Best Hot Rollers for Thick Hair 2023

If you have thick hair, you surely know the trouble of choosing the correct hot rollers. Taking care of thick hair and styling it can be very challenging at times. The nature of some of the thick hair types makes it hardly malleable and barely tamable but there is always a solution to every problem.

Best Hot Rollers For Thick Hair - Women with black hair

While choosing the best hot rollers for thick hair, you need to ensure it produces enough heat to be able to change the shape of the hair into fabulous curls. You can only do that if you choose the hot roller with the right material suitable for this type of hair.

If you are looking forward to curling this type of hair the proper way, you will find this write up helpful.

A Quick Overview

Before elaborate discussion about our top favorite heated rollers for thick tresses, let’s have a quick glance for a brief yet clear idea about them:

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Product NamePrice Range
BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter, BABNTHS40
Check Price
More than $100 Dollars
Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter with Thermal Wax Core
Check Price
Less than $50 Dollars
John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves, Hair Rollers
Check Price
Less than $50 Dollars
BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter, BABNTCHV15
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More than $50 Dollars

Hot Rollers for Thick Hair – Buyer’s Guide

What Is Thick Hair?

Defining this hair type can be complex because it is not confined to a single hair type and has a lot of variety. But basically, this type of hair has a wider circumference or diameter compared to thin hair. The texture, however, can be rough or smooth.

Thick hair

It is often synonymously used with the word ‘coarse’ but this is not justifiable. The word ‘coarse’ means rough and thick hair is not always rough. But people often confuse between the two. To come to a basic conclusion we can say, thick hair has a more defined medulla, thicker cortex and more integrate cuticles with a wider circumference.

You can do a simple test to confirm whether your hair is thick or not. Take a strand of your hair and try to feel it in between your fingers. If you feel a very definite thread, your hair is thick. Now if that strand of your hair feels defined but smooth, your hair is simply thick and not coarse.

On the other hand, your hair feels rougher then it is thick and coarse at the same time. Because of these complex natures of thick hair, hair experts do divide this hair into different categories. Among those categories, Straight, Curly and Kinky hair is also included.

However, we have simplified the whole concept that kept our focus on thick straight hair since the purpose of using heated rollers is to curl, create patterns or add volume to your hair.

The Types of Thick Hair

Even though we are suggesting you heated rollers for thick tresses, there are quite a few sub-categories of hairs that fall under the thick hair category, and we think that you should know these sub-categories in order to make the right decision while picking a hot hair setter set for you.

The types of tresses that we consider as thick hair are:

  • Coarse Hair
  • Kinky Hair
  • Afro-American Hair
  • Overly Dense Hair
  • Natural Hair
  • Black Hair

Then again, as hair tool manufacturers don’t produce hot rollers according to every sub-category(3a,3b,3c,4a,4b,4c) of hairs out there, we are generalizing all the above types of manes as thick hair and recommending rollers according to this.

What Are the Major Problems of This Type of Hair?

Knowing the root problems can help you find the products that suit your hair type the most. This will help you find the hot rollers that will not trigger the already existing issues with your hair, rather would minimize them and improve the quality of the hair. Because there is diversity in these hair types, the problems people with thick hair face are also diverse.

However, there are some basic problems people generally face.

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Babyliss BABNTCHV21 Banner
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This is common in almost all types of thick hair although there are smoother hair types too. Compared to fine hair, these hair types are prone to roughness.

The reason is more natural than artificial. This hair type has cuticles that are harder compared to that of thin or fine hair. Although strength wise, the cuticles are firm, they lack smoothness. As a result, your hair feels rough if you do not nourish them with oils and conditioners.

Difficult to Dry When Wet

This type of hair is naturally voluminous. Therefore, once your thick hair is wet, it takes a lot of time to dry it. But to be able to use rollers in your thick hair, you need to dry it properly before putting the rollers on.

Use a powerful hair dryer to dry your hair properly and then put your hot rollers on to get the best results.

Wet dry thick hair

Sensitive to Weather Changes

Hair is generally very sensitive to humidity. Although thick hair is not as vulnerable as fine hair, it still undergoes its own kind of problems in humid weather.

If your hair is thick and naturally wavy, the waves may lose its wonderful shape. Also, if you have curled your hair using heated hair rollers and did not use hairspray to set it properly, your curls may lose its bounce.

