What Are the Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair in 2023?

Keeping gorgeous long hair is every girl’s dream but it also takes a serious amount of passion and patience to do so. Maintaining long hair can be challenging and the same goes for styling it. Because of the length of your hair, you need to invest both time and money to care for it properly. Therefore, while choosing a hot roller set, you need to understand the correct features of the product.

Best Hot Rollers For Long Hair - Women with Extra Long Hair

Here, for long hair, the main thing to consider is the length of the rollers and their diameter.

In this article, we have shortlisted hot roller sets which are an all in one solution for long hair. These products have a sufficient amount of rollers suitable for long hair and at the same time infused with materials and technologies that are safe for all types of hair.

Quick Review

We have picked great three products that are particularly suitable for long hair. Please check the following list:

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Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter
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Conair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair Curler
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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter
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T3 Volumnizing Hair Setter Luxe
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Buying Guide for Long Hair

What is Long Hair?

When we think of long hair, it might remind us of Rapunzel! However, your hair is considered long when it goes below the shoulder length. Shoulder length hair is medium and neither long or short.

Long hair

Although there is no hard and fast rule or measurements of what exact length your hair has to be considered long, these are the abstract but popularly established idea of long hair, especially for women.

If the length of your hair is below shoulder to above hip, the rollers we will suggest will be helpful.

But, if the length of your hair is beyond your hips, it might be challenging to use heated hair rollers to curl your hair.

Why Is the Length of Your Hair Important?

What size of hair roller you need to choose will depend on the length of your hair to a great extent. The sizes are popularly known as Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small and Petite. But the barrel lengths and diameter can be a bit challenging to understand at first.

The rollers that are the largest by diameter and length are the jumbo rollers and similarly, the petite size is with the smallest diameter of the barrel. Wider barrels can hold month length of hair rolled onto it. Therefore, if you have very long hair, we’ll suggest jumbo rollers for your hair. If it is halfway towards your upper arm, try the large ones. If you want curls more than waves, go for medium rollers.

Caruso C97953 Banner
Babyliss BABNTCHV21 Banner
Conair HS10X Banner
T3 Voluminous Luxe Banner

Small or petite rollers, however, will make your curls either too tight or would not have the capacity to hold so much hair so we do not recommend these sizes for long hair. Using heated rollers is a skill and it might not be perfect the first time you do it, especially for long hair, you will be needing more patience.

The following table illustrates what barrel length or barrel diameter actually stands for when it comes to hot rollers. Also, keeping the hairstyles for long hair in mind we would also include what hairstyles can be achieved using rollers of different sizes.

Keeping the hair length and hairstyles in mind, we have made the following table which might help you understand the sizes better.

Desired Hair StyleLength of BarrelBarrel Diameter
Big Curls3.5 inches2 inches / 2 ½ inches
Lose Waves3.5 inches1 ¾ inch
Beach Waves3.5 inches1 ¼ inch
Defined Curls of Body Waves3.5 inches1 ½ inch
Frequent Waves3.5/ 2.5 inches1 inch

As you can see the above table, if you want to achieve the hairstyles mentioned in your long hair, your barrel length has to be 3.5 inches. If your hot roller is medium then the barrel length can be 2.5 inches too. The barrel diameters will change according to the sizes.

So do check you roller set and if they have the sizes you want to create the styles.

More Information on the Sizes of Rollers for Long Hair

Rollers and their sizes are directly related to the length of your hair and nothing else. You need to know how you can get the desired sizes in the market and by what names are the most popular.

Long hair hot roller sizes

Remember, the sellers will not mention the barrel length or the diameter, but you’ll know the rollers by their size names. As mentioned before, these rollers are available by the names Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small and Petite.

We recommend the size Super Jumbo, Jumbo. Large and Medium for long hairstyles.

To understand what sizes correspond to what barrel length or diameter, do check the table below. The ticked sizes are what you need to look for while getting your set of heated rollers.

Size NameDiameter of BarrelLength of Barrel
Super Jumbo/ Jumbo2 ½ inches/ 2 inches3.5 inches
Large1 ¾ inches/ 1 ½ inch/1 ¼ inch3.5 inches
Medium1 inch2.5/ 3.5 inches
Small½ inch, ¾ inch2.5 inches
Petite5/8 inch, 3/8 inch2.5 inches

Hair Type, Hair Length and Technologies

Our focus in this article is the length of your hair. In fact, heated hair rollers are useless if you do not have the correct size available that will be able to style your hair based on its length.

