Best Hot Rollers for Short Straight Thick Hair

How To Bring a Twist To Your Flat Straight Hair:

If you have short straight thick hair you may think you have almost no choice but to wear your hair straight and flat. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with it but I bet you want to do something exciting to your hair every once in a while. There are plenty of tools out there to give you many types of hair styles too. However, all of these tools are not safe for your hair! Stick around if you want to give your flat straight hair a twist without damaging your heat sensitive, prone to damage hair and still have long lasting stunning hair styles at the convenience of your home.

How To Heal The Damaged Straight Thick Hair:

If you already have damaged your hair by using styling tools like a prehistoric curling iron of your mother or by chemical dying and treatment etc then you have to be extra caring to your locks. Pamper it with a mild natural clear shampoo. Avoid chemical shampoo with harsh lathering agents such as Sulfate. You don’t need to condition the roots but apply conditioners from the middle to the ends. Gently massage warm coconut oil an hour before shampoo to nourish your hair. It is not only a proven method for deep conditioning but you don’t have to live with greasy hair.

Bring A Positive Change In your Lifestyle:

Regular lifestyle and a balanced diet are always crucial for healthy glossy hair too. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and less sweaty! It keeps your roots free from greasiness too. To boost faster hair growth, add milk and egg to your diet and make sure you sleep for 8 hours regularly. Yoga and meditation help you stay fresh, stress-free and keep your blood sugar and blood pressure under control for better health. You can do some free-hand exercises before going to bed and after waking up to increase your blood flow. Nothing too vigorous, though! Just some light stretching so you don’t pull a muscle! It is an excellent way to motivate your metabolism for your overall health as well as hair. Following are the pros and cons of your hair type! Utilize your pros while working around the cons to creating great hairstyles every single day! Use damage free methods such as hot rollers to create long lasting damage free gorgeous hair styles.



  • Gloss: People go ‘WOW!’ when you walk by as the light reflects more on the flat surface of your hair giving you the silkiest, shiny and beautiful hair!
  • Unlimited style options: Your hair type is the most balanced hair type so it can easily adapt to any style from kinky curly to relaxed waves or flat
  • Fast styling: Your thick flat hair can look sensuously curled using hot rollers, in about 30 minutes! Now that’s fast!


  • Oily hair: your hair gets greasy fast so you have to wash your hair frequently
  • Styles don’t last: It’s not a myth but a common misconception! Your style would surely last but you need to prep your hair before styling, that’s it! However, don’t use hair spray on sections before curling, especially when you are using a curling iron! Aerosol sprays are not to be heated and it may make your hair stick to the barrel and snag! It also makes your hair crispy and unnatural looking! Instead use mousse, curl enhancer or thermal protector on the locks and leave the scalp alone! If the roots get greasy your curls won’t hold. Another trick is to do tighter curls than the targeted style. Even if the curls loosen up a bit, it doesn’t become completely flat and looks even more naturally curly
  • Unmanageable Tangles: Your silky hair fly aways easily and as a result gets tangled. Managing those hurtful tangles can bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Brush your hair from the ends in a down stroke. Slowly go upward so the hair untangles easily without causing much pain or being ripped off.
  • Fly Aways: If you wish to leave your hair open then wear a cute headband so the hair doesn’t come on to your face, soak up oil and gets dirty faster. If you have your hair in an up-do or a ponytail, then manage the irritating flyaways with light strokes of mascara. Either the roots of your color or clear Mascara will blend in your hair and manage the unruly fly aways!

Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers for Short Straight Thick Hair

Remington H-1015 - Best Hot Rollers For Short Straight Thick HairThere are so many styling tools to choose from but not every styling tool is designed for everyone! It’s easy to get confused and end up with a disappointing result as well as damaged hair. Especially straight haired people faces problem both ways! Their sleeky hair usually won’t set without heat. However, their hair is also very delicate and easily gets damaged if frequently exposed to brutal heat. Thus we suggest hot rollers for you. These rollers are heated safely away from your head or hand. Doesn’t damage your hair and gives you lasting hair styles too! Your hand will quickly get accustomed to these rollers and won’t get tired from handling a curling iron! Hot rollers are a lot lighter than other styling tools available in the market, comfortable and convenient. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes to set the rollers on your head when you get used to it. A curling iron keeps you pinned near the electric socket. Ones heated, hot rollers give you freedom to style yourself anywhere you like. You also may get dressed and do your makeup while the hot rollers are cooling down!

Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact, 1-1 1/4 Inch, Red is our recommendation for your hair type. This is hot enough yet gentle to give long lasting hair style without damage.

Remington has been recognized by the world for their performance, stability and salon standard styling tools for the professionals as well as the home users. This hot roller set comes with a compact heating unit, 5 large=1.75 Inch and 5 medium=1 Inch, total 10 soft grip rollers with ceramic ionic technology for smooth and frizz free curls. These rollers have a cool ring and color-coded stainless steel J clips too for convenience. It should be enough for your short length of hair. Heat them for 30 minutes to create curls even on the poker straight hair. We suggest not conditioning your hair on the day you want to use hot rollers. Just use curl enhancer on each section and roll it and keep it pinned with the metal clips. Let the curlers completely cool down and then spray with a setting spray. Let the setting spray dry completely and slowly unroll the hair without pulling. Hang your head down and shake it. Let the curls loosen up a bit for a voluminous look. Quickly rearrange the curls as you want and finally spray once again with setting spray! There you go! Now, get ready to get dowsed with compliments!

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These curlers are different than the normal plastic rollers. These are made with ceramic technology so no need to be afraid of heat damage. For the very same reason skip conditioning your hair for longer lasting curls. Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact, 1-1 1/4 Inch, Red comes with 2 years of warranty. You can take it anywhere in the world because it is reliable, small, light weight and has worldwide dual voltage support for traveling. Look confident and gorgeous no matter where you are! Happy styling!

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