Revlon Hot Rollers Review

Looking for a hot roller set that would provide you with versatile curls but at the same time won’t cut your pocket deep? Then you have landed yourself in the right place. that’s because Revlon offers incredible quality heated curler at the most affordable and budget-friendly price range; it uses the same technology, same materials, and other similar components as many high-end rollers to produce the same quality curls and waves in your locks at a much less price tag.

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After extensive research and much consideration, we were able to determine the best Revlon hot rollers based on their construction material, the technology used and their result on different types of hairs. Keep on reading to find out more about the amazing curlers that Revlon has to offer to its customers:

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A Quick Overview of the Best Revlon Hot Rollers

The hot rollers that we have suggested are the best from Revlon. But before going into details, let’s give you a quick glimpse of the suggested rollers for a brief idea:

Hot Rollers NameRevlon Perfect Heat Cascading Curls 20 Piece Hair-setter, RVHS6611Revlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Hair Setter, RVHS6603
TechnologyIonic TechnologyIonic Technology
Heat SettingsConstant HeatConstant Heat
Number of rollersSet of 20 rollers
(comes with eight ¾ inch, six1-inch and six 1 ¼ inch ribbed rollers)
Set of 10 rollers
(comes with five ¾ inches, and five 1-inch ribbed

Revlon Hot Rollers Buying Guide

About Revlon

Revlon, Inc. is an American multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company that was founded in the year 1932 by brothers Joseph and Charles Revson along with a chemist, Charles Lachman with the intention of helping you to achieve the look you want.

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Based in New York City, USA, Revlon has its operations spread over 100 countries across six continents with a huge variety of diversified products to serve its customers with everything they seek to beautify themselves.

The Market Competitors of Revlon

Revlon is not the only manufacturer of hot rollers in the market; it has many other competitors producing similar quality heated rollers. Some of Revlon’s close market contenders are Babyliss PRO, Conair, Remington, Helen of Troy and Calista Tools.

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Prominent Features of Revlon Hot Rollers

Revlon included several different features and qualities to its hot rollers to make them a truly world-class hair styling tools. Below we have discussed some of the most prominent features of Revlon hot roller sets that helped these stylers to become instant fan-favorite all over the globe:

Outstanding Build Quality

By constructing its heated rollers with incredible craftsmanship and different precious materials, Revlon not only promises long-lasting durability and even distribution of heat to every hair strands but at the same time made sure that the rollers delivers unparalleled curling and waving services to its users.

Sleek, Compact Outlook

Revlon ensured the aesthetics of its roller sets by incorporating bright color scheme and sleek, ergonomically designed plastic heater box and pouch with the intention of attracting customers’ attention as soon as they have a sight of its curlers. Moreover, the attractive colors also add glamour factor to your dressing area.

Revlon Hot Rollers Outlook

Most of the Rollers Incorporate Ionic Technology

Styling your hairs with heat can makes them frizzy, lifeless and damaged; protecting your tresses while you style them is the primary concern of Revlon and that’s why, it has incorporated revolutionary Ionic Technology in most of its heated rollers which, with the help of an ionic generator, releases abundance of negative ions in the tresses to seal in moisture to protect your hairs from heat damage and also to reduce frizz and result in shinier, smoother and luxurious hair locks.

Revlon Used Different Construction Materials for Its Different Models

Every hair type is different and thus their styling requirements; a material that works wonders on fine/thin hairs won’t do justice while you try to use it on thick tresses, similarly, few of the construction materials works exceptionally well on both fine/thin and thick hair types. Considering all these scenarios, Revlon constructed and coated its rollers with different materials to suit every type of hairs.

Materials of Revlon Hot Rollers

The construction and coating materials used by Revlon are:

  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline
  • Plastic
  • Foam

All the Rollers Feature Cool Touch Ends for Safety Measure

Safety is a major factor that customers consider while buying an electrical tool and knowing this fact very well, Revlon incorporated Cool Touch ends to all of its heated rollers that ensure that the ends of the rollers remain cold even when the roller is extremely hot for styling. The cool ends assure users that there won’t be any heat burns to their hands or facial skin.

