Best Travel Hot Rollers 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Imagine you are on your vacation or work trip and you have to attend an event, but your hairs are not styled perfectly; isn’t it a horrific situation to be at?


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And to save yourself from this type of scenarios, it’s always the best idea that you carry a teeny-weeny, travel hot roller set with you every time you travel out of the town.

To suggest you the best travel hot rollers set that you can buy in your budget and according to your hair type, we have done extensive market research and, after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that the Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter is the best model in the market based on its weight, compactness, dual voltage feature, construction material, and technology.

This roller kit is so lightweight and small that you can carry it with you anywhere and everywhere you travel without having to kill your luggage space. To add more, these heated rollers enable you to style your precious hair locks with different types of curls and waves avoiding any kind of hair damage on all hair lengths and types; be you have short or long and fine or thick hairs, with these rollers you will never be out of style.

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1. Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter

Lightweight and compact set of rollers

This dual voltage model from Conair comes with 10 multi-sized curlers that enable you to create different types of waves and curls in both your long and short hair lengths. The plastic body, the starter strips and the ribbed finish of the rollers not only grabs hair strands quickly but also releases the hairs easily after styling without any hair pulling and tangling. Even though plastic rollers heat up fast, they don’t damage hair because of the ions released by the ionic generator that not only protects hairs but at the same time makes them smooth and shiny.

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers

2. Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers

Affordable set of travel curlers

The H1015 Compact Hair Roller kit from Remington comes with 10 ribbed rollers of two different sizes along with 10 exclusive J-Clips that help to hold the rollers in place for long time period for better styling results; from big curls to perfect waves, you have the freedom to style your hairs as you desire with this roller kit without having to fear about damaging your locks.

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers - V1 Nov

3. Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

For Smooth, Shiny, Frizz-free Curls

The pure tourmaline constructed salon grade heated rollers of this set not only gets hot quickly for a faster styling process but also ensures the health of your precious tresses by releasing plenty of negative ions to them. The negative ions also lock in moisture to make your manes smooth, frizz-free and while styling them with your favorite curls and waves. With its 1-inch and ¾ inch rollers, you can create versatile curls, ringlets, and beachy waves in your short to medium tresses quickly yet perfectly without cutting deep into your pocket.

Revlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

4. Conair Instant Heat W/Ceramic Hair Setter

Creates fabulous curls and waves

With its 12 heated curlers of 2 different sizes, this Conair styling kit is great for styling your short to medium hair locks with different types of curls and waves without even damaging your precious hairs; the ceramic construction and the ionic technology styles hair strands safely so that you can enjoy your travel without any worry.

Conair Instant Heat w/Ceramic Hot Rollers

Travel Hot Rollers Buying Guide

What Are Travel Hot Rollers?

In simple words, travel hot rollers are a set of curling rollers that you can travel with easily. They are the most lightweight and compact set of hair stylers that can fit in your bag or luggage effortlessly and you don’t have to worry much about how and where to carry them; more specifically, with a travel hair setter box, you don’t have to think about killing your luggage space in order to enjoy the perfectly set hair on your vacation.

Everyone wants to look their very best on vacation or even on a work trip and therefore, it is very important for them to carry a set of hair stylers to look oh-so-beautiful everywhere they go.

You might be wondering about the difference between a regular set and a travel set and why it is better to carry a travel set while you are on the run. Below, we have discussed in detail about the difference between travel hair setters and regular hair setters and also tried to list all the features that you should look for while buying a set of travel rollers for yourself.

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Difference and Similarities Between Travel and Regular Hot Rollers

Travel and regular rollers don’t have vast differences. In fact, these two categories of rollers must possess some core features and aspects in order to make the styling process quick and harmless; ionic technology is one such feature that is a must for both these categories as it not only ensures damage-less styling but also is responsible for resulting in silky, shiny hair locks. The negative ions released by the ionic generator inside each roller helps to saturate the balance between positive and negative ions of the hair and make them smooth and shiny while reducing frizz and heat damage by several notches.