Therefore it is clear that the length of your hair and the size of your hair are directly related. Companies that produce rollers usually target the length of your hair more than the type of your hair. Because for long hair, you need to look for a hot roller set that has enough of jumbo, large or medium rollers to style it.

But hair type is not less important. The kind of technology you should choose largely depends on the type of hair you have.

But for the ease of people with all kinds of hair, we have done deep research to find which products are there that will suit any type of hair.

To boil it down, when it comes to rollers we tend not to complicate the hair types and confuse the users because the barrel lengths, diameter and all of those sizes need to be understood well in the first place.

Our goal in this write up is to give you a complete solution and inform you about the heated hair rollers that are suitable for all hair types. The following are the technologies you should be looking for in order to achieve an all in one solution for long hair.

Available Hot Roller TechnologiesHair Types they Are Suitable For
TourmalineAll Hair Types

If you pick a hot roller set with any of the above mentioned technologies, you are safe.

Barrel Types

Other than the different sizes of rollers, there are two types of rollers which are either smooth textured or ribbed barrels.

Smoothly textured ones are usually covered with foamy or velvety materials while the ribbed textured ones have holes in them to pass the heat through.

Hot rollers barrel types
Hair Roller Foam, Flocked & Ribbed Barrel

Barrels that are covered with foam sheets are called foam barrels and Barrels that are covered with velvety fabric are called flocked barrels. Both foam and flocked barrels function as hair protectants against friction and frizz. They also retain heat comparatively more.

Ribbed barrels, on the other hand, are fine for temporary styling purposes but regular use can cause frizz. Therefore, we do not recommend ribbed heated rollers over the ones that are covered with foam or fabric.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Please read the following important rules that will help you choose the correct products.

Track the Timing till Your Hair Is Set!

Hot rolling is a healthier option compared to using curling irons or other gadgets but it isn’t the quickest way to style your hair.

Although the rollers do say in their packages it takes less than 10 minutes to set, that isn’t entirely true. The longer you keep your rollers the better they’ll set. But that should not be too long though.

We recommend you to keep your rollers on for about 25 to 30 minutes and see whether its cool to touch and then remove them.

Get the Roller Sizes According to Preferable Styles

For hair that is longer below the shoulder, it is necessary to get Jumbo, Large or Medium sized rollers.

It is recommended you use curlers with wider barrels to create appropriate styles in long hair.

For defined curls, medium sized rollers work just fine on longer hair.

But if you choose small or petite rollers, chances are your curls will be too tight and will look odd or you will not be able to secure the rollers properly to your scalp for it simply will not be able to hold so much hair for lesser barrel length.

Have a Look at This Checklist

With the mentioned featured in this table, you can easily choose from the numerous rollers available in the market. You can use this checklist to choose any product you like and that fulfills your requirements.

  • Material and Technology: 1st Preference: Steam Technology, 2nd Preference: Tourmaline, 3rd Preference: Ceramic, 4th Preference: Ionic Technology
  • Barrel Sizes: Super Jumbo, Jumbo, Large and Medium
  • Barrel Length: 3.5 inches
  • Barrel Width: 2 inches, 1 ½ inch, 1 ¼ inch and 1 inch
  • Total Number of Rollers: Minimum 8 – Maximum 30
  • Preferred No’s of Jumbo or Super Jumbo Rollers: Minimum 6
  • Clips: 1st Preference: Plastic shield, 2nd Preference: Jay Clips/ Comfort clips, 3rd Preference: Punch clips

Best Hot Rollers for Long Hair

We have chosen our top 3 hot rollers for long hair after much scrutiny and by shortlisting from hundreds of products available in the market. You will not find rollers that many other lists on the internet have mentioned as top products.

Our choices are more realistic and not blind guesses we made out of nowhere. The products in our list have almost all the features a hot roller should have for long hair and they meet our expectations very well.

Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setters

Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter - V1 Dec

Ranking Position: 1

Our Opinion: Most Affordable

These rollers are renowned worldwide for their effectiveness and good quality. Also, these are the best heated- rollers you can get within a budget. Please be cautious while choosing Caruso hair setter as there are frauds in the market selling fake rollers that can have malfunctions or lead to accidents.

Price-wise and quality-wise we give this product the 1st place on our list for its healthy molecular steam technology that creates the most long-lasting curls.