Offers Different Sized Rollers in Each of the Sets

Keeping in mind about all hair lengths, Revlon included different sized rollers in all of its roller boxes so that people with long, medium and short hairs can use the same set to create different types of curls and waves in their tresses.

Revlon Different Sized Hot Rollers

Sets Come With Clips for Better Hold

Revlon added metal clips as well as butterfly clips with each of its roller sets so that you can use them to hold your rollers in place for better hold and better styling.

Rollers Come in Pouch or Box for Added Convenience

Revlon heated rollers either come in a pouch or box to make sure the rollers are secured and you don’t find any difficulties while storing the rollers. Moreover, a pouch makes it extremely easy to carry the rollers with you.

Revlon Hot Rollers Pouch

The Roller Sets Come With a Detailed Instruction Manual

To provide everything you should know about the particular hot roller model and also to guide you on how to use heated rollers, all the Revlon roller sets comes with a detailed instruction manual that has all the useful information needed by a roller user to handle the tools effectively.

Provides Maximum 3 Year Limited Warranty Period

To provide its users with outstanding customer service and also to ensure the durability of its heated curlers, Revlon provides maximum 3 Year Limited Warranty period to its rollers models during which they will repair or replace the tool if any part gets defective or damaged.

Revlon Ensured That All Its Roller Sets Are Reasonably Priced

Revlon made sure that its heated rollers sets are reasonably priced so that it can provide its customers with good quality styling tools at an affordable price tag and can also enjoy a competitive advantage over its market contenders over the pricing strategy.

Few Negative Aspects of Revlon Hot Rollers

Aside from its extraordinary performance and incredible technologies, the Revlon hot rollers also have some negative aspects that you need to know before you make your purchase. Below, we have listed and described the negative features of all the Revlon heated rollers so that you have a better understanding of the drawbacks:

  • Revlon offers only a few models to choose from – Even though Revlon has a wide variety of different hair styling tools, it offers a very narrow range of heated roller models to the market limiting the choice of its customers.
  • Revlon discontinued the production of many hot rollers – Previously, aside from the RVHS6611, RVHS6603, and the RVHS6607 models, several other models of hot roller sets from Revlon were available in the USA market; but with time, Revlon discontinued the production of many of its popular heated rollers leaving only a few choices for its roller customers.
  • None of the roller set comes with velvet flocked rollers – Revlon limits the choice of its customers by manufacturing only ribbed rollers; none of the roller sets available in the US market comes with flocked rollers so that the customers could choose from according to their hair and styling concerns.
  • Not all the models are available in the US market – Many popular models of hot rollers, like the 9033u, are no longer available in the US market; Revlon only manufactures some of its hot rollers models for the European customers and that are available only in European markets.
  • None of the rollers have a heat control system – Other than just the “On and Off” switch, none of the heating machines feature a heat control system so that the users can choose the perfect heat suitable for their hair type and styling preference.
  • Revlon doesn’t offer dual voltage feature for all its rollers sets – Dual Voltage makes a roller set truly international; a roller set with dual voltage feature can be used in any part of the world without any difficulties.
  • The rollers sets don’t have an “auto-shutoff” option – None of the heated rollers sets from Revlon features an auto shutoff option for the safety and security of its users; many times you might forget to turn off the tool and an “On” electrical roller set might cause a hazardous Therefore, an “auto-shutoff” feature should have been incorporated by Revlon to all its hot rollers set to ensure the safety of its users.
  • Replacement clips have to be bought separately – If you need more clips for you heated rollers (due to breakage or lost), you have to buy replacement clips separately from other sources because Revlon does not sell replacement clips for its roller models.

Top Revlon Hot Rollers

We have mentioned earlier that Revlon offers only a few hot rollers models to its customers and among such fewer varieties of choice, we have chosen a few of the rollers to be the best keeping in mind about different hair types, hair lengths, and their special requirements.