This is because your curls and waves become more linear in shape because humidity breaks the side bonds of your cuticles and lets moisture get in. In more dry days, your hair will shrink back to its original shape.

Humidity Creates Extra Frizz!

When your thick hair is exposed to humidity, the side bonds of the hair break down and formulate new bonds with the changing humidity level around you.

Frizzy hair

Therefore, when you are out in humid weather conditions, the extra water molecules present in the air interferes with the moisture level of your hair. This building and rebuilding process of the chemical bonds of your hair triggered by humidity plays with the shape of your hair and this causes your cuticles to chip and break.

As a result, your hair becomes frizzy and appears damage. Although there isn’t anything you can do about the humidity in the air outside your home, you need to ensure your hair is properly dried before you head out.

Although this is basically a problem, there are heated rollers that work with the same principle to create curls in your straight hair and that is actually healthier.

Requires More Care and Conditioning

This type of hair has the tendency to lose its moisture and appear extremely dry, rough and lifeless. Frizz, breakage, and lack of nourishment are to blame for such condition of your hair. Frequently conditioning your hair to keep it healthy and nourished can help reduce the roughness and dryness.

But also, you will need more conditioners, and use hair oil more frequently than fine hair types. Also, consider deep conditioning your hair once every few weeks to improve the quality of the hair.

Short Hairstyles Do Not Suit Thick Hair Very Well

To be truthful, short hairstyles are not for everyone and especially not those with extra thick hair. Even if you choose to get a haircut that is short, make sure it is a little less than shoulder length. The reasoning behind this is, thick hair is naturally voluminous.

Short hairstyles usually make your hair look fuller and that is not necessary for thick haired individuals. It is challenging to curl coarse hair that is too short. Also note, while getting a trim or a cut, it is best to stick to traditional cutting scissors and refrain from using thinning razors or shears. This equipment can severely damage your hair. And if you choose to keep your hair long, it will be more convenient for you to create styles using heated rollers or other tools.

Tangled Hair and Difficulty in Detangling

This type of hair has more tendency to get tangled. It is not only hard to detangle your hair, but it can also damage your hair more if you can’t do it properly.

Tangled thick hair

Again, brushing coarse hair is not always feasible, and using traditional combs do not help much. Before styling your hair with rollers, you need to ensure your hair is properly detangled.

Using hair oils can help, also, using conditioners often will make your hair softer and help you detangle it in a lot easier way. Use a detangling brush to ease this procedure further.

How Can Hot Rollers Help You Style Your Thick Hair Without Fearing Damage?

Hair setters are not a problem-solving machine, rather a set of styling devices. Nevertheless, the concept of hair care has not completely skipped the mind of the manufacturers.

In fact, using hot rollers is the least damage-causing way of curling your hair because it does not apply direct heat to change the shape of your hair.

Using curling irons, on the other hand, requires direct heat and that is not as healthy as using hot rollers. For coarse hair, there are hot roller sets available in the market that can produce enough heat to create patterns on your tough hair but not induce any damage at the same time.

Materials and Technologies

There are a number of materials and technologies that are available in the market used in making hot roller sets. Each of these materials has their own benefits.

However, not every material suits every hair type in the best way. This type of hair requires more heat compared to fine hair and hence while styling it, you need tools that can heat up quickly and conduct it well to create long-lasting curls.

The materials and technologies we recommend are Titanium, Thermal Wax Core, Steam, Tourmaline, and Ionic technologies. Non-ionic hair setters are also okay to use for thick hair but they do not bring a healthy outcome if used frequently.

However, we do not recommend Ceramic rollers as they can take more time to curl your hair and creates heat that can be too low for some hair. This material is suitable for fine hair.

Titanium Hot Rollers

Titanium has high heat conductivity and is specifically good for thick hair types. It is thinner and lighter compared to other metals and has a lustrous outlook. Hair tools that have titanium heating elements produce heat very quickly compared to other heating elements like ceramic.

Titanium hot rollers, therefore, will not disappoint you if you have thick hair because they have titanium heating elements to quicken the curling process.

If you have thick hair, the heat radiating from titanium heated rollers will smoothen out your rough hair and make it more malleable. However, if you do not like too much heat, it is best to use heat protectant sprays before you put your rollers on.

