Best Hot Rollers Reviews 2021 – for Any Type of Hair and Length

After doing research for more than 100 hours and scrutinizing products and their features, keeping in mind tons of user reviews and only picking quality products, we present you the 6 best hot rollers of the year 2022.

Best Hot Rollers Review - Beauty Salon with Hair Styling Tools

We chose the Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter as our No.1 hot roller and there is every reason to do so. Besides this model, we have five other great products that you can choose with your eyes closed. But as informed consumers, we suppose you would want to know why these products are the best ones.

While choosing it, you might have to consider the length and the type of your hair. But In this article, we have included heated hair roller sets that are all-inclusive. Which means, these sets in our list are suitable for all types of hair and you can use them in all lengths of hair as well. If you have short hair and there are other members in your family with long hair, there is no need to purchase separate hair setter and one of these models will take care of your curling needs.

If you are a fan of curling hair, you might have tried all the ways of doing it. And if you haven’t already figured it out yourself, we are here to tell you, curling hair using hot rollers is the healthiest way of doing it.

Then again, there are different qualities of hair setters in the market and we are here with the best ones in our list which we have acquired through sincere research and hence we can confidently say that you will love the list.

Quick Review

After doing days of research and sieving through heated roller sets to see which one has the best features to go with all hair types and lengths, we finally have a list.

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Product NamePrice Range
Caruso Molecular Steam Hot Rollers
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Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers (HS41)
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INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers (CHV27R)
Check Price
Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Rollers
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T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers
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Babyliss Pro Thermo Ceramic Hot Rollers
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BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter
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Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System
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Remington Ionic Conditioning Hot Rollers
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Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers
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John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves Jumbo Rollers
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Ultimate Buying Guide

What Is a Hot Roller?

A hot roller or a heated hair roller is hair curling tool which is similar to regular hair curler or hair roller but the only difference is, they are heated with the help of a heating pod before being used on hair. The usage of heat makes a huge difference in terms of the quality of your curls and the amount of time used to curl your hair.

These hot rollers are made with materials which retain heat so that your hair becomes easily malleable and hence change its shape faster than regular hair curlers that do not use heat to curl your hair.

How to Choose the Best Hot Rollers for Any Type of Hair and Length

Choosing the correct kind of model can be a bit challenging. First of all, they are not one single type and not all kinds of heated rollers are good for all hair types.

Caruso C97953 Banner
Babyliss BABNTCHV21 Banner
Conair HS10X Banner
T3 Voluminous Luxe Banner

While choosing the correct type for hair, you need to take into consideration the type (whether it is thick or thin), the length of hair and find out what materials and technologies will help curl them better and not create further hair problems.

But in this article, our goal is to give you an all in one solution. We will be choosing the heated hair rollers with materials and technologies that suit all hair type.

Therefore, to pick a set of heated hair rollers that is safe for any kind of hair, you need to have a technology that suits all hair types equally such as, Tourmaline, Ceramic, and Ionic technology.

Types of Hot Rollers

The term ‘type of hot roller’ can be a little confusing as you might wonder what it means by type. Some may confuse the technology and materials with type. But what we mean by ‘type’ is the kind of barrel it has. They can be of mainly three types in terms of their barrel category. These are flocked heated rollers, foam heated rollers and rigged or plastic rollers. Each type has its own ways of facilitating your curls.

  • Flocked Heated Rollers
  • Foam Heated Rollers
  • Ribbed Plastic Rollers
Flocked Heated Rollers

Flocked heated rollers are the kind of hot rollers that have a velvet of similar kind of fabric that covers the barrel. These fabrics retain the heat for longer and also are gentle on your hair and prevent it from any kind of friction with hard surfaces. As a result, your hair curls up really fast and at the same time, the texture of hair is smoother and damage free.

Flocked heated rollers

The fabric also prevents any heat-induced damage which can be caused if hair is rolled up against hard materials.

We highly recommend flocked rollers because of its advantages over rollers that are not flocked to have any sort of protectant layer around their barrels.

Foam Heated Rollers

Foam heated rollers are also great because similar to flocked rollers, foam rollers have a sheet of foam covering their barrels. These foam sheets retain heat and moisture long enough to create long-lasting curls.

Foam heated rollers

It also prevents friction and damage.

We highly recommend foam heated rollers because of their moisture and heat retaining property which does not only curl hair fast, they are healthier than hot rollers that have hard barrels and create great styles at the same time.

Ribbed Plastic Rollers

Ribbed plastic rollers were popularly used before flocked rollers took over. These rollers are made of hard plastic and have an unevenly textured barrel.

Ribbed plastic rollers

Although these heated hair rollers do the work of curling your hair just fine, they are made of plastic and do not have their barrels covered with any kind of protectant layers. Hence, when your hair is rolled up against these rollers, there are chances that your hair will be damaged if you keep using them frequently because of friction.

Therefore, ribbed rollers are not something we highly recommend. However, if only these rollers are infused with Tourmaline technology or other hair conditioning materials like ceramic, you can use them without much worry.


Unless you know the variations in the sizes of heated rollers, you do not really know what you can achieve from them. They can be challenging to use if you do not understand why different sizes of rollers are made in the first place.

