Caruso c97958 Professional Ion Steam Hairsetter Review

Damage-free curls in minutes, frizzy hair out and flawless bouncy locks in

Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter is assumed to be one of the most desired hot rollers in this era for forming shiny, bouncy and long-lasting curls. Today, this hot roller set has secured its position among the leading devices for curling hair because it has competences in impeccable function, trailblazing technologies and paramount protection for your hair.

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Comparing to the other costly hot rollers, this Hair Setter stands in the top for the excellent quality it provides at a reasonable expense.

Product Specification

Model NameCaruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter
Manufacturer BrandCaruso
Rollers12 Rollers
Roller Size6 Large Rollers
6 Jumbo Rollers
ClipsNot provided
Heat Transfer TechnologyIonic Steam Technology
Roller SurfaceFoam
Temperature RangeAuto Temperature
VoltageSingle Voltage (120V)
Power SupplyAC
Weight1 pounds
Warranty2 Years

Why it is ION Steam

As the name denotes, this model is a superlative combination of Ionic technology and Steam technology. The term ION stands for negative ion and steam for steam technology. As negative ion removes static bringing shine, the steam provides moisture and creates smoothness. Being an ION Steam hot rollers set, this model is considered a PRO hot roller for unimpeachable locks.

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Let us evaluate this product from the subsequent point of views and tally the sections for attaining a non-aligned and impersonal pronouncement.

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Functional Perspective

Hair Curling Perspective
  • Hair Curling
  • Adding Volume

It is a mystical hair tool for hair curling as it renovates your dull and straight tresses glossy capacious curls. You can get loose waves, defined waves or super beachy waves identical to the red carpet stars by the rollers of Caruso ION Steam Hair Setter. Along with curls and coils, you can similarly add volume in your gloomy straights to acquire the elegance you wanted for so many years. As hot rollers set these rollers to get 5 out of 5 in the functional sector on behalf of their competence and faultlessness in hair curling.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, functionally impressive

Design Approach

Positive Traits

  • Comes with 12 rollers of 2 different sizes
  • Has indicating LED light
  • Light weighted
  • Easy to operate

Negative Traits

  • Not designed for short or medium hair
  • Rollers are only available in red color

This Hair Setter offers you 12 rollers in 2 different roller sizes for a different form of curls.

  • Large size – 6 rollers
  • Jumbo size – 6 rollers
Large And Jumbo Rollers Of Caruso C97958 Professional Ion Steam Hairsetter

The products had 6 large rollers and 6 jumbo rollers for long hair. The large rollers are for beachy waves or defined waves and the jumbo rollers are for loose waves. If you want to add volume to your hair then you can go for jumbo rollers because using the jumbo roller in the lower part of your hair you can get volume without creating definite curls.

This roller set has LED light for indicating you if the roller is switched on and working or not. This LED light feature makes it easy for you to understand whether the roller is proper hot or not. For this characteristic, you do not need to stand and wait for the roller to get hot rather you can set your roller and go for your daily work. This feature also helps you know when your curls are properly set and when you should unroll or unfold your hair. Note that this red LED light feature only works on Ionic Steam settings.

This hot roller set is lightweight as so you can simply take this wherever you want and it is so easy to wrap up the pack because it is a compact set. The settings of the roller set are straightforward to comprehend and so it turns out to be stress-free for anybody to operate and control this hot roller set.

The rollers are of 2 different sizes that only fit long hair. You cannot use the large or jumbo rollers on your medium or short hair to form curls. It only forms large coils all over your head or volume if you use it in long hair, but if you use it in medium or short hair then you will end up adding volume only. The rollers are not for producing spirals or kinky curls. This set is available in red color and many people do not like a vibrant color other than official black and white.

Overall view

The rollers are not designed for short or medium hair so only if you want to add volume then you can select this hot roller set for medium or short hair. But if you need tiny curls then you should not select this roller set, you can go for this Steam Hair Setter.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4.5/5, polished design

Technical Lookout

Positive traits

  • Ionic Steam Technology
  • Negative ion for frizz-free hair
  • Fast heat up
  • Rollers have foamy surface

Negative traits

  • Absence of dual voltage

Ionic steam technology is the most recent and most innovative procedure for hair styling. For any type of hair, Steam technology is considered the best technique because it does not do any damage to your hair comparing to any other technology like ceramic or titanium. This roller provides steam so your hair stays curly for long-term because instead of direct dry heat the hair gets steam which curls hair with moisture. Consequently, you get a more effective result with enduring coils

As the name refers, the roller set has ionic technology that provides negative ions to your hair. Positive ions are harmful to the hair but this tool serves you negative ions that remove static from your hair and eradicating frizzy hair these rollers deliver you healthy, frizz-free and shiny hair.

The rollers are considered to be heated up fast in comparison with any other hot rollers and so you acquire curls in less time without wasting excess energy over making hairdos. The roller has a foamy surface so that it can hold hair easily. For this feature, your hair does not fall down and stay fixed in its position. Foam-covered rollers are also useful because they do not keep any marks in your hair after curling as the ceramic covered rollers do.

