Best Hot Rollers for Short Curly Thick Hair

How To Handle Your Grumpy Curls

It’s fairly simple! Don’t abuse your hair and face no wrath! Managing the volume of short curly hair is tricky as it is. When damaged, curly hair is even more furiously frizzy, rough, grumpy and dull! If you don’t want that to happen always avoid chemical straightening and dying. Don’t reach out to the flat iron in a blink of an eye like you have no other options! Just because your hair is stronger and thicker it doesn’t have perpetual health so avoid ironing too frequently. To keep your hair healthy and cheerful a nourishing hair care regime should be followed regularly too. Your diet and lifestyle also play a major role! Make sure you enjoy a regular well-balanced healthy diet and a stress-free lifestyle for beautiful and bouncy curls.

Best Hot Rollers for Short Curly Thick Hair

Help! My Hair Hates Me!

My Hair Hates MeIf you are already at war with your curly hair, then please make peace first! If you have been constantly using old, worn out or cheaply made styling tools, tried chemical rebonding or experimented with chemical colors too often, please stop these abrasive mistreatments now! You have to grow healthier hair from the roots thus please avoid any type of tight strenuous braiding too! Let your roots relax and breathe easy. Trim about 2 to 3 inches of beyond repair hair to avoid frizz, split ends and breakage.

I Have No Legal Rights to Look Pretty:

No, by all means, style your hair but you shouldn’t have to make it what it’s not to look pretty! Respect the unique personality of your hair type as your own identity. Focus on the advantages of your hair type and work around the disadvantages for great styles. Celebrate your curls rather than flat ironing them every single day! Use hot rollers instead to boost your curls! Hot rollers are making a huge comeback because these are so much easier to use than a curling iron. The best part is these rollers get heated away from your head! The steamed hot rollers are even better since it uses steam to heat the rollers and will give your lasting curls with its sauna effect.

The following are the positive trait of your hair type,

  • Volume: Yes! You are blessed with a lot of hair which is a big plus
  • Strength: Healthy curly hair is strong and doesn’t break easily so congrats
  • Thickness: You are lucky as your hair is the thickest amongst all


The not so flattering negative traits and solutions

  • Roughness: The cuticles are the dead protein cells of our hair. Just like the slabs on a roof they overlap each other to form a protective shell outside which keeps the hair shaft healthy, hydrated and supple. The natural oil of your hair works like a glue and make the cuticles stick to each other. The tighter the cuticles are, the stronger, smoother and shinier your hair will be. But the coils of your curly hair prevent the natural oil from flowing far down to the ends. Thus the cuticles loosen up and get raised and separated from each other causing dryness, roughness, and frizz. Prevent dryness by using sulfate free shampoo and creamy conditioners to keep your hair well lubricated from roots to the ends.
  • Frizz: Humid weather and overly dry hair cause frizziness. Do deep conditioning twice a month to keep your hair hydrated and frizz free. Drinking water also helps!
  • Split ends and breakage: The separated cuticles of rough hair can’t protect the natural moisture of your hair thus the hair shaft becomes dry and brittle causing split ends and breakage. Apply a live-in conditioner especially from the middle to the end to avoid dryness. Leave the roots to avoid product build up and itchy scalp.
  • Itchiness: If you use heavy conditioner or too much silicone based styling products like serums and gels on your hair, your roots will become clogged and the scalp will itch due to product build up.
  • Smell: Humidity is your worst enemy! Your hair can smell funny during the rainy days. Dry shampoo is the cure for this problem.
  • Dandruff: Dandruff happens when your scalp is either overly dry or greasy. Keep your hair well balanced by washing your hair once a month with apple cider vinegar. Don’t do it too often as it will strip off your natural oil!
  • Styling tools: Sorry, I don’t mean to scare you but apart from the chemical treatments; old, worn out or unsuitable styling tools are the main cause of damaged hair. Since there are so many types of styling tools these days, it’s very easy to fall for the wrong one and before you know, it’s too late. However if you buy a salon standard, a well-reviewed product of a reputed company you can have gorgeous hair styles without damage. Trust a dependable brand and spend wisely because cheaper ones are cheap for a reason. Buy styling tools according to your hair type to get the best result. Avoid damage by strictly following the guideline for your specific hair type

Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers for Short Curly Thick Hair

Caruso C97953 - Best Hot Rollers For Short Curly Thick HairWe suggest the Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers to control your curls without damage! As you have shorter hair, you can also buy the travel version that comes with 14 rollers. However to create a variety of styles it’s best to have variable sizes of rollers handy so we have suggested the regular one with 30 multi-size rollers.