Keep on reading to find out the best Revlon hot rollers sets that would satisfy your styling needs completely:

Revlon Perfect Heat Cascading Curls 20 Piece Hair-setter ( RVHS6611)

Revlon Perfect Heat Cascading Curls 20 Piece Hair-setter, RVHS6611

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Best for All Type (Fine and Thick) and All Lengths (Long and Short) of Hairs

Keeping in mind about the needs and requirements of every type (fine/thin and thick) and every length (long, medium and short) of hairs, Revlon manufactured this Perfect Heat hot rollers set that can create every type of curls and waves in all types of hairs effortlessly and with much precision.

Revlon constructed these rollers with tourmaline, that in combination with the built-in ionic generator, releases extra negative ions (6 times more than the Ceramic Barrels) to make a balance between the ionic saturation of the hairs so that your hairs are protected from heat damage and remain frizz-free, healthy and smooth.

Even though tourmaline is a great construction and coating material for thick hair locks, it can also be used on fine/thin hairs with a relatively low heat setting and these Revlon rollers provide you with just the right amount of heat to curl both fine/thin and thick tresses; it has a constant heat setting that offers fast heat up and is able to curl and wave hairs without any burns and hot spots.

Moreover, this Revlon20 Piece curler set comes with eight ¾ inches, six 1 inch and six 1 ¼ inch heated roller that can not only create tight ringlets, big, bouncy curls and beachy waves in long hairs but is also perfect to style short hairs with versatile curls and waves.

Below we have compared this Revlon Perfect Heat Cascading Curls 20 Piece Hair-Setter with some of its close market competitors for your better understanding as well as to justify our decision:

Must-have FeaturesRevlon Perfect Heat Cascading Curls 20 Piece Hair-setter, RVHS6611Sonew Professional Electric Heated RollerRemington Pro Series H9100S T-Studio Thermaluxe Ceramic Hair Setter
Technology: Ionic TechnologyIonic technologyPTC Heating TechnologyAdvanced Thermaluxe Technology
Materials: Tourmaline Ceramic, Nano ceramic, tourmalineTourmalineABS plastic materialCeramic
Heat Settings: High and lowConstant HeatHigh (constant temperature)High and Low
Available sizes3 Sizes (set of 20 rollers)2 Sizes (set of 10 rollers)2 Sizes (set of 20 rollers)
Suitable for short hairs: Minimum six barrels of 1-inch or less diameterYes (comes with eight ¾ inch and six1-inch rollers)Yes (comes with six 0.9 inch and four 1.1 inch rollers)Yes (comes with eight 1-inch rollers)
Suitable for long hairs: Minimum six barrels of more than 1-inch diameterYes (comes with six 1 ¼ inch rollers)NoYes (comes with twelve 1 ¼ inch rollers)
Price RangeLess than $50 DollarsLess than $50 DollarsMore than $50 Dollars

From the above table, it is very clear that because of some very solid reason we choose the Revlon Perfect Heat rollers over the other two sets; both the Sonew Professional and Remington Pro Series heated rollers sets do not feature an ionic technology which is a must for hair tools meant for all types of hairs. Moreover, the materials used in these rollers sets are also not suitable for all kinds of hairs.

Additional Pros

  • Comes with an “On” indicator light provides immense security to the users
  • Rollers are color coded for ease of selection and ease of use
  • Revlon added 20 butterfly clips with this roller set to hold the rollers in place for better hold
  • The rollers come in a sleek box for effortless storage purpose
  • Cool Touch roller ends for additional safety of the users
  • Revlon provides 2 Year Limited Warranty period for this roller set

Revlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Hot Rollers (RVHS6603)

Revlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers, RVHS6603

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Suitable to Carry Around Effortlessly

This Revlon Curls-to-Go heated roller set is one of the popular models because of its lightweight and dual voltage feature that makes it the perfect hairstyling tool to carry with you.

This professional grade roller set comes with pure tourmaline constructed hot rollers combined with a built-in ionic generator that spreads heat evenly to all the hair strands to curl them flawlessly while releasing an abundance of negative ions to the tresses to keep them healthy, frizz-free and shiny even after your styling session.

