Remington Hot Rollers Review

Hot rollers are one of the striking inventions in the twenty-ten decades. It is a lot of effectual to use hot rollers to maintain people’s curly hair or to transform fine hair into curly hairstyle.

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Remington has brought some high-quality hot rollers for women so that they can do their curly hair styling in the more textured way and more perfectly. The hot rollers are instant heat, instant set, and instant style.

In this article, we will let you know how Remington brand has fetched a revolutionary change in curly hair styling era by making their hot rollers.

Remington Brand – How the World Gets Ready

Remington Products, commonly known as simply Remington, is a worldwide personal care corporation. This company manufactures numerous types of products for both men and women. It makes shavers, trimmers for men and different types of hair products like hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, hair setters etc. for women.

This company is very much popular among hair stylists and people who use various hair products. Remington offers very good quality products by which people all over the world are getting benefited vastly.

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Classification of Remington Hot Rollers

Remington Hot Rollers (or curlers) are one of the best tools for styling hair or wigs but getting started with them can be a little overwhelming. Remington brand offers different sizes and styles of hot rollers. People often get confused which size roller should be used for which purpose.

In this section, we will let you know why sizes of a hot roller are important and how to make different sized rollers in perfect usage.

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Sizes of Hot Rollers Remington Offers

Picking the correct size of the roller for the style is essential. If the rollers are too big or too small, the shape of the curls and waves will be wrong and the style won’t turn out well. After analyzing different models of Remington hot roller, we can see this brand offers hot rollers of 3 particular different sizes. They are:

  • Small size roller: ¾ inch long
  • Medium size roller: 1-inch long
  • Large size roller: 1¼ inch long

1¼ Inch/Large Size Roller – Suitable for Making Big Waves and the People of Long, Medium Length Hair

Large sized rollers are provided with almost every Remington hot roller model. By larger rollers, people can make bigger curls and curls can be much smoother. Their hair can have more volume if they use a large roller at their hair root. If you need lots of prominence in your hair you can use a large roller or if you want to add some affable shape in your hair or hair curls.

Big curls in long length hair
Big curls in long length hair

Large size rollers are highly recommended for the people who have long and medium length hair. It is really time-consuming to make small curls in long hair and people of long hair do not like it a lot. This is why; large size roller is vastly used by the people who do not have a short hairstyle.

¾ Inch/Small Size Roller – Perfect for Making Small Curls and the People of Short Hair

People can use small size rollers to make smaller and much tighter waves or curls. Small rollers produce less prominence and cannot add much volume at the hair root. People should use smaller rollers for styles that are adjacent to the head and who want more delineated curls or little, stronger curls. If individuals wish to have the style of the 1920s and 1930s, they can use small hot rollers.

Small curls in short length hair
Small curls in short length hair

Small size rollers make tighter curls in the hair; they also tend to bump off more of the hair length. You should be concerned that you might want to kick off with longer hair than you comprehend if your style needs tighter waves or curls. This small size roller is very good for people who have short hair.

Though people who have short hair generally are not willing to make big curls in their short length hair, these small size rollers are the best curly styling companion for them.

1-Inch/Medium Size Roller – Suitable for Making Medium Curls and the People of Shoulder Length Hair

There is another roller size we can see in Remington hot roller models. This is a medium sized roller. Some People frequently do not want that big curls in their hair which they can make by a largely sized roller neither they want to make such small curls in their hair which they can make by a small-sized roller.

Remington Corporation kept these types of people’s desire in their concern. So they have made medium sized rollers by which people can make a medium size curl in their hair and add volume accurately.

Medium curls in shoulder length hair
Medium curls in shoulder length hair

People of every length whether it is short, medium or long hair can use this hot roller. As this size roller does not make too big or too small curls, it’s created medium curls suit every length of hair people. But these medium-sized rollers are highly recommended for the people who have shoulder length hair.

Sizes of Rollers Remington Not Provides

There are 2 more sizes of hot rollers which are available in the market. But unfortunately, Remington Corporation does not provide any of those roller sizes. They are:

  • Jumbo Roller: 1½ inch long
  • Super jumbo roller: 1¾ inch long

These two size rollers are used to make bigger curls generally in long hair. People can use Remington’s provided large rollers as the replacement of jumbo rollers. The difference of the curls that large rollers make and jumbo rollers make cannot be identified visually at ease. But yes, if you wish to make really large curls in your hair with a super jumbo size roller, Remington hot rollers cannot satisfy you much.

Remington Hot Roller Set

Remington actually offers a set of hot rollers. That means you will get a box in where you will find many hot rollers. Some Remington hot roller products offer you different sizes of rollers and some offer the same size. You should figure out whether you need a lot of rollers or just a few according to your desired curly hairstyle.

Usually, if you use a large number of rollers in a single area of your hair, a great number of curls will be produced in that area.
Remington Hot Roller Set
If you want a large assemblage of poofy or concentrated curls, you should use a great number of small rollers. If you use a small roller, more curls will be conducted in the same space.

By contrast, if you use large size rollers, you will be able to add more volume or poof on your hair. If anyone wants to do 18th-century style, she should use a great number of large rollers and can get a dense, silky bank of waved curls.

On the other hand, a little number of big rollers would create a smoother and complete fashioned hairstyle of another 18th-century curly hairstyle.

Hot Roller Clips

Hot rollers clips are so much important. Without clips, you actually will not be able to do any styling with your Remington hot rollers. After rolling your hair with a hot roller, you have to hold your hair to that roller with a clip.

Otherwise, the roller will fall down and will be detached from your hair. As a result, you cannot curl up your hair properly; cannot have your work done properly by hot rollers. This is why you must need a clip to hold the hair with the hot roller. It’s up to you whether you hold your hair with clip tightly or loosely. It depends on the amount of hair you rolled with the Remington hot roller.

