Best Hot Rollers for Long Straight Thick Hair

How To Spice Up Your Plain Straight Hair

Most people go gaga about long straight thick hair! However, the ones who actually own this type of hair are usually bored To death! They are often tired of wearing their hair in the same typical way every single day. They want to go kinky curly or flaunt sensuous waves too! So, what’s stopping them? Basically, the problem is that their curls won’t last; let alone the waves. The curls usually turn out uneven unless they go for hair damaging chemical or harsh heat! So, most people opt out wisely and keep on wearing their hair the same old boring way. The biggest change ever means changing the parting from one side to another! Yawn!! On the other hand, some people do dare and either starts styling with the intense heat styling tools or even worse reach out to that chemical treatment bowl and obviously ends up with damaged, sickly and unhealthy looking hair after a while.

How To Heal The Damaged Straight Thick Hair

It’s as difficult to heal damaged hair as reversing an omelet into a fresh raw egg or anything that has already been cooked! Besides a good hair care regime, pay attention to your lifestyle and diet as well. Add milk and egg to your diet for an additional boost in your hair growth. Sleep 8 hours at a regular time and avoid stress by meditation and yoga. Be patient as you have to wait and grow out healthier hair so it’s best not to damage your hair in the first place. It’s not that you can’t style your hair but just pick a way that is not damaging. Is there such a thing? Indeed, styling with hot rollers is safe as well as satisfying. It creates professional standard curls that last long too! To create lasting hair style you also have to pick a curl enhancer suitable to your hair type but avoid apply it to the roots or scalp. Skip conditioners too on the day you want to curl or style your hair for more defined curls. Also knowing the advantages of your hair type and avoiding the negatives can give you a great hair day without risking hair damaging unworthy styles.


  • Sleek and Shine: Your texture and length reflect the light more giving you the most flattering sleek shiny hair.
  • Classy or Happening: You are blessed with both thickness and shine which allows you to go for almost any kind of style from retro, posh or to the most happening one!
  • Quick styling: Your hair is just a wash away! No need to flat iron or even blow dry for silky lovely flat hair style!


  • Greasiness: Your hair has to be washed frequently or your hair gets greasy. You must wash your hair and skip the conditioner if you want lasting hair styles. Moreover, if you are curling your hair with hot rollers then do apply some curl enhancer on your locks. Do not apply it on the scalp, though. We don’t want anything that will make the roots greasy and not let the curls form or fall flat
  • Curls will fall flat: Don’t make the mistake that most straight haired girls have done in the past and even professional hair stylists still do! Do not spray hair section with hair lacquer or setting spray before you use heat! Any type of aerosol spray should not be heated! This not only makes your hair crunchy but it may stick to the rollers causing the hair to snag. This is especially true when using metal tongs or curling irons. So what should you do? Well, apply mousse, curl enhancer or thermal protector sparing the roots of course! Make the curls a bit tighter than you aimed for the final look so even if it loosens up a bit, it should become the size you aimed for and not completely flat
  • Flyaways: Your hair has a tendency to fly away due to the silkiness. Managing those fly away hairs are one stroke of mascara away! Yes! after you are fully done with your hairstyle, apply either clear Mascara or the shade of your hair lightly to handle those irritating flyaways

Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers for Long Straight Thick Hair

There are many styling tools out there but mostly apply heat directly on your hair. Just a few seconds more or less can be a risk temporary to permanent damage or undercooked uneven curls. With hot rollers, your hair doesn’t get damaged as the rollers are heated away from your head in a box safely. Another thing is your arms will love you for not making them handle a heavy curling iron for an hour. Wrapping hot rollers are much easier and take a lot less practice to get perfect curls. Ones you get the hang of it, it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to do your whole head. A curling iron also makes you stay around the electric socket so you can’t multi-task. However with the hot rollers, you have the full liberty to do it anywhere at any time! Especially ones you have put the rollers on you which are nearly in 15 minutes or less, you have the full liberty to go and do whatever you need.

There are many types of hot rollers too! A different method of heating such as steamed and dry. The number of rollers, sizes and the materials of the rollers is different too. Since you have long thick hair, we suggest for you the Conair Compact Hairsetter, Blue if you have Long Straight Thick Hair. For other types of hair, visit our homepage.

The Features Of The Conair Compact Hairsetter, Blue:

Conair Compact Hair Setter - Best Hot Rollers for Long Straight Thick HairThis hair setter is brought to you by Conair which is a worldwide renowned brand for their supreme quality. It is a trusted brand of the professionals as well as celebrated by the home users, generations after generations. They always bring innovative design and technology to their personal grooming appliances and this one is no different. This hair setter comes with 20 multi-sized hot rollers with 20 individually color coded metal clips and a heating unit. The heating unit is fairly light and easy to carry. The rollers have teeth to grab hold of your fly away slippery hair which is excellent. The color-coded stainless metal clips are absolutely fantastic and you don’t get confused and pin wrong ones on the wrong roller. The clips hold the rollers tightly but don’t leave any mark on your hair like the comb clips. It heats up fast too and doesn’t damage your hair! The curls will last much longer if you let the rollers cool down for an additional 30 minutes or as long as you can. You can dress up and do your make up meanwhile. Ones the rollers are completely cool down apply a strong hold hair spray and let the hair spray sit for another 10 minutes. Ones the spray has completely dried remove the clips and rollers but don’t pull hard. Just slowly roll the curlers down, one by one. Quickly turn your head down and shake a little and be prepared to be amazed by your curls! Style as quickly as possible without touching your curls too much and finish it with a couple of more spray of hair setting spray all over your head for the final time and there you go! You may read the full review of Conair Compact Hairsetter here.

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Straight thick haired girls don’t have to look the same old plain and straight anymore! This multi-sized curler will allow you to create different types of curls from defined to voluminous ones. There is no other worry freestyling tool that will assure you damage free, bouncy curls and gorgeous waves. You can also do curls only at the bottom half to create a double textured look! Enjoy!

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