This hot roller set comes with a heating pod or a steam pod. Use distilled water in this pod and let it heat up and wait till you see visible steam coming out from the pod. Put each roller on the pod and keep them for a few seconds to absorb the steam and heat.

The rollers take very little time to absorb the heat and steam and you can roll them up as soon as you feel they are heated. Section your hair in several parts. Place the cap over the steam for a few seconds and secure the roller to your scalp with the clip.

The clips are basically plastic shields that are brilliantly designed to trap moisture and heat in the rollers and the strands of your hair get their perfect shape as a result. Heat and humidity can break the binds of your cuticles to reshape and style them the way you want. Wait for 25 to 30 minutes and wait for the rollers to be cool to remove. You’ll be impressed with your curls as you remove them.

Each Caruso set comes with 30 rollers of different sizes. Our advice is, get their replacements which are jumbo, large or medium according to the kind of hairstyle you want. Jumbo and Large rollers can create big curls or waves depending on your techniques. Medium ones will be able to create more defined curls. Choose your rollers depending on your choice of style.

To make a fair judgment, we compared Caruso Molecular Steam hair setter with other popular models for long hair in the market. See the table below to understand our choice over other hot roller sets.

Must-Have FeaturesCaruso Molecular Steam RollersConair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair CurlerBabyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hot RollersConair Xtreme Instant Heat Hair SetterVokai Labs Flocked Velvet Coated Hair Setter
Tourmaline/ Ceramic/ Steam/ Ionic/ Non-Ionic
(Molecular Steam)
(Ceramic with Ionic Technology)
Barrel Length
3.5 Inches
Barrel Width
1 inch to 2 inches
(Minimum 6)
(6 with 2 inches,6 with 1 ¼ inch, 6 with 1-inch diameter)
(six 1 ¼ inch, and six 1 ½ inch rollers)
(8 with 1 ¼ inch and 6 with 1-inch diameter)
(8 with 1 ¼ inch and 6 with 1-inch diameter)
(8 with 1 ¼ inch and 6 with 1-inch diameter)
Total Number of Rollers (Minimum 8, Maximum 30)Yes
(30 Rollers)
(12 Rollers)
(20 Rollers)
(20 Rollers)
(20 Rollers)
Clip Preferences:
(Plastic Sheilds/Jay Clips/ Punch Clips)
(Plastic Shields)
(Butterfly clips and Jay Clips)
Suitable ForAll Types of HairAll Types of HairCoarse HairFine and thin hairAll Types of Hair

Although all the rollers mentioned in the table can be used on long hair to create styles, we cannot guarantee them to be better in terms of keeping the health of your hair in check.

However, Caruso is the healthiest and the most appropriate option among them all because of its molecular steam technology. It has the most recommended features as well as people who use this product mostly fall in love with it for its quality.

Also notice, they have the most amount of usable rollers for long length hair compared to the other four sets and neither are the rest of the four sets (except Conair Pro Porcelain Curler) suitable for all types of hair or made with recommended technology.


  • Styles hair without burns and damages
  • Perfect for creating versatile curls in long hair
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Ensures frizz-free, smooth styling
  • Lightweight


  • Might take a while to heat all the rollers

Conair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair Curler

Conair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair Curler

Ranking Position: 2

Our Opinion: Alternative Affordable Roller Set

If you are looking for an affordable set of rollers for your long tresses without the steam technology, then this Conair Hair setter set from their Pro Porcelain Series is just the right one for you. We are saying this because this heated rollers set offers incredible features and aspects and promise to create dimensional curls and waves in any types of long manes while also keeping the price tag (below $50 Dollars) within the reach of every potential customer.

Now let’s talk about its features.

Conair constructed these heated rollers using 100% pure ceramic material which is an organic and non-metallic matter and can generate a very moderate amount of heat that is just enough to style both fine/thin and coarse tresses to the perfection without exposing them to any heat damage and burns.

The ceramic component also helps to distribute the gained heat evenly throughout your manes so that each hair strand gets the same amount of heat to form uniform curls and waves and at the same time also don’t suffer from any hot spots and untimely hair breakage.

Another feature of this set that ensures the good health of your long hairs even after applying heat to them is the ionic technology; Conair installed an ionic generator in this hot curler set that releases plenty of negative ions to the hair locks that not only saturates the ionic condition of the scalp for healthier manes but at the same time also seals in hairs natural moisture and nourishment to actively fight against frizz and flyaways. More moisturized and elimination of frizz ensures a gorgeous outlook and makes your hairs look silky, smooth and shiny.