By size, it means, the width of the barrel and the length of the roller. They come in both wider and narrower barrel sizes. The lengths are minimum 2.5 inches to maximum 3.5 inches. Keeping the barrel length and width in mind, manufacturers have come up with 5 sizes which are:

  • Jumbo/ Super Jumbo
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Petite

So, for hair setters to be used on your hair properly, make sure you know what to do with each size of rollers. There shouldn’t be any confusion if you know what each size of rollers do, and what hair lengths are best for and what styles they can make the best. While purchasing, inquire about the size specifics if you are willing to get a certain look that requires a certain size of rollers. See the following table that illustrates the different sizes of rollers.

SizeBarrel DiameterBarrel Length
Jumbo2 inches3.5 inches
Large1 ¾ inches/
1 ½ inches/
1 ¼ inch
3.5 inches
Medium1 inch2.5 inches
Small5/8 inch/
¾ inch
2.5 inches
Petite½ inch/
3/8 inch
2.5 inches


Curling hair means breaking and re-building the side bonds of the hair to create nonlinear shapes such as curls or waves. The material and technology used in it have a lot to do with the quality and the finished look of your curls.

Choosing the correct material can be a hard task. This is why we have done it on your behalf. We have chosen the materials and technologies that will suit all types of hair. The reason why we did this is that not all materials and technologies are suitable for all types of hair. But for your knowledge, below are the materials commonly used in this tool.

Ceramic is commonly known as ivory clay that is used to make potteries. But here we are talking about ceramic used in hair tools such as hair setters. Ceramic is a material commonly used in heated hair rollers to enhance the quality of the hair and styling it at the same time.

Ceramic material gives you the facilities of healthy heating rays known as infrared heating that is gentle on your hair. Ceramic also smoothens out your cuticles and naturally conditions it.

If you have fine hair, ceramic is just the right thing. Nevertheless, it can be used on all hair types and the only difference is in how long you want to keep those rollers in to make them work. For thicker hair types, it will take a little longer but will give you smooth curls for sure.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious multipurpose gemstone. We say multi-purpose because this gemstone does not only dazzle your jewelry, they can be used on hair tools to increase shine, smoothness and create stronger bonds in between your hair cells and fight the existing and coming damages your hair may undergo due to frequent styling.

This material has been incorporated by only a few brands but they do their work excellently. This gemstone has natural qualities that create added shine, smoothness fights roughness and damage. Styling and unruly hair go hand in hand and hence your heated rollers infused with tourmaline will take care of that problem for sure.

The best thing about Tourmaline is its versatility in terms of usage on hair types. It works equally great whether it is thick, thin or ethnic in nature. Because of its suitability in all hair types, it is growing more and more popular each day.

Titanium is a lustrous metal which is silver in color, low in density but high in strength and does not rust. It heats up fast but it is fairly consistent in terms of retaining heat. Hence using it in hair setters makes absolute sense.

Titanium creates enough heat to change the shape of the hair fast by quickly reacting, breaking and rebuilding the side bonds of your hair. This is why rollers that have titanium heating elements incorporated in them do their work very fast and saves your time.

However, Titanium can produce heat that can be too intense for thin hair but perfect for thick hair types. Hence. We consider it a great solution for thick hair and do not recommend it for all types of hair.


In terms of technology minus the materials used in them, there are mainly four types of technologies. They are Ionic, Non-Ionic, Steam, and Thermal Wax Core. These technologies have their potentials to improve the quality of your styled hair in their own ways.

Ionic hair tools generally mean they produce negative ions. In case of this tool, it is the heating pods that have ion generators which infuse the hot rollers.

Ionic technology is great for its damage control abilities. The negative ions interact with hair cuticles, flattens them and smoothens them out to reduce damage and help hair remain in that condition for longer.

Hot roller with Ionic technology

Also, ionic technology is suitable for all types of hair.

Non-Ionic hair tools generally mean they are pretty basic in terms of heating elements. Primarily hair needs heat and humidity to be styled and for some people, that is sufficient since they tend to do it less often and for temporary purposes.

But the truth is, using non-ionic heating products frequently can cause damage and make your hair appear lifeless.

Hence we usually do not recommend nonionic models.

Steam rollers are more popularly known as molecular steam rollers. The naming looks more ornamental but this technology is by far the healthiest option you can get in the market.

It comes with a steam pod instead of a heating pod and all you have to do is heat distilled water in it until it starts evaporating.

Hot roller with steam technology

The rollers are usually covered with foamy fabric that absorbs the vapor and retains the heat to create wonderful curls in your hair. This technology creates the most long-lasting curls and also does not cause any damage to your hair.

Good news is, it can be used in all types of hair and will do its job equally great on all of them. We highly recommend these heated rollers.

Thermal Wax Core rollers are hot rollers with a wax core in their barrel that helps retain moisture more in to order to make long-lasting curls.

The main objective of the thermal wax core is to retain heat longer than basic roller barrels. And that is the reason why rollers with thermal wax core create great curls.

However, this technology is more befitting for those with thick hair. If you intend to use it on thin hair, do not use it without heat protectants.