On the other hand, the basic differences that both these roller categories and what features should be considered as “must haves” for travel heated rollers are as follows:

FeaturesRegular SetTravel Set
MaterialsUsually, we categorize hair types in fine and thick and choose the construction material of heated rollers in accordance to the hair types; ceramic, foam and tourmaline are good for fine/thin hair types whereas silicon, plastic, and titanium are the better choices for thick hair locks.Even though ceramic and tourmaline are the best pick for fine/thin hairs, they are not a bad material choice for thick hair locks too. Ceramic and tourmaline coating heats up quickly and spreads heat evenly to each hair strands for a perfect curly or wavy hairstyle regardless the hair type.
Weight and dimension While choosing the best hot rollers to use at home, we normally don’t pay much attention to the weight and dimension of it; it can be heavy and big and we still can use it perfectly to style our hair locks without facing any major difficulties.On the other hand, weight and dimension are probably one of the most important features to consider while buying a travel set; it must be compact and lightweight so that it fits in your travel bag effortlessly and is super easy to carry around. Always try to select a set that is not more than 2.5 pounds and is small and slim in size.
VoltageRegular rollers usually come in 110V which is the voltage to use them inside the US. Dual voltage is not necessary for the roller sets that are meant to use at home because they are not as compact and as lightweight as travel rollers and you don’t wish to carry them with your while traveling.Voltage matters for travel hot rollers. You always do not travel inside the country and when you wish to travel outside the US, a roller set with dual voltage is an added advantage. Hence, buy a set of rollers that come with dual voltage option to use it in any corner of the World.
Number of rollers and Rollers sizesWhen you buy a regular hot curler kit, the more the number of rollers the better it is. More rollers of several different sizes ensure that you can enjoy a variety of hairstyles in your hair locks; be your hair long or short, you can always style them with small ringlets to big curls and beachy waves.Alternately, a travel kit should have a limited number of rollers of different sizes in order to ensure that the set is lightweight as well as keep the size of the set compact and moderate. It’s best if you choose a kit with no more than 12 heated rollers of at least 2 different sizes to be your travel companion to enjoy a head full of perfectly styled hair locks.

Important Features of a Travel Hot Roller Set

  • Technology: Ionic
  • Material: Ceramic or tourmaline
  • Weight: Maximum 2.5 pounds
  • Voltage: Preferably dual voltage
  • Number of rollers: Maximum 12 rollers of different sizes
  • Rollers Diameter:
    • 1-inch and less for short to medium hair lengths
    • More than 1-inch for long hairs

Best Travel Hot Rollers Set

If you want to look photoshoot ready even when you travel, it’s always advisable to carry a set of rollers with you anywhere and everywhere you go. We suggest that you buy a roller kit that is sleek, lightweight and compact because these rollers take up very little space in your luggage and because of the weight; they are extremely easy to carry around.

Among several different models available in the market, we have selected a few and compared them to find the best travel hot rollers that you could buy:

PropertiesConair Instant Heat Compact RollersRemington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair RollersRevlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot RollersConair Instant Heat w/Ceramic RollersInfiniti Pro By Conair 2-Inch Hair RollersBaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Hair setter
Technology: IonicIonicIonicIonicIonicNoIonic and far-infrared emission
Material: Ceramic or tourmalineCeramicCeramicTourmalineCeramicAluminum core with double velvet flockingNano Titanium
Weight: Maximum 2.5 pounds9.6 ounces1.5 pounds1.25 pounds2.16 pounds3 pounds1 pound
Voltage: preferably Dual voltageDual voltageDual voltageDual voltageDual voltageDual voltageDual voltage
Number of rollers: Maximum 12 rollers10 multi-size Rollers10 rollers10 rollers12 rollers6 jumbo rollers5 extra-large rollers
Suitable for short to medium hair:Rollers of 1 inch and/or less diameterYes (Includes Three large rollers of 1-inch and Four medium rollers of ¾-inch)Yes (Includes Five medium rollers of 1-inch)Yes
(Includes Five Large rollers of 1-inch and Five medium rollers of ¾ inches)
Yes (Includes Eight Large rollers of 1-inch and Four medium rollers of ¾ inches)No (Doesn’t include rollers of 1-inch or less)No (Doesn’t include rollers of 1-inch or less)
Suitable for long hair: Rollers more than 1-inch of diameterYes (Includes Three extra-large rollers of 1 ¼ inch)Yes (Includes Five large rollers of 1 ¼ inch)No
(Doesn’t include rollers more than 1 inch of diameter)
No (Doesn’t include rollers more than 1 inch of diameter)Yes (Includes Six Jumbo rollers of 2 inch)
Yes (Includes Five extra-large rollers of 1 ½ inch)