These negatively charged ions also create a layer over your manes that protect them from the heat you apply to them for the styling purposes.

One more reason for picking this styling tool kit for long tresses is the number and sizes of heated rollers it comes with; with 6 large and 6 jumbo rollers (Total 12) you can create different types of dynamic styles, from big, bouncy curls to sexy beach waves, in your luscious long hairs effectively yet quickly.

We are ensuring quick styling with these rollers because they emit far infrared energy that enables the heat energy to penetrate each hair strand and style them from the inside out so that your hairs are not only curled super-fast but also extremely flawlessly that remain in your manes for longer period of time.

Aside from these main features, Conair also kept in mind about some very minor aspects, like adding 12 Jay clips and 12 plastic butterfly clips, to assure its user’s convenience. You can choose the clips that suit you the best to hold the rollers in place securely in the hairs so that they don’t slip away and ruin your hairstyle.


  • Makes softer, shinier curls in minutes
  • Integrated heat sensors for safety and convenience
  • Cool touch ends for added safety
  • Includes 2 types of clips for a secure hold
  • Comes in a container box for easy storage


  • Heavyweight box and hence not portable

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hair Setter

Ranking Position: 3

Our Opinion: Best For Long Thick Hair

This Nano Titanium Roller Hair setter from the mighty BaBylissPRO is yet another of our favorite hot roller set for long tresses. It not only comes with all the features to create dimensional curls and waves in your long strands but also has more than a few other factors to make your styling sessions smooth and safe.

However, unlike the other heat rollers on this list, these BaBylissPRO curlers are not suitable for all types of hair out there. As they are constructed with high-quality Nano Titanium material, you can use these rollers to style your thick tresses effectively and quickly for the most gorgeous results.

Nano titanium rollers are suitable for thick, “stubborn” tresses because they accumulate high heat quickly and retain this heat for a long amount of time so that the rollers can curls the hair precisely in the shortest possible time. Moreover, as this amazing material distributes heat evenly to each hair strand, there are zero chances of hot spots and hair damage even with such high heat.

Besides this incredible feature of Nano titanium, another aspect of these rollers that ensures perfect curls is their velvet flocking. The smooth, velvety surface of these curlers can store the gained heat longer than the others, and therefore, better results than many of their competitors.

However, even though the velvet overlay stores heat, it also acts as a barrier between your hair strands and the high heat. It protects them from burning down greatly. Furthermore, this super plush surface keeps frizz and static away from your thick tresses to make sure that they look as gorgeous as ever after the curling sessions.

In addition to the roller construction material and flocked surface, its technology also contributes to styling the long thick tresses efficiently. BaBylissPRO used the far-infrared emission technology in this hair setter set to form the curls and waves precisely. The heat from this extraordinary technology reaches the core of the hair strands and curls them from deep within so that they are not only created perfectly but also hold for hours to come.

Moving on, the factor that made these rollers suitable for long tresses is their size. Keeping in mind about the length, BaBylissPRO included 12 large rollers of 1½ inches in this set so that you can curl and wave your tresses effortlessly all at a time. As 12 curlers are enough to style your strands, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying extra for seamless styling.

These rollers also come with 2 different sets of clips [12 butterfly clips and 12 color-coded metal clips] to hold them securely in place.


  • Smooth roller surface for crease-less, smooth curls
  • Retains high heat for a quick styling session
  • Doesn’t burn or damage the hair whatsoever
  • Distributes heat evenly for uniform, long-lasting curls


  • It only works on coarse hair

What our tester says

I love how my curls come out after using these rollers. Because I have a lot of hair on my head, I appreciate the fact that this roller set comes with a lot of clips to hold hair securely in place. I can put them up and do my makeup without worrying about my rollers falling off anytime soon.

Louisa Johnson

T3 Volumizing Hair Setters Luxe

T3 Volumnizing Hot Rollers Luxe - V1 Dec

Ranking Position: 4

Our Opinion: Luxurious Pick

T3 is an already famous brand for its luxurious hairdryers and other gadgets. Their products are winning awards every few years and guess what, T3 has made one of the greatest products for long hair.

This hair setter is great because of its signature tourmaline-ionic technology. T3 is among the very few brands that have incorporated Tourmaline in heated rollers and that too very efficiently. These rollers will add the extra shine and smoothness to your curls that you have been longing for. These rollers are award-winning too! Among the honors they received, there is Martha Stewart Big Day Beauty Award 2013, Allure Best of Beauty Award 2014 and Elle Genius Award, 2014.

