Basic Hair Guide for Hair Types & Length

Determining your hair type is the first step of having the right, products, tools and styles for your hair. Besides, before going to your barber or cutting your hair, it is high time to learn and think again that whether you are really going to like it or not.  In this article, we have started with the basics. Here we have shown you some major hair classifications, how to identify them, the pros and the cons of having the specific hair.

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However, there are many ways to classify hair and we have classified hair in this article by hair density and hair length. Let’s get the detail hair guide according to these classifications in below.

Hair Density

Hair density indicates the number of strands on your scalp. It is generally inherited genetically but it also depends on various factors like weather, food habit, hair maintenance, etc. Keep in mind that, no one can change the hair density. But you can surely get the various or the right cut on your hair. However, according to hair density, we have divided the hair into two categories:

  1. Fine Hair
  2. Thick Hair

So, now let’s get to learn about the details hair guide of these two categories.

1. Fine Hair

When it comes to the hair density, it’s all about diameter, width or the circumference of your actual hair strands. When the width or the diameter of your individual hair is very lesser in diameter, your hair is then fine or alternatively thin hair.

Fine Hair - V2 July

A Myth: Most of us think that fine and thin hair is all the same. But there’s a slight difference in between them. If you run your fingers into your hairs, and if it feels like there are not many strands on your scalp, then you have thin hair. You can call your hair is fine hair, only when it is smaller in diameter or circumference. Fine hair is related to the thickness of hair and thin hair is related to the density of the follicles or the volume of your strands.

However, let’s get to the advantages and the disadvantages of having fine/thin hair below:

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Advantages of Fine Hair:

  • Fine hairs can be detangled easily. You do not need to spend much of your time detangling your strands while on the shower.
  • Girls who like to do curl on their hair, always whish having fine hair. Because on fine hair it is easy to use hot rollers and the curls stay longer.
  • A great advantage for fine hair is that it dries in a short period of time naturally. You do not need to invest in hair dryers if you have actual fine hair.
  • Fine hair needs fewer hair tools and very fewer hair products.
  • Straightening your hair is very easy and lesser time consuming if you have fine hair. Fine hair generally needs up to 15 minutes to straighten up.
  • Your fingers as well as your partners, fingers do not get stuck in your fine hair. He can gently play with your hair with ease.
  • Hair colors are getting better on fine hair
  • And most importantly, fine or thin hair is easy to style.

Disadvantages of Fine Hair

  • The most unpleasant thing for girls having fine hair is, their hair needs washing almost every day.
  • In summer or hot weather, scalp burning sometimes gets a major issue.
  • Fine hair, get dry easily.
  • Fine hair is very heat sensitive. So, you always have to be careful while using any hot tools like curling iron, hot rollers, flat irons, etc. on your fine hair. And also you need to be extra careful and always have to protect your hair by covering with a scarf on summer days.
  • You always have to rely on Volumizing product if you have fine or thin hair.
  • And last but not least, fine and thin hair prone to frizzy and damaged and breakage.

If you use hot rollers in fine hair, then you need low heat settings.

2. Thick Hair

The thickness of your hair denotes the width of a single strand. You can identify whether your hair is or not by measuring the ponytail of your hair. If it looks dense enough and every single strand of your hair have wider circumference then you have thick hair. Thick hair is weighted more than fine hair and with thick, coarse or dense hair your scalp is hardly be seen.

Thick Hair - V2 July

A note: Having trouble or confusion of identifying your hair type? A simple hair texture test can get you the right result. Just pluck a strand of your hair and rub it with your hand or fingers. If you cannot feel the hairs in your fingers much, then you have fine hair.  And if it feels thick, coarse or larger in diameter, you have then thick or coarse hair. Very simple.

Advantages of Thick Hair:

  • You can make beautiful curls on thick hair
  • Thick hair can keep you warm on summer days
  • With thicker and dense hair, your scalp can be protected from sunburn
  • Thick hairs get less messy
  • Thick or coarse hair gives you a lot of styling options
  • You can have the best braids with your thick hair.

Disadvantages of Thick Hair:

  • You find your hair on your pillow, shower floor and almost every places as thick hair prone to hair fall
  • To style or manage your thick hair, you need a lot of bobby pins in your hair
  • Thick hair needs a lot of time to dry. You have to invest lots of your money by buying a good hairdryer for your
  • Thick hair also needs lots of hair tools to make various styles
  • Sometimes, it causes oils and dandruff on your scalp
  • Thick hair sometimes causes headache also.