Hair Type

When it comes to hair type, we usually consider only two basic types of hair which are: Thick or coarse hair and thin or fine hair.

If you don’t want to spend your valuable time searching for heated hair roller sets that fulfill the requirements for your hair type and want to go for something that would suit your hair whether it’s thick or thin, it will be wiser to pick Tourmaline or Ceramic products since they suit all types of hair. And among non-material technologies, we highly recommend Steam and Ionic Technology for all types of hair.

You will experience smoother curls and waves with a shinier outlook with products that come with either one of these technologies.

The Relationship Between the Length of Hair & Barrel Size

What size of the barrel is suitable for you depends on the length of hair.

Normally if your hair is short, which means, below the ear and above the shoulder, you should choose rollers that are small or petite. For some short hairstyles, medium rollers can also work fine.

If your hair is about the length of your shoulders or in other words medium length, you can successfully style them with medium and large rollers.

If your hair is longer than your shoulder to your hips, you should be going for rollers that are Jumbo or large.

If your barrel is wider it can hold long hair better. It will be harder to roll long hair into narrower barrels. On the other hand, shorter hair cannot be styled with the larger or wider barrel and it will not be able to repeat the curl patterns in such a short length of hair.

Therefore, the rule is to choose wider barrels for longer hair and narrower barrels for shorter hair. Among our list, you will find sufficient amounts of heated rollers for both short hairstyles and long hairstyles for your convenience.

Barrel Size & Achievable Hairstyles

While the length of hair and the size of the barrels go hand in hand, there is another important factor that comes into play which is, the variety of sizes are able to create variant styles as well.

From Loose Waves to Jerry Curls to perms, all of them are pretty much doable using hair setters but for that, you need to use the correct sizes. For more frequent patterns, the smaller your roller’s barrel in terms of width the better it is.

For loose styles in long hair, choose wider barrels. Following tables will give you some great ideas of styling your hair using different sizes.

For Long Hair
Size of RollerDiameter of BarrelLength of BarrelStyle
Jumbo2 inches3.5 inchesBig Curls
Large1 ¾ inch3.5 inchesLoose Waves
Large1 ¼ inch3.5 inchesMessy Waves
Large1 ½ inch3.5 inchesBody waves
For Short Hair
Size of RollerDiameter of BarrelLength of BarrelStyle
Petite½ inch2.5 inchesKinky/Spiral Curls
Small3/8 inch2.5 inchesTight/Jerry Curls
Small5/8 inch2.5 inchesCorkscrew Waves/ Spring Curls
Small¾ inch2.5 inchesPerm Curls
Medium1 inch2.5 inchesDefined Curls

Minimum & Maximum Number of Rollers

The minimum number of rollers we recommend in a set is 8. This is because it is pretty much hard to execute a hairstyle without at least 8 rollers.

If you have a lot of hair and 8 rollers are not sufficient, you need to purchase extra replacements. Sadly not all products have replacements and hence it is safer to choose a set with more rollers.

The maximum number of rollers in a set is no more than 30 rollers altogether and that is more than enough to create great curl patterns.

Checklist of Required Features

If your model fulfills the requirements mentioned in our checklist then you can be sure that you have chosen the right product for any type of hair and length.

  • Material and Technology: 1st Choice: Molecular Steam Technology, 2nd Choice: Tourmaline, 3rd Choice: Ceramic, 4th Choice: Ionic
  • Requirements for Short Hair: Minimum 6 Rollers and Barrel sizes should be 1 inch and below 1 inch in diameter (Small, Petite or Medium Rollers)
  • Requirements for Long Hair: Minimum 8 Rollers and Barrel sizes should be more than 1 inch in diameter (Super Jumbor, Jumbo and Large)
  • Preferred Type of Barrel: 1st choice: Foam, 2nd choice: Flocked, 3rd choice: Ribbed
  • Total number of rollers in a Set: Minimum 8 to a Maximum of 30 Rollers

The Best Hot Rollers Reviews – Top Rated Models of 2022

Our team has researched for days and months and have tried to identify what makes them great just for your convenience. We have reviewed more than 50 models of different brands such as Conair, Babyliss, T3, Remington, Revlon, Calista, Caruso, Paul Mitchell, Vokai, etc.

After intensive research, scrutinizing through features of the top products in the market and reading reviews after reviews from experts and users all over the world, we bring you the 6 best hot rollers that have made 2022 a great year of hairstyles for any type of hair and length.

Caruso Molecular Steam Hot Rollers

Caruso Molecular Steam Hot Rollers - V1 Dec

Ranking Position: 1

Caruso Molecular Steam rollers have topped many lists including ours because of its amazing molecular steam technology that is very inclusive to all types of hair. This technology is the healthiest styling technology that currently exists because it uses steam and heat to create curl patterns that stays for a really long time. Also, it traps humidity and retains moisture in your hair and creates healthy-looking curls.