This hair setter comes with the perfect barrel sizes you need for long hair and unless you have a lot of hair and 8 rollers are not enough, you can get its large or medium replacements. The set consists of 4 extra-large or jumbo rollers and 4 large rollers that can create the perfect beach waves.

The Machine or the heating pod has an auto shut off, the option that saves you the worry of keeping the device on for hours and your rollers will be ready to use just in time. Its barrels and the heating elements of the pods are infused with tourmaline and ionic charges that conditions your cuticles naturally while curling them.

The only drawbacks that these rollers tend to have it is a bit heavier than other rollers in weight and their clips are punch clips which are not always very helpful to secure the rollers to the scalp. These are the little glitches in designing these rollers and hence we could not give it the 1st place. Otherwise, the quality of your hair is enhanced manifold by using this product and it is excellent in every other way.

These rollers will give you the best beach waves you ever imagined.

Keeping other products that people tend to choose for long hair, we have compared T3 Volumizing Hair Setter with two other products for you to have a look.

Must-Have FeaturesT3 Volumizing Hair Setters LuxeCalista Tools Ion Long Style SetRemington H9096B T|Studio Silk Ceramic Heated Clip Setter
Tourmaline/ Ceramic/ Steam/ Ionic/ Non-Ionic
Barrel Length
3.5 Inches
Barrel Width
1 inch to 2 inches
(Minimum 6)
(4 with 2 ½ inches and 4 with 1 ½ inches diameter)
(6 with 1 ¼ inch)
(12 with 1 ¼ inch)
Total Number of Rollers (Minimum 8, Maximum 30)Yes
(30 Rollers)
(12 Rollers)
(20 Rollers)
Clip Preferences:
(Plastic Sheilds/Jay Clips/ Punch Clips)
(Plastic Shields)
(Punch Clips)
(Punch Clips)
Suitable ForAll Types of HairAll Types of HairAll Types of Hair

T3 Rollers have Tourmaline and therefore wins over the other two products which are also great. Keeping the overall quality and efficiency of T3 heated rollers, it stands out more compared to the other sets of rollers and hence we chose this to be on our list.

Also, users who have tried T3 rollers, apart from its heavyweight hasn’t complained much about this product and experienced an enhanced quality of hair after using them.


  • Ensures long-lasting volume in long hair
  • 2 heat settings to suit every type of hair
  • Provides quick and precise results
  • Auto shutoff for maximum safety
  • Worldwide voltage makes it travel-friendly


  • Doesn’t come in any container box
  • The price might be expensive for some

Final Verdict

To achieve perfect long hairstyles using heated hair rollers, the premium factors to keep in mind are therefore to have sufficient Jumbo or Large Rollers and a fair amount of Medium rollers. Choosing the proper barrel measurements is key to successful hairstyles or else it can get embarrassing. Also, to ensure proper care of your hair while styling, it is important to check if your roller set has the appropriate material or technology.

Using the information provided here, you can choose any product that seems more effective for you.  Last but not least, do not be a blind follower of anything on the internet and its best to be an informed consumer.


  1. Hello there!

    I have long, fine hairs and none of the styles seem to last in my hairs.

    Please suggest me an excellent set of rollers for my hairs that would make the curls lasts for long?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for asking us!

      You can use the Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setters to style your long, fine manes.

      These rollers are not only extremely safe to style delicate fine hairs but at the same time also hold the curls and waves for longer than usual.

      Moreover, if the 30 pieces of rollers don’t cover all your hairs, or you need some more of a particular size, you can buy them separately.

      We can assure you this Caruso set will provide you with the best value of your money.

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    1. Thank you very much, Jackie, for such kind words.

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      But then again, we will take your complaint in serious consideration and would definitely come up with some solutions.

      Thank you for your patience.

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    1. Dear Delany,

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      Please keep coming back for more reviews in the future.

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    I never had any hot roller and I neither felt the need for it. But after reading your article I was tempted to try out the heated rollers on my long hair and therefore, I bought the T3 – Volumizing Hot Rollers, and I must say they are just lit. My long tresses never look so voluminous and perfectly styled. Also, they didn’t burn or damage my precious tresses a bit. I just fell in love with these rollers.

    Thank you for always reviewing the best.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Dear Jessica,

      It’s great to hear that our article helped you in some way or the other. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are sure this would help our readers.

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