T3 Hot Rollers Review

While hair has been the most precious body part of women, hairstyles have always been the epicenter of their fascination. While most women have straight hair, a few are blessed with beautiful curls. Curls have never been out-of-date and nor hair rollers.

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Hot rollers have reformed the denotation of the roller by adding heat setting with them. Days are gone when you needed to wear rollers all over the night, hot rollers are the easiest and most decent way to acquire your goal to prolonged curls faster than ever.

Hot rollers are governing the “curl-generation” and T3 is stated to be the most solitary brand with radical technologies and trailblazing features. Being immaculate in safety and incomparable in outlook, the T3 Hot Rollers are known to be the goddess of today’s hot rollers.

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T3 the Brand – Supreme Hot Rollers of Decade

The professional’s choice, T3 brand, is considered to be the ultimate hair tool for hair stylists and red carpet personalities. T3 is the evidence of the absolute combination of awe-inspiring appearance and far-fetched productivity.

The founder of the brand, Kent Yu, might have been foreseen the growth of his dynamic and grander T3 products as this hair care brand from the USA has stepped in the hair tools world with dignified curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, diffusers and most outstandingly hot rollers!

When it comes to hot rollers, T3 never compromised their eminence, class, and quality. And as the testimonies of their potentials, T3 achieved Martha Stewart Big Day Beauty Award In 2013, Elle Genius Award 2014 and most notably Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2014 and 2016.

With the magnificent adeptness and deluxe competence of this brand, the hot rollers of T3 are pondered to be the most cerebral hair styling device today to every fashion conscious women.

Launched Hot Rollers by T3 Brand

There are only a limited number of hot roller sets which T3 has launched and comparing the other roller sets in the market T3 is the highest rated brand.

T3 Professional Hot Rollers8 Rollers
1.75 Inch- 4 rollers
1.5 Inch- 4 rollers
T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers8 Rollers
1.75 Inch- 4 rollers
1.5 Inch- 4 rollers
T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Set8 Rollers
1.75 Inch- 4 rollers
1.5 Inch- 4 rollers

The first launched hot roller set by T3 was T3 Professional Hot Rollers and the second launched rollers were T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers. When the newer technologies were released T3 Professional Hot Rollers fall short on the basis of the latest technologies.

So T3 decided to add some additional features and technologies with the former T3 Professional Hot Roller Set and they named it T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Roller Luxa Set. So basically T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Roller Luxa Set is the newer version of T3 Professional Hot Rollers.

Classification of T3 Hot Rollers

Hot Roller Set

T3 Hot Roller Set

The pioneering brand T3 has launched hot rollers for different hair type with rational quality and intellectual potentials. All the hot roller sets by T3 that are available in the market includes 8 rollers. Designed for long hair, these 8 rollers are divided into two different categories according to their diameters, 4 rollers of 1.5 Inch and 4 rollers of 1.75 Inch and their length is 3.5 inch.

The hot roller sets also contain the charging base for heating up the rollers. The length of all the rollers are 3.5 Inch and so all the rollers will fit into the same sized nodes (nodes are of equal size for both 1.5 Inch and 1.75 Inch rollers.) The hot roller sets have a detachable cord so that you can remove the cord from the base charger for the ease of storing and traveling. The set also includes a storage case for carrying the set.

Hot Roller Clips

T3 Hot Roller Clips

With the hot roller sets, T3 also brings clips that are super crease free. A few hot roller sets provide clips with the rollers but T3 provides one clip for every single roller. When you roll your hair up with any roller, you need to pin the rollers so that your hair does not fall down. If you do not use clips or your clips are inferior in quality then you will not get result according to your desire and your curls will fall down fast.

The typical hot roller sets of today include clips that break or metal clip that hurts and keeps crinkle. Accordingly, T3 provides you effective crease-free clips that will not create any crease or mark on your hair. The clips are spring loaded and so thus they hold your hair with a fine grip. Spring loaded clips are well-known for their ease of use and comfort in removing.

T3 Hot Rollers Replacements

T3 Hot Rollers Replacements: Volumizing Hot Rollers

All the roller sets by T3 provides 8 hot rollers which are not enough for curling your entire hair and people of short hair cannot go for 1.5 and 1.75 Inch diameters. And for this inaccuracy T3 has also launched some additional hot rollers called T3 Hot Rollers Replacements “Volumizing hot rollers” and you have to purchase these hot rollers separately. These Volumizing hot roller sets (2 counts) do not provide you charging base. The set only includes 2 hot rollers and 2 crease-free clips.

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T3 Voluminous Luxe Banner

There are 2 Volumizing hot rollers (2 counts) available in the market.

  • T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers (2 counts)
  • T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Set (2 counts)

Along with 1.5 and 1.75 Inch, these Volumizing hot rollers also provide 1 Inch for short hair and 1.25 Inch for medium hair. The T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers (2 Count) can only be operated by T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers and the T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Set (2 Count) can only be operated by T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Set.

