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Being one of the leading brands of curling world today, Conair has launched so many hot rollers for tailoring perfect curls. As this brand has A-Grade products in the list, it similarly has some hot rollers that do not go along with their standard. Conair Big Curls Travel Setter is one of those products that have been defeated in by other hot rollers in the contest of the best hot rollers.


Model NameConair Big Curl Travel Setter
Manufacturer BrandConair
Rollers5 Rollers
Roller Size1.5 Inch (Jumbo Rollers)
ClipsMetal Clips
ColorBlue, Pink, Red, Violet
Heat Transfer TechnologyCeramic Technology
Roller SurfaceVelvety Roller Surface
Temperature RangeAuto Temperature
VoltageDual Voltage (100-240V)
Sleep ModeNo Auto Sleep Mode
Power SupplyAC
1.8 pounds
Warranty1 year

Negative Traits

  • Takes too much time to get hot
  • Has only 5 rollers which you can only use in on a small section of hair
  • Not suitable for short hair
  • Works slowly and not so effectively
  • Hair frizzes up
  • Has a strong smell when it gets hot

Lengthy Heat-up Process

Conair Big Curls Travel Setter takes too much time to get hot. In these hectic days, people are so busy to waste excessive time over curling their tresses. If you think that you can use these rollers when you are in rush then you will go wrong. It takes more than 30 minutes (in some cases more than 30 minutes) to heat up. It seems difficult to put this much effort over this hot roller because you can get more effective rollers in this price range that will heat up faster than this.

Only 5 Rollers

This hot roller set has only 5 hot rollers which mean in one time you can only curl a small portion of your hair. The other hot roller models by Conair have several rollers so you can easily curl you full hair in a short period by using all of them together. But when you have only 5 rollers then you cannot use them on your full hair, you need to divide your hair into shares and one by one you have to roll the shares into the roller. After using all the 5 rollers you have to wait because you do not have any other roller to use on the other part of your hair. In this way the curling procedure gets prolonged and you have nothing to do without standing steadily when the roller is doing its job.

Imperfect for Short Hair

The roller set has only 5 Jumbo sized rollers so people of short hair cannot go for this set. Because jumbo rollers are of 1.5 Inch and short hair cannot be gripped with big roller surface. These are only serviceable for medium or long hair.

Slowly and Ineffective

The hot rollers work slowly and are not effective in hair. As the hot rollers do not get hot fast you already need to waste so much time. But not only that, these rollers are too sluggish to curl your hair. You need to stick them in your head for so long to get decent waves; if you wish curls in minutes then this hot roller set is a “no-no” for you. The curls are not also long-lasting with these rollers.

Frizzy Hair

If you are paying much for a decent hair tool then you must be expecting shiny and sleek curls. But with this curling set within a short period of curling your hair will frizz up which certainly will affront your expectancy. The rollers also emanate a strong burnt aroma which is not accepted by many users.

Some Positive Phases

  • Has dual voltage (easy for traveling as the name refers)
  • Has velvety surface for fine grip (can hold hair tight)

Summary of Conair Big Curls Travel Setter Review

Conair Big Curls Travel Setter
Conair Big Curls Travel Hair Setter

Product Name: Conair Big Curls Travel Setter

Product Description: Please see the above product specification

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  • Overall Rating by Author - 2.5/10


The Conair Big Curls Travel Setter was designed for long hair. But as technology breeds fast so do the products related to technology. Despite having some constructive facets Conair Big Curls Travel Setter fails to hold the users for some objectionable slip-ups such as taking too much time in getting hot and having only 5 rollers.

In this price range, you can go for other hot rollers by Conair with contemporary technologies. If you have long hair then in the alteration of this roller set you can select Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter.

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