First of all, this set is the winner for its revolutionary Molecular Steam Technology that will suit your hair whether it is thick or thin. It does not look fancy like many other sets, but it does its job greatly and that too by using something as simple as steam. The molecular steam technology is designed to do all its magic through simple evaporation methods. Instead of a heating pod, this set comes with a steam pod that boils distilled water until it produces steam. All you have to do is place each roller on the vaporizing steam pod as it absorbs the steam and heat in its foam sheet covered barrels and it is ready to get rolled up.

Secondly, the foam sheets will retain moisture and also the heat and use them both to change the side bonds of your hair more effectively since heat and humidity are essential to do that job. Doing it all natural way reduces the chances of causing damages to your hair in the process of styling. Barrels covered with foam sheets are the most effective and damage free way of curling your hair. Your hair becomes sensitive when exposed to heat and steam and rolling it around hard surface can cause breakage and dry and you’ll see that when your hair will dry up. But with foam sheets, your hair will get the protection and a smoother texture when they are done.

Thirdly, this set has 30 rollers in total including a sufficient amount of rollers of all sizes which makes it an extremely versatile set. You can curl hair whether it is thick or thin using the different sizes. This set has 6 petite, 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large and 6 jumbo rollers. Which means you can not only curl your hair regardless of its length, you can also use it to create any style you want starting from tight bouncy curls to classy loose waves.

Also, Caruso hair setters and their replacements of all sizes are available to purchase.

Other advantages of this roller set are plenty too. This set comes with plastic clips which are great in terms of securing the rollers compared to other types. They do not only hold the rollers in right place, but they also trap the moisture and heat to facilitate the process of curling.

This set complies with our standards very well thus it definitely qualifies to hold the position of the winner in our list. The following specification demonstrates how this particular set fits our standards.

  • Material and Technology: Molecular Steam Technology
  • Roller Size: 6 Petite, 6 Small, 6 Medium, 6 Large, 6 Jumbo Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Foam
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 30

As you can see, this set complies with all of our mandatory features, in fact, it complies with all of our 1st preferences. Users are really satisfied with this product as well and hence we could not find another product that could take the winners position other than this one. Although with blow-dried clean hair, this hair setter can curl hair really fast, we suggest you keep it on for 20 to 30 minutes to get the best results.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers (HS41)

INFINITI PRO by Conair Ceramic Flocked Rollers - V3 Dec

Ranking Position: 2

This set is extraordinary for a lot of reasons. Like most Conair sets, this one is also popular. But popularity is not the reason why we have chosen this product to be on our list. This particular product has great features and packed with rollers of various sizes to make hair styling journey worthwhile.

Firstly, this set has ceramic infused heating units. Ceramic heating units create gentle infrared heating which ensures your hair’s safety from heat. It naturally conditions your cuticles and brings back the lost shine in your curls. But that is not it, ceramic has thermal properties that retain heat and helps your hair set.

Secondly, alongside Ceramic’s healthy heating, this model comes with 12 heat settings which are unusual in terms of heated hair roller sets. This means you can adjust the temperature according to your convenience. If you have thin hair, you can stick to low to medium heat. If you have thick hair, you can increase the temperature based on its density.

Thirdly, this set is not only ceramic infused, but it also has an ionizer that will help you get amazing damage free curls and reduce the chances of having breakages as you style your hair. These rollers are flocked rollers and will further protect your hair from damage. Flocked rollers will retain heat for longer to create patterns of your choice based on the sizes of rollers you use.

Last but not least, these rollers come with a retractable cord which means it is storage friendly. It also comes with innovative plastic clips that will hold the rollers in place. Alongside all of these advantages, it also heats up in just 2 minutes and ready to use without having to wait much. See the following specification to be sure of the greatness of this set.

  • Material and Technology: Ceramic + Ionic Technology
  • Roller Size: 6 Small, 6 Medium and 8 Large Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 20

Because of its variety of sizes, you can style your hair whether it is long or short. Its temperature settings help them set very well to create curls that will last longer than regular hair setter, but to see better results, just wait for 20 to 30 minutes to set perfectly.

INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers (CHV27R)

Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic CHV27R Flocked Rollers

Ranking Position: 3

This set could easily end up being the top on our list, but as it doesn’t come with variable temperature settings and also has a fewer roller than our top favorite one (Caruso C97953), it ended up being our 3rd best-heated roller set to style all types and all lengths of hairs.

Then again, aside from such a minor gripe, these rollers are a piece of cake to use, and we have strong reasons for such claims.

But before explaining our reasons for considering this as one of the best-heated roller set in the market, let’s have a very quick glance at its specifications so that you have a better understanding of your analysis.

  • Material and Technology: Ceramic Rollers with Ionic Technology
  • Roller Size: 4 Different Sizes (comes with four ½ inches, six ¾ inches, six 1 inch, and four 1 ¼ inch rollers)
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 20

To start with, Conair constructed these heated rollers using 100% pure ceramic material that is an inorganic and nonmetallic element which plays a huge role in keeping your hair healthy and shiny even after rigorous heat styling. Ceramic in the rollers helps them to heat up extremely quickly with a very moderate amount of heat and at the same time also assists to distribute the generated heat evenly to each hair strands so that your tresses don’t suffer from any hot spots or hair breakage and has uniform curls and waves.