The absence of dual voltage is a disadvantage you get from this model. People who love traveling cannot bear this roller set in any country because it does not have worldwide voltage. It operates only at 120V or single voltage system and using it with an adapter in the other country might destroy the set entirely. So for the travelers, this roller set is a “no-no.”

Overall View

The problem about dual voltage may seem a difficulty to you if you love to travel but there is no way to solve this problem, so you need to accept this error of this model and adjust with this. But if you need worldwide voltage then you can decide on the other models of Caruso hot rollers as you cannot fix this problem in any way.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 4.5/5, technically enhanced

Attachment Outlook

Caruso C97958 Professional Ion Steam Hairsetter Attachment

Positive Traits

  • Carrying case
  • Styling guide

Negative Traits

  • Includes no clips
  • Carrying case is not sophisticated

The compact model of Caruso supplies a carrying case to pack the rollers together when you need to carry the set anywhere. The roller set also includes a styling guide for the ease of operation and for assisting you in forming different curls.

This Hair Setter has no clips included for holding the hair. When you roll your hair up you need to pin the hair for securing its position otherwise your hair will fall down. But as the model does not include clips or pins and accordingly you need to buy clips from shops. Even at times, you can face complications regarding the clips as every clip will not adjust with your roller flawlessly. The carrying case is not up to the mark at all.

Overall view

This model lags behind in terms of necessary attachments. You can buy clips separately from the shops but you will face difficulties to fix them. As the carrying case is not of great quality so you need to purchase it again if you want to carry your rollers.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 3/5, inadequate supply of attachment

Caring Stance

Steam Technology

This Hair Setter uses steam technology for curling hair. The other rollers frequently use dry heat to style hair but dry heat can cause great damage to your hair. Dry heat does not provide moisture rather it burns your hair, consequently, damage turns out to be compulsory. But with the help of steam technology, you can curl your hair by the moisture of steam which is the chief benefit of steam-tech. Damage free hair is the principal concern of adding steam technology as steam vaporizes and moistures hair and leaving your hair smooth and soft.

Ionic Technology

IONIC refers to negative ion. As positive ions are destructive for hair so Ionic technology delivers you negative ion for your hair. Negative ion makes your hair frizz-free by removing static from the hair. It lessens the damage by preventing your hair from burning and reduces frizz by locking the natural moisture of your hair. It gives three times more steam than the amount of steam that a regular steam roller can serve you. Thus, your hair gets conditioned and stays shiny and glossy.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, Specialized in caring


Foam Covered Rollers Of Caruso C97958 Professional Ion Steam Hairsetter
  • Do not get excessive hot to burn fingers
  • Foam-covered rollers

This Hair Setter provides heat through Steam technology. It does not get too much hot as the roller that runs dry heat technology and subsequently it does not burn your hand or any part of your body. The foam-covered rollers are safe for your hair because they do not leave spots on your hair.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 5/5, decent in security

Warranty, durability and other key facts

Positive Traits

  • Makes less damage
  • Inexpensive
  • 2 years warranty

Negative Traits

  • Foam of the rollers are not enduring

As the product uses the combination of Steam and Ionic technology the hair does not get too much damage. Rather than excessive damage, the cutting edge technologies gives you moisture while curling or styling your hair and so the hair stays frizz-free and smooth.

Like any other model by Caruso, the Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter is also an economic hot roller set. When you will pay heed to the latest technologies and innovative features then the price will appear less than any other rollers. The product offers 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer and if you face any difficulties with the set then you can take action for repairing or changing the tool.

The foam which covers the roller is not long-lasting at all. The foam tears apart and sometimes the rollers break if you use them imprudently.

Overall View

The difficulty of not being enough durable is a fact to think over but regarding the price of the rollers the durability of the hot rollers set can be ignored.

Sectional Rating and Comment: 3.5/5, implausibly short-lived

Recommended for

Curly HairStyles Of Caruso C97958 ION Steam Hair Setter

This Steam Hair Setter is designed for long hair. Women of long hair can go for beautiful curls but if you have short or medium hair then the rollers will not be capable of curling the hair into perfect curls for your hair other than adding volume only. It only goes perfectly if you are aiming to have big and bodacious loose waves or beachy waves. If you need spirals or kinky curls then this roller set is not for you.

Travelers should not pick this hot roller but if you have damaged hair then it will provide you a better result. If you have less budget and still you want frontline technologies then you can select this roller set.

If you do not think this model is perfect for you, you can check our Caruso buying guide for other popular models.


Caruso C97958 Professional Ion Steam Hairsetter
  • 9.5/10
    Overall Rating by Author - 9.5/10


This hot roller set is preeminent for people of long hair and is best suited for hair that is damaged. Clean the roller to avert mineral build-up otherwise it may behave wrong. If you have short or medium hair then Caruso C97953 Molecular Steam Hair Setter will be the best selection for you. Disregarding the absence of clips and worldwide voltage settings and emphasizing on the potentials and technologies we will undeniably recommend you Caruso C97958 Ion Steam Rollers. Good: Inexpensive with quality technologies Bad: Absence of dual voltage Bottom line: Superlative features with elegant design

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