If you use hot rollers in thick or black hair, then you need high heat settings.

Hair Length

According to hair length we have divided hairs into two categories:

  1. Short Hair
  2. Long Hair

Let’s get to know about these two types of hair.

1. Short Hair

Short hair denotes the hair which is tiny in length. It can be buzzcut to the bob cut. There are also many varieties in short hair. Short hair is very trendy nowadays because of its easy maintenance and styling.

However, when it is about taking care of your hair it is the easiest with short hair. Hair is all about maintenance.

Short Hair - V1 July

No matter how long or strong your hair is you always have to take care of it. Otherwise, the hair will get damaged. Many girls cut the hair short because it is the easiest solution. Though it is easy to take care of short hair, it does not mean you will need fewer products or care for your hair any less. It only means it will take a short time to maintain it compared to long hair.

Advantages of Short Hair:

  • There are many advantages of short hair. But the one comes first is, you will need almost no time to maintain it. If you are a busy person and have little time to take care of your hair, short hair can be very convenient for you.
  • Your morning hustle will cut in half with short hair. Drying the hair after the shower will not be a problem anymore.
  • Short hair nowadays a trendy hairstyle and it will give you a bold and fashionable look.
  • Short hair does not tend to tangle much so you do not have to comb it often; even your fingers are enough for combing your short hair.
  • And if you live in a country where the weather is hot you will love being in short hair.

Disadvantages of Short Hair:

  • It will hard to get a feminine look with short hair. Once you have cut it and do not like it, you are going to regret for a long time to grow it back.
  • Short hair gives you the limited option of hair styling; you may get bored of the same hairstyle every day.
  • There needs a lot of products for styling short hair.

Keep in mind that, when it comes to hair styling, hot rollers, curling, and flat irons are very important. But with short hair, you have to be specific with hair tools. Try to use irons which have thin wands, for both curling and flat iron. It will give you a detailed style plus it will be convenient to use with short hair.

If you use hot rollers in short hair, then you need small size barrels.

2. Long Hair

Long hair can be somewhere between 20 inches to 32 inches in length or in some cases more. Long hair is mainly about its length. It is considered as a classic hairstyle which is suitable for women of any age.

Although long hair is hard to maintain and take a loads amount of time to be taken care of, women and men both tend to like long hair more than short hair.

Long Hair - V1 July

This is the ultimate haircut which never gets old fashioned or out of trend. Long hair opens up with lots of opportunities of styling your hair while short hair only gives you a few. Though it takes longer to style lengthy strands and a lot of patience after you have done with styling it will worth the hard work.

Advantages of Long Hair:

  • It is pointless to say how attractive a girl looks with beautiful long hair. Long hair not only increases the beauty but also increases the confidence in you and makes you feel desirable.
  • It gives you so many options when it comes to hair styling. You can try a new hairstyle every single day, no matter its curl or straight.
  • Long hair saves your time from washing it on a daily basis. You only need to wash long hair twice or thrice in a week.
  • If you are a feminine person, you will love how beautifully feminine long hair makes you.
  • Long hair is the kind of hair which suits everybody.
  • Other than all of this, if you live in a cold country long hair will protect your neck from the cold weather and make you worm.

Disadvantages of Long Hair:

  • Though long hair makes you look beautiful for that, you have to invest a good amount of time for taking care of your hair. Otherwise, long hair tends to get tangled very easily.
  • It is hard and takes a lot of time to untangle long hair.
  • It causes hair fall and breakage which can permanently damage your hair.
  • Washing long hair and drying it takes a very long time.
  • You will have to sacrifice your sleep in the morning to get the long hair manageable. Because styling long hair takes long enough.
  • Long hair has a weight of its own, so you will hardly get any volume in long hair. As the hair is long you will need a load amount of products for taking care of the hair.

A note: Like we said before, for the short hair you are going to need some specific tools and it is the same for the long hair as well. If you use those short hair tools for styling your long hair, it will be not going to work. Unlike short hair, you will need bigger wands when it comes to irons. For blow drier, you also need more powerful one to work faster with your long hair. Like this way, you have to adjust the tools with the hair for more convenient use. 

If you use hot rollers in long hair, then you need jumbo size barrels.


If you will not find your hair fit perfectly into one category or subcategory, you may have several hair types’ combination on your scalp. No worries, that’s absolutely normal.

If you are not sure which hair type you have and confused about which type of hot rollers will be perfect in your hair, then you can read this article where we have explained best hot rollers for any type of hair and length.

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