Also, because of its gentle nature, the ceramic material can be used on both thick and fine hairs to style them precisely without causing severe burns or damage to them.

The ionic technology incorporated by Conair also plays a vital role in keeping your tresses healthy and smooth by releasing an abundance of negative ions to them that balances the ionic condition of the scalp and at the same time also forms a layer of the hairs to protect them against high heat. These negatively charged ions also lock in hairs natural moisture and nourishment to fight damaged hair effectively so that you can enjoy super smooth and silky styled hairs.

The bonus One ‘n Only™ Argan Oil Treatment that comes with this styling set also helps to protect, revitalize and nourish your hair locks for more pleasing outlook.

In addition, we picked this set is best for all length of hairs because Conair comprised this hair setter set with a variety of rollers sizes ranging from ½ inch to 1 ¼ inch rollers that you can use to create versatile dynamic styles, from messy waves to small tight ringlets and big, bouncy curls, in your manes super effortlessly yet effectively.

Another feature of these rollers that help to create flawless, uniform curls is their velvet flocked bodies; the smooth surface grips the hair strands well and holds them in place so that the heat can penetrate well and style perfectly. Moreover, Conair also included 20 easy-to-use butterfly clips, one for each roller, so that they stay securely in the hair and don’t fall off even when you don’t sit still during the styling session.

Lastly, the 85-second super quick heat-up time of these heated curlers makes the hair styling session prompt and precise by ensuring that you don’t have to wait for a long time for your rollers to get ready and be late for an event or meeting.

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-Size Rollers

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Multi-size Rollers

Ranking Position: 4

Another of our absolute favorite from the Conair brand is this Xtreme Instant Heat hair setter set that has all the potential to fiercely compete with the INFINITI PRO roller set but ended up being in the 4th position is because of its rollers’ sizes; this set comes with 3 different sized rollers (3/4 inch, 1 inch and 1 ¼ inch) whereas, the INFINITI PRO one comes with 4 different roller sizes (1/2 inch size being the extra one) for various dimensional curls and texturized waves.

Even though this set has 3 sized rollers, it doesn’t take away from the fact that with these hair setters you can create different types of dynamic curls (from corkscrew curls and ringlets to bouncy, voluminous curls) and waves in any length of hairs flawlessly and precisely.

Aside from this minor issue, let’s see the fabulous specifications of these salon quality hot rollers set before discussing its amazing features in great detail:

  • Material and Technology: Ceramic Rollers with Ionic Technology
  • Roller Size: 3 Different Sizes (comes with six ¾ inches, six 1 inch, and eight 1 ¼ inch rollers)
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 20

Well, now let’s start our discussion with the construction material of the rollers; like many of its other heated hair setters, Conair also constructed these rollers using ceramic material (finished with velvet flocking) which is really good for all types of tresses out there because of its delicate heat adaptivity level. From thick to fine and thin, you can style any type of your manes successfully using ceramic rollers without imposing them to any harm and damage.

The ceramic infusion and construction enable these curlers to gain a gentle amount of heat in just 75 seconds so that you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your rollers heated after you plug them on, which saves a lot of your time.

Furthermore, the ceramic in the rollers also help to distribute the heat evenly throughout the manes to ensure that all your tresses get the same amount of heat and hence produces uniform styling results without resulting in any hot spots and heat burns in your precious hairs.

The ionic technology also assists to maintain the health and good-looks of your tresses; it does this by producing a lot of negatively charged ions through an ionic generator that actively fights with damaged hair and makes sure that they don’t suffer from any premature breakage.

Another way these ions ensure the well-being of your tresses is by locking in moisture and nourishment and forming a protective layer so that the heat can penetrate your strands but cannot cause any damage to them.

One more incredible feature that Conair added in this Xtreme Instant Heat roller set is the dual heat disbursement system; the dual heat comes from both the rollers and the clips for super quick yet precise, flawless styling. The heating box heats up the rollers and the 20 butterfly clips together so that you can put on a heated clip on the roller as soon as you wrap hairs in them.

The butterfly clips also help to securely hold the rollers in place and ensure that they don’t fall off during your curling session and your curls and waves don’t suffer from crimps or creases later on.

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers - V2 Dec

Ranking Position: 5

This model by T3 brand could be our winner but it isn’t because of its number of rollers being 8 altogether. Other than that, these rollers are extraordinary. Good news is, their replacements are available and thus you can purchase extra rollers of your convenient sizes. Another factor for choosing this as our runners-up is its high price. Otherwise, this set is extraordinary.

Firstly, it is infused with Tourmaline heating elements. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral also used as a gemstone. But this gemstone is extracted and crushed into fine powder to be used in hair dryers, curling or straightening irons and other hair gadgets to give your hair extra shine and smoothness. It is therefore also used in heated rollers to give your curls the healthy look they deserve. If you have ever used a non-material based heated roller set, you will definitely feel the difference after using this set.

Secondly, they are flocked rollers because of their velvety texture gives your hair the grip it needs while rolling them up and also protects it from harder surfaces in order to prevent friction that can lead to static or breakage. After foam rollers, flocked rollers are the best kind of heated rollers you can get. The texture of the fabric of these flocked rollers are excellent and will definitely give you better curls than you can imagine.

