular Steam Hair Setter

Why we love it

  • Comes with 30 multi-sized rollers
    • Petite- 6 rollers
    • Small- 6 rollers
    • Medium- 6 rollers
    • Large- 6 rollers
    • Jumbo- 6 rollers
  • Uses molecular steam for enduring curls
  • Has dual voltage
  • Fast heat up in 30 seconds
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Has comb clips included

What we dislike most

  • Minimal temperature settings
  • Rollers do not get enough hot

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Caruso C97953 Molecular Steam Hair Setter – Check Current Prices On Amazon

2. Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter

Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter

Why we love it

  • Comes with 12 rollers
    • Large- 6 rollers
    • Jumbo- 6 rollers
  • IONIC steam keeps static away
  • Has foam for voluminous curls
  • Fast heat up
  • Has indicating light

What we dislike most

  • Not perfect for short hair and small curls
  • Absence of dual voltage

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Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Not to Buy List

Caruso Professional Ion Steam Hair Setter

Caruso Professional Ion Steam Hair Setter

Why we dislike it

  • Comes with 36 rollers that have imperfect grip
  • Takes too much time to heat up
  • Rollers break easily
  • Expensive

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Overall Observation

The hot rollers of Caruso do not get proper hot but you have to keep in mind that they are steam hot rollers and a small amount of hotness is enough to provide you enduring curls. All the hot rollers of this brand have minimal temperature settings, so if you want variable temperature then Caruso will not be able to deliver you that.

Summary of Caruso Steam Rollers Review

Hot rollers by Caruso is not only prepared with latest technologies but they also give you damage-free and frizz-free waves removing static. Identifying your requirements, if you have long hair then you can go for Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter and if you travel much then you can select Caruso C97953 Molecular Steam Hair Setter for voluminous curls.


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