How to Do Perfect Waves without Using Any Hot Tools

You should have known that your hair gets damaged mostly from the heat of weather or the heat of your hair styling tools like curling iron, hot rollers, hair dryer, etc. In summer days, the heat affects more to your hair and it becomes frizzy.

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Today we are describing some easy ways that you can style your hair without using any heat tools. These ways are easy and convenient. So, let’s check out the natural wavy hair styling guides.

1. Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are super easy to do and time convenient plus you do not need many things to do this style. You can do this curl the night before. Or you can use a hair spray while getting ready. Either way, you will get beautiful waves without using any heat products.

Beachy Waves - V1 May

Tools & Products You Will Need

  1. Redken Guts Volume Spray Foam to keep the curl stay in place
  2. Hair Comb
  3. Hairband
  4. Water

The Procedures

Step 1 – Damp your hair with water and Comb the hair to untangle it. Make two sections from the middle and pull it forward.

Step 2 – twist the section tightly, away from your face. Make it tight is important. Do it both sides and tie it together with the hairband.

Step 3 – Wait until it’s dry. When the dampness of the hair dries completely, spray it with the hair spray and set it for some time.

Step 4 – When the hair spray dried out, pull the hairband out and gently comb it with your hand. That’s it; the perfect beachy waves are ready.

This process is time-consuming since here we do not use any heating tools. But if you need a quick solution then you can use hot rollers which are perfect for beach waves. In this way, you can get it within 20-30 minutes.

2. Headband Waves

Though this curling method is called headband curl, it is a hairstyle itself. You can go out in any kind of event with this method without actually making your hair curl. But as we are talking about curl today, let’s find out how we can get a headband curl.

Headband Waves

Tools & Products You Will Need

  1. Headband, to tuck the hair in.
  2. Comb to untangle the hair
  3. Water to damp the hair
  4. ORIBE Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Crème to set the curls

The Procedures

Step 1 – Brush the hair to untangle it and then dump it with water. Then slide the hairband over your hair.

Step 2 – Make small sections of your damp hair and twist it away from your face. Then tuck the hair under the hairband and do it again like a loop. Repeat it with the full length of your hair.

Step 3 – Repeat the process with all of your hair and set it to dry or leave it overnight and sleep.

Step 4 – Remove the headband and run the fingers around the hair. Spray some hair spray and the curl is ready.

3. Twisting Waves

This is another one of the easiest curls and works great in straight hair. This curling method is so easy that anyone can do it on their hair and it will not take more than ten minutes max. You can do it the night before for a hustle free morning. Besides, this method creates stunning waves without using any heat products.

Twisting Waves

Tools & Products You Will Need

  1. Hairpin to keep the hair in place
  2. It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Product hair spray to keep the curls in place
  3. Comb to remove tangles.
  4. Water to damp the hair.
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The Procedures

Step 1 – First of all, untangle your hair using the comb and damp it with water. Make two sections and pull it from the shoulder.

Step 2 – Twist one section away from your face. Pull it over and wrap it around your head. Stick it with a hairpin.

Step 3 – Repeat the same process with another part of the hair. Leave it overnight or until it’s dry.

Step 4 – Undo the hair and run the finger around it. Use the hair spray to set the waves.

4. Bun Wave

This is one of the wavy hair styling methods which requires minimal products and it is very comfortable. If you want to do overnight waves and other waving options are bothering your sleep, you can easily rely on this one. This method is so easy that you will not need any extra time for this as well.

Bun Wave

Tools & Products You Will Need

  1. Water to damp the hair.
  2. Comb to untangle it.
  3. A bobby pin.
  4. Hair spray.

The Procedures

Step 1 – Damp the hair with water. Untangle it to avoid frizz. Make a ponytail up on the head.

Step 2 – Pull the hair forward and twist it away from your face and take the twisted hair twist it again around the base of your ponytail. Basically, make a twisted high bun.

Step 3 – Make the high bun if you want volume wave. But if you want a tight wave, make two sections of your hair and pull it forward. Twist it away from your face like before but this time make two separate buns, both side of your hair.

Step 4 – Sleep in the bun. In the morning undo it and separate the hair with your finger. Use hair spray to set the waves.

5. Charlie curls wave

This is another one of the easiest methods of creating waves on your hair. If you do not know what Charlie curls is, it is a tool for curling hair and this tool does not use any heat. With this, you will need minimal time to wave your hair than ever. You can read more about here: (

Charlie Curls Wave

Tools & Products You Will Need

  1. Water to damp the hair
  2. Comb
  3. Charlie curls
  4. Hair spray to set the hair.

The Procedures

Step 1 – Damp your hair with water. Flip your hairs down and brush it to untangle.

Step 2 – Take the Charlie curls and make it into an oval shape with long ends.

Step 3 – Put your hair into the oval in the Charlie curls. Make a ponytail with it on the top of the hair and press oval shape so that it creates tension. Pull the Charlie curls all the way to the bottom of your hair.

Step 4 – Twist the Charlie curls backward or towards your head. Roll it with all of your hair.

Step 5 – When it comes on the top of your head twist the Charlie curls and make a bun.

Step 6 – Sleep with it or wait for 30 minutes. Undo the hair and separate it with hand. Spray the hair spray to set the waves.


Many girls out there are blessed with outstanding waves and many do not. Those who do not have natural waves tent to go with curling or waving with heat products. But if you use heating tools regularly it is very harmful to the hair. It damages the hair very badly and sometimes beyond repair. So try those methods to create waves with no heat and see which one is best for you. As it will not damage your hair by any means and it will also take very little time compared to the heating methods.