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter

Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers - V1 Nov

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Suitable to Style All Types (Fine and Thick) and Lengths (Short and Long) of Hairs

The reason this Conair Instant Heat Compact set landed a position in this list is that:

  • The rollers are all constructed using ceramic material which is suitable to style both fine and thick hair locks without damaging them.
  • The ionic generator incorporated in each of the curlers releases plenty of negative ions for safe styling as well as silky, shiny, salon quality locks.
  • Conair included 10 multi-sized rollers to this kit with which you can style both long and short hair lengths hairs with dynamic small tight ringlets, perfect beach waves and voluminous big curls for more versatile styles every day.
  • This styling kit is extremely lightweight and you won’t find it hard to carry around with you.
  • The dual voltage facility of this Conair Hair Setter makes it suitable to use in abroad also.
  • To add more, the hot curlers of this set feature a patented design and come with starter strips that grab hair strands quickly and easily for a more secure grip.
  • Moreover, Conair included a soft, zippered pouch with this set that not only holds the rollers while heating but also helps to carry the roller with ease while traveling.


  • 90-second heat-up time for quick heating and instant styling results
  • Suitable for all types and lengths of hair
  • Produces shiny, silky curls and waves
  • At 8 x 4.8 x 3.8 inches dimensions, this set is small, sleek and compact
  • The carrying pouch is heatproof and therefore, it’s very safe and secure
  • All the rollers feature ribbed finishes that roll out of the hairs easily without tangling and pulling
  • The kit also comes with 10 metal clips to hold the rollers securely in place
  • This roller set is moderately priced and has a very budget-friendly price tag
  • Conair offers a 1-year Limited warranty on this model


  • Some might not like the pretty pink color

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Suitable for Medium to Long Hair of Both Fine and Thick Hairs

The H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers from Remington scored the second place and couldn’t top the list only because all the 10 heated rollers of this hair setter are 1-inch and more in diameter which is amazing at creating lustrous waves and big voluminous curls in your medium and long hair locks; but the rollers cannot create small curls and are also not suitable to style super short hair locks and hence, it didn’t come as our first choice.

Aside from this minor gripe, the Remington H1015 Hair Setter is an absolute blessing to carry with during your travels as:

  • The ceramic construction makes the rollers absolutely perfect to use on both fine and thick hair locks without having to worry about any heat damage.
  • For added protection, the rollers are adorned with a built-in ionic generator each that, aside from hair protection, also makes hair smooth and frizz-free.
  • It is super lightweight and compact; at 9 x 4 x 4 inches dimensions, this set is one of the most compact set you will find in the market with such varieties of versatile features and a very competitive price range.
  • The rollers feature dual-voltage facility which makes this heated curler kit even more convenient for International travelers.
  • Additionally, the ceramic ribbed rollers are color-coded so that you don’t have to spend more time figuring out the size of the roller you want to use; moreover, the ribbed surface also saves time as they get out of hair easily and you don’t have to struggle with tangling and hair pulling.
  • Moreover, to make this styler more travel-friendly, Remington incorporated the rollers in a smart pouch that not only holds the rollers for heating but also makes them easy to store and easy to carry around anytime and anywhere you wish.


  • Remington added 10 exclusive J-Clips to this H1015 set to ensure better hold and less creasing; the clips are also color-coded for maximum convenience
  • All the rollers have cool touch end that offers plenty of safety and heat protection to the users
  • The set comes with a user manual to provide more information about the rollers and how to use them properly
  • This roller set is covered by 2 years Limited warranty period


  • Some might look for butterfly clips as well

Note: This model name is renamed from H1015 to H1016.

What our tester says

This Remington hot roller set has been my travel companion for the longest time. It is not only easy to pack and travel with but these rollers also create the most lustrous curls even on the go.

