Permanent Hair Thickening

Do you yearn to have thick, voluminous hair? Stress, maturing, hereditary qualities, and the synthetic compounds in hair medications and colors are for the most part potential reasons for slender hair.

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Regardless of why your hair is slim, there are methodologies you can use to get thicker, more full hair. There are a few techniques, way of life changes, different strategies available in which you can boost the overall volume of your hair and make it look fuller eternally.

Techniques to Thicken Hair Enduringly

There are various types of techniques available that can thicken your hair permanently. We cannot claim that each and every solution will work for your hair. But it will undoubtedly work, one or another as from our research we have come up with only those solutions that have a higher success rate and confirmed by 88-91% users.

1. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works mystically to include volume to your hair a snappy premise. Persistent usage of this would advance further hair development. In the event that you are likewise influenced by hair breakage, apple cider vinegar can be the big stake for you. It is wealthy in nutrient and different supplements, which does the enchantment even with no reaction.

Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Onion Juice

An old however effective natural approach to bring the soundness of your hair back is the onion juice as it is considered as the natural hair thickening product. Actually, the natural advantage of this onion juice had been tried experimentally a few times. And from various scientific experiments, it is discovered that individuals who utilize onion juice had seen noteworthy development of the hair. As onion juice sulfur is one of the center ingredients, it gives that sustenance to the hair. Aside from sustenance, it additionally helps in broken hair decrease and diminishing.

Onion Juice
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3. Using Eggs

The protein that hair is made of is called keratin, and that is likewise one of the proteins that are in eggs. Thus, standard utilization of egg will support the hair and scalp very quick. Also, that, in the end, will recover the thick wellbeing of the hair.

Using Egg for Thickening Hair

4. Applying Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a phenomenal creating of nature. The quantity of medical advantage you can acquire from an Aloe Vera leaf is amazing. It helps to thicken hair pretty fast so that it is the most used ingredient in hair care products.

Aloe Vera - V1 July

5. Olive Oil

Like Aloe Vera, olive oil is another common wonder that has a huge number of medical advantages. The supplement rich oil can help you not exclusively to thicken up your hair yet additionally to mellow and reestablish its wellbeing. Particularly on dry scalps and split closures of hair, olive oil works like enchantment.

Olive Oil

6. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is considered as the most effective ingredient for the health of hair. Much the same as olive oil, rosemary oil gives a quick and predictable thickening impact on any dry, dehumidified hair. In this way, you can consider it a blend of both short- and long-term hair thickening blend. Aside from the utilization in hair thickening, rosemary oil additionally improves the dandruff circumstance of your scalp. The ingredients of rosemary oil are useful to bring the regular mugginess of your hair back.

Rosemary Oil

7. Using Baking Soda

Using baking soda is considered as the most effective to thickening hair permanently. This may sound peculiar to you in any case, however baking soda is really useful to bring back the solid volume to your dainty air. What you have to do is, wash your hair with baking soda rather than cleanser like shampoo. We recommend it using rather a shampoo because average shampoos are probably going to leave buildup on your scalp.

Baking Soda

In the end, it develops on your scalp. The using procedure of this preparing soda with water blend is much the same as the shampoo. If you need, you can use a decent quality conditioner a short time later.

8. Utilizing Oranges as Residue Breaker

We always forbid people to use normally accessible shabby shampoos. Since they are probably going to leave residues on your hair. Furthermore, that inevitably debilitates your hair roots. As a result, hair gets less nourishment from the scalp. To battle those deposits that your shampoo leaves on your scalps, orange can be the exit plan. Orange contains antioxidants and Vitamin C. Additionally, the corrosive present in the orange aides in breaking the residue on your scalp.


9. Utilizing Avocado

One of the most extravagant nutrient E compartment organic product is avocado. Aside from this, there is another beneficial thing about these green organic products they are rich lotions. The main purpose behind thinning your hair is the absence of moisture. What’s more, avocado can be an extraordinary method to set it up. Be that as it may, as it is not in fluid or semi-fluid structure, you need to put some additional push to make it appropriate for hair and scup.


10. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the modern time, surgical solution for balding or thinning hair. Hair transplants are done to add more hair to an area on your head that might thin or thinning up top. It’s finished by taking hair from thicker pieces of the scalp, or different pieces of the body, and uniting it to the diminishing or going bald segment of the scalp.

Hair Transplant

11. Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil

Using this product is the only chemical solution we recommend as Rogaine is the first FDA-affirmed brand that helps to regrow both men’s and women’s hair and make it thicker where the hair follicles are stimulated by this product. Not at all like hair loss shampoos and hair thickening items that briefly full hair, all things considered, this hair development product enters the scalp to reactivate contracted hair follicles, taking into consideration regrowth of hair.

Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil

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Lifestyle That Helps Maintain Your Thick Hair

There are few things people should be aware of from their everyday lifestyle that ultimately stand as obstacles and keep thinning your hair day by day. Even if you follow our suggested steps but you do not bring a few changes in your lifestyle you will definitely lose the volume of your hair. These life-hacks will help you to maintain the thickness of your hair, no doubt.  Let’s find them out.

Nutritious Diet

On the off chance that you have an eating routine without basic supplements, it appears in the volume and surface of your hair. Thick, voluminous hair relies upon a solid eating routine loaded up with nutrients and minerals that reason your hair to become solid. Get a lot of protein. Protein makes hair thick and sparkly. Eat greens to get enough vitamin C. Eat vitamins that contain the ingredient to thicken your hair like vitamin E.

Nutritious Food

Eat omega-3 unsaturated fats. These solid unsaturated fats advance hair development. Drink a lot of water to remain hydrated.

Shield Your Hair From Natural Harm

Regular activities you do not consider might make your hair become weak and meager. Take the accompanying measures to shield your hair from outside components. Keep it out of the sun. Direct daylight can harm your hair simply like it can harm your skin. Shield it from pollution. Contamination from autos, transports and different cars can make your hair dry out. Try not to open it to chlorine or salt water. Chlorine in pools and salt water in the sea are a typical reason for dry, harmed hair. After some time, it can make your hair become slenderer.

Calm Your Pressure

Stress from work, family issues and any number of elements can cause significant damage to your hair. So, if possible, get yourself relieved from anxiety by doing different types of meditations, exercises and most importantly, get plenty of sleep.

Calm Your Pressure

Absence of Copper

Copper is a basic element of your body resistant framework. Absence of copper may prompt a few inconveniences; hair diminishing is one of them. This reason is considerably increasingly intense on account of ladies. Organ meats, Oysters, Spirulina, Shiitake Mushrooms, Nuts and Seeds, Lobster, Leafy Greens, Dark Chocolate – these foods will cover up the absence of copper from your body.

Absence of Manganese

Like copper, Manganese is another metallic supplement of the body. What’s more, the absence of Manganese had demonstrated to be a guilty party behind the issue. Ongoing exploration shows up that, ladies experiencing hair diminishing can recuperate and regrow their hair by manganese supplement. Almonds and pecans, beans, oatmeal and bran cereals, brown rice, leafy green vegetables, pineapple, dark chocolate – these foods are full of Manganese.

Destructive Ingredients of Shampoo

When you go for a shoddy, shampoo to set aside a few bucks, that can make genuine harm your hair. Specifically, shampoos that contain sodium laureth sulfate, are bound to compromise your hair wellbeing.

Bottom Line

We have suggested a surgical, a chemical and 9 home solutions to thicken your hair permanently. The solution is going to work definitely, one or another. But if you are a real hair conscious individual who is not ready to compromise at any mean, you have to follow the lifehacks we mentioned beside applying any solution suitable for your hair to make them thicken, boost up the volume and look fuller than ever.


  1. Hi, I have read your article thoroughly and I must admit it’s a great piece of work. But you haven’t mentioned how to use onion juice and how often to use it. Can you please discuss it?

    Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hello Jenny,

      Thank you for your queries.

      The best way to use onion juice is by applying it directly to the scalp. Massage the juice onto the scalp and wait for at least 60 minutes before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

      Follow this routine twice per week to see the results for yourself.

      We hope this helps you.

  2. Dear, I have been experiencing severe hair fall due to a chemical treatment gone wrong. Every time I shampoo, at least 100 hair strands come off. Can you please suggest me a shampoo that would keep my hair in place and not cause hair thinning?

  3. Hi there, I know my question might probably be a stupid one but I still have to ask. Would these remedies work the same way on men’s hair also? For the past year, I have extensive hair fall and my hair seems to be thinning.

    I would be super grateful if you answer.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Russell, you appreciate your concern about your hair.

      And yes, you can use all of them on your hair to thicken them. They work the same way on male and female hair follicles. So, stop worrying and start taking care of your hair.

  4. Hello, excellent post as always. I was looking forward to treating my hair with something natural and safe. And you have presented me with a bunch of home remedies to try from. Thank you very much from the core of my heart. I would post an update about the condition of my hair after using these.

    1. Hi Tatiana, thank you for your sweet words. Feel free to post your reviews, thoughts, and suggestions anytime.

  5. Hi, I don’t have any queries. I just want to mention that the Rogaine actually worked for me. I had suffered from hair thinning for a couple of years. And then I started using this product along with applying onion juice once a week. Both of them worked wonders on my hair. Now I not only have a head full of hair but my hair fall rate also reduced by several notches.

    I hope my personal experience helps others.

    1. Dear Jenna, we were pleased to hear from you about your experience. Keep sending us feedback and encouraging words.

      Thank you very much.

  6. Hello,
    Just curious to know where I can get onion juice? I know that’s probably a stupid question but is there a brand I should use or just any onion juice at the local store like wal mart? Thank you!

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