Thirdly, these rollers are suitable for all types of hair because of its Tourmaline technology. Tourmaline creates gentle yet sufficient far-infrared heat that is able to create styles in your hair whether it is thick or thin. It also helps reduce roughness and dryness in your hair and gives your finished curls a lot smoother outlook and texture. For thick hair, it makes your hair softer and thinner and limp hair looks denser than it really is.

Lastly, these rollers are designed in a way that creates volume to your boring straight hair. Straight hair is great but not for all occasions. These rollers will ensure your hair gets added body and your head looks full. Also, these rollers heat up really quickly, just about in 3 minutes and also creates curls a lot faster. But we would recommend you to keep it for at least 20 to 30 minutes to see better results. The following specification shows how T3 Voluminous hair setter is compliant with our standards.

  • Material and Technology: Tourmaline
  • Roller Size: 4 Jumbo and 4 Large Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 8

As you can see, this set abides by 90% of our mandatory features. It does not have enough rollers to style short hair but that too can be taken care of by purchasing replacements of small rollers which are available in the market.

Babyliss Pro Thermo Ceramic Hot Rollers

Babyliss Pro Thermo Ceramic hot rollers - V1 Dec

Ranking Position: 6

This model is a great set of hot rollers you will come across. Not only is BaByliss a renowned brand, but it is also a great brand for reasons. It has a number of great hot roller sets but among them, we have picked this one for its suitability for all hair types.

First of all, this set is infused with Ceramic technology. Although it is named Thermo-Ceramic do not confuse this technology with the thermal wax-core technology. Ceramic has its own thermal heat conductivity and hence the name is given in that manner. These heated rollers are able to retain gentle infrared heating produced from the heating pod and can hold them for 15 minutes on to your hair as they are rolled up against them. The heating pod is powered by 400 watts to create high heat that is beautifully balanced out with the gentle infrared rays of ceramic.

Secondly, because of the balance of ceramic infused heating units and 400 watts powered heat, this set is suitable for both thick hair and thin hair. The entire device is cleverly designed as such. Normally, Ceramic rollers need to be put on for longer than usual on thick hair but for its powerful wattage, it will not be needed with this particular set.

Thirdly, this roller set has 20 rollers of 3 different sizes to help create various styles. Use the small rollers on short to medium length hair to create body or a tight curl. The small rollers can be used around the nape of the neck and around your face whereas, the medium ones can be used on medium to long hair to create defined bouncy curls. The large rollers, on the other hand, can be used to create luxurious loose waves on long hair to create simple volume styles.

Among the other benefits this set offers are its 2 heat settings switch which is not available in many products and thus makes this set a unique one. It also has a ready-to-use indicator and a decent cord length which can be useful for many people.

Although these rollers are not foam covered or have flocked barrels, their ribbed plastic barrels are compensated because of the ceramic components in the heater. Without ceramic or tourmaline, non-material based plastic ribbed rollers might instigate damage and breakage if used frequently. See the following specification to understand how this model abides by our standards.

  • Material and Technology: Ceramic
  • Roller Size: 5 Small, 7 Medium and 8 Large Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Ribbed
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 20

As you can already see, this set abides by our standards very well and has sufficient rollers to give you the opportunity to curl hair in your desired way. For longer lasting curls all you need to do is keep your curlers on for longer than 15 minutes. We would recommend a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 30 minutes of time to keep your curlers on.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter - V1 May

Ranking Position: 7

This Nano Titanium Roller Hair setter set from BaByliss PRO scored the top position in many of our articles because of its amazing qualities and outstanding features; these Nano titanium constructed rollers can adopt high heat quickly and have the ability to create versatile curls and waves in thick tresses effortlessly. Moreover, the ionic technology incorporated in these hair setters conditions your tresses while keeping them safe and protected from heat damage and burns.

Additionally, the 20 various sized rollers of this set (six ¾ inches, six 1 inch and eight large 1 ¼ inch rollers) not only is suitable to create different types of curls and waves in your short hairs but at the same time is also applicable for long tresses.

You might be wondering even after having such great feature why this BaByliss PRO Hair setter set ended up being in number 7?

  • Material and Technology: Nano Titanium
  • Roller Size: Six ¾ Inches, Six 1 Inch & Eight 1 ¼ Inch Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 20

Well, that’s because, this article is all about the heated rollers that are excellent for all types and all length of hairs but this Nano Titanium hair setter is phenomenal for only thick tresses; you cannot use these rollers on fine/thin manes because the high heat of them has the potential to cause severe damage to fine hairs.

Furthermore, this set comes with metal clips instead of plastic butterfly clips; we do not recommend metal clips because these holding pins often cause crimps and creases in your delicate manes which results in unflattering hairstyle.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System

Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System

Ranking Position: 8

Even though this Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System is at a lower position in our list, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s an amazing heated roller set; the rollers are constructed using standard industrial quality ceramic material and has velvet flocking which made these hair setters suitable for both fine and thick hairs because the ceramic distributes heat evenly throughout the tresses and protects them from hot spots and heat burns.

