Winter Hair Care Routine

Different seasons come with different beauty care challenges. When winter comes, your hair and skin need extra care from its dryness, dullness and other complications. In the cold season, your hair care routine should be completely different from the summer routine. So, if you want to keep your hair beauty in good form, you have to know and apply some stuff during the whole winter.

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In this article will get the perfect winter hair care routine and some right products to use for your hair. So, let’s begin with the routine.

Oil Is the Best Friend

In the colder months, the air contains less humid. As a result, it sucks out the moisture from our skin as well as hair. This is the root because our hair tends to be drier in winter. Our scalp produces natural oil to prevent the dryness but that is not enough in this time. So we have to provide some extra moisture from outside and the best way for that is to apply oil to the hair.

Using Hair Oil

Oil is the best friend of hair. Especially in winter, your hair will thank you if you apply a hot oil treatment once a week. The best and affordable option is to apply coconut oil. It nourishes the hair and repairs the damages. You can also use olive oil if you need deep conditioning. Take two tablespoons oil or as your hair need, warm it up and apply it all over the scalp and hair using a circular motion. For best result, leave it overnight.

Say Yes to Hair Pack

To keep your hair healthy in the winter, you have to stick to a weekly hair pack which will provide the moisture to your hair. You can choose the hair pack according to your hair type or based on the kind of damage you have on your hair. There are plenty of readymade hair packs in the market to choose from. But homemade masks are always the best. Here are three hair mask recipe which will do wonder for hairs.

readymade hair packs
  1. For Damaged and Broken Hair – Take an egg, two tablespoon coconut oil, and yogurt. Mix it in a bowl and apply it root to the end. It works amazingly to repair damaged hair and extremely moisturizing which is perfect for winter.
  2. For Deep Conditioning – Take two tablespoons of olive oil, one ripe mashed banana, and honey. Mix it and apply. This hair pack deeply conditions the hair. It is a perfect hair care solution for dry and frizzy hair. As curly hair tends to get drier, this hair pack is also perfect for curly hairs as well.
  3. For Dandruff – Mix lemon juice and coconut oil equally and apply it to the scalp. It prevents dandruff and makes the hair silky and shiny.

Limit Your Hot Shower

Though cold shower is so uncomfortable in the winter, but this is what your hair wants. Hot shower is not good for the hair as well as for the skin. It opens up the pores and it is hard to retain the moisture for those open pores. As a result, your hair definitely will tend to get dry. To prevent this, you have to wash your hair with cold water. But if it’s too hard for you at least try to make the last wash with cold water.

Avoid Using Hot Shower Too Much

To prevent the dryness in the winter you also have to limit your shower. Our scalp produces natural oil to keep the hair moisture as well as it is necessary to keep the hair healthy. Washing the hair every day also washes out the natural oils. It can cause extreme dryness and frizz. Try to wash your hair once or twice in a week and never leave the shower without a moisturizing conditioner.

Say No to Heat Styling

Well, we all know more or less than hot styling tools like flat iron, curling iron, and blow drier can sometimes damage our hair as for its heat. Our hair contains natural moisture and those tools suck out that moisture which makes our hair extremely dry and prone to damage. In winter month to avoid extra damage, try not to use these hot tools. You can do an alternative hairstyle without using any heat tools.

say no to heat styling

However, if you have curly hair and you want to style your curls perfectly, easily and quickly, you need these hair tools definitely. You cannot completely avoid these hot tools if you are really into styling your hair. But we have some solutions and alternatives.

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If you are getting late and need to dry the wet hair fast, try cold air instead of hot. It will help your hair in the long term. A point to be noted, never ever go out with wet hair. This damages the hair even more.

And for the styling, there are plenty of options of no heat curling and straightening. Those are healthy options for your hair plus those procedures need less time and energy. So, try to avoid hot tools as much as possible in the winter season to keep your hair healthy.

Show Love to Silk

In those days with an uncomfortable cold, woolen hats are our go to in order to make ourselves comfortable. Though it keeps us worm against the cold but it is not what our hair love. Actually, it damages our hair. Woolen hats make the hair dry and cause breakage. It also tends to snare the oil in the root and make the ends dry. Though it is a cozy thing to wear, it is not good for our winter hair care routine.

Silk Accessories

Instead of a woolen scarf, the piece of cloth which your hair will love is silk. Silk is the cloth which keeps the hair safest. It prevents the hair from drying and thinning. If you have dry and curly hair and prone to frizz silk scarf is a must-have for you. It prevents your hair from getting dry and it also prevents frizz. So, instead of wearing those traditional hats warps your hair with a silk scarf. In addition to, replace your pillowcase with silk pillow cover also.

Go for the Dark

Platinum blonde is gorgeous and no one will deny this but it is also heavily damaging for your hair. Especially, in the winter try not to do platinum blonde but instead go for the darker hair dye. Darker hair colors are trendy in winter season plus you are getting the extra benefit of no-bleaching. (Bleach is the process in which your hair gets extremely dry and gets damaged as it sucks out most of the moisture your hair contains.)

platinum blonde hairstyle

Or another healthy option for your hair is glazing which is not damaging like dying or bleaching.

Eat Balanced & Stay Hydrated

Beauty starts from within. To stay healthy and beautiful, no matter it is the hair or the skin you have to stay clean from the inside. Eat a lot of food which contains vitamin, nutrients, protein, omega 3 fatty acid, etc. and the most important is water. Our body and hair both contain water. If our body lacks water, it looks dull and tired. Water not only keeps us fresh but also prevents most of the hair problems.

Eating Balanced Food

For the lack of water, hair and scalp become dry; it causes itchy scalp, causes hair fall, frizziness, and many more hair problems. So, staying hydrated is very important, especially in the winter season.


So, you have learned some new tricks and hare care steps for the coming winter. It is obvious that to maintain good hair health you have to invest some time on your hair. And of course, use the right winter product for your hair. Remember, using a wrong product may spoil all of your hard work and can damage your hair badly.

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