15 Most Annoying Problems Girls with Long Hair Often Face

Long hair is always appreciable and it looks good on most of the girls. Having naturally long hair may look great from far but it’s a nightmare to the girls who have long strands when it comes about maintaining it.

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It’s really hard to maintain and is annoying to keep it decorated all the time. You have to spend a lot of hours for trimming it, clearing the tangles or may have to cancel or delay your trip to flat ironing your long hair.

However, we know the struggles are real and have found out some most common problems you can have faced with your beloved long hair. Check below and count which problems you’re facing most.

1. The Most Common Question You Are Being Asked, “is This Your Real Hair?”

You know it’s so annoying when you have been continuously asked this type of question now and then. They always doubt your hair and keep you annoyed. What’s the point then growing and having big long hair?

2. Your Hair Will Be Everywhere Around You

Yeah, you read it right! Having long hair occurs excessive ‘hair falls’ than the short or coarse hair. You do see your hairs on your clothes, jacket, scarf or whatever you are wearing, whatever you are doing. Your hair can get stuck even if under your purse or the backpack strap you are using. Besides, after every time you do your shower, you have to unclog the plughole of your bathroom. This excessive hair falls really hard to control and it seems to you that you are going to bald sooner.

3. Taking Care of Your Long Hair Is Hard

Whatever hair care you are going to apply on your long hair, it appears with a lot of hassles and takes a long time which is boring. If you opt to do natural hair care, you have to need more amount of ingredients and more time to prepare those than you need for short hair.

4. Setting Up Your Long Hair Is the Real Struggle

First of all, whenever you want to decorate your long hair, you need a lot of hairpins or hair bands to tie the hair on your head. This needs patience. And if your long hair is thin, then you are in big trouble. Thin long hair can’t hold the hairpins for long. Whatever, the hairstyle you do, it will vanish within a while.

5. Having Long Hair Can Give You Headache

Long hair weighs more than short hair. Some times in summer days you feel really hot on your scalp and the headache may start for the weights of the hair you are carrying all the time.

6. Wind Is the Worst Enemy for Your Long Hair

Many girls like to keep their hair free. But if she has long hair, it is hard to handle the hair in a windy place. And if the hair is pinned or in ponytail form it will not last long on windy weather.

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7. Brushing the Long Hair Is Not a Satisfying Experience

You always want to skip this chapter if your hair is long. Long hair needs to be split into a lot of sections to brush or comb it properly. It also needs a tedious arm work and you feel like it takes an eternity to brush your long hair.

8. Long Hair Sometimes Is Annoying Too

It is not satisfying if your hair comes to your mouth again and again. Girls with long hair can relate to this problem accurately. Besides, if your husband comes to you or about to kiss you, he may also get disturbed with your baffling hairs.

9. Clearing Your Long Hair Is Tough

The longer your hair is the more time you need to wash it. You need more amount of shampoo, hair conditioner to wash it and need more amount other hair care product than you need for short hair. So, you need to spend a good amount of money to buy the products to keep your long hair fresh and healthy.

10. Blow-drying and Styling the Long Hair Seems Taking Forever

After a shower or getting your long hair wet, always needs more time to dry out. It takes more than an hour to blow-dry it properly sometimes. And to naturally dry your long hair, sometimes it may take even a day. It’s such a pain in your hand if you are using blow-dryer and time consuming as well.

However, styling your long hair is also another name of pain. Whether you opt to flat ironing or curling your long hair, it’s always been a hassle and too much pain.

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11. You Will Not Have Pleasant Ponytail With Your Long Hair Most of the Time

Many of the girls like a ponytail on their head. It also can give you relief when you are at serious work or something. Hair won’t come on your face and won’t disturb you while you are at work if you have your hair in ponytail mode. But with long hair, it’s not always relieving. So you will never have any pleasant ponytail experience with your long hair.

12. Not All Hair Cuts Are for Long Hair

Yeah, this is so disappointing not having the trendy style on your hair. Long hairs look good in its own way but sometimes if you wish for any different or trendy hair cut on your hair; it’s a sad thing that there are not many options for you then.

13. You May Find Hairs in Your Foods

If the food is cooked by you, the hair is probably yours. But what if one of your family members finds your hair on their food? It will be disgusting, right? And this disgusting matter can happen often to the long hair girls.

14. Long Hair Is Like Enemy of Your Necklace or Any Ornaments You Wear

If you like to wear a necklace most of the time and you have long hair, then the real problem occurs that is; your hair get caught into your necklace most of the time and it is too annoying to undo the tangle. The same scenario can happen with your earrings and with the other ornaments too.

15. Finally, Your Long Hair May Not Looks Good With Your Body Type

This is so much obvious that not all types of hair suits on everybody and face structure. Some look good with short hair some looks good with long hair. It totally depends on how your body and face matched with the hair you have.


Long hair is often seen as a sign of beauty, but many people have trouble with long locks. Some might feel frustrated that they can’t do anything to make their hairs behave and others enjoy the freedom from having an easy-to-maintain hairstyle like short or medium length dos’.

Opinions about keeping your tresses at whatever length you want are always open for debate; we would love it if you could leave your feedback in our comments section below!



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    The first question is hilarious and I think this the where your readers get hooked, at least I was. Even before reading the intro, my eyes caught this question, and instantly, I was interested to know what’s in this blog.

    Very catchy line indeed.

    I also loved your headings. The heading of each paragraph gives the readers an initial idea about what’s coming next. With each article, you seem to outdo yourself.

    Keep up the pace.

    Your readers need to know more.

    1. Dear Virginia,

      Thank you very much for your sweet compliments. We are overwhelmed with your response.

  2. Hello there,

    I came here to say that I completely agree with this article. I have super long hair and I can say that at some point in time I have faced all of them. Long hair locks are gorgeous, no doubt in that, but these tresses come with their own set of problems that you have to face regularly.

    Thank you guys for coming up with such an informative piece of writing. Everyone will be benefitted from it.

    1. Dear Christine,

      Thank you very much for taking the time and writing to us. We are overwhelmed with your feedback.

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