Thermal Wax Core Heated Rollers

Hot rollers with this unique technology called the Thermal wax core has a special purpose, which is to help the rollers to retain high heat for longer to create long-lasting curls and add volume.

Because of its high heat retention, it is especially suitable for thick hair and not thin hair types. Hair needs to be exposed on be in direct contact with heat to change its shape. What thermal wax core in hot rollers does is, it keeps the heat for a longer period of time compared to other hot rollers and as a result your coarse hair gets the perfect shape being exposed to heat.

Thicker hair types are not as vulnerable and fine hair and require sufficient heat to be styled and hence this technology is there to help you do that.

Molecular Steam Technology

Molecular Steam or Steam hair setters are designed with their barrels covered with foam sheets. They come with a steam pod that heats up distilled water and produces vapor.

Steam heated hair rollers

When each hot roller is placed on the steam pod, the foam sheets absorb the vapor and the heat. When you roll each hot roller, it uses teamed effort of heat and steam to change the side bonds of your hair and recreates a nonlinear shape or defined curls.

They come with plastic shields instead of jay or punch clips in order to trap the heat and humidity better. These rollers use nothing fancy and simple heat and steam to style your hair.

Because of hair and its sensitivity towards humidity and heat, your curls will be longer lasting regardless of how thick and unmalleable your hair is with these heated rollers with the least possibilities of damaging your hair.

Also, these rollers are available in all shapes and sizes and you can use them on your hair whether it is short, mid-length or long.

Tourmaline Heated Rollers

Tourmaline rollers are very few in the market. But they work great on all hair types. The tourmaline heating components in this set will create gentle far infrared heat but will curl your hair properly at the same time.

Moreover, these rollers create extra smoothness and reduce roughness in thick hair. This is a healthier technology for your hair and it is also safe to use. However, Tourmaline is a rare mineral and hence these hot roller sets are a bit expensive for that reason.

Ionic Hot Rollers

Those who style hair frequently know the daily struggle with frizzy hair. Ionic technology is a great solution to frizz. Many coarse-haired people face frizz related problems after styling their hair.

Also, roughness is there almost all the time. Negative ions help smoothen out the cuticles of your thick hair that are broken and gives you smoother hair. Ionic hot rollers will give you smooth curls without fearing the aftermath of frizz.

These roller sets come with heating pads that produce negative ions and infuse them into the rollers so that you can get your stylish frizz-free curls.

Non-Ionic or Plastic Hot Rollers

These rollers are made from quality grade plastic and are great for temporary styling. They are called Non-Ionic hot rollers because they do not come with an ion generator in their heating pods.

Plastic hot rollers

Usually, these rollers come with rigged barrels. In some cases, their barrels are not rigged and instead have them covered with fabric.

Although these rollers don’t do anything extraordinary to your hair or enhance the quality of your hair, for temporary styling purposes many prefer these hot rollers over expensive ones that have materials like Tourmaline, Titanium or infused with ionic technology.

The Length and Hot Roller Sizes

Jumbo, large, medium, small and petite are the five sizes which are usually available with hot roller sets. The biggest size available is ‘jumbo’ and the smallest size available is ‘petite’.

Lengthwise, jumbo and large rollers are 3.5 inches in length. Medium, small and petite rollers share the same length which is 2.5 inches. But all you need to know about these sizes are whether they are less than on inch in width or more than one inch in width.

For short thick hair, we recommend rollers that are 1 inch or less than 1 inch. For longer hair, we prefer rollers that are more than 1 inch.

Must-Have Features

Your hot roller set needs to have some necessary requirements for suiting your thick hair. The list below illustrates what you need to look for in your hot roller set you be able to style your thick hair properly.

Using this information, you can purchase any product that matches the requirements but for your ease, we have done it at the end of the article and have picked products that are undoubtedly good.

  • Material: Titanium, Nano Titanium, Titanium Ceramic, Tourmaline, Thermal Wax core
  • Technology: Ionic Technology
  • Requirements for Short Thick Hair: Minimum 6 Rollers and Barrel sizes should be 1 inch and below 1 inch in diameter
  • Requirements for long thick Hair: Minimum 8 Rollers and Barrel sizes should be more than 1 inch in diameter
  • Total number of rollers in a Set: Minimum 8 to a Maximum of 30 Rollers

Best Hot Rollers for Thick Hair

After hours of research and sieving through products, we have selected 4 models for thick/curly/black hair.

