Long Hair, Oval Face? Try These Amazing Hairstyles!

An oval face is the most sought-after face shape owing to its versatility. It goes well with all hairstyles and is charmingly feminine.  Other face shapes such as square, round, heart, and pear are not as attractive as an oval face. They are often given hairstyles which create the illusion of an oval face.

Featured Image of Long Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Women with an oval face have an advantage over those with other face shapes. They can choose from a wide range of hairstyling options. With a few strokes of the brush and a flat iron (or hot rollers) to achieve sleek (or curly) styles, oval-faced ladies can flaunt a gorgeous hairdo at any time.

Read on to become acquainted with long hairstyles that will flatter an oval face. Given the right products and tools, these styles can be easily created at home.

Put down the expensive fashion magazine and check out the hairstyles described below. These hairstyles are great for women with long hair and complement an oval face beautifully. You can attempt these hairstyles yourself or ask a friend to help you out.

1. Half-up Braid With a Side Part

To create this style, you’ll need a flat iron, round brush, rat-tail comb, and hair ties. Start with freshly washed hair. Using the end of the rat-tail comb, part your hair an inch above your ear (you can pick any side). Mist a small amount of root lifting spray at the crown. With the help of your hairdryer and a round brush, create side swept bangs starting from the crown. Secure it with a bobby pin on the opposite side of the parting.

Half-up Braid With a Side Part Hairstyle

Separate the top half of your hair with duckbill clips and straighten the bottom half with a flat iron. Use the flat iron on the top half and then brush it back and tie it into a neat 3-strand braid. Spray a medium-hold hairspray to finish.

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This style can be perfected with the following products and tools. Available in most supermarket chains, they can also be purchased online by clicking on the links provided:

  • Living Proof Root Lifting HairsprayAn odorless product, this hairspray comes in 5.5-oz bottles. It will help to create volume at the roots and make flat hair appear thick without feeling sticky. It will give the side swept bangs in this hairstyle a little bounce and make dull hair look healthy.
  • Infinitipro by Conair Flat Iron Built with 1.25-inch tourmaline-ceramic plates, this flat iron has 30 different heat settings. It heats up in 15 seconds; distributes the heat evenly; and controls frizz, flyaways, and static. Pair this up with a good quality heat protectant (see below) to give you an elegant half-up braid.
  • Designline Get It Pressed Flat Iron SprayThis hairspray is value for money because it doubles as a heat protectant and a medium-hold styling spray. It will protect your hair against possible damage from heat-styling and help you achieve beautiful sleek styles within minutes. As a styling product, it will help your hair to hold the half-down sleek style for a long time without becoming too stiff.
  • Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Oil Round BrushMade with nylon bristles, this round brush is available in 3 sizes. The fascinating thing about this round brush is its barrel is infused with coconut oil. This helps to make your hair smooth and shiny. The round brush is perfect for creating a sleek style on long hair.

2. Beachy Waves With a Side-swept Dutch Braid

This style is suitable for wedding parties, graduation ceremonies, or coffee mornings. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you start styling it. If you detect even slight dampness, blow-dry it until it is 100% dry. Use a hairdryer diffuser for more efficient drying.

Beachy Wavy Hair With a Side-swept Dutch Braid

Apply a thermal protection serum and then set large heated rollers in your hair. After the rollers come off, mist an extra-hold hairspray to help the waves last longer. Take a section of hair (about 2 inches) from the crown to the hairline. Make a 3-strand braid and secure it behind the ear with bobby pins. You can apply a little hairspray over the braid if you wish.

Beachy waves are easy to get around. They can be created with a good set of hot rollers (make sure you use large or jumbo rollers), a curling iron with a barrel size of 1.5 or 1.75 inches, or a curling wand with a barrel measuring between 1.5 and 2 inches in width.

