Best Hot Rollers for Long Curly Thick Hair

How to handle your moody curls

How to handle your moody curls
Simply, be BRAVE like Merida! Being forced to be something that you are not is never an option! Be who you are. Celebrate yourself and your crown of glory!

Your Hair Has A Mind Of Its Own!

Long Curly Thick Hair
Well, let’s just say, it has its own nature! Undoubtedly long curly thick hair is difficult to handle but your hair is a blessing in disguise. But first, you have to make peace with it. Your hair has a stronger personality and there’s no use fighting it. The mood swings your hair shows is a distress call when it demands attention! It’s just like you getting angry when someone ignores you! All you have to do is give it regular attention and focus on the positive attributes and find some solution for the problematic issues of your hair type.
  • You have the maximum volume and strength than any other hair type
  • Hairstyles last much longer too
  • You don’t have to shampoo frequently or before styling like oily hair
  • You can use hot rollers even on 2nd-day hair and have an amazing result
  • Your hair is stubborn and won’t change shape without applying high heat
  • Frizzy…Frizzy..Frizzy…especially from the middle to bottom
  • Rough, dull and dry
  • Sometimes your hair smells bad especially during rainy days

Don’t Punish Your Hair

Often curly haired girls think straightening is the only solution. But just like you, your natural hair also has an identity and it can’t pretend what it’s not every single day! Using flat iron daily or even worse, opting for the chemical straightening is like you are punishing your hair for being itself, which surely it doesn’t deserve. It will cause breakage and even temporary to permanent hair loss.

Simple Do’s And Don’ts:

Don’t sabotage your hair and absolutely avoid chemical dying, rebonding and straightening and let your hair grow and shine with health. Avoid harsh chemical colors and products. Pick good natural creamy conditioners to nourish your hair. Hot oil treatments before washing your hair or deep conditioning twice a month make a huge difference. Avoid frizziness by using a leave in conditioner especially from the middle to the end. Also, don’t touch your hair with dry hands which cause frizz.


Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers For Long Curly Thick Hair

Have long lasting manageable curls while keeping your hair healthy and shiny with The Caruso Professional® Molecular® C97953 30 Molecular Steam. This is the best professional standard hot rollers for long thick curly hair because it comes with 30 pieces of rollers so you don’t need to buy extra. Although a lot of people buy a few extra large rollers separately for the crown to add more volume but that is totally optional. Use smaller rollers and wrap hair tightly for defined curls or use the bigger rollers for waves. Don’t worry if your foam rollers got squashed after tightly wrapping them. Steam the roller for a few seconds and it will be back to its regular shape.

Caruso Professional® Molecular® uses steam instead of electrical nodes and works gently like a rejuvenating sauna to your dry curly hair. Your hair has micropores through which the hydrating vapor molecules enter the hair shaft and molds the hair into healthy, lustrous bodacious curls. Another unique feature of this compact steam unit is that it steams one roller at a time. Don’t get puzzled, just take the first roller, let it get hot and leave another to get hot while you are rolling the first on to your hair and repeat the process until you are done with your complete head.

Long Curly Thick Hair Models

You can also heat the shields to double the sauna effect. From vintage to today’s most happening hair style can be done using this steamed hot rollers but you must not be impatient. Leave the rollers on for at least 15 to 20 minutes to cool down and dry out completely. The longer you will leave them on the more lasting the curls will be. It’s best to get dressed and do your makeup with the rollers on. Remove them only when you are ready to step out and set it with hairspray.

The Best Features Of The The Caruso Professional® Molecular®

Caruso C97953 30 - Best Hot Rollers for Long Curly Thick HairThe following features of the Caruso Professional® Molecular® C97953 30 Molecular Steam makes it the best hot rollers for your hair type.

The 30-second curl(TM)

You need to blow dry your hair first so the rollers work faster than magic.

Suits all types of hair, even suits your baby!

As you can heat the rollers from warm to very hot, even a kid’s hair can be curled using this. It’s not how hot your rollers were but how long did you keep the rollers on matters in the end.

Healthy curls

Creates healthy curls with steam and adds more body and shine.

Perfectly relaxed beachy waves to tighter retro, kinky spiral.

  • Wrap the hair tightly for more defined curls or loosly for the waves. Provides complete versatility for creating any of today’s hair styles as it comes in the following sizes:
    • 6 Petite Rollers = 0.5 inch Approx.
    • 6 Small Rollers = 0.75 Inch Approx.
    • 6 Medium Rollers = 1 inch Approx.
    • 6 Large Rollers =1.5 Inch Approx.
    • 6 Jumbo Rollers = 2″ Inch Approx.
  • Comes with a styling guide, comb clips, and a carrying Case

Travel friendly

Small and compact to fit into your luggage and has dual voltage worldwide feature. Don’t carry all the rollers, just take 12 to 18 pieces 😉


Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.

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Do you have different requirements?

We have listed all good hot rollers on our home page. You may visit it.


Caruso Professional® Molecular® is suitable for all hair types so even if you have different hair than you mother, sister or daughter you can use it together! It is great fun to do each other hair! It’s not that you have to heat rollers longer for thicker hair but depending on your hair type you should keep the longer or shorter span of time. You can also create curls on your baby’s head. These steamed rollers are the safest to use however do it only occasionally and do not steam the rollers for too long. Have fun!

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