Conair Heated Hair Rollers Review

Conair offers different sizes of rollers for different hair length so that you can create different ringlets in your hair for different occasions.

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Small Rollers of ½ Inch – Suitable for Kinky Curls and Short Hair

When you need tighter curls or waves for a trendy look then you can select the small rollers of ½ Inch by Conair. These rollers will style your hair into kinky curls and will deliver you a head full of volume with small but beautiful curls.

If you have short hair then you may look bizarre in big curls or waves. Small rollers are splendid for people having short hair because they create plentiful volume in your tresses. Using them for long hair may result in a messy look.

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Medium Rollers of ¾ Inch – Perfect for Curly Weave or Vintage Curls and Medium Hair

Medium Rollers of ¾ Inch by Conair will be a decent choice for you if you want to create a fuller face with lesser volume than kinky hair. Curly weave or vintage curls have waves that coil around entirely (tight controlled kinky curls cannot move freely but curly weave can move freely) giving you an outlandish allure of flirty-bounce hair.

Going for an outing with friends goes effortlessly with these rollers. If anyone does not want big waves neither tight twists then medium rollers are reconciliation. Medium rollers create equal and accurate volume to make you look simple yet elegant. Hair of medium length goes marvelously with these rollers.

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Large Rollers of 1 Inch – Impeccable for Defined Waves or Body Waves and Medium to Long Hair

Large Rollers of 1 Inch can provide you curls named defined waves or body waves. This is a sleek and sultry style which adds plenty of attitude, sheen, and class. You can apply this large roller to make waves that look natural but sophisticated. Hair of medium to long length can go beyond perfect with these rollers. Using these rollers in short hair may seem a little bit chaotic.

Jumbo Rollers of 1.5 Inch – Supreme for Beachy Waves and Long Hair

If you are bothered about you long hair then Jumbo rollers are the cure. To create shiny beachy waves you can elect Jumbo rollers of 1.5 Inch by Conair. You can control your long hair length with the help of these rollers. They can offer you an excellent natural beachy look if you are bored with the same dull straights. They add volume to hair and keep the hair perfect for all juncture.

Super Jumbo Rollers of 1.75 Inch – Flawless for Movable Loose Waves and Long Hair

Your desire of creating big and movable loose waves can be pleased by 1.75 Inch Super Jumbo Roller by Conair. Adding volume and dimensions to the outmoded and traditional straights, these rollers can afford you a natural and regular appearance along with capacious stance.

If you try to use these hair styling rollers in your short hair, they may dissatisfy you because they do not add volume in short hair. Long hair can take the most benefit out of the Super Jumbo Rollers.

Conair Hair Setter Box

Conair Hot Roller Set

Conair customarily offers you a set roller in a box which contains a number of rollers. Some of the Conair models will deliver you a box full of the same sized roller and the other Set by Conair may offer you with a bunch of different sized roller in it for different forms of curls.

If you need to create only one form of curl as per your desire then you can choose a hair setter box having the same size of rollers. But if you want to create dissimilar forms of curl for different occurrence then you can go for a hair setter box having different size of rollers.

If you have less hair on your head then you can pick up a model that has so many rollers.

If you have so many hairs then only for adding the volume you need a set of fewer rollers. You need to retain that small roller create so many curls in the same place however large rollers provide you needed volume for a fuller appearance.

Conair Clips

Conair Hot Roller Clips

While using rollers you need to pin the rollers so that they can stick to your head and generate curls otherwise the rollers will fall down and you will not be able to get your desired curly styles.

For holding the hair Conair offers you with color-coded hot clips that grab your hair in a static position and keep it unmovable so that you get a fabulous outcome. Not all the Rollers by Conair delivers hot clips. If any Conair model does not provide roller clips then you can buy roller clips separately.

In this case, you may find some issues while adjusting but it will not create much inconvenience.

Why Conair Is the Best Choice

Why Conair is the Best Choice

Ceramic Technology

Ceramic is the most used element for enduring hairstyle because it runs even heat circulation to the hair to keep it in its position for a long time.

Conair Rollers convey you Ceramic Technology, and this ceramic technology distributes equal heat to all of the hair and holds the curl.

If Conair models are used in damaged hair then it will lessen your damage and keep you trendy for a long-term.