We have ensured that these products have all the important features to be able to work efficiently on thick hair types to bring you great curls and waves.

A Comparison Table With Justification

Must-Have FeaturesBaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair SetterRemington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves, Hair RollersBaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair SetterREMINGTON H9100S Pro Hair SetterConair Curl Innovation Jumbo Hot Rollers
MaterialNano TitaniumThermal Wax CoreTitanium CeramicNano Titanium CeramicAdvanced Thermaluxe CeramicCeramic
TechnologyIonic Technology, Far-infrared EnergyIonic TechnologyIonic TechnologyIonic TechnologyAdvanced Thermal TechnologyNo
Suitable for Short Thick HairYes
(comes with six ¾ inch and eight 1 inch rollers)
(comes with four ¾ inch and ten 1 inch rollers)
(comes with four 1 inch rollers)
(doesn’t have any rollers smaller than 1 inch)
(comes with eight 1 inch rollers)
(doesn’t have any rollers smaller than 1 inch)
Suitable for Long Thick HairYes
(comes with eight 1 ¼ inch and 1 ½ inch rollers)
(comes with six 1 ¼ inch rollers)
(comes with four 1 ¼ inch and four 1 ½ inch rollers)
(comes with twelve 1 ½ inch rollers)
(comes with twelve 1 ¼ inch rollers)
(comes with twelve 1 ½ inch rollers)
Number of Rollers in the Set302012122012
Price RangeMore than $100 DollarsLess than $50 DollarsLess than $50 DollarsMore than $50 DollarsLess than $50 DollarsLess than $50 Dollars

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter - V4 May

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Any Length of Thick Hair (Both Long and Short)

Leaving behind all the hot rollers available in the market meant to style thick hair locks, this BaByliss PRO BABNTHS40 Hair setter set topped our list for thick hairs because:

The heated rollers of this set are suitable to style both long and short thick tresses. With curlers ranging from ¾ inch to 1 ½ inch (3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 ¼ inch and 1 ½ inch), you will get every diameter of rollers in this set that is not only suitable to style every length of thick hair locks but at the same time can successfully create different types of curls and waves in your “difficult-to-style” mane effortlessly. From small, tight ringlets to big, voluminous curls and lustrous beach waves, with this Nano Titanium roller set, you can adorn your manes with any style and flaunt them “oh-so-confidently” without causing any heat burns and damage to them.

Aside from this vital aspect, there are also some really amazing features of this heated roller set that helped it to grab the top position without severe competition from other brands.

To start with, let’s discuss the construction material; BaByliss PRO constructed these ribbed rollers with Nano titanium material which is an exceptional conductor of heat and remains stable in ultra-high temperature. This means that the rollers will gain the required amount of heat quickly and the heat will remain in the rollers for a long time so that your thick tresses, even your Afro-American hairs or black manes curls from the inside out perfectly and flawlessly and at the same time also remains healthy.

Moreover, this Nano titanium core of these rollers yields the maximum amount of far-infrared energy which penetrates each hair strand to curls them from the inside out for a quick yet safe styling session for your precious tresses.

Even after transferring such high heat to your hair locks, we are still saying these rollers safe because BaByliss PRO incorporated ionic technology in these hot rollers which, using the help of an ionic generator and dual ionic ports, releases millions of negative ions to the hairs that form a vigilant layer over them so that your tresses are protected from high heat and doesn’t get burned or experiences any hot spots. The negative ions also lock in natural moisture and help to reduce frizz, flyaways and static for healthy, shiny and smooth manes.

Furthermore, as these hot rollers have ribbed bodies, they hold tightly onto your tresses yet slip off super quickly and easily, even from dense Afro-American and black hairs for better styling as well as convenience.