Moreover, at 3.2 x 7.2 x 5.1 inches in dimensions, this Revlon roller set is one of the most compact heated rollers sets that you will find in the market; because of such dimension, it doesn’t “eat up” a lot of space of your suitcase.

To add more, the 10 heated rollers (five ¾ inches and five 1-inch) help to create versatile curls and waves in hairs so that you can style your tresses according to your preferences.

Below, we have compiled and compared between some of the models available in the market so that you have a better understanding of why this Revlon Hot Rollers set is the best:

Must-have FeaturesRevlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Hot Rollers, RVHS6603Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers w/Ceramic TechnologyINFINITI PRO BY CONAIR 2-inch Hair Rollers/Hot Rollers
TechnologyIonic TechnologyIonic TechnologyPTC Heating Technology
MaterialsTourmalineCeramicAluminum Core
Heat settingsConstant HeatConstant HeatHigh and Low
Weight: Maximum 1.5 pound1.25 pounds1.70 pounds3 pounds
Dual Voltage: YesYesYesYes
Number of rollersSet of 10 rollersSet of 12 rollersSet of 6 rollers
Price RangeSet of 10 rollersLess than $50 DollarsMore than $50 Dollars

Even though all three of the rollers set compared above have similar technology, materials, and the dual voltage feature, we have picked the Revlon Curls-to-Go above the others because both the Conair Instant Heat and the INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR hot rollers sets are super heavy-weight and are not easy to carry around. Moreover, even though it’s a slight disadvantage, the INFINITI PRO roller set is also expensive compared to Revlon’s one.

Additional Pros

  • The rollers come in a storage pouch for easy to carry and easy to store
  • The ribbed body of the rollers holds on to hairs tightly and securely
  • Includes cool touch tips for better safety of the users
  • Each of the rollers incorporates a Ready Dot Indicator to signal when the roller is ready to use
  • Comes with 10 metal clips to hold the rollers in place more securely
  • Separate On indicator light for added convenience
  • This roller set is backed up by 3 Year Limited Warranty by Revlon

Non-Recommended Products

Revlon Perfect Hear Volume Builder Hairsetter Combo (RVHS6607)

With 16 multi-sized ribbed heated rollers and 4 volume booster half shell for extra volume, this Revlon Hairsetter can also create extraordinary curls and waves, but because of the following flaws, we retain ourselves from suggesting this toolset:

  • There is no ionic generator in these curlers to control frizz and protect hairs from heat damage.
  • The rollers of this Hairsetter set cools off super quickly causing you to spend more time curling your tresses.

How to Use Revlon Hot Rollers

Using hot rollers are quite easy and simple; but if you are a first time user, you should know few basics in order to use the heated rollers successfully and to achieve the curls and waves that you have always wanted.

How to Use Revlon Hot Rollers

To start with, read the instruction manual provided by Revlon very carefully before you start using the rollers to understand how the rollers as well as the heater works, the safety concerns and how to place the rollers in the tresses to create the curls you want. The user manual also suggests how to store the rollers properly so that they would last for an extended period of time.

Once you are done with the detailed information, check the plug and the wires of the Revlon roller set to examine the plug and the wire; this is for your own safety because any irregularity present in the machine can cause severe accidents.

Turn on the heater and let the rollers gain so that you can use them to create curls. You don’t have to worry about burning your skin or hands with Revlon hot rollers because all the rollers come with Cool Touch ends that keeps the rollers ends cool for your safety.

After the curlers accumulate heat, use them according to your hair length and curl choice to create different curls and waves in your tresses effectively.

When you are done with your curling, store the rollers in the box or pouch for future usage.

Final Words

Revlon is always committed to providing the best products and services to its customers and with its heated rollers, it delivers all the promises and commitment it made to its customers and more. With the Revlon hot curlers, you can safely achieve the curls and waves without burning your skin or hairs, and that too at a very competitive price tag. Therefore, we think that with Revlon you can enjoy your money’s worth services.