The Brush Story – How to Find the Best Brush for Your Hair Type

A good hairbrush can make a huge difference in the way your tresses look and feel, but finding “the one” according to your hair type might be a hell of a job if you don’t know which brush is suitable for which kind of hair.

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But worry no more!

Because here, in this article, we have listed every kind of combs and brushes according to hair type so that you find it extremely easy to find just the right brush for you without being utterly confused.

The Hair Brush or Comb You Need

For Straight Hair

As straight tresses are quite soft and don’t create knot and tangles quite as often as other hair types, it’s really easy and comfortable to brush through straight hairs whenever and wherever you want.

Straight Hair

For regular combing of your tresses, use a narrow tooth wooden comb because it not only helps to detangle the very few amounts of knots and tangles of your tresses effectively but at the same time also makes sure that your manes don’t suffer from any static and flyaways (unlike plastic combs) after combing. We prefer this Meta-C Natural Green Sandalwood Wooden Comb as it is handcrafted with all natural materials and ensures smooth and effortless combing.

If you are not comfortable with comb and want a brush for your straight tresses, then a paddle brush like this Wet Brush Pro Paddle Detangler Hair BrushBlack with Soft Bristles would be the best option for you as this kind of brush incorporates multiple teeth and covers more of your head area than normal combs; covering more area means that you don’t need to brush through your manes too many times, which in return will decrease the friction and will also reduce hair fall.

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For Curly Hair

It’s a common fact that we truly don’t understand curly tresses as they have their own world. Somedays you will be amazed at the curls in your hairs and other days you won’t even want to get out of your room. Regardless of your curly mane type, thick or thin, and curl type, tight curls or more loose ones, to tame them down effectively, it’s very important that you comb or brush them regularly. Regular combing also ensures your hairs good health.

Curly Hair - V1 May

Hair experts suggest that instead of a brush, you opt for a comb for your curly manes because brushing makes the strands of your tresses to go in different directions while combing, on the other hand, guides the hairs in one direction for a more polished outlook.

We prefer this Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb because it has very wide teeth to detangle the curly tresses and doesn’t deform them for a super envious result.

For Natural Hair

When you have kinky, natural tresses, you will need a very wide tooth to comb that will not only hold the shape of the tight curls but at the same time will effortlessly pass through your tightly packed hair locks.

Moreover, choose a hair comb that can detangle your tresses without breaking or damaging them.

Natural Hair

We would suggest you use this Conair Detangle Comb to comb your natural hairs on a daily basis to promote blood circulation and enjoy healthy, neatly done tresses.

For Wavy Hair

When you have wavy hair, a hybrid of straight and curly tresses, then you should choose a hairbrush that comes with a ceramic base and relatively soft and bristles. We are saying this because no hair type is safe from frizziness, and what’s better than a ceramic brush to control the frizziness and static effectively? Also, the soft brush teeth cause less friction with the hair which also helps to control the frizziness of your tresses.

Wavy Hair

We prefer this TI Style Paddle Hair Brush for Detangling & Styling because it comes with ceramic base and has ball tipped bristles that are not at all harsh on the scalp and provides a soft massaging feel while you comb through your tresses.

For Fine/thin Hair

Fine/thin hair locks are sensitive, prone to frizz and static and can break off super easily; and that’s why you have to take care of them responsibly so that you don’t have to suffer from baldness at a very young age.

Fine Hair - V1 May

For your everyday use, choose a wooden comb or brush that comes with narrow, short teeth so that you can go through your hairs, detangle them, stimulate the blood circulation without damaging them or plucking them from the root. You might use this Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush for regular combing regime as it ensures a 100% natural conditioning treatment and makes your delicate fine tresses smooth, shiny, and looking it’s best.

On the other hand, when you want to add volume in your otherwise flat tresses, then the best option is that you opt for a round boar bristle brush like this SUPRENT Blowout Nano Thermic Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush with Boar Bristle that adds required volume and body while at the same time also helps to reduce frizz and static for more bouncy yet healthy locks.

For Thick Hair

As thick hair locks are highly dense and are more prone to tangles and knots, their roots are more sensitive to breakage as most of the time they remain wet and over moisturized as air cannot reach the scalp because of the denseness.

For such kind of hairs, you need a hair brush with relatively long bristles so that it can reach the scalp, provide ventilation and massage it for healthier locks.

Thick Hair - V1 May

We would suggest that you opt for this Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush to not only detangle and comb your thick tresses but also to massage the scalp and stimulate circulation for healthier and shinier tresses.

For Wet Hair

It’s a common misconception that we should not comb our wet tresses in order to prevent hair breakage and hair fall; well in a sense its true because hair is at its most sensitive form when it is wet, but its vulnerability should not stop you from detangling it or polish it with a comb.

Wet Hair

To brush wet tresses safely yet effectively, opt for a hairbrush or comb that comes with very wide teeth and ensure the least amount of friction with each hair strand. You might try using this Harry Josh Pro Tools Detangling Brush as it has ball tipped wide bristles that ensures gentle, tug-free styling and releases tangles with ease and precision.

For Baby’s Hair

We all know that kids’ hairs are very sensitive and fragile, and that’s why while choosing a hairbrush for a baby, you need to be super careful as brushing your child’s is not only about a neat appearance but at the same time also about keeping the scalp healthy by promoting blood circulation.

Baby’s Hair

Therefore, look for a brush or comb that has soft bristles made from either synthetic fibers or natural fibers (according to your preference) and is easy to clean to maintain the hygiene factor.

The Royal Infant Wooden Baby Hair Brush Set with Natural Goat Hair Bristles might be an excellent choice for your baby’s hairs as its soft bristles detangle hair, stimulate the scalp, and increase blood circulation while relaxing your baby.

Don’t Forget About Your Treated Hair

For Chemically Treated Hair

When your tresses go through any kind of chemical treatments, whether it’s coloring or bleaching or straightening, the strands become very week, sensitive and prone to breakage. There is a high chance that these tresses will break beyond repair even in slightest discomfort.

chemically treated hair

Therefore, to take care of them perfectly and also to comb them with any risk of them getting damaged, you should adopt a hair comb or brush that has wide teeth and are made from 100% natural bristles to reduce the amount of friction with the manes. A hairbrush like this Wet Brush Happy Hair Detangler Hair Brush with Soft Bristles would not only flexibly go through your strands without tugging and pulling but would also massage the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle for healthier scalp and manes.

Moreover, before actual hair combing, as a precautionary stage, you can first use a detangler brush like the Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush to detangle and get rid of knots from your delicate manes fast and easy. The advantage of using a detangler brush first is to minimize the number of strokes and thus minimize friction for safe and effective hair combing.


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