Conair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hairsetter Review

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Being a leading brand Conair has launched so many hot rollers for innovative curls but it has also tossed hot roller sets that do not go with the other products. Conair CHV26HCX is a hot roller set by Conair which unexpectedly has been beaten by the rivalry hot roller brands.

As every story has two facades, it has some effective features to think over. But we can see the blunders of the product more than the operative features.


Model NameConair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hairsetter
Manufacturer BrandConair
Rollers20 Multi-sized Rollers
Roller Size8 jumbo rollers- 1 ¼ Inch
6 large rollers- 1 Inch
6 medium rollers- ¾ Inch
ClipsPlastic Clips
ColorBlue, Pink, Purple
Heat Transfer TechnologyTourmaline Ceramic Technology
Roller SurfaceNormal Roller Surface
Temperature RangeAuto Temperature
VoltageSingle Voltage (US Voltage 100-120V)
Sleep ModeNo Auto Sleep Mode
Power SupplyAC
Weight1.3 pounds
Warranty1 year

Negative Traits

  • Do not heat up instantly
  • Do not get hot enough
  • Short-lived curls
  • Not perfect for thick and short hair
  • Rough edges of plastic clips
  • The clips leave marks

Slow Heat-up

Conair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter does not heat up instantly as the name states. It is not a going to be your choice if you are used to getting your hair done just before going out. Though the name refers “INSTANT HEAT” but the state of affairs is completely contradictory. This model takes more than 30 minutes to heat up. So in comparison of any other hot rollers, more time and energy will be required.

Insufficient Hot Roller

Subsequently reformatting and sorting out the “late heat-up” problem, you will face the problem concerning the rollers to be perfectly hot. Yes, the rollers do not get hot enough to lead you through striking voluminous curls. Additional time is necessary to get perfect curls. So you have to wait and seat with a head full of rollers. The foremost fact people use to think before buying a hot roller set is if it gets enough hot or not and that is the circumstance where this Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter will frustrate you.

Short-lived Curls

The wickedest thing about these gadgets is they will provide you curls that will last only some hours. If you desire to stay with the flawless curls more than 3 hours, then this hot roller set cannot fulfill your desire. Your curls will start to fall out more readily if you have thick hair. The rollers are not capable of holding up your curls if you have too much thick hair. If you have got short hair then you should not pick up this hot roller set. This set only provides 8 Jumbo Rollers of 1 ¼ Inch, 6 large rollers of 1 Inch and medium rollers of ¾ Inch. So you cannot make curls for short hair because you’ll not be able to roller your hair up as the rollers are too big to do so.

Lumpy Clip Edges

While rolling up or pulling down the hair the edges of the plastic clip can hurt your hand or head or your hair can stick there instead. The ends of the plastic clips are excessively rough and tough to use when you are in haste. If you keep the rollers in your hair till they are cooled off then you will be able to see the marks of the clips on your hair which is may seem excruciating to you.

Some Positive Aspects

  • Has Tourmaline Ceramic technology
  • Have 20 multi-sized rollers

Summary of Conair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hairsetter Review

Conair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter

Product Name: Conair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter

Product Description: Please see the above product specification.

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  • Overall Rating by Author - 2/10


Conair being one of the top brands of current curling divas fails to provide the best rollers when it comes to the CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter. It was designed for instant heat-up for long hair but it nosedived in the competition because it features some difficulties with heat-up and short-lived curls.

If you have long hair then you can pick up Conair Compact Hair Setter because it is not only decent for long hair but it also goes for short and medium hair.

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