Best Hot Rollers for Short Straight Fine Hair

How To Bring Some Attitude To Your Mundane Hairstyle:

Short and straight hair is easy to maintain, suave and sophisticated but always wearing the hair in one particular style is just not fun! Mostly to chase away the boredom short straight haired girls usually resort to either chemical perming or colors! Most people, even professional hair stylists think silky straight fine hair is not going to hold the shape if not chemically permed! While it’s true that creating long lasting defined curls on finer haired people can be difficult however with proper tool and products it is definitely possible. You can create longer lasting styles without the risk of harming your hair with simple steamed hot rollers at home and bring some attitude to your short straight hair.

The pros and the cons:

People who you envy for having the most gorgeous and beautiful hair don’t have perfect hair at all! They just know how to take advantage of their hair type and work around the cons! Regular lifestyle and a healthy diet are mandatory for healthy hair too. Apart from a daily hair care regime you also need to use a hair pack suitable for oily hair. Deep cleanse your scalp once a month by pouring and massaging gently with equal parts of water and vinegar after shampoo and was with clean water. Forewarned is forearmed thus knowing how to style to flaunt the pros and handle the cons of hair type is the key to great styles every single day! Following are the positive and negative traits of the short straight fine hair.


Glossy Shine: You are lucky to have naturally shiny and silky hair.

Natural Straightness: No need to flat iron your hair especially if you have short and straight hair, you are simply a wash away from a sophisticated straight haired look

Non-Frizzy and Tangle Free: You hair doesn’t get frizzy and tangles are easier to get rid of due to silkiness.

Elasticity: Your hair is more elastic than coarse hair and grows much faster and longer. Unlike coarse hair, you don’t suffer split ends and breakage due to dryness. Your oily hair is a blessing in disguise after all


Overactive oil glands: If you need to wash your hair almost every day then your scalp has over active oil glands. The worst part is the more often you wash the more the oil glands will keep on secreting oil thinking they are not doing enough! So, massage hot oil on your hair and wash away after 1 hour. This will help the oil glands to calm down and you won’t have to go around looking all greasy and flat either. The best solution for controlling greasy scalp is using dry shampoo.

Thin Hair And Less Volume: Most of the time straight haired people have thinner hair both in diameter and in density, thus often the hair lacks volume. The solution to this problem is to use volumising serum or curl enhancer on the tresses. Spare the roots from any product and use bigger curlers on the crown especially to lift up the hair.

To Prep Short Straight Hair

Greasy hair is not an ideal condition to style your hair thus first wash your hair with a non-creamy, clear, light natural shampoo free of sulfate and other lathering agents. As your hair requires frequent wash try to buy a shampoo that mentions either frequent wash, volumising or for greasy/oily hair on the label. Due to the excessive oily scalp, you may not use conditioner. Massage hot coconut oil on your scalp 1 hour before you shampoo two times a week. This will prevent the shampoo from stripping moisture away from your hair. However on the day you want to style your hair, it is best not to use conditioner or apply oil at all. Air dry your hair or blow dry for longer lasting curls. Instead of putting on hair spray uses a volumising heat protectant or curl enhancer. Spare the roots so the scalp doesn’t get greasy or sweaty making the curls fall flat.

Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers For Short Straight Fine Hair

The best hot roller suitable for your hair type is Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hair setter with 30 Rollers. Since you have shorter hair you may not need all these rollers so you can also try their travel-friendly hair setter that comes with 14 rollers.

Detail features:

Caruso C97953 - Best Hot Rollers For Short Straight Fine HairThe Caruso hot roller hair setter is simply different than the others of the same kind. Caruso uses steam to heat the spongy rollers instead of metal rollers on metal rods. It also doesn’t use salt and has a cool water reservoir! This it’s totally safe for delicate hair such as yours to create flawless curls and not get damaged due to excess heat! Caruso even claims to give you 30 seconds curl(TM) if you blow dry your hair first! The small size and feather light weight as well as worldwide dual voltage support makes it travel-friendly too. The sponge rollers cling and help to wrap your silky fly away short hair. The rollers come in various sizes but are flexible. You can wrap your hair tightly on bigger curlers to create tighter defined curls. If the rollers get squished up then put them over the steam unit and they will pop right back to its actual form. Caruso hair setter comes with a styling guide to help you create different and versatile styles without paying the time or money in the hair salon. It comes with either 14 or 30 rollers and a same number of shields to secure the rollers onto your head, a heating unit, and a Carrying Case. Take proper care of the heating unit by not using tap water and this hair setter will last fairly long if not forever. Use distilled water instead so the nozzle of the steam may not get clogged by various impurities. In case it has stopped working already then put equal measures of vinegar and water into the heating unit. Turn the heating unit on and leave it on until the solution evaporates to half or you see steam coming up. Fill the unit again and repeat the process and your heating unit should be good as new

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The large rollers will give you volume while the smaller ones will give you defined and textured curls. Use the guide to bring variation into your hair style. From the vintage to the most up to date hair style can be created using these hot rollers. Keep them on until they are totally cool and use setting spray and let it air dry. Slowly remove the shields without pulling. And rake through your hair for tousled voluminous beachy bedhead look or keep it defined and retro if you like. Have fun and keep your hair healthy at the same time!

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