The Way It Works

The Caruso Professional® Molecular® Hairsetter heats the hot rollers by steam. Since hairs are porous, when we wrap hair on the hot rollers, heat opens up these pores and vapor molecules enter the hair. The hot steam then alters the chain bonds to form your hair into the curls you desire. When the hot rollers cool down the curls hold the shape, become strong and lasts for days. It’s best to use distilled water in the steam unit to avoid dirt particles to clog the nozzle. If the steam stopped coming through the nozzle already, mix ½ cup vinegar with ½ cup water and fill the steam unit. Plug the unit in and you should see steam soon. Let the steam unit heat until the solution reduces to half. Throw away the vinegar water mix and use distilled water in the steam unit. It should be as good as new and work like before!

Following are the best features of The Caruso Professional® Molecular® Hairsetter:

  • Suitability: It suits all types of hair and creates uniform salon standard perfect curls! These steam hot rollers work wonderfully from the thinnest to the thickest hair. It’s not how hot but how long do you keep it on your head!
  • Time: The rollers get hot within 10 to 15 seconds each. And after you wrap your hair you the curls set within 30 seconds flat and only Caruso offers ‘30 second curl(TM)’ to you! They claim that by blow drying your hair first you can get curls within minutes! From beachy waves to structured spirals your curls will last for days so you get the maximum result for investing minimum time!
  • User-friendly: Wrapping the hair on a hot roller takes lesser practice than using a curling iron! It’s a lot lighter and smaller so shouldn’t take long to get the hang of it.
  • Versatility: It comes with 6 Petite Rollers of 0.5”, 6 Small Rollers of 0.75”, 6 Medium Rollers of 1”, 6 Large Rollers of 1.75” and 6 Jumbo Rollers of 2” and shields for each specific size to keep the rollers in place. Thus you can flaunt gorgeous hair styles from voluminous beachy waves to sleek defined retro curls in minutes! Use the bigger ones for voluminous gentle waves and smaller ones for well-defined curls. Rake your fingers through your curls for the tousled, natural bed head look. Bigger sizes of rollers will even become smaller if you wrap the hair tightly. Don’t worry if they get squashed by wrapping tightly. Just put the squashed roller on the steam unit and it will pop right back the way it was!
  • Portability And Travel-Friendly: It’s small, light and easy to carry. Both the regular and travel pack has the dual voltage worldwide feature and have been used by the consumers in Australia, Asia and in the Europe too. An adaptor is required to fit the plug into the socket and it automatically switches to the voltage it is plugged into.
  • Budget Friendly: The price is not cheap but it’s not steep either! It’s a worthy investment because this hair styling tool gives you salon quality flawless waves and curls of various types without damage. The steam unit, as well as the rollers, are durable too.
  • Safety: It’s the safest styling tool in the market by far! It is heated away from your head and your body. If you are careless and clumsy curling iron may burn your hand and hair but with hot rollers, you are safe.
  • Additional Support: Comes with a styling guide, comb clips, and a carrying case.

Following are the negative features of The Caruso Professional® Molecular® Hairsetter

Not Color coded:

The hot rollers and shields are not color coded which may confuse you sometimes! You should write the size with a permanent marker on each roller and shield for your own convenience.

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When your hair looks fabulous you look gorgeous and feel confident! You feel special when people turn their head around to take a look at your bouncy curls. Thus gift your curly crowning glory The Caruso Professional® Molecular® Hairsetter today and be the eye candy wherever you go! You can give a make-over to all your friends, cousins or colleagues since its suits every type of hair! Bask in the glory and compliments from all around! Happy styling! Stay with us.

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