Best Hot Rollers for Short Wavy Thick Hair

How To Handle Your Gloomy Waves:

How To Handle Your Gloomy WavesSuddenly your hair seems all dull and gloomy? Your once jolly waves are now down, sulky and blue? Well, although it may seem abrupt but nothing happens suddenly. The damage happens gradually by using a shampoo that has sulfate and other harsh lathering agents, frequent flat ironing, using silicone based hair product such as shining serum etc, setting hair extensions in a wrong way or by an amateur, experimenting with chemical colors and rebonding and so on. Weather, ill health, poor diet and/or stressful lifestyle can be other factors to consider. So pay attention to your health and lifestyle and stick to a hair care regime to avoid the miserable and melancholic dull and unlively hair.

How To Chase Away The Gloom:

Cheer up and do not despair! There’s hope! Hair gives you the first sign that you are ignoring yourself! So when you pay proper attention and patiently take regular care of your hair and health, you are bound to see a positive change in both your hair and in yourself too. First, get yourself an all natural sulfate free shampoo and conditioner separately. This way you can take more or less conditioner depending on the situation of your reason to use conditioner separately is to spare the roots so you don’t end up with the greasy and itchy scalp. Your natural waves need to get strong from within so start a nutritionally balanced diet immediately. Don’t forget to drink half cream/skimmed milk before bed and sleep for at least 8 hours. This will give your hair the boost it needs to feel lively and happy again. Get rid of stress by exercising and meditation. Also knowing the Pros and cons of your hair type will help you decide what you can do to look great without damaging your hair with



  • Versatile: Your texture and thickness give you endless styling options! You can style it in any way you want! You can go straight or curly or you can also flaunt your natural waves by creating a retro or bed head look!
  • Best of the both world: Your hair is so well balanced! You are blessed with both thickness and shine! Although your hair is thick but it’s not too stubborn like curly hair and has the shine and glossiness but not as unruly as silky hair
  • Quick styling: Your hair holds shape easily thus takes a lot lesser time to curl or straighten.
  • 2nd-day hair: Almost everybody has to wash their hair and blow dry before styling so the style lasts longer but not you! If you wish to use hot rollers, you may do it even on 2nd-day hair and have lasting bouncy hairstyle!


  • Dandruff: Dandruff visits you seasonally, especially during the rainy season you will have to use an anti-dandruff shampoo and must use a live in conditioner from the middle to the ends so your hair doesn’t become too dry. Spare the roots to avoid greasy hair. Dry scalp in the winter will cause dandruff too. Keep the hair clean by using dry shampoo. Hot oil massage is a timeless and effective remedy to fight dryness in the winter.
  • Frizz: Hair is porous and when your hair is too dry and the weather is humid, your hair will soak it and swell up becoming frizzy! Conditioning help eases the frizz

The steps to select styling tools:

After taking care of your health, hair care routine and being fully aware of the pros and cons of your hair type, it’s time to select the hair styling tool. Obviously, it will depend mostly on the style you want to create but the following features should be considered too before you select a hairstyle.

  • Suitability: If it’s not suitable for you, it’s just not worth your time and money. It doesn’t matter how reputed the brand is or how costly and well made the tool is or how great it’s for your friend. The problem is most of the times it is unstated, mentioned in a tactful manner or in an insignificant way so you don’t notice it. To handle this discreetness, read the reviews of the people who bought it with their own money. They have nothing to hide and no reason to lie to you. You don’t have to go through all the reviews. At the bottom right under the reviews there’s a search bar given where you can enter words such as short hair or wavy hair etc and if somebody mentioned these words it will be highlighted with yellow color
  • Salon grade: Generally you will find professional or ‘Pro’ written in the name or in the product detail. It usually means it is made for professionals and will work more efficiently for longer.
  • Brand: You have to buy a dependable product from a reputed brand that has been around in the market for a while. It ensures that your product is likely to be manufactured with quality material and will last longer than its warranty period
  • Warranty: The longer the period the better the chances are of the product being genuinely long lasting
  • Expert Advice: Only being expensive doesn’t make a product best in its line or the best product of the market. Be sensible and see if its credibility is backed up by professional hair stylists and if they are suggesting this hair styling tool for you
  • Light Weight and Travel-Friendly: Lightweight means easy to carry and takes less space so you can style anywhere. While these features are not mandatory for styling but certainly practical if you travel frequently. The dual voltage worldwide feature is very useful too. These extra features also mean the styling tool has been carefully made to satisfy you which is, of course, a positive sign.

Our Suggested Best Hot Rollers for Short Wavy Thick Hair

Conair Xtreme - Best Hot Rollers for Short Wavy Thick HairWe suggest hot rollers since it’s the safest. It gives you salon standard gorgeous long lasting hair styles without drying, frizzing or damaging your hair. It is heated away from your head and there’s no risk of burning your hand. Hot rollers are much lighter and smaller than the curling irons. It doesn’t make your hand tired and you can have a great result with just a little practice.

The best hot rollers for you is Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers, Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hair Setter with Super Clips. The hair setter comes with 8 jumbo=1.50 inches and 4 super jumbo=1.75 inches, in total twelve pieces of hot rollers. It gives you natural but voluminous and relaxed bed head waves. The kinky curls are not exactly trendy at this moment so you should go with this for more natural and tousled look. The ionized ceramic technology gives you frizz-free, glossy hair style for all day long and doesn’t damage your hair. Each roller is layered with ceramic so it heats up fast and stays hot for longer to handle thicker hair efficiently. The rollers distribute heat evenly creating perfect salon standard waves. The compact box heats up the hot rollers in just two minutes. The rollers come with super comb clips which fit both jumbo and super jumbo rollers for better grip. You may read the full review of this product here.

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When you look great you will naturally feel great too! Your hair will look livelier and shinier with the heated ceramic rollers and remain healthy. This hot roller set is also economic and budget friendly. It comes with a handy instruction booklet as well. if you follow this article properly, your sad and down hair days should be long forgotten and you can have gorgeous hair every single day!

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