Jayme Burns

Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers

Revlon Curls-to-go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers - V1 May

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Suitable to Create Versatile Curls and Waves in Short to Medium Tresses (both Fine and Thick)

We consider this Curls-to-Go heated roller set as one of the best options to create various curly hairstyles in your short to medium length hair locks when you are on the run because:

  • This heated curler set comes with five ¾ inches and five 1-inch rollers, that can create versatile styles like small, tight ringlets to big, bouncy, voluminous curls and messy, beach waves in medium to short (even super short) hair locks super effortlessly.
  • But as this set doesn’t include rollers of more than 1-inch diameter, it is not suitable to style long length tresses and therefore, it couldn’t grab the top position in our list, even after offering some really amazing features to its users.
  • One such incredible feature of this professional quality curler set is that it is suitable to use on both fine/thin and thick hairs; Revlon constructed these heated rollers with pure tourmaline material with 3x ceramic coating (a hybrid combination of material that is suitable for all types of tresses) that heats up super quickly with an adequate amount of heat for a quicker styling session (because you don’t have all day to style your tresses when you are on a trip) but at the same time also makes sure that your precious manes don’t suffer from burns and hot spots and has uniform styling results by distributing the heat evenly all over your hairs.
  • The ionic technology incorporated by Revlon in these Curls-to-Go rollers also ensures your hair’s healthy by releasing plenty of negative ions to the tresses through the ionic generator that locks in hairs natural moisture and nourishment to fight disturbing frizz and flyaways from your delicate manes as well as also form a layer over the hair strands so that the high heat cannot damage or harm them beyond repair.
  • Furthermore, the dual voltage feature (110/220 V) of this styling kit not only makes it suitable to use inside the US but at the same time also makes sure that you can use it on your international destinations without having to carry any additional voltage converter and make your luggage heavier.
  • Another great feature of these professional caliber rollers is its compactness; at 3.2 x 7.2 x 5.1 inches dimensions, this Revlon heated roller set is considered as one of the most compact and lightweight (1.25 pounds of weight) hair styling toolset available in the market which takes a very little space of your bag and can be traveled with conveniently to anywhere you go.
  • Besides all the incredible features, the ribbed bodies of these curlers along with the ergonomically designed metal clips also play a pivotal role in creating uniform, sexy curls by securely holding the rollers in place so that they don’t slip off of your hairs even when you are not sitting stick straight.


  • The rollers come with a red dot indicator to signal when they are ready to use
  • Each roller is adorned with “Cool Touch Tips” to provide maximum safety to the users
  • The rollers are packed in an alluring plastic pouch for easy storage as well as easy traveling
  • The separate on/off indicator light for safety as well as convenience
  • Revlon provides a 3 Year Limited Warranty period to ensure the durability of the set


  • Not available in a whole lot of sizes

Conair Instant Heat W/Ceramic Hair Setter

Conair Instant Heat w/Ceramic Hot Rollers - V1 Nov

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Suitable for Styling Short to Medium Lengths of Both Fine and Thick Hairs

This Conair Instant Heat Compact Rollers came as our fourth preference because, At 2.16 pounds, this heated curler set still manages to be a bit heavier than the Revlon curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hot Rollers which is just 1.25 pounds. This slight change in weight might have a great impact if you are a light packer.

We have listed this model because:

  • The 12 rollers of this set measures 1-inch and less which are great for creating an array of dimensional curls ranging from teeny-tiny to big voluminous and fabulous waves in your short and medium length hairs but not as suitable to style your long hair strands.
  • The ionic generator in all the rollers releases a large number of negative ions to ensure that your hair locks remain damage-free and also static-free; negative ions also makes hair silky and smooth.
  • Conair constructed the curlers with a ceramic material to makes sure that people of different types of hair, from thick to fine and thin, can use the rollers avoiding the fear of hair damage from heat.
  • The dual voltage benefit assures that this heated styler can also be used on your various international trips outside the USA.
  • In addition, the rollers are color-coded and come in a fabric pouch to provide the user with maximum convenience and ease of use; with this curler kit, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find the size you want to use. Moreover, 12 pieces are enough to cover your full head at once.