Light-Up Indicator

The hair setters of Conair feature signals for the ease of use. The signal lights up when the rollers are on and are ready to use. If the rollers are switched on and are heating up then whenever the rollers get heated up the lights will serve you indications and will allow you to know about it.

This technology wastes less time because you don’t need to wait to stand for the rollers for getting hot, you get to know by the lights from distance that if the rollers are heated up properly or not.

Fast Heated Rollers

Conair has a fast heating up process which leads you to get perfect heated rollers for curling your hair like a professional. No more waiting long for rollers to get hot, now you can have your rollers in the highest temperature within 45 seconds to 2 minutes.

It saves your time and energy without spoiling your curls.

Dual Voltage

Most of the hair setters by Conair offers you Dual Voltage settings which mean you can use them in any country you want. Frequently the user of rollers gets into difficulties when they do not get to use the product internationally.

Sometimes no matter if they want to purchase the product they are unable to take it because of the fact that they cannot use it in their country and the product can entirely be destroyed if used with an adapter. But as these products enable dual voltage so it becomes very easy to use it globally with only an adapter.

Velvety Roller Surface

Almost all the rollers of Conair has velvety roller surface. One of the common problems users complain about hair setters is that the hair falls out of the rollers.

In spite of the clips for securing hair, the hair gets out of the rollers. Conair has got Velvety Surface and this velvety surface is so patchy and uneven, it ensures that the hair stuck in the same place as it is pinned.


The rollers of Conair are compact packs and easily transferable. For people who love to travel feel great with these hot rollers because they can get amazing curls when they are on a journey to.

Conair Hot Clips

Conair affords tremendous hot clips with the hair setters to make your curling life stress-free. With the support of these hot clips, you can pin your rolled hair and can keep the roller in its place for a long time. It will confirm that your rollers are fixed in a particular place without moving or falling down.

Saves from Weary and Burned Hands

Using hot rollers makes curling procedure easier than curling iron. With a curling iron, you need to hold the curler for minutes fixed in the same place which can make your hands tired and sometimes it can burn your hands.

But Conair supplies you rollers that are easy to use and fast to curl so you do not get your hands weary and burned.

Why Conair Is Imperfect

Conair Imperfect Issues

No Adjustable Temperature Settings

As hair has different texture such as thin, thick and coarse, you have to select a temperature on these basses. Thick and coarse hair may be needed a high temperature and for thin hair needs low temperature for less damage.

But Conair has no selections for adjustable temperatures and so you cannot pick the best preference for your hair texture.

No Auto Shut-Off

Conair model does not serve automatic shut-off or auto sleep mode feature which somehow makes it objectionable in this instance. People fail to remember to switch off hair setters in most cases and this is where auto shut-off feature helps them to prevent unwanted accidents. But Conair flops to attach this feature to their products.

Plastic Clips Break

Clips that Conair provides for fixing and pinning hair is frequently made of plastic. Metal clips can stay fixed to hair for holding the rollers more than plastic clips. Plastic clips fall and sometimes they break because of its mediocre material.

Overall Interpretation

Conair has been a renowned brand lags in the latest features like auto shut-off and adjustable temperature setting. The brand may add these feature in the forthcoming future but you have to consent these blunders if you want to use the rollers by Conair.

If you have long or medium hair then Conair rollers are going to be flawless for you, but all the models don’t suit for short hair. People with short hair can go for Conair Compact Hair Setter which arranges ½ Inch rollers for short hair. As the plastic clips break, you can buy clips or pins by yourself if you are not comfortable with the clips delivered by Conair.

Launched Hair Setters by Conair

Conair is a sovereign brand for many years and so has launched so many models in the market. As we cannot reference all of the launched Hair setters here, we can mention some high rated products by Conair.

