Different Ways to Get Voluminous Hair

Skinny, flat words are perfect for jeans or devices. But for hair, it’s really horrible to hear! Whoever has thick curly hair they don’t have to hear those words right? It’s unbearable for those who have thin flat fine hair. If one has a hair damage problem, it could be worse!

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Nowadays, superstars with voluminous wavy/bouncy/curly looks are getting the TITLE of most COOL AND STYLISH iconic star in the industry! The most popular singer/actor Jennifer Lopez almost time carries herself with a bouncy wavy voluminous hairstyle which makes her special than others in the gathering! Want a voluminous look like her? Follow our article!

Hair Volume keeps hairstyle boosted. Generally, hair volume helps to hold the perfect style of hair that the appearance of someone is dramatically changed after setting hairs.

Right hair products, some maintenance, and styling tool can easily sort out the volume problems with thin, flat and fine hair. Just grab the right things for your hair!

Without hair volume, no style of your hair will look nice if you have very thin fine hair (accept hair straightening). No one wants a gloomy lifeless flat hair. It’s really painful to style with flat, thin and fine hair. If you have good hair health, it can be a little bit ok with flat hair. But bad hair conditioning without volume is like a curse!

Upset? Don’t worry. We are hair to solve your problems and gear up the situation! Follow our articles, boost your hair volume and be the iconic model among everyone. Continue scrolling to discover how…

Natural Way to Get Voluminous Hair

Natural technique is always better than artificial chemical products. Damage flat hair always needs extra Natural Care besides hair styling products or tools to give them volume. Here are given some—

Natural way to get voluminous hair

Clean Hair Regularly

Washing hair daily with chemicals can reduce the natural moisture of the hair if the hair is curly and thick. Naturally lifted becomes dull and gloomy without essential hair oils. But fine hair needs regular washes. Otherwise, it looks oily and flat.

Do Not Keep the Same Hair Part

Change your hair part regularly. Otherwise same hair part can make the area flat and hairless.

Blow Dry-Ups and Down

Flipping your head over and blow dry your hair ups and down through the hair. It will add a little extra volume damp your hair.

Dry Hair Completely Before Sleeping and Going Outside

Sleeping on wet hair will give you weird kinks in the morning. Without ironing machine, it’s really difficult to manage hairs. Another is going outside with wet hair easily attracted with dirt. Sweating on a sunny day can with wet hair make it more dull and gloomy. So it’s a good idea to dry your hair completely before going outside and sleeping.

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Chemical Products for Getting Hair Volume

Chemicals are not good for hairs tough, but for getting a shortcut hairstyle and volume hair, one can use it. Some techniques are—

Volume Making Shampoo and Conditioner

Use those shampoos and conditioners which have lighter formulas that will not make hair lifts down. Some products labels are mentioned that give extra volume to hair. You can pick those before washing hair. It will surely give extra bounce.
Do not use conditioner if you already have flat, thin and oily hairs! It will make your hair more flat and non-voluminous.

Hair Spray and Mousse

Some effective hairsprays can be used into the root of the hair to add extra hair lifts. You’ll get those products in the market. Another way is using hair volume mousse into the wet hair. It gives an extra bouncy look into your hair. Just check properly that hair products which you are using are well branded. Otherwise, it can harm hairs badly.

Hair Spray and Mousse

Hair Styling Tools for volume

Taking good cares and using the best chemical products sometimes cannot give instant volume. A hair styling tool can do this if you want instant volume. Lots of hair products are designed in the market to generate volume like hair dryer, curler, curling iron/wand rollers, clips etc.

Old Hair Styling Technique with Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers are old styling technique for creating curls and volume into hair. They are soft and cute and never harm the hairs what heating styling tool does. But they need more time for creating voluminous curls than modern hair styling tool does. The time limits are like 2/3 hours! You can use them in the modern age with the help of blow dryer.

Velcro Rollers

Modern Hair Styling Technique with Hot Rollers

We suggest you pick the Hot Rollers for getting volume in your thin fine flat hair. They almost work like Velcro rollers with a faster time. You can ask us why not other tools?

Fine hairs health is generally a little bit weaker than thick hairs. If you have thick curly hair, you can use other tools like curlers. They do not keep the wavy look longer. Also, direct heat can damage the natural moisture of the hair what a curling iron does. You can use them to thin hair if the hair health is strongly good. But it’s always wiser to use Hot Rollers for adding volume in the hairs. They have a lighter harmless effect on hair. Most importantly hot rollers are easy to use like Velcro rollers, but make faster and long lasting waves than Velcro rollers!

Let’s check some steps which will help you choose the right Hot Roller Set for adding extra volume to hair. Just scroll down—

Materials & Technology

Technology and heating materials are the most important thing for hair styling tools. Hair health mostly depends on it. For volume hair, hot roller set should be Ceramic Infused Technology.

This technology provides heats evenly and protects the hairs from damages more than other technologies do. Heating time is another reason depends on the materials and technology. Ceramic Infused Technology generates faster waves for having voluminous hair.

Roller Size and Texture

The size of the rollers must be big or jumbo that it can give you proper fluffy bouncy look. Approximately it should be 1.5” to 2”. Larger size rollers give large wave and volume. The other smaller sizes give tighter curls which do not create the bouncy volume look like the larger one! See the differences among curls and their volume below—

Roller Size and Texture

The texture of the rollers should be designed perfectly smooth that they grip hair nicely and holds the proper heat for hair volume.

Roller Clips

Whatever the pins designed is—U-shape pins, claw clips, J-shape pins, they have to hold the rollers perfectly without making any creases on the hair.



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