Step By Step Process For Creating Modern Curls With Hot/Heated Rollers

Modern curls by using hot rollers

Hot Rollers! Days of the 60s where hot rollers were rumored to be the appliance used by the traditional big screen movie actresses before their hand-clamped mirror are bygones. In this era of Kristin Ess and Mark Townsend, we are far beyond that desk-bound “hot rollers to sleep” system. Now, Hot Rollers are the accessories of housewives to working women, newbies to professional hair stylists and teenagers to Divas.

We, in our time, don’t prefer having coils identical to glamorous and sleek curls, rather we crave to have curls that are natural and generate a messy appearance. Relatively being considered as a woman who gets ready for hours before the outing, we love to illustrate that we are straight outta bed!

While the grandma hot roller lessons are long-gone, we present the modern techniques to deal with voluminous, natural and cool waves.

dry and knot-free hair

1. Start with a dry and knot-free hair. Prior to the start, don’t forget to wash the hair with an enhanced shampoo and boosted protein conditioner. You can step out for Baebody Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner.

hair protectant serum

2. Apply hair protectant serum. Say no to damage! Before styling know what you’re doing with the hot rollers. You are playing with the heat and you assuredly don’t want a fragile result. For the triumph in getting ends that are smooth and frizz-free polish the ends with heat protectant serums.

Hair partition

3. Go with a deep side partition. It’s high time, walk beyond the outdated hair-separation from the middle. Drive with the innovative trend and make a deep side part by splitting the hair into 3:1 section (if divided into 4 parts, one part of the hair will contain 3 sections and the other part with contain the remained hair.) At that juncture, section on part into several divisions and pin them for relaxed styling.

Hot roller rolling position

4. Start rolling up from the middle. Unclip one division of hair and start to roll them. Rolling the hair from the end? No! According to the hairstylist Kattia Solano, founder of Butterfly Studio Salon, rolling from the bottom of the hair creates heavy and strange curls at the bottom. The cure is to roll your hair from the middle. The bottoms are not heavy yet the curls are bouncy! That’s the genuine technique. Here, we’ve tried T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set for creating these waves.

Hot roller positioning alignment and clip security

5. Position the roller in a vertical form, not horizontal. Placing the roller horizontally may everyday form you “Marilyn Monroe Curls” every day. Take attempt in positioning the rollers vertically and roll the entire hair. Pin the clips again to secure the rollers in their positions. Check and re-check the pins if they are appropriately fitted or not.

hair roller cooling

6. Have patience and let the roller cool. Do your daily cores and let the roller cool down. Do not touch or move the pin before the rollers are cooled. Make sure your rollers are in their own position.

Unpin and unrolling hair

7. Unpin and unroll you hair with watchfulness. After unpinning gently and slowly glide your hair and unwrap them. As you have rolled the hair from the middle, make sure you unwrap the hair bit by bit and when you are close to the middle part of your hair, slightly start unrolling the bottom hair. Do not pull your hair. You will be elated with the windswept, natural and soft outcome. Brush your hair slightly to the back and left.

Hair texturizing spray

8. Switch to a texturizing spray. Sticking with the up-to-the-minute term throw away hair spray that affords you sleek finish. Curls of present days are less of perfection and a little messy. Grab a texturizing spray and spray it on your hair from a little distance. For defining and adding up shape to your waves you can go for ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray.

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