7 Long Hairstyles You Can Create With Heat-styling Tools

Most young women prefer long hair because it can make a woman more attractive and it also gives her unlimited styling options. She has the freedom to experiment with different types of curls, buns, ponytails, parts, and bangs.

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To fulfill the styling aspirations of women with long hair, this article presents the most popular long hairstyles. Each hairstyle uses heat-styling tools such as hot rollers, flat iron, curling wand, and curling iron.

Hot rollers designed with ceramic technology, argan oil infusion, and infrared heating mechanism is perfect for women with thick long hair. Large roller sizes are recommended for creating beautiful curly hairstyles in long hair. The flat iron will achieve both sleek styles and soft loose curls. Choose one with black titanium plates and round edges to avoid tugging your long locks. A curling iron or curling wand with a barrel size greater than 1 inch is recommended for accomplishing gorgeous styles in waist-length hair.

Below is a selection of long hairstyles with directions for creating them with heat-styling. Read on to find out how you can give your long tresses Instagram-worthy hairstyles.

1. Beachy Waves

The most well-liked wavy hairstyle, beachy waves are effortlessly created in hair that extends beyond the shoulders. This style requires large hot rollers and a flexible-hold hairspray, holds well in second-day hair, and can be sported with a middle or side part depending on your face shape.

Beachy Waves

While the rollers are heating, apply a heat protection cream to your strands and spray a root lifter on your scalp in different areas. Divide your hair into manageable sections and brush the entire length of hair using a paddle brush. If you have naturally wavy hair and want to enhance its definition with heat-styling, then use a paddle brush with boar bristles. If your hair is flat and needs a volume boost, then tease each section of hair, starting from the bottom and proceeding to the top.

Set the heated rollers in your hair one section at a time. Make sure to use large size rollers for this style and set them in alternating directions for a more natural look. After the rollers have cooled, remove them slowly and spray a soft-hold hairspray to your waves. Tousle your hair with your fingers for a more beachy appearance. If you desire a polished wavy hairstyle, then do not tousle your hair. Finger-comb your hair before you finish the style with hairspray.

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2. Curly Hair With Straight Bangs

You can create this hairstyle in freshly washed hair although second-day hair will hold it better. This style requires more effort to achieve in textured hair than in naturally straight hair. It also flatters a long face better than a round or square face.

Curly Hair With Straight Bangs

Start with thoroughly dry hair. Using a rat-tail comb, separate the bangs from the rest of your hair. Pin up the bangs with bobby pins until you finish curling the rest of your hair.

Apply a cocktail of heat protection and curling product to your long tresses and comb with a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product. Set in large size heated rollers in alternating directions, starting from the sides, proceeding to the bottom, and ending with the crown area.

As you wait for the rollers to cool, blow-dry your bangs from side to side with a paddle brush. This will help to create even distribution. Alternatively, you can smooth them out with a flat iron section by section. Finish by spraying a volumizing spray for volume. When the bangs are completely dry, brush them with a paddle brush.

When the rollers have cooled, let them slide out from your hair. Apply a flexible-hold hairspray, scrunching your newly formed curls as you go. Do not use a hairbrush to avoid ruining the curl pattern.

3. Curly Feathered Hairstyle

The beauty of this hairstyle is its versatility. It works well on every face shape and hair texture. The layers also help to take the unwanted weight off your long tresses. To accommodate all layers, you will need hot rollers of multiple sizes to create this style. Shorter layers will need medium size rollers and longer layers will need large size rollers.

Unless you have thick and textured hair, it is better to create this style on second-day hair for a lasting hold. Comb your feathered hair to ensure there are no knots. Next, use the end of your teasing comb to create a side part if you have a round face or a middle part if you have a long or square face.

Once the heat protection and curling cream have been applied, divide your hair and pin up the top half with claw clips or duckbill clips. The bottom half will typically have long layers. Set the large size heated rollers in 2-inch sections of hair. After you finish rolling the bottom half, move on to the top half which will have relatively shorter layers. Take 1-inch sections of hair and wrap each around medium size heated rollers.

As soon as the rollers have cooled, remove them carefully and finish the style with a soft-hold hairspray. Avoid manipulating the hair any further to keep the style intact for as long as possible.

4. Half-up Bun Curly Hairstyle

A modern take on the bun, this hairstyle will flatter a heart-shaped face and soften the sharp jawline of a square face. It looks best with a middle part although a part is not absolutely necessary.

Take the hair in your crown area and brush it well. Spray a round brush with strong-hold hairspray before brushing. This will help to hold the bun in place. Twist the hair into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Half-up Bun Curly Hairstyle

Rub a heat protection cream mixed with a volumizing mousse in the rest of your hair at the sides and the back. Using a round brush, blow-dry the sides and back on low heat to get rid of any moisture. Set large size heated rollers in 2-inch sections of hair, starting from one side, then moving to the other side and ending with the hair near the nape of your neck.

