Jenny Robinson

Hi, my name is Jenny Robinson. I am a simple, cheerful girl, born in New York City. From my teenage age, I was popular with the title ‘Most Stylish Girl’ in my surroundings. Makeup, smart dressed up, perfect hair styling always makes me unique than other girls.

I am graduated from New York University, US. I had the motivation for working with beauty related products at the age of 18. During my student life, I used to work at a cosmetics counter as a part-time job. Having been gripped with beauty products, I decided to start my career as a freelance writer. Even I have completed a diploma course on makeup. Actually, I always want to share my ideas, opinion about beauty products, hair styling tools, reviews, skin care hair care and so on. I am a writer at Best Hot Rollers Today Team.

Jenny Robinson

Sometimes women who have less knowledge of girly things like makeup, style, fashion or beauty related products. They face problem to choose what will suit on them or what not. I want to share my ideas and thoughts from my previous experience and knowledge. I also want to give all the tips and tricks about beauty related products or makeups to all the confused girls which are best them.

My depth knowledge and explanation of products will be seen in my stylus. I explain them so adequately in my writing. With each and every detail, I think my reviews are enough helpful.

I am not only a freelance writer but also a dedicated businesswoman. I am the proprietor of a beauty salon which is one of the famous salons in NY! I am not only a director but also a trained beauty advisor in my salon.

My hobby is traveling and photography. I love to explore new places and capture them in my camera frame. Reading is a good source for me to pass my leisure time. Spending time with family is another favorite thing of mine.

I am also a winner of the Victorian Business Women Awards for 2015. As a beauty expert and blogger, I have created my place as one of the expert stylish and recognized faces in all over NY with my passion and hard work. Follow my articles regularly and keep yourself up to date always with the trend.

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