How to Take Care of Fine Curly Hair

Dealing with fine hair is quite daunting. Then comes fine curly hair which doesn’t require me to put any other difficult words about it.

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People with curly and fine textured hair know the struggle. Most of us don’t know what products we need to use and how we should take care of specific hair types. Each hair type requires particular products, and this goes for every different hair type.

When we hear the words curly hair, we picture in our mind an image of frizzy, fluffed up, and coarse, curly hair. But wait, curly hair can look weighed down, and flat too. Surprised, ain’t ya? That happens with people with fine, curly hair.

That was a sad thing to acknowledge, but I can give you lots of tips which will help you get control over your fine hair strands. Therefore, you’ll be able to make your hair look fuller and more beautiful than before. Don’t worry because I ain’t gonna give you a list of hundreds of products. I’ll give you some tips which will help you keep your hair healthy and pretty.

1. Go Gentle on Your Hair

Fine hair is the most susceptible to breakage and damage. If your hair texture is fine, you have to be extra kind to your hair. As your hair strands are delicate, avoid any hairstyle that pulls your strands down and hurt your scalp. Try hairstyles that give you enough space to breathe out.

Pro tip: Leaving hair open is the best option for fine, curly hair. That helps your hair not look flat. Apply some leave-in conditioners, and then comb your hair and fluff the roots a little with your fingers, and you’re ready to go.

2. Keep Hair Length Short

This one is an essential tip for people whose hair type is kinky or curly and also, fine-textured. As your hair starts growing long, the ringlets also seem bigger and weighed down. As a consequence, your hair looks flat.

Short fine curly hair

When you keep hair length short, your hair seemingly becomes fuller than before. The short strands add body to hair and make it look voluminous. Consider having shoulder-length hair if you have fine-textured curls.

My hair texture is fine to medium, and so I understand how hard it is to make it look a little less flat. I always opt for short hair, and my hair looks pretty amazing. I think people with fine hair, be it curly or straight, should go for short hair as it is easily manageable, and it tends to get less tangled than long hair. If you’re worried that short hair falls short of hairstyles, I’m telling you, you’re wrong. There’re plenty of hairstyles for short hair.

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3. Washing Hair Regularly

Keep your hair clean to keep your hair smooth and healthy. Fine natural hair is advised to be washed on a regular basis to avoid any dirt build-up. Shampooing washes away hair sebum and oils effectively, and so, your hair looks less greasy and flattened.

  1. While shampooing, massage your scalp gently and distribute the shampoo evenly on your hair. Massaging accelerates the blood circulation of your scalp.
  2. Try to wash your hair each alternate day.
  3. Rinse hair until you wash away all the shampoo and conditioners off the hair. If possible, do it under a shower so that you can maintain the water flow in a constant direction. It’ll help the hair not get tangled.

4. Condition Lightly

Skip applying conditioners every time you shampoo your hair. Conditioners make hair silky smooth and trust me, you don’t need that. When your hair is fine and curly, you should make them a little coarse so that they don’t look weighed down.

Conditioning fine curly hair

For my fine hair, I like to condition them twice a week. I apply deep conditioning treatments once or twice a month. For a daily basis, I use a few drops of a good quality leave-in conditioner. This routine goes well for me, and it might turn out fantastic for you too.

  1. Condition your hair once or twice a week; no more than that.
  2.  If you can’t skip conditioning in any way, you should go very light on it. Use mild conditioners or a tiny amount of it.

5. Color Your Hair

While most people will say coloring the hair makes them prone to damage, I’ll say this technique helps the fine, curly haired people. Hair color makes your hair cuticles rough and adds body to your hair shafts.

Forget the hair-coloring myths. If you take care of your hair regularly, it won’t face damage or breakage.

I’ll suggest going for dark shades of brown or any other dark colors. Don’t pick blonde or gray hair colors as they tend to make hair look shiny and thereby, translucent and thin.

6. Blow Drying

It’s up to you whether you air-dry your hair or blow-dry them. However, if you choose blow-drying, there’s a little piece of useful tips for you.

Blow drying fine curly hair
  • When you have fine, curly hair, point the nozzle of the blow-dryer of the roots first. Start drying from the roots and work your way to the tips.
  • When you finished drying almost 80% of your hair, use the dryer from underneath your hair. Section your hair from the top of your neck, and blow hot air on the roots from underneath each section.