After the rollers have cooled, unroll your hair slowly. Finish the style with a mist of strong-hold hairspray for tight curls or soft-hold hairspray for soft curls.

5. Layered Curly Hairstyle With Curtain Bangs

As the name suggests, this style is great for women with well-defined layers and bangs. Pin up the bangs to keep them away from your face while you curl the rest of your hair. Divide your hair and pin up the top half with hair clips. Spray heat protectant and a root lifter before you start the curling process.

With the help of a curling iron or curling wand, curl 1-inch sections of hair for thin hair or 2-inch sections for thick hair. If using a curling iron, choose one with a barrel measuring 1.25 inches for big curls or less than 1 inch for small curls. Similarly, a curling wand with a barrel size of more than 1 inch will give you big curls. A chopstick curler has a barrel size of half an inch and will give you ringlets. A conical curling wand will give you more room for experimenting with curls of varying sizes.

Once you finish curling the bottom half, repeat the process with the top half. Then, part your bangs in the middle and spray heat protectant and a texturizing spray. Blow-dry one side of the bangs with a round brush for a bouncy look and repeat this with the other side. Spray a medium-hold hairspray all over your head to finish.

6. Half-up Half-down Hairstyle

Well-suited in both professional and casual settings, this hairstyle is easy to create in all hair types. You can choose a side part, a middle part, or no part at all depending on the shape of your face.

Apply a heat protection spray and a volumizing mousse. Distribute the product by combing your hair from the roots till the ends.

Half-up Half-down Hairstyle

Using a curling wand with a barrel size of 1.25 inches, curl your hair into soft curls. Start at the sides, then move on to the back and finish with the crown area. Wait no more than 6 seconds per section of hair before releasing it from the wand. Spray a mist of flexible-hold hairspray.

Brush the top half of your hair to the center back and tie it into a ponytail. Use a decorative hair tie or a bejeweled barrette for this purpose.

7. Parted Sleek Hairstyle

Perfect for any occasion, this style can be created effortlessly in any type of hair using a flat iron. The choice of parting will depend on your face shape. As a rule of thumb, the middle part makes the face look smaller and softens the features in a square or long face. On the other hand, the side part makes the face look longer and flatters a round face. The crooked part is chic and takes the hairstyle to a whole new level regardless of face shape.

Parted Sleek Hairstyle

This hairstyle will hold well in freshly washed hair as it will in 2-day-old hair. Make sure you start with completely dry hair or you will fry your strands in the flat iron. Apply a heat protection serum and rub pomade onto your ends to manage split ends. Smooth out sections of your hair with the flat iron, starting from the sides and proceeding to the back. Straighten the hair from the roots till the ends. It is crucial to follow the pattern of the parting. Finish with a mist of firm-hold hairspray and you are good to go.


The incredible thing about long hair is it can be styled in so many different ways. You can stick to one particular style or experiment with a combination of styles to reinvent the way you look. Both curly and straight hairstyles look great in long hair. This is why an increasing number of young women are choosing to keep their long tresses despite the difficulty of maintenance.

Hot rollers are an excellent tool for creating a vast array of curly hairstyles in long hair. For straight hairstyles, the flat iron is your go-to styling tool. A curling wand or curling iron will also give you curly hairstyles that will make you the object of envy. Whichever styling tools you use, make sure you choose a parting and style your bangs in a way that highlights the features of your face.


  1. Hi guys,

    I love adorning my long manes with sexy beach waves. No matter where I am going or what’s the occasion, this is my go-to hairstyle always. I have always created the waves in my hair with a curling iron, and to be honest, I have burned my tresses more than a few times while doing so.

    But after I read this article a few weeks ago, I bought a set of hot rollers from my local CVS and tried creating waves in my tresses with them. Truth be told, it took me a while to set the rollers perfectly on my hair but boy oh boy, the result was amazing. The waves came out nice and precise and there was no heat burn or damage. I am in love with the heated rollers.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, try it now girls. You won’t be disappointed.

    1. Dear Jean,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. We are sure that it would help our readers a lot.

  2. Hi there,

    I have been one of the most loyal readers of your writings since I don’t know when. They are just amazing and well thought off. And this article is no different. You have listed and explained each hairdo so nicely that it’s really easy for your readers to understand the mechanism of each hairstyle and create them accordingly.

    Thank you very much for such an extraordinary piece of writing.

    I wish you all the success ahead.

    1. Dear Beverly,

      Thank you very much for your kind praising words. We are delighted with your response. Our readers’ feedback helps us to think and write better.

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