Best Hot Rollers for Long Straight Fine Hair

How To Raise The Volume Of Your Demure Limp Hair

Nobody notices your long straight hair just because they are fine and lack the volume? Are you tired of buying tools that don’t give you lasting curls? Since your hair is extra silky, do the curls usually fall flat if you don’t use harsh damaging heat? Well, you have come to the right place where we give you a solution for each of these problems. Your hair is extra delicate so absolutely avoid the harsh heat! It’s just not worth it! If you follow our guideline, soon you will have healthy glossy hair with body and without any damage, you will have lasting curls too!

Too Good To Be True:

Well, we won’t blame you if you are being a bit skeptical at this point. It’s not the first time someone has promised you the world and didn’t deliver but what have you got to lose? Just follow our guidelines religiously and you are bound to notice a vibrant difference yourself. We are going to explain you every little thing that prevents you from having a great hair day and then we will tell you how to jump cross those hurdles. Patience is a virtue so please bear with us

Your Hair Type And The Pros And Cons

Let’s cover the basics first. Living a regular day to day life and having a healthy balanced diet is the most important thing. When you don’t take care of yourself properly the first sign is shown by your hair. Starting from thinning to rapidly falling hair, greasiness, dandruff or breakage is just a few ways of your body warning you about a bigger disaster you are heading towards such as diabetes, high blood pressure and/or liver and kidney failure etc. Drinking water is extremely important for healthy hair too. You also need a daily hair care regime as well as weekly and monthly too. Use sulfate free all natural transparent non-creamy shampoo to wash your hair. Use a hair pack suitable for you once a week! Once a month, after shampoo, rinses your hair with 1 part Vinegar mixed with 3 parts water. This will reduce your oiliness and help the hair styles last a lot longer.



  • Sleek and Shine: Your texture and length reflect the light more giving you the most flattering sleeky shiny hair.
  • Classy or Happening: You are blessed with both thickness and shine which allows you to go for almost any kind of style from retro, posh or to the most happening one!
  • Quick styling: Your hair is just a wash away from flat to fabulous! No need to flat iron or even blow dry for silky lovely straight hair style!


  • Greasiness: Your hair has to be washed frequently or your hair gets greasy. You must wash your hair and skip the conditioner if you want lasting hair styles. Moreover, if you are curling your hair with hot rollers then do apply some curl enhancer on your locks. Do not apply it on the scalp, though. We don’t want anything that will make the roots greasy and not let the curls form or fall flat
  • Curls will fall flat: Don’t make the mistake that most straight haired girls have done in the past and even professional hair stylists still do! Do not spray hair section with hair lacquer or setting spray before you use heat! Any type of aerosol spray should not be heated! This not only makes your hair crunchy but it may make your stick to the rollers causing the hair to snag. This is especially true when using metal tongs or curling irons. So what should you do? Well, apply mousse, curl enhancer or thermal protector on the tresses sparing the roots of course! Make the curls a bit tighter than you aimed for the final look so even if it loosens up a bit, it should become the size you aimed for and not completely flat
  • Flyaways: Your hair has a tendency to fly away due to the silkiness. Managing those fly away hairs are one stroke of mascara away! Yes! after you are fully done with your hairstyle, apply either clear Mascara or the shade of your hair lightly to handle those irritating flyaways

Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers for Long Straight Fine Hair

Most styling tools apply heat on the hair directly thus just a little negligence to check the time or slight maladjustment of the heat setting can give you unpolished curls or even cause a temporary to permanent damage. Hot rollers are by far the safest and cause no damage to your hair at all. It also gives you much more lasting curls for longer than others! It’s very easy and light to wrap the long hair on these rollers too. Wrapping longer hair on a curling iron is very much tiring especially while doing the back sections. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to wrap hot rollers all over your head which saves you a great deal of time! Hot rollers are the most travel-friendly styling tool too.
Hot rollers can be categorized into two basic types,

  • Dry: here the rollers are put on metal rods to get hot and
  • Steam: Water vapor is used to heat up the rollers

Caruso C97953 - Best Hot Rollers for Long Straight Fine HairWe suggest the steam hot rollers by Caruso for you. Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers is suitable even for your soft delicate hair.

The best feature of this hair setter is that it’s suitable for all hair types! If you blow dry your hair first and then use the hot rollers, it claims to give you the 30-second curl(TM). The steam unit is tiny and very light to carry thus it absolutely travels friendly. Although the rollers come in various size but you can tightly wrap your hair to create smaller curls. Don’t worry if the rollers get squished. Just put them on the steam unit and they will pop back into original shape. You can create tight defined curls to sensual waves. From retro to the most happening hair styles can be done using these hot rollers. Caruso hair setter provides a Styling Guide too for your convenience. It has shields, Carrying Case, 6 Petite Rollers, 6 Small Rollers, 6 Medium Rollers, 6 Large Rollers and 6 Jumbo Rollers. Another important thing is to take proper care of the heating unit. It’s best to use distilled water instead of plain tap water. If you use plain tap water the nozzle may get clogged by various impure residues and the steam unit may not work anymore. To clean the nozzle mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Switch it on and you should see steam coming up after 30 minutes. If not then pour some more vinegar and keep it on until you see steam. You may read the full review of this product here.

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Follow these extra tips and your poker straight fine hair will flaunt sensual curls for longer. Most of the time we get disappointed as we don’t prepare our hair for the styling tool to ensure the best result. Begin by washing and blow drying your hair. This should give you the best result but keeping the rollers on for at least 30 minutes will ensure all day lasting curls. Once you are completely done wrapping the hair on the rollers let it sit and cool down for 15 minutes. Then spray your whole head with setting spray and wait 15 minutes more so the setting spray dries up too. Slowly without pulling, roll away and remove the curlers! There you go!! Your hair should bounce with joy! Be ready to receive compliments!

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