These professional grade heated roller set also comes with different customizable temperature settings so that you can choose the best level of heat according to your hair type for the styling. Besides, these hair setters have a rapid 8-second heat-up time to ensure that you don’t have to wait for a long time before your roller gets hot and you start the styling session.

But then again, there are more than a few strong reasons that didn’t help this Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System to score one of the top positions in this list; let’s start with the size and number of rollers Paul Mitchell has to offer to its customers. This Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System comes with just six 1 inch rollers which are not at all sufficient to create different types of curls and waves in all hair lengths; you can use these rollers just to adorn your short tresses with bouncy curls and messy waves but cannot style them with tight curls and ringlets for versatile looks.

Furthermore, this heated hair setter set has a very high price tag that might seem quite expensive to many of its potential customers. And as we are suggesting rollers for every probable hair stylists out there, we refrain ourselves from including this set at the top of our list.

  • Material and Technology: Ceramic
  • Roller Size: Six 1 Inch Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 6

Another very minor disadvantage of this roller set is that it is very much heavy in weight; at over 1.5 kg it is one of the most heavyweight hot roller set available in the market. Though it is not meant for traveling, still it is quite hard to move this set even inside the house or when you want to use it in your bathroom instead of the vanity.

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hot Rollers

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter - V2 May

Ranking Position: 9

This Ionic Hair Setter set is one of the best-selling heated rollers set in, and this single statement explains the quality of the styling tool. With its thermal wax core and velvet flocking surface, these rollers heat up super quickly with a high amount of heat and retain the heat for a long time period so that you can create amazing curly hairstyles that last for long.

As the thermal wax core generates high heat these heated rollers are suitable for styling thick tresses effortlessly. Moreover, the ionic generator incorporated by Remington in this set not only conditions your tresses to produce silky, smooth frizz-free curls but at the same time also protects your thick manes from heat burns and damages.

Another outstanding aspect of these hair setters is that they come with cool touch ends that ensure that your hands don’t get burned when you touch them for the styling purpose; the ready dot indicator also safety and convenience of the users by beeping the red light when the rollers are ready to use.

But even after having so much excellent features we still couldn’t consider this Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter set as one of our top choices mainly because, in this article, we are talking about rollers that are suitable for every type of manes, and these rollers are not suitable for all types of tresses; if you use them on fine/thin hairs, they will burn and damage your manes beyond repair.

Also, although Remington included 20 different sized hair setters (3/4 inch, 1 inch and 1 ¼ inch) in this tool kit, there are not enough rollers to style your long tresses perfectly (comes with only six 1 ¼ inch rollers) and again, as we are suggesting rollers for all hair length, we do not consider this set as one of the best for all types and all lengths of tresses,

  • Material and Technology: Ionic
  • Roller Size: Four 3/4 Inch, Ten 1 Inch & Six 1 ¼ Inch
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 20

Additionally, with just four ¾ inch rollers, you can’t create tight corkscrew curls and ringlets in your short hairs as well.

Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers

Calista Tools Hot Wavers Heated Hair Rollers

Ranking Position: 10

Over the years we have noticed that this Heated Hair Rollers set from Calista Tools has been quite popular among its users as it offers some really outstanding features and aspects; to start with, they included six 1.2 inch and six 1 inch plastic made rollers in this set that are the perfect size to adorn your thick short tresses with big bouncy curls and voluminous messy waves without causing any harm to your hairs.

We are saying this because Calista Tools has incorporated an ionic generator in this kit that releases plenty of negative ions to the hairs to keep your manes moisturized and healthy as well as to protect them from heat damages and burns.

Additionally, the reason we suggest this toolset for thick, coarse manes is that all the rollers of this set come with a heating element inside them that heats them up in a matter of a few seconds and keeps the setter hot for a long period of time to create flawless hairstyles that last for long.

  • Material and Technology: Ionic
  • Roller Size: Six 1.2 Inch & Six 1 Inch Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Ribbed
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 12

But we are not recommending hot rollers for either short hair or thick tresses; here we are suggesting our readers the best-heated hair setters for all types and all lengths of manes and this toolset failed to match this category because the plastic made rollers might be suitable for thick manes but these are absolutely NO NO for fine/thin hairs because they get super-hot and have full potential to burn down and harm your manes.

Additionally, if you have been following us, you know that we don’t recommend plastic rollers very often because, in our opinion, plastic is not the best material to use on any type of tresses out there.

Also, the 12 rollers of this styling tool kit might be suitable to style short manes effortlessly, but with these heated rollers, you just can’t deck up your long tresses with any type of curly or wavy hairstyles.

John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves Jumbo Rollers

John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves Jumbo Rollers

Ranking Position: 11

This amazing heated roller set from John Frieda is just the right one for your precious long hair. It not only comes with all the crucial features we look for in an excellent set of hot rollers but it also offers super stunning styling results. However, it ended up being the last one on our list because this set contains only 5 rollers. Moreover, you cannot even buy extra rollers [John Frieda doesn’t offer single rollers] to style all your tresses at once. For curling and waving your tresses perfectly and quickly, you would need at least 2 sets of these heated rollers.