This hair dryer technique will make hair look voluminous. What else do we fine-haired girls want?

7. Usage of Proteins

Fine hair strands are the thinnest of all. You’ll need to nourish them with proteins. Amino acids and keratin-based protein hair packs will strengthen the hair strands and keep them away from damage. Use some protein treatments twice or thrice a month to fortify the hair roots and strands.

For protein treatment, I mix yogurt with egg whites and apply the mix on my hair twice a month. Yogurt moisturizes hair and the protein from egg whites makes the roots strong. This treatment promotes hair growth also.

Note – Some other elements like biotin, zinc, etc. help in increasing hair growth. Biotin makes the hair-shafts wide and robust.

8. Careful Detangling

As far as we are concerned about not damaging our fine strands, we have to be the most careful when dealing with them, especially when we’re detangling our hair. Use your fingers to loosen the tangles when you’re taking a shower.

Detangling fine curly hair

After drying your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle hair thoroughly. Do it very gently, or else you might break your hair.

9. Limiting the Use of Oils

People often recommend using oil or butter frequently to avoid coarse, dried up curls. That’s a piece of advice not suitable at all for fine, curly hair. Natural oils can moisturize your hair, but also weigh down your ringlets and make hair look greasy. Thick curls don’t show the grease much, but the fine curls do.

You gotta trust me on this fact- repeated oil application is not for fine hair. It’ll only make your hair lie flat on your head. Apply oil or butter on your hair once a week, and that’s sufficient for your fine, curly hair.

10. Keeping Protective Styles at Bay

There’re some myths about protective hairstyles that they promote hair growth. I beg you, don’t listen to those. The protective styles do more make the fine strands more vulnerable than actually increasing hair growth. Fine, curly hair stays healthiest when you keep them short and leave them open.

Protective hairstyles will make your scalp visible, and your hair will look more stuck to your hair. So, avoid these hairstyles and go for easy ponytails, or buns. If you like wavy or curly hairstyles, then always use good quality hot rollers suitable for fine hair. This type of hair can not absorb high heat. Always avoid curling iron or waver.


So, these were the daily tips that’ll help you take care of your fine, curly hair, and make them look fantastic. Follow these tips, and you’ll be close to full and defined curls. On top of everything, always keep your scalp and hair clean. Clean hair is the base to reach healthy hair goals. So, set your goals and follow these excellent tips to achieve them.



  1. Hi there,

    I am a big fan of your writings as well as your mindset about helping your readers. Now can you please help me out?

    Can you please recommend me a good deep conditioner that would nourish my scalp and keep hair manageable?

    I am a field- worker. So please understand my need for keeping my hair healthy and gorgeous.

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Hey guys,

    At first, I want to clarify that it’s not a paid review.

    Now, dear, I would like to appreciate you for the effort and time you gave in penning this blog. It’s amazing, in one word. I enjoyed reading every part of it.

    You work hard to give us authentic information about various hair related topics.

    It’s applaudable.

    Always good wishes to you and your blog!



    1. Dear Kristy,

      Thank you so much for such sweet words. We are encouraged and get inspired by our readers’ feedback.

  3. Hi, I am a big fan of your blog. You guys always come up with some amazing writings with some really useful information.

    But being a hairstylist myself, I just can’t agree with this article. When you color your sensitive fine hair, it becomes super dry and frizzy. Dry and frizzy hair is not healthy and causes severe damage.

    I didn’t expect such wrong information from you. Very disappointing!

    1. Dear Ryan Adams Salon,

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us.

      In this article, we didn’t state for once that coloring fine hair is not damaging. We simply said that hair color can add body to your fine hair. If you care for them properly, there would be minimal chances of damage.

      We hope we could clarify our point.

  4. Hello there,

    This article is very, very helpful and well put together with so much useful information. But I want to know why didn’t you suggest any shampoo or conditioner for fine curly hair? I have been searching for a suitable shampoo for my hair but couldn’t find any that would not dry my hair.

    Can you guys please suggest me one. I would be forever grateful.

    Again, keep up the good works guys.

    Best wishes!

    1. Dear Farzana, thank you very much for your praise and good wishes. We are overwhelmed with your response.

      If you have fine curly hair then we would suggest you try out this Rene Furterer SUBLIME CURL Curl Activating Shampoo as it not only cleans your tresses gently but also restores the curls bounce and definition.

      Hope this would help.

      Have a good day.

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