Things Women With Great Hair Do Every Day

Envious of others’ hair locks? Want to get the same luscious, silky tresses for yourself?

Well, you can also have those lustrous tresses (that are envied by everyone) if you know how to take care of your hair properly.

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We have talked with over 100 women out there with gorgeous hair locks and came up with a list of hair care routines they follow religiously every day in order to keep their locks silky, shiny and luscious.

Let’s learn their secrets.

1. Eat Healthily

The best way to take care of your hair is by taking care of yourself- a balanced diet, lots of water and sufficient vitamins and minerals can do wonders to your hair locks. And this is what a woman who has gorgeous tresses does every day because a healthy eating habit plays a huge role in the gloss, growth, and volume of your manes.

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While a meal that is rich in iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein will help stimulate your hair follicles and hence stop hair fall and make them grow effortlessly, drinking more than enough water maintains the nerve endings of the scalp and keeps the hair strands well-hydrated and strong.

Also, many nutritionists and hair experts suggest taking vitamins and hair growth supplements (like the SugarBearHair Vitamins) in order to maintain the health and appearance of your precious tresses.

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2. Avoid Heat Styling as Much as Possible

A woman who has luscious tresses doesn’t use hot styling tools on a regular basis because the high heat from these tools (straightener, curling iron) strips off moisture and natural oils from your hair strands making them dry and brittle and we all know dry tresses are more prone to breakage and damage. The heat from these tools also has the potential to fry and burn down your hair locks beyond repair.

To maintain the health of your tresses and at the same time to also enjoy immaculately styled manes, it is advised that you adopt a set of hot rollers instead of other hot tools; the steam rollers (such as this Caruso C97953 Molecular Steam Hairsetter) style your manes using just steam and are very safe.

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In case you have to use a hot styling tool for some party or other reasons, never forget to apply a heat protectant before styling them with high heat.

3. Avoid Hot Water

You read it right! A woman who wishes to have great hair always keeps an eye on the temperature of the water she uses for rinsing or washing her hair. Like heated styling tools, hot water also has the potential to strip off moisture and nourishment from your manes making them prone to damage and breakage. The hot water also makes your tresses limp and therefore, they don’t have the natural bounce and body in them.

avoid hot water

On the other hand, when you use cold water to rinse your manes, it closes the hair cuticles, making them lay on top of each other and increase shine and smoothness. Moreover, cold water also helps to reduce frizz and fight flaky scalp so that you can enjoy lustrous tresses all day every day.

4. Opt for a Microfiber Hair Towel

If you want to be that girl with lust-worthy tresses, then throw away your cotton towel right now and bring home a microfiber hair towel like this DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel; a microfiber hair towel not only soaks up 90% of the excess water from your wet tresses but at the same time also limits heat damage (you need less or no heat to dry your mane completely).

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Additionally, the soft, smooth surface of this hair towel makes sure that your precious hair strands don’t suffer from any frizziness and breakage due to rubbing with the towel surface.

5. Keep Hair Clean

We are sure that till today you have heard that shampooing your hair locks every day would hurt your hair and make them dry and lackluster. Well, this is true to some extent. But as long as you are using quality products, washing and cleaning your manes every day won’t be a problem. Besides, it reduces split ends, provides great moisture and gives your hair an overall clean and shiny outlook. Also, when you clean your scalp every day, it means that there is no dirt and debris in the scalp that might make the roots weak and contribute to severe hair fall.

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Now, if you are not comfortable to wash your hair every day, we would suggest you to try a dry shampoo instead of regular shampoos to keep them clean and fresh as a daisy.

6. Avoid Sun Exposer

Girls with exceptionally luscious hair locks tend to avoid the sun as much as possible. This is because the UVA and UVB rays from the sun have some serious adverse effects on your tresses as it has on your skin. The UV rays are too harsh for the hair and tend to strip off moisture and nourishment to make hair dry, damaged and suffer from split ends. They can also cause damage to your scalp and hair roots also.

To keep your delicate manes safe from the damaging effects of the sun, try covering them up with a hat or scarf. If that’s not possible, use a sun protection spray (like this Clarins SPF 30 Sunscreen Care Oil Spray) every time you go out in the sun.

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7. Use a Silk Pillowcase

One thing you will notice that women with extraordinary hair locks always sleep on a silk pillowcase. The reason behind favoring a silk pillow over cotton one is that the rough texture of the cotton fabric tends to soak natural oils and moisture from the hair strands whereas the silky smooth texture of a silk pillowcase promises not to rough up your hair cuticle and make them frizzy and dry while you sleep on it.

silk pillowcase

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