Hairstyles With Hot/Heated Rollers for Every Hair Type & Length

Flaunting with demonstrating and eye-catching curls is every ladies’ fantasy and to aid that desire hot rollers have become their diurnal need. Bored with dull straights? Go for trendy corkscrew waves for being the focal point of the crowd. Have long hair? Wear enviable loose waves to catch the attention as a Red Carpet Diva. It is a duck soup now to style up like a pro in various curls with hot rollers.

Featured Image Of Hot Roller Hair Styles

Women often get confused about what hairstyles should they wear according to their hair type. Behold! Providing you the utmost gratification and contentment, I am here to give the game away to you about hot rollers hairstyle for all hair type.

Hairstyles Based on Length

To all the ladies, using hot rollers for prolonged curls is like shooting fish in a barrel! Perfection in hairdos is now under control no matter what length of hair you have. Short or long, any hair you have got, hot rollers are always on the go for you. When talking about length, your signpost is roller barrel size.

You can define the size of the barrel into two different postures.

  • Barrel Diameter
  • Barrel Length

Barrel Diameter

Barrel Diameter Of Hot Rollers

The measurement of the cylinder of a hot roller is called barrel diameter. This barrel diameter varies from different hairstyles of short, medium and long hair. Small barrel diameters create small curls and large barrel diameters form large curls. ½ to 2 Inch of barrel diameters are available in the market for different hairdos.

Barrel Length

Barrel Length Of Hot Rollers

Analyzing the market of hot rollers, we have got to know that hairstyles with hot rollers also are also influenced by the barrel length of the rollers. The height of the barrel is known as barrel length. Barrel length differs for a different length of hair because if the barrel length is small then it can roll less amount of hair around the roller. Long barrel length rollers can hold a great amount of hair around it.

There are only two lengths of barrels that are sold, one of them is 2.5 Inch and the other is 3.5 Inch. 2.5 Inch barrel length is perfect for short to medium hair length where 3.5 Inch barrel goes for long hair.

Barrel DiameterSuited In
2.5 InchShort To Medium Hair
3.5 InchLong Hair

As we know, hair length can be divided into 3 types as mentioned below.

  • Short Hair
  • Medium Hair
  • Long Hair

Hot Roller Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hot Roller Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is the most demanding type of hair for any hairstyles and you have to be watchful about the barrel sizes of the hot rollers. Hairstyles for short hair like kinky curls, perms, tight curls etc. depends on the best use of perfect roller barrels. And here we go! We are prescribing you the immaculate combination of short hairstyles and barrel sizes.

Barrel Diameter For Short HairBarrel Length For Short HairHair StyleFace Shape
½ Inch2.5 InchKinky Curls Or Spiral CurlsSquare And Oval Shape
3/8 InchJerry Curls Or Tight CurlsSquare Or Oval Shape
5/8 InchCorkscrew Waves Or Spring CurlsSmall And Rectangle Shape
¾ InchPerm CurlsRectangle And Oval Shape

Kinky Curls or Spiral Curls

With ½ Inch roller you can make your desired afro kinky curls or spiral curls with no trouble. These coils are the tightest and make your face look fuller. If you have of square or oval-shaped face you will look flawless with these hairstyles. People with less hair density looks overwhelming with kinky curls or spiral curls.

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Jerry Curls or Tight Curls

These curls are prepared with 3/8 Inch hot rollers with also arranges you for a fuller look with unspoiled dimensions. Tight curls are looser than spiral curls but tighter than corkscrew curls. These curls Identical to Kinky curls, tight curls are also decent for women having a square or oval shaped face.

Corkscrew Waves

Corkscrew waves or spring curls are made with the 5/8 Inch hot rollers and being true to its name this hairstyle is just like the corkscrews or springs of tresses from your head. These are more like ringlets falling from your hair and can run without a glitch with small and rectangle faced people.

Perm Curls

Perm being a common form of curl is the center attention of short hair people these days. Formed with ¾ Inch hot rollers, these hairstyle looks striking in every face shapes. Perm curls are bigger than spring curls and create a voluminous look.

Hot Roller Hairstyles Medium Hair

Hot Roller Hairstyles Medium Hair

Medium hair is the most flexible hair length when it comes to curling hair with hot rollers. You can go for 1 Inch barrel diameter for medium hair length to make Mid Curls.

Barrel Diameter For Medium HairBarrel Length For Medium HairHair StyleFace Shape
1 Inch2.5 InchMid Curls Or Medium CurlsRound, Oval And Rectangle Shape

Hot Roller Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hot Roller Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is cool to curl with heated rollers as always but the fact that annoys most is holding curls may seem tough when you are dealing with long hair. Usually, hairstyles like perms or spirals do not suit perfectly on long hair and they fall down easily. For long hair, you need to go for big curls. Proper hot roller barrel sizes may help you to in this circumstance.

Barrel Diameter For Long HairBarrel Length For Long HairHair StyleFace Shape
1½ Or Medium Rollers3.5 InchDefined Curls Or Body WavesRectangle Shape
1¼ Or Large RollersBeachy WavesSquare And Rectangle Shape
1¾ Or Jumbo RollersLoose WaveOval And Round Shape
2 or Super Jumbo RollersBig CurlsOval Shape

Defined Curls or Body Waves

Defined waves or body waves are full of volume and this sultry and sleek hairstyle adds up plenty of defiance, class and seen to your hairdo. You will be needing 1 ½ Inch hot rollers for forming this curls so women who have round face can pick up this hairdo.

Beachy Waves

Hot rollers of 1 ¼ Inch can serve you incredible beachy waves that will faultlessly match with your trendy outlook. This hairstyle goes beyond perfect if you have an oval face.