  • The rollers come with stay-cool ribbed ends to provide maximum safety to the users
  • Ultra-fast heating
  • A huge number of rollers offer styling versatility
  • Includes a rocker switch for easy operation
  • Incorporates 2 different temperature settings to choose according to the user’s preference
  • The roller box has folding arms for vertical positioning to save space while storing
  • Includes 15 butterfly clips to hold the rollers in place securely in your hair
  • Comes with an indicator light to signal when the machine is on for safety
  • The clips are color coded which makes it easy to choose during a quick styling session
  • This roller set is virtually maintenance free, thus additional maintenance is not required
  • BaByliss PRO provides a 2 Years Limited Warranty period for this hairstyling set to ensure great service


  • The container box might feel flimsy

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter with Thermal Wax Core

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter With Thermal Wax Core

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: For Short Thick Hair (Especially Coarse and Afro-American Hair)

There is no denying that this Remington hair setter set is the best to create different types of curls and wave in short thick manes as:

This heated roller set comes with 20 different sized rollers of which four are ¾ inch and ten 1 inch; these rollers sizes are very much suitable for short manes because you can wrap your hair strands effortlessly around these rollers with any possibility of falling them off. Also, with such curler sizes, you are able to create versatile curls and messy, beachy waves in your short tresses easily yet very effectively.

Aside from ¾ inch and 1inch rollers, Remington also added six 1 ¼ inch curlers to this kit keeping in mind about the need of long-haired users. But as six rollers are not enough to style long tresses properly, we do not consider this set as the best for long manes and for this reason this Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter didn’t score the top place in our “Bests” list.

But being not suitable for all length of hairs doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an excellent set of heated rollers for thick tresses, and we are claiming this because:

Remington inserted thermal wax core to these velvet flocked rollers that, as like as titanium, can generate high amount of heat super quickly and also allows the rollers to retain high heat for long time period so that your thick hair locks, especially your coarse and Afro-American tresses can be styled perfectly from the core and your curls and waves turns out to be flawless and they also last for extended amount of time without any retouch.

The velvet flocking on the rollers also helps to achieve those flawless curls and waves in your hair by not creating wrinkles or creasing the strands and also holding them in place tightly so that they don’t slip off of your tresses. The 20 metal clips also assist to securely hold the curlers in place so that they don’t slip off and you can enjoy uniform curling results.

Another excellent feature incorporated by Remington to maintain the health and shine of your manes even after styling them with high heat is the ionic technology; the ionic technology uses an ionic generator to condition your thick locks with plenty of negative ions and fight frizz to produce smooth, silky and shiny curly hairstyle. The negative ions also protect your hairs from burning down due to a high level of heat.


  • Each roller comes with cool touch ends to ensure maximum safety of the users
  • The ready indicator light pops red whenever the rollers are ready to use
  • Retains heat longer for quick styling
  • Produces ultra-smooth curls and waves
  • The 3 color-coded rollers make it easy to choose them during styling
  • Comes in a compact plastic box for easy storage and ease of carrying
  • Includes J-clips for a secure hold
  • This hot roller set is backed up by a 2 Years Limited Warranty Period by Remington to ensure durability


  • Doesn’t come with any butterfly clips

What our tester says

Considering the price point, these rollers are one of the best I have used in a while. They are fast-working and create the most gorgeous curls in my short thick hair. The curls also stay in place longer than I expected.  This hot roller set is definitely a “must-buy”.

Lucy Button

John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves Hair Rollers (Multi-Sized)

John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves, Hair Rollers

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: For Long Natural, Afro-American Hair

Over the years John Frieda has manufactured some of the most phenomenal hair tools for its users and we thought its Body & Shine hot roller set is the best-heated roller kit for thick natural, Afro-American long tresses because:

John Frieda constructed the velvet flocked rollers of this set using titanium ceramic, a hybrid material of both titanium and ceramic, that provides the significant characteristics of both the materials and works wonder on black, Afro-American manes; normally these hair types might seem dense and thick, but in reality, these tresses are very sensitive and have the most fragile hair texture and hence they need special care and attention. The titanium generates super high heat to style these hairs from the inside out while the ceramic balances out the temperature and spreads the heat evenly so that your delicate, super sensitive tresses don’t suffer from any hot spots, heat burns and breakages yet still comes out perfectly styled.

Moreover, the Advanced Ionic Conditioning along with a True Ionic heater installed in the rollers releases up to 50% more ions to these gentle tresses which also ensure that your hairs don’t suffer from any mishaps during the styling session and remains as healthy as before. These negatively charged ions also lock in hair’s natural nourishment to eliminate frizz, flyaways and static to produce silky, smooth curly hairstyles every time you use these heated rollers.