Some of the Remington hot roller models provide clips with the product and some do not. Those models that provide clips are usually exclusively made for those model hot rollers particularly.

Provided clips are perfectly adjustable with the roller as they are color coded. Remington made it so easy to use right clips for the right size of the roller. So you can clip your hair with the hot roller without any flaw. You have to buy clips severally for those Remington models which do not provide any clips. As a result, you may face little adjustability issues. But it will not bother you much.

Why You Should Choose Remington Hot Rollers

Right before jumping on the product section, let us tell you why you should choose Remington hot rollers over the hot rollers of other companies. Actually, there are so many reasons why Remington is the best personal care brand for both men and women. Some of the highlighted reasons are mentioned in the following.

  • The manufacture of Remington hot rollers is really very good. They use ionic technology, ceramic technology in their rollers. The rollers are made with ceramic for consistent high heat and professional performance products. Some of their rollers have ionic conditioning and ceramic technology. Remington has become the pioneer by offering the exclusive “Pearl Ceramic” technology in their hot rollers. These hot rollers can be heated up in only ninety seconds and you can have your work done by curling your hair within five minutes.
  • Hot rollers made by Remington Corporation can be highlighted for its size variety. No Remington model comes with a single size roller. Each and every hot roller product offers you hot rollers of at least two different sizes. Some of them come with 3 different sizes rollers. As a result, people who do not need to buy different products to whether they make big curls or small curls in their hair.
  • Very few companies are so much concern for the people who travel around the world. Remington offers a good quality travel hot roller which offers dual voltage feature. So you can carry them with you anywhere in the world. Besides Remington, only Conair brand offers dual voltage hot rollers.
  • Remington Corporation offers hot rollers of various combinations of roller size and number. Some of them offer a large number of rollers, some provide numerous sized rollers. This is why people get the opportunity to choose products according to their desired curly hair styling.
  • Remington hot rollers have cool end touch. So that people can easily use these rollers without getting hurt in their fingers. They can swiftly hold the two cool edges of the rollers and roll their hair in the hot portion and can have their work done perfectly. Though only two Remington hot rollers have heating issues they have come over their manufacturing error and brought some new products with heating issues corrected.
  • Quite all of the Remington hot rollers are of high quality and comparatively low-priced than other hot roller brands. As a result, individuals can save their money, can be benefited economically, can have all the amazing features of expensive hot rollers and can have their curly hair styling fabulously.

Best Remington Hot Rollers

Here are some Remington hot roller products which we highly recommend. Which model is suitable for your desired curly hair styling and why we recommend that product for you will be described briefly below the product name.

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter - V1 Jan

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Specially Made for Travelers

Why we love it

This model of Remington hot roller is exclusively for travelers for its dual voltage feature. This product is adjustable with 120-240V and 50/60Hz power outlets. So you can carry these hot rollers set anywhere around the world. Remington H1015 hot roller provides a set of hot rollers where we will find 10 rollers.

They are in two different sizes. 5 of them are medium sized (1 inch) and other 5 of them are of the large size (1 ¼ inch). Two different sized rollers are colored differently (red and black). So there is no chance for confusion. As we see, there is no small sized roller in this set. So you will not be able to make small curls in a single area of your hair.

Otherwise, you can do any type of curly hairstyles with this product. This hot roller offers an exclusive J clip by what you can hold your hair to the rollers easily and need not to buy clips severally. These clips are amazingly adjustable with the roller size. So you can use your clips without any flaw. The clips are color-coded by size for confident styling.

This product provides a carrying case so that you can carry all of the rollers or can put it together anywhere. The rollers of this product have cool touch ends so that you cannot get hurt by the heat, keep fingers away while you style your hair with easing cool touch ends.

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Remington H5600D 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set

Remington H5600D 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: for Any Type (Fine, Wavy, Natural) and Length (Short, Medium, Long) of Hair People

Why we love it

This hot roller provides a set of hot rollers where we will find 20 rollers. The most exclusive feature that Remington H5600D offers is 3 different sizes of hot rollers. 6 of them are large (1¼ inch) sized, 10 of them are medium (1 inch) sized and rest 4 of them are small (¾ inch) sized.

To clear the confusion of the user Remington has colored different sizes of hot rollers in 3 different (White, red, black) colors. As this product offers you a large number of rollers with all three different sizes, people with any type (fine, wavy, natural) and length (short, medium, long) hair can use this product. They can make big wavy curls in their hair by using medium and big sized rollers or they can make small curls in their hair by using small hot rollers.

However, there is a big amount of rollers provided; you can make a great or small amount of curls in a single portion of your hair according to your wish. This product has provided cool touch ends so that you can keep fingers away from the heat while you style with hot rollers.

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Some Bad Quality Remington Hot Rollers We Forbade Everyone to Use

Remington H5600A Ionic Setter

Why we dislike it

Remington has included ionic conditioning and ceramic technology in this hot roller and they also have offered a cool end touch. But it’s a matter of sorrow that the so-called “cool end touch” is not of good quality at all. People will feel the heat in their fingers and can harm their fingers badly.

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Remington H3600CDN 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set

Why we dislike it

Just like Remington H5600A, we dislike this product of Remington for the same reason; heating problem. This hot roller does not have any cool end touch. Moreover, maybe this roller has same manufacturer error because this roller gets too much hot. For the excessive heat, people burn their finger and cannot use this product for their curly hair styling purpose.

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Summary of Remington Hot Rollers Review

  • 1. Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter
  • 2. Remington H5600D 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set


If you are a traveler or often visit different places around the world, “Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers, 1-1 ¼ Inch, Pink” is best for you for its dual voltage feature. People of any length hair can use “Remington H5600D 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set” for doing their curly hair styling amazingly.


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