The Power Adapters You Need To Buy Before Going to Your Next Travelling

Travelers always face struggle powering up their electrical devices while on their trip as different places/countries have different outlets and voltages. Here we have come with a solution that you might need if you are a frequent traveler and electric powered items like styling irons, hair dryers, hot rollers, cell phones, and laptops are in your high priority.

Featured Image of Best Travel Adapters

So, if you have you done packing or planning for your next trip but worry about to power up your electrical devices on that trip, then check out these power adapters which can be used internationally.

What Is Power Adapters & Travel Adapters?

A power adapter or travel adapter is an electrical thing that can let you plug your device into different types and forms of electrical sockets. When you have traveled from one country to another country, your electrical appliances may not support the plugin on the other country’s wall outlet. In this case, these adapters allow dual voltage appliances to plug in that different form of sockets.

Actually, a power adapter and a travel adapter both are the same things with different names. But do not get confused with “travel converters”; they are different things. We will talk about that in the later part of this article.

If you are planning to travel overseas, having an adapter will not let you lose touch with your necessary electrical devices. Clever travelers never miss taking the right power adapter in their backpack while traveling.

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Get Introduced With Different Plug Types

There are about more than 10 types of plugs are used in different parts of the world. For your help, here are the pictures of those different types of electrical sockets or outlets and their popular destinations:

Pictures of Different Types of Plugs

Different Types of Plugs

The most used plug types are A, B, C, D and G. In USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan, A & B type plugs are used and in Europe, Middle East, Asia, C & D type plugs are used mostly. In the UK there are used only G type plugs.

Trick to Know The Local Voltage – If you have arrived in a foreign place without knowing the local voltage, no worry, here’s a trick for you. Just take a bulb of your hotel room from its socket. Take a look at its body and you will find the voltage of that local area. Besides, you can go to a shop or supermarket and look at what voltage is written on the light bulb’s packet.

Travel Adapter or Travel Converter – Which One Do You Need?

In a word, travel adapters just let your devices fit in the wall socket holes whereas converters change the electric power from the wall ports to your devices. Do not get confused. Remember, you will not find any device that works both. These are totally two different things.

Now, let us explain to you in details.

First, you need to know that different countries have different voltage system in their country. For instance, in the USA all the electrical sources provide 110v whereas in Europe there are distributions of 220v all over. So, the devices are used in those countries according to their voltage distribution systems. Besides, not all wall sockets ports are the same as your device’s plugin system. Again, for example, The Us users generally plug in their devices with two flat vertical spikes, and UK users plug in their devices two horizontal spikes at the bottom and one vertical spike on top.

So, when you are traveling in a different country, you need such a thing that allows your device plugs into that the sockets, whatever shape or form it has and another thing that converts the voltage from the socket source to your devices.

You will need a travel converter only when you are traveling with the devices that do not support dual voltage.

But if you have the latest model of your electrical devices that support dual voltage, just an international travel adapter will work fine for you in most parts of the world.

How to Choose the Right Power Adapter for Your Device?

Now the important factor comes, which travel or power adapter you should buy? Here are some things you might check or understand to buy the right adapter for your device.

  • First of all, a travel or power converter can only convert the plug or port, not the voltages. So, first, check your devices whether it supports dual voltage or not. If it does not support dual voltage, then do not buy only an adapter. You will need a converter as well.
  • Try to buy a smaller or compact sized power adapter thus you do not need to carry extra weights.
  • Buy an “international” or “universal” version of a power adapter. Make sure you are buying the adapter with three-pins.
  • Many companies sell two or four socket USB travel adapters. You can buy one of these adapters that have USB facility. With this, you can charge your multiple devices/gadget form the same single wall socket at a time.
  • Buy a high-quality power adaptor. Low-quality or low-priced adaptors use very low-quality components which may lead to harm to your devices.

Best International Travel Adapter You Can Buy

Now comes the final part. We have tested hundreds of power adapters and made a list of best international travel or power adapter you can buy. Let’s check out what are those:

International Travel Adapters

1. OREI MATE M8+ Travel Companion Plug AdapterBest Adapter for Lite and Wide Range Use

It can be used over 150 countries and very lightweight, compact, lightweight. It is not recommended for 110-watt devices.

2. Bonazza All in ONE World Travel Plug PowerBest Adapter for Travel Hot Rollers, Hair Dryers, Hair Irons and Smartphones.

Supports 150 countries, can handle high power watts, and best for your hair styling products and safe for smartphones charging also.

3. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter and 220V to 110V Voltage ConverterBest Adapter With Lots of Ports

It has 4 USB ports and can charge 7 devices instantaneously. This one is really a high-quality product and has 2-years warranty.

4. Syncwire 34W/6.8A 4-Port USB Wall ChargerBest Budget Adapter

Travel-friendly, low cost and detects currents automatically and deliver the optimal power that needs your device.


A power adapter can seem a small thing to you but it can give you enough headache when you will not find any right port or socket to charge your important devices. So, do not forget to buy an international travel or power adapter before going on your next trip.