Furthermore, we are suggesting this incredible hot roller set only for long tresses because it comes with four 1 ¼ inch and four 1 ½ inch rollers which are enough to create versatile curls and waves in long hairs effortlessly. From beach waves to voluminous, big curls and small corkscrew ringlets, you can adorn your manes with any style you want in just a matter of a few minutes.

But as it has only four 1 inch curlers and cannot style short thick tresses as effectively, we are holding ourselves back from recommending this set for short hairs also.

Also, to ensure additional safety for thick natural hairs, John Frieda incorporated High and Low-temperature settings to this styling tool kit with a rocker switch so that you can choose the heat level according to your preference easily and don’t have to impose your hairs to any unwanted high heat during the styling session due to constant heat settings.


  • Comes with an on indicator light that signals when the machine is ready for better convenience
  • The separate on/off switch ensures maximum safety of the users
  • The set includes 12 plastic butterfly clips to securely hold the rollers in place
  • All the rollers come in a sleek, plastic box for easy and effortless storage
  • The professional length line cord ensures freedom of movement of the user


  • Not suitable for shorter hair

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter ( BABNTCHV15)

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hot Roller Set - V3 May

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: For Long Thick Hairs

Another amazing set of hot rollers from BaByliss PRO that absolutely blew our minds is this BABNTCHV15 Nano Titanium Hair setter set; we suggested these heated rollers as the best one for long thick hairs because:

Keeping in mind about the styling needs of long-haired users, BaByliss assembled the whole set with twelve 1 ½ inch velvet hot rollers that can adorn long thick tresses with various kinds of curls and waves super effortlessly and effectively. With only these rollers you can create a different type of small to big, bouncy curls and various types of waves in your long manes in just a few minutes without causing any damage to them.

On the other hand, as there is not a single roller that is 1 inch or narrower in diameter in this set, we couldn’t refer this styling tool kit for styling shorter tresses.

Another reason this BaByliss heated roller set ranked the 4th position and is not “head to head” with the John Frieda Hair Setters, even after having very similar features, is because of its price range; it comes with a price tag of above $50 Dollars and is not as budget-friendly as the John Frieda set.

Moving on, to make the rollers the most suitable of thick tresses, BaByliss PRO constructed them using Nano titanium ceramic material that comes with the most enhanced and prominent characteristics of both the materials and provides amazing results on thick tresses. The Nanotechnologies of the titanium boost its heat absorbing ability and help the titanium rollers to absorb the highest amount of heat that can curl and wave your thick tresses from the inside out flawlessly for outstanding styling outcomes.

Even though the Nano titanium transfers super high heat to your tresses, it doesn’t harm your manes because the ceramic in the rollers help to keep the heat bearable and also distributes it evenly throughout your tresses so that all your hairs are styled uniformly and there are no hot spots or heat burns.

Aside from the high heating material, these Nano titanium ceramic rollers also come with far-infrared heat technology that helps the heat energy to penetrate the hair core and curl them from the inside so that your styling session is super quick yet extremely precise and saves a lot of your time in the morning.

Another incredible technology incorporated by BaByliss PRO in this roller set is the ionic technology; this mechanism uses an ionic generator to disburse an abundance of negative ions to the hair locks to seal in hairs natural moisture and nourishment to fight annoying frizz, flyaways and static to present you with beautiful smooth and silky manes after each curling session. These negatively charged ions also make sure that your tresses are well-protected from high heat (that you applied for creating curls and waves) and don’t get severely damaged that cannot be repaired on later.


  • The velvet flocked surface helps to hold the rollers tightly in place
  • Creates curls evenly without hot spots
  • The titanium construction ensures durability and longevity of the curlers
  • Comes with 12 butterfly clips and 12 color-coded metal clips for securing yet crease-free holding of the rollers
  • The separate on/off switch ensures ease of use as well as safety
  • Includes an indicator that lights up red when the rollers are ready to use
  • The cool touch ends of the rollers make sure that your skin doesn’t suffer from burns while using them
  • At 2.75 pounds, this hair setter set is quite lightweight and can be carried around easily
  • Hassle-free storage
  • BaByliss PRO ensures phenomenal service by providing a Limited 2 Year Warranty Period for this item


  • Offers only one roller size

What our tester says

I have long thick tresses, and I absolutely love this roller set. As they ensure quick styling without any damage, I don’t have to waste any time in the mornings and get late for work. These rollers are the secret to my luscious curls every morning girls!

