10 Tips to Get Healthy, Thick and Voluminous Hair

“Looking at things” isn’t good if you are looking at the thin and dull hair. Chemical, heat, and negligence have made our hair lifeless.

Thick And Voluminous Hair By Using Hot Roller
This time, I am going to share all my secrets to thick, healthy and voluminous hair!

1. Clear and Clean

The foremost thing you need to do it keeping hair clean. According to a trichologist of Philip Kinsley Clinic in New York, Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, your scalp holds bacteria such as your facial skin does. And when you use oil on a regular basis, this combination of bacteria and oil flattens your hair and shrinks the healthy growth of the follicles. What you got to do is daily shampooing. You can go for antibacterial

L’Oreal Professional Volumetry Shampoo

L’Oreal Professional Volumetry Shampoo as it restrains salicylic acid for deep cleansing. For smooth hair select a conditioner for the ends and mid-shaft of your hair. While drying hair, try the upside down drying which adds volume to the roots.

2. Scalp Tale

As the scalp of your hair is considered to be the foundation, keep it clean and dry. As stated by Phillips, you can swap your regular shampoo with any menthol or mint shampoo once a week. Remember to massage your scalp for quite two minutes with your finger pads and then rinse off. Menthol aids in stimulating circulation and keeps the hair healthy and voluminous. Containing MOSA MINT OIL,
Pantene Pro-V Weekly Deep Cleanse
Pantene Pro-V Weekly Deep Cleanse will be a better choice for all types of hair.

3. Reduce Pressure from Hair

Do you highlight your hair more often? Are you married to hair straightener? This may be another reason for thin and dead looking hair. As per Fusco, use of a teeming amount of chemicals or high heat may lead your hair to dull, weak hair and may also result in split ends. If you love your hair and do not want breakage then try out any rich mask for your hair as well as scalp as a treatment. Rub the mask and after three minutes you can rinse it off. We will highly recommend you to try the
Clear Scalp and Hair Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask
Clear Scalp and Hair Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask as it will provide you with Proteins, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 to make your hair strong and make them capacious.

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4. Selection of Hair Products

Do not go for any non-branded and cheap products. Rather if you want something that makes your hair look thick and bold then go for products that contain polymers to coat your hair for making it look voluminous. Phillips recommends you to pick up thickening spray formula if you have straight hair. Try out mousse for adding dimensions to your curls and waves. While using thickening spray, keep an eye on distributing the product uniformly to your entire hair, from roots to the ends.
Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray
Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray can be a better option as a thickening spray. Talking about mousse will lead you to
Garnier Fructis Style Sky-Hi Volume Mousse
Garnier Fructis Style Sky-Hi Volume Mousse that is available at every drugstore.

5. Bring on Hair Sprays

You think hair sprays bring only a perfect lock to your hairstyle? Never! Hairstylist Benjamin Mohapi says that hairsprays are buildable and makes your hair look thick as you brush it off. Not only that, you will get a nonsticky experience along with a slight lift.
Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray
Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray contains panthenol for puffing your hair shaft up as you sprit.

6. Big Bun’s Story

Doughnuts are amazing! Increase the volume of your hair is all that a doughnut bun does. Big buns made with doughnuts can hide your thin hair and can make your hair look fuller before people. All you need to do is tie up a high ponytail. After securing it, you have to place you doughnut around your ponytail. Then you need to lift the tress and roll it towards the base. Allocate the entire ponytails evenly around the doughnut to hide it. Just look at your bun! Super voluminous! Try out the
Conair Bun Maker
Conair Bun Maker for a professional big bun. Bun to the pillow is my favorite thing to do. Sleep with a bun and you’ll get the thicker hair right in the morning.

7. Dole out Hot and Heat

We always forget about hot rollers. Yes, Hot Rollers. They are hot enough to afford you a baggy appearance. Easy to use and tremendous to provide volume, hot rollers don’t just curl; it creates volume with less damage. You just need let your rollers get hot, hold them vertically and roll your hair. Secure them and wait for 15-25 minutes to let them cool. Unpin and unroll. There you go! You will never again feel your thin hair! We will suggest you go for
T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers
T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers for a blast on your roots and ends.

8. Brushing Out

The first thing you have to bear in mind is changing the part, change it to anywhere from where it is to get dense hair (change it to the opposite part if you want high lift up.) Do not ever go for regular combs to brush your hair. People of thick hair can go for them if they want hair smoother and sleeker. If you want volume then regular wiry combs or brushes are a no-no for you. The round ceramic brush makes your hair look fluffy and that’s all you want, right? To get a jumbo-bodied hair, make sections of your hair and wrap your hair around the brush. Blow-dry your hair with a branded dryer. Unwrap and be startled with the result. You can try out the
Goody Style Gwl Hot Round Brush
Goody Style Gwl Hot Round Brush for a miraculous result. You can brush the hair to the back (near the roots, not from the ends) so that your hair looks bouncy.

9. Hair Cuts and Colors

To add a little illusion of a thick-hair-period you can settle on coloring your hair. We are not recommending you to select any vibrant color. Go for a color that has a medium hue (light to medium brown) because they can trick your hair to look as thicker and denser. To the blond-aholics, remember that thin hair makes it look like as if it is scalp and so your hair may look thinner than it really is. If you do not want to color your whole hair then you can pick any of your favorite highlighters to highlight hair for a denser outlook. Highlights create a shadow or 3D effect on our eyes and that helps your hair to look far capacious. Add up a little highlight to the ends of your hair that gets thinner towards the crown. We prefer hitting the salon for coloring or highlighting. If you want them at home then
John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss
John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss is the ultimate choice for you.

10. Snip and Shear

You might be dumbfounded that how can I speak of cutting hair. But, snipping your hair provides volume. I repeat, snip them! You do not need to cut a huge amount of hair. We all have problems regarding split ends and they make your hair look thinner. To preserve density, try to trim your hair. Trimming the ends of hair presents you thicker and denser bottom. If you are in need of allover oomph then add up some long layer as short layers may provide you a messy look.



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