All You Need To Know About Curl Type and How to Maintain It Properly

Not every curly hair is the same. People may have curly hair with different curl patterns. So then, your hair styling varies with each curl type and here we are today with a full guide on styling your curly hair according to your curl type.

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These curl shapes or the patterns grow naturally and the pattern is dogged by the shape of one’s hair follicle. However, it is true that day by day the curl patterns may change or affected by the heat, weather, pregnancy medicines, and other chemicals. Whatever curls type you have, it needs to be identified to style your hair accurately and to use the right products according to your curl shapes or pattern.

So, we have decided to make this guide elaborate and educate you intensely with every curl types thus you can make your next hair care and styling correctly rendering to your curl type.

What’s Your Curl Type?

First, you need to know exactly which curls type you have in your hair. There are mainly 4 types of curls.

  • Loose Curls
  • Medium Curls
  • Tight Curls
  • Kinky curls
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There are styling differences and guides for each curl. It is better to identify firstly your curls type, and then you can understand which style you should do on your hair.

  • If you have your curly hair in “S” shaped curl patterns, your curl type is called loose curls. With this curl type, your hair is non-uniform, loose and close to straight.
  • If your curls are “S” shaped but well defined, uniform with coiling shape and little bouncy, then your curl pattern is called medium or classic curls.
  • If your curl shapes are like a small corkscrew, tight coiled, fine and lighter in weight, then you have tight curl type on your curly hair.
  • If your curls are like zigzag “Z” shaped and very tightly coiled, then you have kinky curl type in your curly hair. For this type of curls on your hair, your hair can be shrunk up to 75% of its actual hair length.

A Details on Each Curl Type

Now, let us elaborate a few things about each curl types. Later we discuss the right products and proper maintaining according to your curl type.

Loose Curls

As we have told before, loose curls are non-uniformed and the curls are very loose, relaxed, “S” shaped. So, to styling this curls type, the hair needs to be pulled up and you should use the products that can hold the curls for long.

Loose Curls

Hairs with loose curls are also very fine and sensitive to climate. So the hardest part is to create volume to the hair. These curls are easy to straight so this is an advantage for the girls who like their hair in straightened form. But if you like to style your hair somewhat like curly, then you need to use some right products to style your curly hair. For that, you need a lightweight, curl-amplifying product which can give your curl a good texture, bounce and long lasting time.

Best Ingredients for Loose Curls

  • Natural Proteins – Natural proteins always give strength to hairs and this is what you need for your fine, relaxed and loose curls. Natural protein like Body-boosting silk and Hydrolyzed Wheat is best for every loose curl.
  • Botanical Humectants – The ingredients which are from botanical extracts are rich in infused moisture. For instance, green tea and arnica rosemary are rich in moisture and can shine your hair very well. It also beautifies the curl formation of your hair and promotes the hair length as well.
  • Lightweight Polymers – These polymers can boost your natural curls patterns or shapes and give your hair a touchable hold.


  • Loose curls always easy to straight but it prone to frizz
  • Having these curl type means you have less volume in your hair
  • And these hairs are very soft thus it cannot hold curl styling for long

Products, Care & Styling Guides

So, with the above discussion, you can know to understand which types of products and which styles you should apply on you lose curls. Let us help you out shortly.

  1. First, as having this curl type means very less hair volume, so you should always use amplifying shampoo, conditioner, spray, and foam. For this, we suggest you use Ouidad Playcurl Volumizing Shampoo and conditioner during your shower. For styling, you can use PlayCurl® Curl Amplifying Styling Spray. It helps the hair to hold the loose curls longer.
  2. Second thing is that loose curls prone to frizz and lack moisture. So, you can use Coconut & Monoi Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo which is a good quality moisturizing sulfate-free cleanser and gives you optimal manageability. Besides, Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner also works very well to remove frizz and maintain well-shaped curls on your hair.
  3. While on styling your curly hair, use Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse to have easy shapes and more volume. This mousse also provides long-lasting hold to your curly hair.
  4. And to maintain your curls the Daily Moisturizing Lotion is the perfect product for you. It enhances the loose curls very well.

Medium Curls

Where loose curls are non-uniformed, the medium curls are uninformed and defined “S” shaped. This the main difference between these two curl types. However, the medium curls start coiling from the root of your hair and mostly prone to dehydrated and frizz.

Medium Curls

This curl can be bouncy and the curls remain constantly the same most of the times. Medium curls are common curl type and generally, it has the same curl shape throughout the hair. This curl type does not need excessive moisture rather it needs gentle care and balanced moisture.

Best Ingredients for Medium Curls

  • Vital Vitamins: Medium curls need mostly vitamin B5 and E which are vital vitamins for curly hairs. These vitamins can make your every curl well-defined and moisturize your hair and fights with frizz.
  • Natural proteins: Natural proteins (like silk, wheat, soy) always add volume and strength to your hair and provide balanced moisture. It can make your curls healthy and strong curls.
  • Moisturizing Botanicals: The moisturizing botanicals add moisture to make your curls bouncy and manageable.