Jayme Burns

The Reasons We Didn’t Choose the Followings

REMINGTON H9100S Pro Hair Setter with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology Electric Hot Rollers

Even though we have recommended an amazing hair setter set from Remington for thick hairs, we cannot conclude the same for these H9100S Pro Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology rollers, and that’s because:

  • Remington made these rollers using ceramic material instead of titanium or wax core, which are the “must have” element in hot rollers for thick tresses. Ceramic cannot generate as much heat as required to style thick tresses properly.
  • These heated curlers don’t incorporate any ionic generator to release negative ions to your thick manes to fight frizz and make smooth and silky curls and waves.
  • Even though it’s a very minor gripe, but the rollers and the box are not compatible; it will take you forever to get a single curler out of the box which is annoying as well as time-consuming.

Conair Curl Innovation Jumbo Hot Rollers

Conair is known worldwide for its amazing quality hair tools but even after having such a famous brand name, this Curl Innovation Jumbo Hot Roller set didn’t score a place in our list because:

  • The hair setters are constructed using ceramic, which is an excellent material for fine/thin hairs but not at all suitable to be used on thick, black tresses.
  • This roller set lacks the ionic technology; without an ionic generator, there won’t be any negative ions in your tresses to fight against frizz and also to protect your manes from heat damage and burns.
  • The clips, as well as the rollers, take forever to heat up properly to style your tresses precisely in just a matter of few minutes.


Before using hot rollers in your thick hair, you need to do a little homework about the problems you can face with such hair type. This will help you choose the correct material and technology in hot roller sets that can address your problems well. Choosing the correct rollers will prevent you from future hair problems and damages.


  1. My dear husband has gifted me the John Frieda Body & Shine Hot Roller set. I haven’t used it still.

    Is it good for thick medium hairs?

    Please reply before the return period runs out.

    1. Thanks for asking!

      This John Frieda Body & Shine Hot Roller set is also a good option for thick hairs. It has titanium ceramic flocked rollers with high-temperature settings which would curl and wave your thick tresses effortlessly.

      Additionally, as this set contains 12 multi-sized heated rollers, it is suitable to style all hair lengths.

      You can keep this and thank us later.

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    Thanks for such a great, interesting post, I find it very informative and very well thought out and put together.

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    Keep it up, guys!

    1. Great question!

      The difference between these two Caruso models is in the steam pods.

      The C97953 pod is quite small and doesn’t have any steam control system or “off” option whereas the pod of the C97958 is relatively large in size and comes with steam, ionic steam and off control for the best convenience of the users.

      Other than such minor differences, both these models are pretty similar and would produce the same results in your thick hair locks.

  3. Excellent writing!

    Absolutely loved reading it and very helpful at the same time.

    I would love to see this type of informative reviews in the future also.

    1. Than you CuppyCake for the encouragement!

      We would definitely keep on writing reviews to help our reader to find the best product available in the market.

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  5. Hello there,

    I think you write your articles very nicely. But I didn’t like this article. From my experience, hot rollers, no matter how good they are, cannot form perfect and precise curls in thick hair.

    Why did you write this article? It can be very misleading for people.

    Thanks for taking the time and reading.

    1. Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for taking the time for expressing your views. We appreciate our readers’ feedback.

      Yes, it is a bit difficult to curl thick hair with hot rollers. However, if you prepare your manes completely before putting on the rollers, they can even form precise curls in coarse hair.

      This article is not misleading at all.

      We hope this would help you.

  6. Hello,

    I came here to thank you, guys. After going through your article, I bought the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium hot rollers and I must say it was one of the best decisions ever.

    These rollers curl my overly dense hair perfectly. And there are just the right numbers of curlers for all my tresses in this set. It’s really worth the money.

    Once again thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. Dear Annalise,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. We are glad to know that our review article helped you in some way or the other.

  7. Hi,

    I read the article line by line and I must say it is a well-researched piece of review writing. I like the fact that you don’t include any crap in your articles just for the sake of word count.

    However, I think if you added the “how-to” section, this writing would be even more enjoyable as well as helpful. Just a piece of friendly advice!

    1. Dear Meghan,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. We will keep your advice in mind in the future.

  8. I loved this post! I read your blog fairly often and you are always coming out with some great stuff. I will shares this on my Facebook, Instagram, and some of my loyal followers. Great jobs!

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