Best Hot Roller Clips

Are you facing trouble keeping your hot rollers in place in your hairs?

Well, you are not alone.

We, as like as you, face the same problem every single day. And that’s why we have researched the market and found the best solution for this problem; the hot roller clips. These clips or pins hold the heated rollers in place firmly and securely so that you don’t have to worry about the rollers falling off of your hair during the styling.

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Through thorough research and reviews, we were able to determine the best-heated curler clips available in the market. Keep on reading to find out more about them.

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A Quick Overview

Before going into elaborate details about our best hot roller clips, we have summarized below the important features that you should know for a brief idea:

Product NamesBest forPrice
Conair Hot Roller Super Clips
Check Price
Both Hot & Cold Hair RollersLess Than $20 Dollars
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Pro Roller Clips
Check Price
Leaving No Unwanted Marks on HairsLess Than $15 Dollars

What Are Hot Roller Clips?

Hot rollers need to be placed securely for precise and perfect curls; the clips or pins that help to hold the heated curlers tightly in place are known as hot roller clips.

These clips are considered as an integral part of any hot rollers because they help to keep your heated rollers securely in place for a better styling session.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Hot Roller Clips

There are quite a few things that you should consider while choosing a hot roller clip set for holding the rollers in place effortlessly.

Clip Material

Usually, heated roller clips or pins are made from either metal or plastic for convenience.

We prefer plastic constructed clips over metal pins to secure the roller hold because plastic clamps are far sturdier than metal pins and don’t leave any mark or spots in your styled hairs, even if you used them for a very long time.

Moreover, metal clasps get rusty and flimsy and become unusable very quickly.

Clip Type

Manufacturers market two types of hot roller clips to choose from according to your preferences. These are:

  • Butterfly clips
  • Wire clips
Types of Hot Roller Clips

Between these two types of clips, we recommend butterfly clips as these clip type ensures super secure gripe and promises to hold the rollers in place extremely firmly so that they don’t slip off of your hair and ruin the style you wanted to create.

Clip Size

Hot roller clips come in several different sizes; from petite, small to jumbo and universal, you will get every size clasps and pins in the market that you can buy according to your roller sizes.

Among all the sizes, we prefer the universal sized roller clips as these clips would fit all the rollers in your collection and you also don’t have to buy (and carry while traveling) several different clip sets for each of your roller types.

Furthermore, remember to buy a set that comes with at least 10 roller pins of universal size. We are giving importance to more number of clamps so that you can use all your heated rollers at the same time for quick and precise styling.

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Conair HS10X Banner
T3 Voluminous Luxe Banner

Renowned companies like Remington, Tresemme, T3 used to manufacture and market hot roller clips for their customers. But over years, aside from Conair, BaByliss PRO and some other “not so popular brands”, most of the famous companies have discontinued producing hot roller clamps and pins for various reasons.

Among the ones available in the market, we have researched and listed the best roller clasps for you. But before jumping into the products, you must know about the key features that you should look for while you go shopping for hot roller clips:

An Overview of the Key Features

PropertiesMust-have Features
Clip Construction MaterialPlastic (Plastic Doesn’t Leave Any Mark on the Hairs)
Clip TypeButterfly (Holds the Roller Securely in Place)
Clip SizePreferably Universal Size (One Size Fits All)
The Number of Clips Per SetMinimum 10 Clips Per Set

Moreover, for your better understanding of our top picks, below we have compiled and compared between some of the hot roller clasps and pins available in the market:

A Comparison Table With Justification

The Key FeaturesConair Hot Roller Super ClipsBabyliss Pro Nano Titanium Pro Roller ClipsSta-rite Hot Roller Clips for Electric Rollers Assorted SizesPro Touch Assorted Hot Roller Clips
Clip Material: PlasticPlasticPlasticMetalMetal
Clip Type: ButterflyButterflyButterfly WireWire
Clip Size: Universal (One Size Fit All Sized Rollers)Universal SizeUniversal SizeAssortedAssorted
The Number of Clips Per Set1010 812
PriceLess Than $20 DollarsLess Than $15 DollarsLess Than $10 DollarsLess Than $10 Dollars

The Reasons for Not Choosing

Sta-rite Hot Roller Clips for Electric Rollers Assorted Sizes

Even though this hair accessory set has quite a fan base, we still don’t recommend this set as one of the best because:

  • First of all, these are wire pins which do not hold the rollers as securely in place as butterfly clips; these roller pins have the potential to fall out of the hair easily and ruin your hairstyle.
  • Moreover, metal wire pins tend to leave marks on your styled hair which is not so pleasant to look at.
  • These pins are also super filmy and hence break off quite easily.
  • Additionally, these roller pins from Sta-Rite are not universal size; this means that you have to buy separate sets for different sized rollers.