Model NameEquipment
Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter12 Rollers
1 ¾ Inch- 4 rollers
1 ½ Inch- 8 rollers
Conair Compact Hair Setter20 Rollers
1 Inch- 6 Rollers
¾ Inch- 6 Rollers
½ Inch- 8 Rollers
Conair East Start Heated RollersIt has 20 rollers of different sizes. (The roller are of random sizes)
Conair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter20 Rollers
1 ¼ Inch- 8 rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
¾ Inch- 6 rollers
Conair Big Curls Travel Setter5 Rollers
1.5 Inch- 5 rollers
Conair CHV14JX Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo12 Rollers
1.5 Inch- 8 rollers
1.75 Inch- 4 rollers
Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret12 Rollers
¾ Inch- 6 rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers with Cord Reel20 Rollers
1.5 Inch- 4 rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
¾ Inch- 6 rollers
½ Inch- 4 rollers
Infiniti Pro by Conair Lfit and Volume Roller6 Rollers
2 Inch- 6 rollers
Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Sized Rollers20 Rollers
1¼ Inch- 8 rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
¾ Inch- 6 rollers
Conair Instant Heat Travel Rollers5 Rollers
1.5 Inch- 5 rollers
Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter12 rollers
1 Inch- 8 rollers
¾ Inch- 4 rollers
Conair Instant Heat Volume Rollers5 Rollers
1.5 Inch- 5 rollers
Conair Compact Multi-sized Rollers20 Rollers
½ Inch- 8 rollers
¾ Inch- 6 rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
Conair Curl Innovation Hair Setter With Heated Clips20 Rollers
1¼ Inch- 8 rollers
1 Inch- 6 rollers
¾ Inch- 6 rollers
Conair Easy Start Rollers20 Rollers
6 jumbo, 5 large, 9 medium
Conair Curl Innovation Jumbo Rollers12 Rollers
1.5 Inch- 12 rollers

Best Conair Rollers

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Suitable for Frizzy and Super Long Hair

Why we love it

  • Uses the well-known Ceramic Layered Technology for transferring heat perfectly
  • Ensures enduring glossy curls with ion-shine technology (smoothly works on hair)
  • Has 12 super clips for a secure hold and 12 ceramic flocked rollers with two different sizes-
  • Four 1 ¾ Inch super jumbo rollers
  • Eight 1 ½ Inch jumbo rollers
  • Fast heat up in 85 seconds
  • Can form big curls and bodacious curls simply and goes perfectly for long and thick hair

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Conair Instant Heat Volume Rollers

Conair Instant Heat Volume Rollers

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Suitable for Travelers

Why we love it

  • 5 jumbo rollers and 5 super claw clips for smooth curls and voluminous waves – 1.5 Inch
  • Gets heated up in 2 minutes with modernizing Instant Heating Technology
  • Flocked velvety roller surface
  • More heat protection for with 2x more flocking
  • Dual Voltage for worldwide use
  • Compact in size and lightweight for ease of traveling
  • Carrying box/heating plate has 6 Inch long electric cord
  • Has heat indicator light that informs the user when the roller is ready

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Conair Compact Hair Setter

Conair Compact Hair Setter

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Suitable for Short & Medium Length Hair

Why we love it

  • 20 Multi-sized rollers
    • Large: 6 Rollers (1 Inch)
    • Medium: 6 Rollers (¾ Inch)
    • Small: 8 Rollers (½ Inch)
  • Rollers are tangle free (made of plastic for tangle-free curls)
  • Includes color-coded metal pins that can easily be stored inside the setter
  • Heats up in 2 minutes
  • Signal lights up when switched on and ready for use
  • Compact in size and starter grip patented design for fast and secure grip

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Some Non-Recommended Products by Conair

Conair Big Curls Travel Setter

Why we dislike it

  • Doesn’t work on fine hair
  • Doesn’t get enough hot
  • It has only 5 rollers

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Conair CHV26HCX Ion Shine Instant Heat Hair Setter

Why we dislike it

  • Can burn your hair
  • Provides too large rollers
  • Takes too much time to get hot (the cover cracks)
  • Makes less lasting curls

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  • 1. Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter
  • 2. Conair Instant Heat Volume Rollers
  • 3. Conair Compact Hair Setter


Enriching you with bouncy curls, Conair product is ruling the hair curling sector of 2022. The only requirement is you must recognize your hair texture and identify what your aspirations are from your hair setters. If you have short, medium or voluminous hair you can go for Conair Compact Hair Setter. Conair Instant Heat Volume Rollers are prodigious for travelers with long hair. For longer hair, Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter (more than 1 Inch Rollers) will do the seamless curling job without a glitch. Inspecting all the potentials of Conair, we can praise you to select Conair Hair Setters as the perfect curling guide.


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