ModelT3 Volumizing Hot Rollers (2 counts)T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Set (2 counts)
Diameter1.25 Inch- 2 rollers1 Inch- 2 rollers
1.25 Inch- 2 rollers
1.5 Inch- 2 rollers
1.75 Inch- 2 rollers

Why You Should Choose T3 Hot Rollers – Features and Technologies

Heating Technology

Heating Technology Of T3 Hot Rollers

PTC heater

Positive Temperature Coefficient known as the PTC heating element is considered to be the best heating element in today’s world. Hair damage is a definite thing if you want hairstyles through heat. But the device which will lessen this damage is superior for your hair.

Remember your hair do not need too much heat, your hair needs an adequate amount of heat. While less heat can serve you unsuccessful hairdos, excessive heat can burn your hair. PTC heater facilitates the safe, powerful and energy sufficient transfer of heat to the hair. PTC ensures the tolerable amount of heat so that your hair does not get damaged.

The other job of PTC is to heat up fast and once the required temperature is reached it gasps the heat inside the rollers so that the hotness of the rollers stays for long and your hair gets sufficient amount of heat.

Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline technology is the latest heating technology in the hair styling world for smoothening hair. This tourmaline technology helps to generate six times more ions (negative ions) than any other heating method.

T3 uses tourmaline technology for fast heat up with glossier and healthier styles. This technology supports to seal the vapor and moisture inside the hair and counteracts frizz. It will prevent your hair from damage and if you have already damaged hair then your hair will be protected from the heat with tourmaline technology of T3 hot rollers.

Ceramic Technology

The hot rollers by T3 have an individual ceramic heater inside every roller. Ceramic technology is the most renowned and looked for technology for even heat distribution. T3 rollers include ceramic heater because ceramic reduces breakage and damage and heats up quickly.

The ceramic heater inside the rollers supplies uniform heat to each and every hair. As a result, the hair holds the curl for a long time and you get perfect coils all over your head.

Temperature Settings

Dual Temperature Settings

Only a few brands of hot rollers supplies rollers of having variable temperature settings and T3 is renowned in those brands. T3 Hot Rollers provides you the opportunity to choose between two different temperatures for your hair type. As we know, thin hair needs less temperature for curling where thick or coarse hair needs a high temperature for styling.

Usually, hot rollers tend to have one built-in temperature for all hair type. But when thick or coarse hair is provided less heat, your hair will not hold the curls for long. Likewise, if thin hair is provided extreme heat then your hair will damage or burned. The T3 Hot Rollers has two different temperature setting, HIGH for thick or coarse hair and LOW for thin hair.

  • Thick or Coarse Hair: High Temperature (Approximately 300-380 degree Celsius)
  • Thin Hair: Low Temperature (Approximately 200 degree Celsius)

So you can select HIGH-temperature settings for unmanageable coarse hair otherwise you can go for LOW-temperature setting to smoothen thin hair.


Protection Of T3 Hot Rollers

Ionic technology

T3 hot rollers use none other than Ionic Technology which is the ultimate hair care solution for damaged or frizzy hair. ION refers to a positive ion, as a positive ion is unhealthy for hair, through Ionic Technology your hair is provided negative ion.

These generated negative ions neutralize fly away portion and static for making hair soft. Ionic technology also closes the cuticle of the hair and to the hair stays smooth for a long time. This technology makes hair frizz-free movable for you and provides softness to the hair.

Infrared Heat

The job of Infrared Heat Technology is to penetrate the cortex of your hair and to make the heat much gentler on your hair while styling and as a result, you get a less frizzy and shinier finish. T3 Hot Rollers will give you proper shine and glossy look as it features infrared technology.

The other thing that infrared heat does is locking natural moisture into the hair so that your hair does not get direct heat and remains healthy.


Velvety Roller Surface

The rollers of T3 hot roller sets are surrounded by velvety surface for the even and proper heat transfer. They velvety rollers prevent your hair from wrinkles created by rollers and give your hair a soft but tight grip. These roller surface holds your hair tightly so that your hair does not fall. Correspondingly your curls stay fixed and result in tight coils.

Auto Worldwide Voltage

The T3 Hot Rollers Set provides you Auto worldwide voltage so that you can use the device in any country you want. Most of the hot roller sets can only be operated in the USA because they have a single voltage of 110V. People nowadays often travel to different countries and difficult for them to keep different hot rollers sets for different regions.

Even if you try to use those hot rollers with the help of an adapter then your device can be entirely destroyed. Thus T3 brings you hot rollers of dual voltage (100-220V) so that you can travel with your appliance internationally. You will need an adapter to use T3 hot rollers out of the USA (the adapter is not provided by T3.)