Pro Touch Assorted Hot Roller Clips

Besides the Sta-Rite pin set, we also didn’t consider these Pro Touch hot roller pins as one of the best to hold your hot rollers in place for precise styling because:

  • These wire clasps are made from metal which doesn’t hold the rollers too well and leaves unflattering marks behind.
  • These pins themselves don’t hold their shape too well; this means that they are not well made and therefore, not extremely durable.

Our Top Choices

Conair Hot Roller Super Clips

Conair Hot Roller Super Clips

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: for Super Secure and Firm Hold

Usually, the roller sets from Conair comes with clips, but for better convenience, they also offer extra clip sets to their users to make sure that they get the perfect style every time they use hot rollers on their hairs.

We have picked this roller set as one of our top favorites not because of its world-famous brand name, but because of the features and amenities, it promises to its users at a very affordable price tag.

To start with, Conair constructed these butterfly clamps with a premium quality plastic material which not only made them extremely lightweight but at the same time ensured that the fangs of the clips do not leave in any unwanted marks or lines in your perfectly curled or waved hairs.

Moreover, the vented clamps of these butterfly style rollers clasps are perfect for holding each clip in place extremely securely so that they don’t move out of place, even when you are moving or doing chores. The secure hold makes sure that you have precise and defined curls and waves in your hairs.

Another great advantage of this item is that it comes in a universal size, which means that you can use these clips to secure every size rollers, from petite to jumbo, effortlessly. And as you can use them on all rollers, you are spared from buying other clams and pins and waste your money.


  • Comes in two different colors to choose from
  • Can be used on both hot and cold rollers effectively
  • Sleek, no-fuss design


  • Some might find these clips a bit heavyweight

What our tester says

I find these butterfly clips functional. Not only do they hold my hot rollers in place but I can also use them to hold sections of my tresses too. I might actually buy another set soon.

Jenny Robinson

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Pro Roller Clips

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Pro Roller Clips

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Fits Any Size Roller Effortlessly

Another of our favorite clip set for holding hot rollers in place is this Nano Titanium PRO Roller Clips set from BaByliss PRO; even though most of the roller sets from BaByliss comes with clips and pins with them, they still manufactures and markets extra clamps keeping in mind about users of other brand rollers and their existing users convenience.

The reason we thought this product is one of the best because it comes with all the features and characteristics we look for while buying roller pins.

Let’s start with discussing the construction material; BaByliss PRO used high-quality plastic to construct these butterfly style clamps as plastic is very durable and doesn’t break off easily. Moreover, plastic pins don’t leave any marks on your styled hairs, even when you use them for a long time period.

Another advantage of these items is that they can be used on both hot and cold rollers; this means that you don’t have to buy separate clip sets for your different roller sets. Furthermore, the universal size of these clips also bars you from buying addition sets because the universal size fits all rollers available out there.

To add more, the butterfly style of these items, very much like the Conair roller clamps, provide super easy grip and firm hold. They also hold the rollers tightly in place so that they don’t move and result in precise and gorgeous curls and waves.


  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Can also be used for sectioning off hairs
  • Works fine on any hair length
  • One size fits all
  • Doesn’t crease or tangle hair
  • Ensures strong hold


  • Not available in other colors

How to Use Hot Roller Clips for Secure Hold?

By now you already know that to hold your heated rollers extremely securely in your hairs, there is nothing better than plastic butterfly style roller clamps. But do you know how to use them so that you can enjoy that firm and strong gripe?

Well, let’s learn together how to put on a hot roller clip on the hair for a secure hold:

  • Take out all the clips from the packet and check if they work fine. Otherwise, you always have the return option.
  • Prepare your hair for the styling and put the hot rollers one by one. After you put one roller, secure it with the butterfly clip and then insert another roller.
  • Once you are done putting all the rollers and all the clips, spray on some setting spray and let the rollers cool down for beautiful curls and waves.

In case, if you are not using hot rollers, let the rollers and the pins sit on your head for 15-20 minutes before you remove them.

Our Final Thoughts

  • 1. Conair Hot Roller Super Clips
  • 2. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Pro Roller Clips


All of the hot roller pins and clips that we have recommended above are the best in the market right now; these clamps can successfully and effectively accomplish their job of holding rollers in place without leaving any mark on the hairs. They deliver all the features they have promised and even more to make your hair look salon quality styled at the convenience of your home and at a very affordable price range. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed after buying any one of the roller clip set recommended above.


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