  • This curler set also includes 12 color-coded clips to keep the rollers in place for better hold
  • The curlers feature ribbed finished bodies to ensure tangling-free, easy removal
  • The soft fabric pouch is easy to clean and easy to dry
  • The rollers are adorned with unique starter strips for better styling
  • This kit is available in 2 different color schemes for you to choose from
  • Backed up by Limited One-Year Warranty


  • Might not get as hot as any other rollers

Reasons for Not Choosing the Following Models

Infiniti Pro By Conair 2-Inch Hair Rollers

This set comes with some really amazing features and is great at creating big curls and waves. But we still couldn’t include this model in our best list because of the following features:

  • The rollers don’t incorporate ionic generator and hence they do not release negative ions to the hair locks to make the super smooth and lustrous.
  • Constructed with an aluminum core, these rollers heat up super quickly with a high amount of heat which might be harmful to your hair locks.
  • This roller set weights a tad bit more than the others and weight is a great factor for the travel set.
  • As all the rollers are 2 inches in diameter, they are not suitable for all types of curls and hair lengths; these rollers can only style long hairs with big, voluminous curls and perfect wave.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter

This BaByliss PRO Hair Setter is one absolutely compact and lightweight hair styling kit that had the potential to secure its position in our list, but for the following gripe, we couldn’t conclude it to be one of the best travel-friendly set:

This set contains only 5 extra-large rollers of size 1 ½ inch that are not perfect for styling your hairs with small, tight curls and also are not suitable to use on short and medium hairs.

Pro Tips for Travelers

What to do if you already have a regular roller set? Should you buy another roller set just for traveling purpose? Would that be wise?

The answer is No.

If you already own a set, then our advice is not to buy a new set altogether; instead, you could buy a voltage converter and a universal plug socket if you plan to travel outside the US and want to carry your heated rollers with you.

The Bonazza All in ONE World Travel Plug Power Adapter 2000 Watts Voltage Converter would make a great voltage converter for you as it is small, compact and extremely lightweight which makes this converter super travel-friendly.

Bonazza All in One Travel Adapter and Voltage Converter

Interestingly, this converter also works as a universal plug socket that would help the plug of your roller set to fit in any socket so that you don’t have to buy an extra plug socket for you International travels.

Moreover, it comes with a LED light to act as a power indicator and built-in short-circuit and surge protector to ensure the highest amount of safety during your usage. This power adapter can be used over 150 countries Worldwide.


  • 1. Conair Instant Heat Compact Hair Setter
  • 2. Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Rollers
  • 3. Revlon Curls-to-Go 10 Piece Travel Hair Setter
  • 4. Conair Instant Heat w/Ceramic Hair Setter


Each and every kit we have suggested above were handpicked by our experts after severe careful considerations as they all deliver everything and more than they have promised to the users. Even though these roller sets are compact and small, they do not lack in quality; they assure you eye-catching style even when you are on the run with their amazing features and styling abilities.


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    1. Thanks for asking.

      This BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair setter (BABNTHS10) is also an excellent travel hot roller’s set.

      It is lightweight and comes in a waterproof carrying pouch for carrying it conveniently. Furthermore, this set features a dual voltage heater to make it suitable for international use also.

      But if you have fine/thin hairs, we won’t suggest this set to you because the Nano Titanium material can burn your hairs and ruin your trip.

      The 1 ½ inch rollers are also not suitable for short hairs and creating tight, bouncy curls.

  1. Great article! Very informative writing

    Just a friendly advice

    You should have suggested a few more roller sets to give your readers more choices.

    1. We are glad that you liked our article.

      And thank you very much for the suggestion. We would definitely keep this mind in the future.

  2. Can I use my travel rollers even when I am not traveling? Like at home?

    And which rollers are best for medium fine hairs?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Thanks for asking dear!

      Definitely, you can use your travel rollers at home also. These rollers have all the qualities to create the curls and waves you want, anywhere and everywhere.


      All four models that we have mentioned above are totally suitable for medium fine hairs. You can buy any one of them for the perfect curling and waving outcomes.

  3. It’s a very helpful review. I would suggest everyone to once read this article before purchasing their travel hair tools. It comprises the best of best travel rollers of the market.

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