Other than this minor gripe, these Body & Shine Smooth Jumbo Rollers are the best for your long hair strands.

  • Material and Technology: Titanium Ceramic + Ionic Technology
  • Roller Size: 5 Jumbo Rollers
  • Type of Barrel: Flocked
  • Total Number of Rollers in a Set: 5

To start with, John Frieda constructed these rollers with titanium ceramic so that they are suitable for all types of hairs out there. While the titanium heats the roller quickly with a very high amount of heat, the ceramic present in it stabilizes the gained heat perfectly and makes sure that your sensitive tresses don’t get burned or damaged because of it. Moreover, the ceramic also helps to distribute the accumulated heat evenly to your hairs so that they are not only styled safely and quickly but the results are also precise and uniform.

Additionally, as these rollers come with a flocked surface, they are super gentle on your manes, and hence, don’t cause any frizz, static, and even breakage in them. They also glide effortlessly in your strands without any snagging or tugging.

Another feature that keeps frizz and flyaway at bay is its incorporated ionic technology. This extraordinary technology disperses millions of negative ions to your hair strands and locks in moisture so that they are well-nourished, silky, and smooth. Also, as the tresses are loaded with moisturization, they can fight frizz and static successfully to make the manes even softer and healthier.

Moving on, keeping in mind the needs of different types of hair, this heated roller set comes with 2 different heat settings [high and low] so that you can choose just the right temperature for your styling sessions. Also, as these rollers take just 2 minutes to heat up completely, you wouldn’t have to wait for long before start the curling process.

One more thing about these rollers is that they are perfect for creating loose curls and sexy big waves. Because they have a wider diameter [2-inches], you can such hairstyles easily in your longer manes and flaunt them proudly.

How to Use Hot Rollers

Using this tool can be very challenging for some and hence we have come up with some guidelines on how to use them.

It is very important to consider the length of the hair while choosing hot rollers. Long hair has its suitable styles and techniques and the same goes for short hair. So, it is important to understand the length of your hair and identify which hairstyle will suit it the most.

For longer hair, there are more options available than there is for shorter hair. You can try loose patterns as well as tight patterns on your long hair. But for short hair, it is better to create more frequent patterns. But you can always try and experiment and find out what suits you the most yourself.

Before putting hot rollers on, you need to make sure your hair is clean and dried using a blow-dryer because if your hair is too wet, your roller might not be able to hold it firmly. Also, don’t forget to comb it properly.

The next step is to follow some simple rules. Section your hair into multiple parts as your rollers get heated. Once your rollers are ready to use, take each section and roll them up until your scalp and secure it with a clip provided with the set. The best way to do it is to put the roller from under and in the midway of your section of hair strands and first roll the bottom up. Then as the bottom part is rolled, roll the rest of your hair and then secure it.

After you have rolled up all the sections, it the time to wait. Heated roller sets claim it takes only 15 minutes to curl your hair. But for longer-lasting curls and for your hair to set properly, we recommend waiting for at least 25 to 30 minutes. At this point, you may want to apply a good hair setting spray to set your curls to perfection. When you are done, remove the rollers by swirling them. This will make your curls fall gracefully and make them look like you have come out from a salon!

There is no need to sleep in with hot rollers on. They will do its job quickly and hence the hassle of sleeping in with rollers on is no longer there. Regular rollers are designed to be kept overnight to let your curls set but not heated rollers.

Also, make sure you are using the right kind of heated roller for your hair type. Double-check the sizes of your rollers before purchasing. The wrong size can lead to some disappointing experiences. Do not expect your curls to look the same way they would using curling irons. Heated rollers are the best alternative to curling iron anyway and hairstyles done by using them look more natural whereas, curling iron creates more unnatural looks unless it is done by a professional.

Although hot rollers are not as dangerous as devices like curling irons it needs to be used with caution around children. Minors and infants tend to touch and play with whatever they can get their hands on and these rollers and their heating pods need to be kept in safe distance or they can cause injuries.

Before you follow a beauty vlogger or a self-proclaimed stylist, it is better to ensure their credibility first. There are many disastrous YouTube tutorials where they have not been able to utilize these devices properly. It is better to follow an established hairstylist who knows his/her work.

Lastly, your entire hairstyle needs more than just rollers. To ensure the good health of your hair, you need to use good products and not use random products.

For shampoos, you need to ensure they are not too alkaline and have a safe pH level. Conditioners and other products also need to be of reasonable quality. After washing, you’ll need a good hairdryer which will not damage your hair.

Lastly, for styling and setting, you may want to use heat protectants and hairsprays. For removing hair sprays, you need good coconut oil. See the following list of products that may help you get complete hair care and styling solution.


While choosing a set you need to pay attention to the claims they make. Not all models perform up to the standards.

Choosing hot rollers from our list will make your job a lot easier since they are suitable for all hair types and lengths. While hot rollers are healthier than curling irons and other ways of styling your hair, the health of your hair is not entirely ensured by using it.

Proper diet and routine hair care are essential for healthy-looking hair and hot rollers can only help you get glamorous styles as a bonus.

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    1. Thank you for your inquiry.

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