Curly Hair Layers Vs No Layers

Curly hair is beautiful. The ringlets in the curls accentuate the look greatly. However, when it comes to trying out a new haircut, one question girls can never get over is “which haircut to get? Layers or no layers?”

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While the “no layer” haircut seems to be the perfect do for many curly-haired girls out there [whom you really look up to], the layers seem to take off a lot of your hair weight and enhance your overall outlook. And therefore, it is very natural to get confused about which one to sport on your curly manes to not only enhance your look but also to ensure incredible comfort.

But honey, don’t get confused so early- we are here to help you. In this article, we have contrast and compared the “layers vs no layers” in curly hairs so that you know which one to adorn your tresses with and why.

Types of Curls

Whether you should get a layered haircut or opt. out of the layers largely depends on the types and shapes of curls you have got on your manes. For instance, if you have tight curls on your manes, then a cut with lots of layers would be an excellent choice to make. This is because the layers would give additional movement and volume to the curls while taking off a lot of extra weight.  Your tresses will look more alive and gorgeous than ever before.

curly hair types

On the other hand, when you have natural curly manes, keep layers at an arm’s length from your tresses. This interesting haircut won’t do anything for this hair type. On top of that, there are high chances that layers would create a triangle shape in your hair strands and influence them to coil even more.

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Face Shape

In addition to the types of curls, your face shape also matters when deciding if layers are a good choice for your curly manes or not. Even though the whole “consider your face shape” concept may seem a bit overrated and “not so workable”, it actually helps you to decide whether you should get layers or no layers in your curly manes.

hairstyles for different face shapes

To begin with, although layer is a universal haircut and suits almost all face types, when it comes to sporting this do in curly manes, the story is a bit different. For instance, if you have a round face or an oval face, the layers would accentuate your face even more and make you look even more glamorous. For these face shapes, having a haircut with lots of precisely placed layers is just the right one for your curly manes.

However, if you have a diamond face or a square face, forget rocking a layered haircut in your curly tresses. Layers will make your face look even longer and create an unsightly illusion.


What curly hair strands don’t lack in volume. It doesn’t matter what types and shapes of curls you have, the luscious volume is always there. And if you want to enhance this body and volume in your manes while shedding some weight off of your manes, then trying a layered haircut would be an excellent idea. The perfectly sliced layers will add movement to the curls and make the manes look even sexier and bodylicious than before.

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Similarly, when you are not a fan of the extra volume and bounce in your manes and you want to tame them off, then getting no layers is a wise decision to make. You can try out other sleeker cuts, but layers would not do anything for you in such a case.


When you are a busy girl and you don’t have the time to take care of your precious curly hairs, getting a layered haircut would be a great decision to make. This cut will help you to get rid of a lot of hair stands [obviously without affecting the volume or bonce], which you will find easy to manage, especially on a busy morning. As there are a lot less tresses, you won’t need as much time or effort to dry and style them perfectly.

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But then again, even though layers make it easy to maintain your curly locks, maintaining the layers themselves might be a chore for you. You need to go for regular trimming sessions to keep them in perfect shape.

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Wrapping Up

Now that we have discussed the main facts whether to get a layer on your curly manes or not, we hope that you would make your decision on your own. As adorning your manes with a layered haircut depends on several other factors aside from your hair type, we just cannot express our verdict here. However, we would encourage you to get layers in your curls if it fulfils the other aspects as well.

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