  • These curl type also suffers from frizziness and limpness.
  • Medium curl prone to dry and damaged

Products, Care & Styling Guides

To style the medium curls perfectly, the first important thing is to get a good and right hair cut according to the curl type. If you have medium curls on your hair, you need to cut your hair twice a year. Short and funkier styles look better and these styles last longer on this curl type. However, we have recommended some hair products which are best for styling and caring for your beloved hair.

  1. As medium curls prone to dry most of the time, so it is important to provide it enough moisture. From our long experience, we see that Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the best moisturizing shampoo and conditioner you can use for your curly hair.
  2. To fight frizz and damage, use Coconut & Monoi Coconut Milk Leave-In Nourisher on your wet hair.
  3. To maximize and make your curl definition, you should use Natural Honey Curl Forming Custard for your medium curly hair. Apply it on your wet hair and finger through your curls before styling.

Tight Curls

Tight curls are very spiral from root to the end. The hair is made with tightly coiled with spiral shapes or patterns. These curls are generally very lightweight and finer type. Without enough moisture, tight curls lose its shapes and tend to swell. Moreover, these curl type needs deep hydration for being strong and remain soft in texture.

Tight Curls - V2 May

However, having tight curls, you have to be worried about dryness all the time. These curls are complicated and get dried very often. When the hair is wet it gets longer. The sooner it gets dried, the hair becomes shorter. So styling the tight curls is hard most of the time. To style this hair, hot rollers and the curling irons may make your job done stress-free but we are not going this way today. If you are planning to buy hot rollers for tight curls then you can read our Guide.

With the right products, you can overcome every obstacle of styling your curls. We have found some products that can make your tight curl soft and ready to apply your styles. We are going to describe that below.

Best Ingredients for Tight Curls

  • Amino Acids: Amino acid is very popular for restoring dry curls and makes the curls shiny, luxurious and manageable. Try to use products that contain amino acids for your medium curly hair.
  • Breathable Botanicals: Breathable botanicals are famous for refill moisture and restore the whole curls inside out. It does not leave any residue or does not make your hair oily. This is very important for maintaining and styling tight curls.
  • Silk Proteins: Hair cream contains with silk protein is a necessary hair product for this curl type. Silk protein can keep moisture within your hair and give your curls elastic bounce and strong swing.


  • Having tight curls on your hair you may face fragile strands and knots.
  • Tight curls lack proper curl definition.
  • Your hair becomes dry very soon.
  • You may also face hair fall if you have tight curls on your hair.

Products, Care & Styling Guides

  1. So, you now understand that boosting moisture is the most important thing for your tight curls. So, here we recommend you to use Curl Quencher® Moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner for the best result.
  2. To get a maximum hold on the strands, use Natural Defining Creme Gel before applying any style on your curly hair.
  3. To have long lasting curls and style, use Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse. It also fights with frizz and dryness.
  4. And lastly, to have smooth and soft finishes on the hair edges, you can use Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer. This one is really an excellent product for tight curls.

Kinky Curls

As we have mentioned above, this curl type is “Z” shaped zigzag formed curls. The curls are so tightly coiled that it shrinks 75% of your real hair length. This curls generally fine, gentle and prone to breakage. This curl type needs serious moisture.

Kinky Curls

To style this curl type, always keep in mind that the more you put water on the curls, the more it will be easier to style. However, we are going to explain this properly below.

Best Ingredients for Loose Curls

  • Oils – Oils are the best natural moisturizer for any hair. For the kinky curl type, use avocado, coconut, and Abyssinian oils to get the best moisture for your curls. These oils provide required nourishment to the curls and make your hair shimmery shine.
  • Butters – Butters is very rich in fatty acids which is beneficial to prevent breakage and make your curls more elastic.
  • Ceramides – Ceramides are used to cover the cuticle and repair curly hairs. It also provides a glossy finish to your curls.


  • Kinky curls knot easily and you face more tangles than the other curl types.
  • These hairs are also fragile and lack proper curl definition.
  • With these curls, your hair becomes wire and highly dense.

Products, Care & Styling Guides

  1. First of all, a high amount of moisture is extremely needed for this type of curl. For that we recommend you to use Curl Immersion™ Low-Lather Coconut Cleansing Conditioner with Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Masque. Both provide intense and deep hydration to every level of your curls and make the curls soft and moisture with just one use.
  2. For more defined “Wash and Go” you can use Natural Curl Stretching Crème. It will provide strength to your hair and make your hair more elastic.
  3. Finally, we recommend you to use Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm for your kinky curls. It is an all in one must have infused deep hydration for a radiant twist or wavy style. This is a highly moisturizing balm which you can also use on your scalp for daily hydrations and luminous.


So, here you are at the end of today’s guide. Hope we have helped you enough to understand each type of curls. You just need to follow the steps and use the right products to maintain the health of your curls and make the proper styling. If you have any query, you can comment us in below. We are ready to help you every day.