Do Native Americans Have Curly Hair, Learn the Truth

This is a question that has been long debated by hairstylists and hair enthusiasts alike. Even though many natives Americans sport curly tresses, there is actually no one definitive answer to whether they have curly hair or not as a race.

a native american woman with beautiful hairstyle

Let’s keep on exploring below to find out the truth about natives Americans and curly hair so that the next time you don’t have any confusion.

Who Are Native Americans Actually?

The term “Native Americans” is used for the Indigenous tribes of people in America with their distinct cultures and traditions. These tribes include the Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, and Apache along with the others. Each tribe has its unique physical characteristics and hair texture and therefore can be identified easily.

However, as each tribe has its distinctive hair type and texture, not all native Americans have the same type of tresses in general. While some may have curly hair, others might rock straight or wavy locks. And therefore, we definitely cannot say that Native Americans have curly hair.

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What Race Has Curly Hair

While Native Americans might more likely to have curly hair, this does not mean that they are the only ones. In reality, there are many different races of people who have curly hair.

Some of the most common races include those of African, Hispanic, and Mediterranean descent. Curly tresses are also relatively common among people of mixed race.

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Wrapping Up

Because the term “Native Americans” implies a number of different tribes with different physical characteristics, we cannot blatantly say that Native Americans have curly hair. While some of these tribes have curly tresses, the others don’t. And hence, there is no straightforward answer to this question.

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