Remington h5600a Ionic Setter Review

Remington Corporation is very much popular for their personal care products such as hair dryer, curling iron, hot roller etc. Most of the Remington hot roller sets are a high-quality product.

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Unfortunately, some of their hot roller products have some severe problems which have made those products low-rated. One of those products is “Remington H5600A Ionic Setter, pink”. We do not recommend this product for anyone at all. In this article, we are going to narrate this product and we will show you the main reasons why you should not buy this product.

Why this product is not buyable:

There are a few reasons why people should not buy this product. The main reasons are:

  • No actual cool touch ends
  • Rollers are badly color coded
  • Comes with wire clips
  • Cool down quickly

We are now going to explain each and every con we have mentioned above.

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No Actual Cool touch ends:

Remington says that they have provided cool touch ends feature with Remington H5600A Ionic Setter, Pink product. Yes, if you take a look at those rollers of this product you will surely be convinced in what they have said. You will see extra layers at both edges of the rollers which are made to provide you the cool touch ends feature. But unfortunately, this is not beneficial at all. For some manufacturing error, the edges do not act as cool touch ends. As a result, the edges of the rollers also get very hot while heating up the rollers. You will not be able to hold the rollers with your hand without hurting yourself. These rollers literally can burn your fingertips. There are no true cool touch ends of Remington H5600A hot rollers.

Rollers Are Badly Color Coded:

Remington H5600A Ionic Setter Pink - Badly Color Coded Product
The rollers of “Remington H5600A Ionic Setter, Pink” product is badly color coded. As they are providing three different sizes of rollers, they have coded the three types of rollers in red, orange and pink color. The colors are not finely polished as a result, you can get confused while using. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using this product for which you can really feel disgusting while styling in hurry.

Comes With Wire Clips:

Most of the people expect metal or plastic clips with their desired hot roller set products because these two types of clips can satisfy the hot roller users by holding the hair with their hot rollers finely. But it is a matter of fact that “Remington H5600A Ionic Setter, Pink” product provides you a wire clip which is not so much good in holding hairs with the hot rollers. Moreover, the provided wire clips are not finely color coded. So you will surely face deficiency while using this badly color-coded wire clips with your hot rollers.

Cool Down Quickly:

Some people feel good when they see that the rollers of “Remington H5600A Ionic Setter, Pink” product heat up very quickly; around in 2 minutes. But it is a great disgrace that these rollers also cool down so quickly. As a result, you will not be able to complete your styling properly with the rollers of this product. Rollers cannot curl, add enough volume or texture to your hair if they cool down so expeditiously.

Some good feature of this product:

  • Remington has used ionic conditioning ceramic technology in this product.
  • Provides 20 rollers.
  • Provides 3 different sizes of rollers.


Remington H5600A Ionic Setter, Pink Hot Roller
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    Overall Rating by Author - 3/10


From the above discussion, we can come to a decision that this “Remington H5600A Ionic Setter, Pink” product is not good at all comparing to the other Remington hot rollers. You cannot get your desired result if you choose this product. So we are highly recommending you to use “Remington H5600D 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set” instead of using this product. Moreover, you can also be beneficial economically as Remington H5600D hot roller product is cost less than half of the price of Remington H5600A hot roller product.

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