The products and tools recommended for the beachy waves style are listed below with a short description and a link for online customers:

  • Designline Curl Lock Curl Charger GelThis curling product will provide your beachy waves with a medium hold. The waves will hold much longer without becoming uncomfortably stiff. The lightweight formula will define your waves better without weighing them down.
  • ORS HAIRepair Coconut Oil & Baobab Thermal ProtectorPerfect for frizzy hair, this product can be applied on both dry and wet hair. Since it is a concentrated preparation, a few drops will suffice even for waist-length hair. Rub the product into your strands with your palms and fingers. Blow-dry with a diffuser (see below) to save time. Curl your hair with hot rollers or a curling iron and finish with a strong-hold hairspray (check out the one recommended here).
  • The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair DiffuserThe collapsible feature of this diffuser makes it very travel-friendly. It is a great way to fight frizz while achieving a salon-quality blowout.
  • Dove Hair Therapy Style+care Extra Hold HairsprayAvailable in 7-oz spray cans, this hairspray will give your beachy waves and side-swept Dutch braid shine and long-lasting hold.
  • Conair Pro Ceramic Hot RollersThis set of hot rollers sold by Conair has a dozen rollers – 6 large size and 6 jumbo size. Each roller has a ceramic core and is thus safe to use on any hair type. This set comes with both butterfly clips and metal clips. It is the best hair styling tool for beachy waves.

3. Ringlets With a Middle Part

This is a fairly simple style but looks incredibly chic. If you use hot rollers to create this style, make sure to choose small and medium rollers to achieve well-defined curls. Leave them in for as long as 30 minutes and finish with a firm-hold hairspray for extra hold.

Ringlets Hair With a Middle Part

The ringlets can also be created with a chopstick curler, which will do the job much better than any other curling device. Wait for about 10 seconds before releasing the hair from around its slender barrel.

Remember to start with 2-day-old hair and scrunch your hair with a good quality curling product prior to styling it. Prepare a cocktail of thermal protection cream and curl definition cream and apply it to the full length of your hair. Alternatively, you can mist a thermal protection spray followed by the curling cream.

The products and tools that will make this style a breeze are listed below along with links should you choose to buy them online:

  • Jindin Chopstick Curling WandBuilt with tourmaline-ceramic technology, this chopstick curler heats up in half a minute and distributes the heat over your strands uniformly. It has multiple heat settings to allow you to adjust the temperature as needed. Its 9-mm barrel makes it the ideal curling tool for creating tight ringlets.
  • DesignLine Curl Lock Curl CreamAs well as being an anti-frizz product, the DesignLine curl cream helps to give your curls definition and extra hold. You can bask in the glory of your ringlets for a longer time with the help of this curling product from Regis Corporation.
  • DesignLine Hot Stop Style PrimerSpray this style primer on dry hair before curling it with the chopstick curling wand. It is great to use before blow-drying or heat-styling.
  • DesignLine Finishing Spray Freeze SpritzSuitable for all hair types, this firm-hold hairspray is the perfect way to finish a ringlets hairstyle. It is non-aerosol, so a little will go a long way. Enriched with shea butter, this finishing spray by DesignLine will moisturize your hair as well as add strength and volume.

4. Tousled Waves With a Side Part

Invited to a barbecue party this weekend? No need to worry. This hairstyle will go perfectly well with the occasion. With the help of a rat-tail comb, part your hair on any side you prefer. Brush your hair with a paddle brush to ensure it is free of knots. Mist a heat protectant spray and apply a volumizing mousse. Take 2-inch sections of your hair at a time. Flat iron halfway from the top and twist the flat iron as you slide it down from the mid-length to the end.

Tousled Wavy Hair With a Side Part

When you finish, tousle your hair and spray a texture tousle finishing spray to give your tousled waves a flexible hold.

The products and tools that will help to take this style from concept to reality are listed below with links for online buyers:

  • DesignLine Weightless Thermal PrimerThis heat protectant spray comes in a 6.5-oz spray can and is made with a weightless formula. It protects the hair against breakage, heat damage, frizz, and tangles. It is also suitable for use on color-treated hair. This product will give your tousled waves protection from heat-styling as well as volume.
  • Professional Hair Straightener by FuridenThe Professional hair straightener can be used for both straightening the hair and curling it. It heats up rapidly and can go up to 450 F. A great time-saver, it will help you to create the tousled waves style much faster than a standard flat iron. Mist a tousle texture spray for a flexible hold and an impeccable finish.
  • DesignLine Texture Tousle Flexible FinisherInfused with argan oil, this finishing spray from DesignLine will protect your tousled waves from the effects of heat-styling and humidity. It has a flexible hold and can be used on all hair types. As its name suggests, it is meant to help you achieve the tousled look and make it last for a long time.


Many different hairstyles can make your face look more oval. The good thing you could do for yourself is to find a style, like beach waves or tight curls and wear it proudly! These styles will flatter any shape of the head – including an egg-shaped one such as mine.