Best Hot Rollers for Long Wavy Thick Hair

How To handle Your Blue Waves

handle Your Blue WavesLong thick wavy hair behaves somewhat like a sensitive introvert. It doesn’t scream or give dramatic signs when it’s stressed but silently sinks into depression and become dull, limp/frizzy and lifeless!

Prevention Is better Than Cure

Your hair is the most well-balanced hair of all and suitable for any type of style thus keep your precious locks cheerful and healthy to start with. Don’t damage your hair by using chemical products or colors, old worn out styling tools and crooked hair accessories. Give it proper nourishment and care by using hair conditioning pack twice a month.

Long Wavy Thick Hair


  • Your signature ‘S’ pattern can be styled to Retro or beachy waves promptly
  • You can go straight or curly without harsh chemical in a matter of minutes
  • You have the thickness of curly hair but shine and motion like silky hair
  • Most hairstyles are suitable for your hair type
  • You can use hot rollers even on 2nd-day hair


  • Dandruff: Seasonally, due to dry Itchy flaky scalp or damp clammy humidity
  • Frizz: Due to over styling or not conditioning properly or humidity
  • Dull and depressed: During seasonal change, sickness or damage

My Waves Got The Blues:

Waves Got The BluesEven if your hair is tired, dull or damaged you can lift your waves up instantly by using hot rollers. However having a proper diet and stress-free lifestyle is also crucial. Hot rollers don’t harm your hair but can’t cure it if it’s already damaged! A healthy balanced stress-free lifestyle is mandatory to get you and your hair back to its usual lively and cheerful state. A regular hair care regime is also necessary, especially during the seasonal changes. Always use best-reputed products and styling tools for your crowning glory.

How Does The Hot Roller Works

Each hot roller sits on an individual metal node and gets heated inside a box. Thus hot rollers are a lot safer than other styling tools as they are not heated directly on your head. Use smaller rollers for tighter well-defined curls and bigger rollers for a relaxed voluminous wavy look.

Pay attention first or pay the price later:

Your hair is strong and thick but not immortal. Select only the best-reputed products as well as styling tools for your lovely locks to begin with and you won’t cry a river later. Cheap products are cheap for a certain reason so never experiment with those. Apply a good quality reputed curl defining moose on your damp hair. Although most people blow dry hair first for best result but I prefer to roll the hair on a slightly damp, defining moose applied hair instead. I find hair is more manageable this way and doesn’t leave fly aways or kinks. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to apply the moose on barely damp or absolutely dry hair.

Pay attention first

Simple Do’s And don’ts:

Spare the roots while putting on moose or thermal protectant for longer lasting curls. Section your hair a little narrower than the curling rollers and thinner since you have long and thick hair. Avoid applying hair spray on the hair section before rolling. It’s a bad practice that has been going around for ages but aerosol products should never ever be heated. It may make your hair stick to the hot rollers and snag or tear after cooling down. Apply hair spray only after the rollers have been sitting on your hair for at least 15 minutes or have completely cooled down. Wait 10 minutes to let the hair spray sit and set and then remove the rollers for the best result. I let the rollers sit and cool down for at least an hour. It’s because although the rollers may feel normal to touch but inside it remains hot a lot longer. That’s why the curls won’t form if you remove the rollers too early. It’s best to do your make up and get dressed while the rollers cool down. You may use the cool setting on your blow dryer if you are in a hurry. Use your fingers instead of a comb to manage your curls for more natural look. Apply hair sprays only after you are satisfied with your hair. Resist touching or repositioning curls for longer lasting styles.


Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers for Long Wavy Thick Hair

Conair Compact Hair setter - Best Hot Rollers for Long Wavy Thick HairConair Compact Hair setter, Blue is the best hot rollers for your hair type because it is gentle yet powerful enough to form curls on long wavy thick hair in minutes. The compact easy to carry heating unit comes with 20 pieces of multi-sized rollers and metal clips. It is enough to do your complete head although you can buy extra rollers if your hair is too long or too thick. The thicker your hair the narrower the sections should be or else the heat won’t get to the outer layer of your hair and you will end up with an uneven result. The metal clips are color coded so they don’t get mixed up. The front red light will light up and remain lit as long as the heating unit is plugged in. The rollers need about 30 seconds to get hot but there’s no timer or indicating light so you need to count the time on your own. Roll your hair quickly and secure with the clips provided in the box. It’s best to set the rollers first and then get dressed and do your make while the rollers cool down completely. The longer you will keep the rollers on the more lasting and defined your curls will be. Read the full review here.

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Best Hot Rollers for Long Wavy Thick Hair

The best Features Of The Conair Compact Hair Setter

  • Suitable all types of hair: These hot rollers are safe for any type of hair superb style.
  • Great curls without direct heat or damage: The hot rollers are heated away from your hair in a closed box so the hair doesn’t accidentally get damaged by exposure to extreme heat.
  • Patented grip rollers: The hair doesn’t sleep away from the gripping teeth of the patented rollers.
  • Variation in roller sizes for various looks: Use smaller rollers as well as wrap tightly for tighter structured curls. For relaxed waves use the bigger curling rollers. The following sizes and number of rollers come with the Conair Compact Hair Setter
    • 8 Small Rollers = 0.50 Inch Approx.
    • 6 Medium Rollers = 0.75 inch Approx.
    • 6 Large Rollers =1 Inch Approx.
  • Travel-friendly: Compact and light to carry but you will need a voltage converter to use worldwide.
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.


It will be really unfair if we don’t mention the budget friendliness of the Conair Compact Hair setter. Sometimes we think that buying the costliest thing in the market will guarantee the quality but it’s the reputation of a brand that matters the most! A well-reputed company Like Conair will never compromise with the quality so you can go for this economic hot rollers and have great style year after years. For other types of hair, visit our homepage.

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