Loose Waves

If a loose and free hairstyle with a stylish natural outlook is your desire then go for 1 ¼ Inch hot rollers. These loose movable waves will light up with any type of face shape.

Big Curls

If you have dull straights and you are up to catch some volume then big curls are the cure! They are not curls downright rather these big curls add volume to create an illusion of your hair so that your hair does not look mind-numbing. Big curls afford with natural light volume so that you look a bit fuller. You have to use 2 Inch hot rollers for this hairdo.

Hairstyles Based on Density

Thin hair and thick hair

While talking about the density of the hair we can easily define them as thin hair and thick hair.

  • Thin or Fine Hair
  • Thick or Coarse Hair

Styling and curling with hot rollers depend on both temperature and technology of the rollers. Hot rollers use different technologies for different types of hair. While using hot rollers you also need to keep in mind if the temperature of the rollers is suitable for your hair or not.

Suitable Temperature Settings and Technologies for Thin or Fine Hair

If you are a woman of thin or fine hair and you want to curl your hair with the help of hot rollers then you ought to keep the temperature of the hot rollers less. 200-280 degrees is considered to be the best temperature range for thin or fine hair. If you go beyond 280 degrees then your hair may damage.

While choosing technology, fine or thin hair people must go for Steam Technology because it provides moisture to your hair and keeps the hair frizz-free. Tourmaline can also be chosen as it includes negative ions for keeping hair static-free. Ceramic in case of thin hair should be avoided because it does not protect your hair from frizzing as much as steam technology and tourmaline do.

Thin or fine hair faces heat damage so often and so we recommend you to use renowned shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant spray. We will advocate for Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo, Ojon Revitalizing Mist Conditioner and InstaNatural Thermal Protection Spray for the protection of your hair.

Suitable Temperature Settings and Technologies for Thick or Coarse Hair

People of thick or coarse hair needs high temperature to curl hair with hot rollers because thick or coarse hair is tough to curl. The temperature range for thick or coarse hair is 300-380 degrees because if you go below this range then your hair will not hold the curls for a long time. We never recommend you to go above 400 degrees otherwise your hair will be rough.

While nominating technologies for thick hair Ceramic is thought to be the first preference because ceramic can distribute heat uniformly to the hair so that the hair can hold the curls for a long time. Tourmaline or Steam technology cannot provide enduring curls when it comes to thick hair.

As you are providing high heat, you should go for branded hair care accessories. I recommended you to pick up Jason Tea Tree Scalp Normalizing Shampoo, TIGI Bed Head Superstar Leave-In Conditioner and Royal Blowout Heat Protectant Spray for the safety of your hair.

For your convenience, I have made a chart to deliver you some looked-for information, go through it at a glance.

Hair DensityTemperature RangeTechnologySuited Hairstyle
Thin Or Fine Hair200-280 Degrees

Below this temperature thin hair cannot hold a curl. If you go beyond this temperature then your hair will be damaged.
Steam Technology And Tourmaline Technology

Steam Technology provides moisture and Tourmaline technology provides negative ions for protecting thin hair. Ceramic Technology cannot protect hair as much as steam or tourmaline technology can.
Short HairLong Hair
Corkscrew Curls Or Kinky Spiral CurlsBeachy Waves Or Body Waves
Thick Or Coarse Hair300-380 Degrees

Below this temperature, your thick hair cannot hold curls and if you go beyond this temperature then your hair will be rough .
Ceramic Technology

Ceramic Technology can provide even heat to hair for enduring curls. Steam or Tourmaline technology cannot provide high heat as ceramic does.
Short HairLong Hair
Perm Curls Or Tight CurlsLoose Waves Or Big Curls

Requirements Based on Texture

Hair Texture

The texture of your hair can be distributed in 3 different sectors; straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. When you are using hot rollers to make waves or curls then you have to keep track of the temperature settings of your hot rollers. Being cold-hearted about the heat settings may damage your hair or your curls may fall down fast.

Suitable Temperature Settings for Straight Hair

If you have naturally straight hair then your curling life will be easier than anything! Straights hold curls without any discomfort and can go for a long time with fixed curls and so for straight hair the temperature range is 200-250 degrees. If you go above this heat then you will face heat damage and below this temperature, your curls will fall down.

Use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo, Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner and Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray for straight hair.

Suitable Temperature Settings for Wavy Hair

Having naturally wavy hair somewhat fun already but if you want to create dimensions in your hairdos then go for hot rollers. The temperature range for curling wavy hair is 250-300 degrees. Consequently, wavy hair needs more temperature than straight hair yet less temperature than curly hair to do styles with hot rollers.

Go for Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo, Kérastase Résistance Ciment Thermique as a conditioner and Redken Hots Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist for Unisex as a heat protectant spray with wavy hair.

Suitable Temperature Settings for Curly Hair

If you want to make your curly hair look more textured and fabulous then you can use hot rollers but you have to note that by nature curly hair is the toughest to curl with hot rollers. Going with the high heat and temperature setting of 300-380 degrees is the only cure for curling already curled hair with hot rollers.

Pick up SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo, SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner and Curl Girl Unwind Thermal Protector and Detangling Mist by Curl Girl as a heat protectant spray with curly hair.

Hair TextureTemperature Range
Straight Hair200-250 degrees
Wavy Hair250-300 degrees
Curly Hair300-380 degree

Final Verdict

Going with bold curls rather with boring straights are now in trend again. So with your hot roller set form whatever curl you want. We have recommended an entire curl-direction that will lead you to rock again with appropriate curls for your hair. So girls, no matter what hair you got, always wake up wearing your favored textured curly hairstyle that you’ve been looking for so long!