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Hot Rollers are those easy things that anyone can curl their hair. One can use it at home, salon or travel time without damaging their hairs than other hair curling products.

Now a day’s girls are using travel curling irons instead of hot hair rollers because curling irons take short times to make curls while traveling. May be those girls are not concern about their natural health of the hair while using those curling irons on their trip. Because sometimes a shortcut easy tool can make it worse. So if you are really concern about your natural hair health even in the travel time, use appropriate Travel Hot Rollers.

Travel hot rollers must have some beneficial things those can make it best one. So you must have to be careful before buying a nice travel hot roller. This article will guide you to reconsider on those things before buying a Best Travel Hot Rollers set.

Some additional qualities can make a normal hot roller travel-friendly!

For being a fine travel-responsive hot roller, it must have some extra qualities. Those amazing travel-friendly qualities are—

Materials and Technology

Some technologies are useful for reducing hair frizzes, some are for even heats, and some are for light weight and so on. But for a travel hot roller, it should be easy, simple & has all the qualities that all types of hair user can use it nicely! Lots of configuration could make a user gets confused during travel time.

During travel time it’s better to choose a hot roller set which contains ionic technology. If this ionic technology is combined with the ceramic material, it seals the hair cuticles and makes the curls frizz free with even heat.

Portable size and weight

Portability is the most important thing for a travel hot roller set. It should be light in weight and small in size that it can be easily fitted into your medium size vanity bag, which means your hand palm size. It means product length should be 4 to 5 inches.  Otherwise, it will be difficult to carry.

Compressed electric cage

Compact carrying cage can be the source of heat supply for a travel hot roller! An extra heating tray can make the travel roller set heavy and complex one. So the travel roller set should be nice small size, light in weight and most of all users friendly so that user can use it without any hassle.

Types of rollers

In travel hot roller set, rollers should not be in same sizes. Roller set must contain different sizes rollers so that users of different hair length, volume and types could use it nicely on travel time. The minimum numbers of the rollers should be at least 8 in a travel hot roller set.

Cool touch ends

All the hot rollers should have cool touch circle ends so that it will be safer for the user’s security. Users should not burn their hands/fingers while rolling hairs.

Dual Voltage Facility

Travel hot rollers should have dual voltage system. A user can travel internationally with that hot roller set. Sometimes products are written dual voltage, but still not working in other countries, why?

The answer is- the product plug-in system is different than the country plug-in outlet where you are visiting! So it will be wiser for you to carry an Adopter Plug during traveling according to roller set. For your help, I have given a list of the common adopter plug types—

Adopter Plug Types

Common DestinationsOutlet Type
Common Destinations
Japan, Taiwan, Central America, Caribbean, South America
Europe, Middle East, Israel, some Asian countries, some African countriesC,E,F
United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, some African countriesG
China, Australia, New Zealand, FijiI

Roller Clips

Roller clips are an important part of a roller set. They must be strong, flexible and nice that can be easily fitted with the rolled hair.

Heating Time

As a travel hot roller set, it must have the quality to heat up the rollers so fast for the users. Also, it should have the capability to make the thick hair nicely rolled up. As a travel hot roller set, it must be heated up within 2-3 minutes. But not more than 5 minutes.

Hair Grip

The surface area of the travel hot rollers should be smooth. Users should not face any trouble during hair rolling when they are in a hurry.


The international warranty of a travel hot roller set could be an effective one. If a user gets any trouble with the roller set, she can exchange it for a new one easily wherever she wants!


The price of the travel hot roller set should be reasonable so that anyone can afford the best travel hot rollers according to their country’s currency!

Hair Types

Different materials are used on different travel hot rollers which are not suitable for all types of hair. A user should check this out and choose the best travel hot rollers according to their hair types.

My Suggested Best Travel Hot Rollers

Remington H-1015 - Best Travel Hot RollersYou will get lots of travel-friendly hot rollers in the market. But all do not have enough qualities to be a best travel-friendly hot roller set. All we know that all the products have some positive or negative sides. So to find a best travel hot roller, you have to consider the little negative issues of a roller set and match the good qualities to be a best hot roller set which one is you are searching for!

As a hair expert, I will suggest my viewer to use Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact, 1-1 1/4 Inch, Red during their travel time. This Hot Roller Set has almost all the good qualities which I have already discussed above. Most of all, it hugely keeps the natural moisture or growth of the hair curls than a travel curling iron or hot roller does! Read the full review here.

Basic Specs

  • Clip Type: J-Clips
  • Cool Touch Ends: Yes
  • Weight: Only 1 pound
  • Electric compact cage (Only 10cm)
  • Ionic conditioning and Ceramic technology
  • Number of Rollers: 10 (Medium & Small)
  • Roller Sizes: 2 (1 & 1 ¼ inch)
  • Soft Grip
  • Voltage: Dual Voltage
  • Heating time: Only 90 seconds

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Some Helpful Tips

  • Carry an adopter plug while traveling. Sometimes dual voltage written products do not work properly because of different/ bad plug-in system. Good news is a small size adopter will not take so many spaces into your travel bag!
  • Always carry your warranty card if it’s valid for internationally. If you face any problem during travel time, exchange it immediately!
  • Carry a hair spray and use it during hair rolling time. It will help you to keep the curls static for a longer time.

Final Thought

Lots of travel-friendly hot rollers in the market can distract people for picking up the best travel hot rollers for them! So it will be wiser for people to make a list of qualities according to their travel-friendly criteria and match them with the products. Most matched quality of the product will be your Best Travel Hot Roller and we suggest Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact Hot Roller.
This article will also help you to find out the good qualities which are mostly needed to be a Best Travel Hot Rollers.

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