How To Do A Herringbone Braid

It seems like the herringbone braids have been emerging into the fashion scene again in the new decade. And, rightly so. This patterned plait is just the right hairstyle to carry in every occasion. Be it an office event or your friend’s wedding, or just chilling by the pool, it will add just the right fashion statement to both your dress-up and dress-down look. And that’s why this intricate hairstyle is loved by fashionistas all over the world.

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And if you too want to up your fashion game with this stylish braid, then we are here for you. Follow the step-by-step guide ahead and learn the easiest way to make a herringbone braid in your manes perfectly.  Rocking a patterned braid could never be easier.

However, before jumping into the actual braiding process, let’s first find out the items we need to create a herringbone braid effortlessly.

  • A hairbrush
  • A hair tie [we do not prefer elastic ties]
  • Bobby pins
  • Holding spray

Step By Step Guide

Now, let’s learn how to do a herringbone braid on yourself so that you can sport it anytime and in any event.

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Remember To Prepare Your Hair

Before you start parting your hair strands for the braiding, don’t forget to brush them thoroughly with a suitable hairbrush [we prefer this Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush]. This will not only remove knots and tangles from your makes but also provide you a smoother base to work with.

brushing hair

Another advantage of brushing your tresses is that it will reduce frizz and static and make them look silky and smooth. As the herringbone braid is not a “messy” hairstyle, a smoother, well-brushed base is really important.

Moreover, if your hair is flat and you want a little “oomph” in your braid, you can always apply a bit of texturizing hairspray, like this Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, right before making the braid.

Start Parting

Now that there are no tangles and knots left in your manes, you can start parting them. Part your hairs into two equal sections so that you have a section at the right and one at the left. Make sure that the sections have roughly the same amount of hair for uniform patterns.

hair sections

Begin The Cross-Over

Once you have two equal parts, now it’s time to start the actual braiding process. To create the herringbone pattern in your manes, first, take a few hair strands from the right section [pull the strands that are closest to the face] and pull it to the left side completely.

cross-over for braiding hair

Now, do the same with the left part. Take a small section of hairs from the part closest to your face and pull it towards the right side precisely.

Repeat this cross-over process until all your manes are braided. After a few back-and-forths of hair strands, you will notice that your manes started to form an amazing herringbone pattern. You can plait all your tresses with this pattern, or can stop at the middle to switch up your style. The choice is yours.

However, while you are pulling hair from each side, make sure that the sections are relatively narrower. This is because the narrower the hair section, the more delicate your braid patterns will look. Moreover, to make sure the pattern is uniform throughout the braid, try to pull the hairs about the same width from both sides.

Don’t Forget To Secure The Braid

After you have created the pattern and make the herringbone braid, don’t forget to tie the end with a hairband to secure it completely. You can also put a few bobby pins here and there to hold the braid tightly in place.

secure Braided hair by hairband

In addition to putting on bobby pins, you should also spritz on a liberal amount of hairspray on the braid [try out this Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray] to hold it securely for hours to come. Because of your tight cross-overs and the holding spray, your herringbone braid will not come off easily and make your manes messy.

A Few Variations

Now that you know how to do a basic herringbone braid in your manes, let’s also learn a few variations of this extraordinary patterned plait so that you don’t have to sport the same braid on every occasion.

Ponytail Style Herringbone Braid

If you want a simple yet sophisticated herringbone braid, then the ponytail style one is the right pick for you. This hairstyle is just the perfect example of adding a style statement to an extremely simple ponytail. To do this ponytail style herringbone braid on your hair, first, brush all your manes and create a ponytail on the crown of your head.

Ponytail style herringbone braid

Then make a herringbone braid in the pony, starting right at the hair tie. If you want a messier look, you can always pluck out a few hair strands from the plait here and there to give it a natural vibe.

Half-back Herringbone Braid

When you want to sport both the herringbone braid and open hair together, don’t hesitate to try out the half-back braided hairstyle. This fusion hairstyle will definitely up your style game greatly and make you be the center of attention of the party.

Half-back herringbone braid

To adorn your manes with this incredible hairdo, start by applying some dry shampoo to your manes. A dry shampoo [try out this Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray] would ensure a texturized look and better hold to your herringbone braid.

After you are done with the dry shampoo, comb all your tresses and section them horizontally so that you have a top part and a bottom part. Tie the top section into a ponytail and then make a herringbone braid right from the top of the pony. Pull a few hair strands from hair and there to give the overall look a messy, undone appearance.

Wrapping Up

This article is all about herringbone braid. From the basic plait to a few different fusion braids, this guide will help you to adorn your manes with this amazing braided hairdo effortlessly. And now that you know how to construct this patterned plait easily, we can assume that you would be on top of your style game always.


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