Automatic Shut-Off

T3 Hot Rollers are gentle as well as safe for your hair. Automatic Shut-off is such a feature that hardly any hot rollers brands deliver you. T3 presents auto shut-off feature so that no unwanted accidents happen. In this hectic life, people often forget to switch off their hot roller set which can bring unwanted accidents and mishaps.

You children and other members of the family can also get hurt if the roller set is switched on. But T3 has auto shutoff feature and after a certain time, your hot roller set will automatically shut-off by itself. Some T3 hot rollers have 60 minutes auto shut-off feature and some have 90 minutes shut-off technology.

Other Significant Features

Detachable Cord

The great think about the hot rollers by T3 is they are so much travel-friendly. The brand does not only features dual voltage, but the cord connected to the base of rollers sets by T3 is also detachable. Yes, you can disconnect the cord from the main roller set and can pack the entire roller set easily while traveling.

If you separate the cord from the roller set at the time of travel then the cord will not get tangled or folded and it will be much more durable than other roller’s cord.

Indicating Light

Indicating light Of T3 Hot Rollers

The device has an indicating light for your assistance which will light up when the device is ready to use. You do not need to stand beside the roller set and wait for it getting hot. You can switch on the roller set and can do your daily work. Whenever the device hot enough for using the light will buck up and you will get to know that the hot rollers are perfectly hot for using them.

Storage Case

T3 Hot Roller Set provides a carrying case or storage with the set. You can store the hot rollers in the case when you are not using the roller. You can use the storage as a travel case while traveling. The whole hot roller set including the detachable cord will fit into the storage suitable.


The manufacture of these hot rollers conveys 2 years long warranty which itself ensures the better quality of their products. In these 2 years, if your device misbehaves you can repair the device or you can also apply for a new product.

Drawbacks of T3 Hot Rollers – Inaccuracies and Blunders

Not Enough Rollers

The hot roller sets of T3 includes only 8 rollers of two different diameters. One of the hot roller set by T3 had 12 rollers but T3 has banned the product from the market as it had ancient features and technologies. The other roller sets by T3 residing in the market includes only 8 rollers which are not enough to curl your entire hair.

So you need to divide your hair into two parts, you have to curl one part of your hair and then move to the other part. This process may seem lengthy and irritating as it requires too much time and energy to form curls.


The rollers of T3 is highly expensive as it provides intellectual and innovative technologies to you. In spite of being interested in the products, people cannot purchase these hot rollers because it is difficult to invest too much money in a hair styling tool.

Best T3 Hot Rollers

T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Set

T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Set

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Perfect for Travelers

Why we love it

  • Includes 8 Hot Rollers of two different diameters
    • 1.75 Inch: 4 rollers
    • 1.5 Inch: 4 rollers
  • Has PTC heater for adequate heat up
  • Has aluminum core
  • Velvet-flocked rollers for perfect grip
  • Dual Temperature Settings
    • High Temperature
    • Low Temperature
  • Auto worldwide voltage for the ease of traveling (100-240V, an adapter is required)
  • Auto shut-off feature for worry-free hair styling (after 60 minutes of inactivity)
  • Has 8 crease-free spring clips for the fine grip of hair
  • The compact set has a storage case for easy traveling and storing
  • Cool grip for the comfort to holding
  • Has ready-to-use indicating light

What we dislike most

  • Has only 8 rollers which are not enough to curl full hair
  • Expensive

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Suitable for Damaged Hair

Why we like it

  • Includes 8 rollers of two different diameters
    • 1.5 Inch: 4 rollers
    • 1.75 Inch: 4 rollers
  • Uses tourmaline technology for damage-free hair
  • Has ceramic core
  • Uses ionic infrared heat for smoother and glossier outlook
  • Contains velvety flocked rollers for fine grip
  • Has 8 spring-loaded clips so that your hair does not fall down
  • Auto worldwide voltage (100-240V) for easy traveling
  • Has detachable cord for the ease of storing and traveling
  • Has auto shut-off after 90 minutes
  • Has ready-to-use indicating light

What we dislike most

  • Expensive
  • Includes only 8 rollers which are not enough to curl the entire hair

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Summary of T3 Hot Rollers Review

  • 1. T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Set
  • 2. T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers


The hot rollers by T3 are highly expensive but if you consider the quality, proficiency, standard, use of machinery and other features then the price may seem reasonable to you. The roller sets include only 8 rollers but if you think that the rollers are not enough for your entire hair or you have short hair then you can purchase T3 Hot Rollers Replacements (2 counts.) Designed for long hair, T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set is best for damaged hair and travelers can select T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Set. Choose T3 Hot Rollers Replacements for medium or short hair. The luxurious brand T3 has demonstrated its competence and prolific skills as hot rollers through the trailblazing technologies and high-volume features. Examining all the potentials we will recommend you T3 Hot Rollers.


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