Gorgeous Holiday Hair Ideas

Holiday parties are probably the best part of the winter and having the holiday season knocking at the door; it’s time for all of us to think about the hairstyles we would rock at each party.

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Having said that, as there are many parties and events to attend to this season, and you obviously wouldn’t want to sport the same hairdo at each and every party. And that’s why, to make your hairstyling decision easier, we have talked about some of the most gorgeous yet easy hairstyle ideas that you can rock in this holiday season to look stylish and well put together.

1. Classic Hollywood Glam

Even though the classic Hollywood waves were a thing in the 40s and 50s, they still have the same appeal in this millennium. If you are attending a formal event or dinner this holiday season, we would definitely advise you to try this classic and glamorous hairdo.

Classic Hollywood Glam

Start off by applying a handful of Voluminizing mousse (we prefer the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse) to all of your hair locks to add some volume and texture to your tresses. Then comb the manes to smooth them and create a deep side part of your choice. After that using a medium barrel curling iron or hot hair rollers, curl all your hair strands section by section (form 6-8 sections). Once all the sections are curled, brush them in the backward direction using a paddle brush to loosen the curls and voila! You have the Old Hollywood waves in your hair.

To add a bit of extra glam, you can put on a few bejeweled hairpins.

2. Sleek Ponytail Braid

Feel fit for the party season with this sleek pony braid. The sleek ponytail braid is an excellent choice for those who have damaged frizzy hair and don’t want to flaunt the “not so healthy” tresses openly. This hairdo not only helps you to hide the imperfections of your hair but at the same time also provides you a great hairstyle for this holiday season.

Sleek Ponytail Braid

Begin your styling by applying a handsome amount of styling gel to your tresses (we would suggest this ECO Styler Professional Styling Gel) and then with a fine-tooth comb, smooth out the surface of your manes and tie them up in a ponytail just at the nape of your neck. Then start creating a simple braid from the pony and secure it with a rubber band at the end.

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3. High Ponytail

If you are in a hurry but still want to attend your family get together in this holiday season, then the effortless high ponytail is your savior. This simple hairdo is not only super easy to create but it also lifts up your look as well as confidence level by several notches.

High Ponytail

To adorn your tresses with this pony, begin by applying some Voluminizing mouse all over your wet hair and dry them out completely with an ionic blow dryer. Then, using a fine-tooth comb, tease all your hair to create some volume and body in them. Now, gather all the tresses on the crown of your head and tie them up in a ponytail using a rubber band. After that, take a thin section of your manes and wrap it around the pony to hide the band. Finish off the styling by spritzing on some holding spray (try this L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray) to ensure that the style remains intact for hours to come.

4. Wispy, Softly-twisted Chignon

Now, if you plan to wear a very nice, soft feminine dress to a party during these holidays, then this wispy chignon would be the right choice to adorn your tresses with. Alongside being feminine, this hairstyle also provides subtle drama as well as the required oomph factor to enhance your aura for the evening.

Wispy, Softly-twisted Chignon

Begin your styling by brushing off all your tresses so that there are no knots and kinks in them. Then create a side ponytail just at the nape of your neck and secure it tightly in place with a rubber band. After that divide, the hairs above the rubber band, create a hole and pull out the pony through the hole. Keep pulling out the pony until all your tresses create a chignon. Now, secure the bun with lots of bobby pins.

You can also deck up this hairdo with decorative clips or flowers to add more of a feminine touch to it.

5. Sleek Parted Hairdo

If the simple, fuss-free hairstyle is your everyday go-to, the sleek parted do would the perfect one for you to flaunt this party season. Even though it’s simple and straightforward, this hairstyle provides a lot of dimension and sexiness to your overall outlook.

Sleek Parted Hairdo

Prepare your hair as you would prepare for the sleek ponytail, but instead of tying it into a pony, let your hair down and leave it that way. You can either center part your manes or create a deep side part and tuck the parts behind your ears. You can also use clips and pins to add the needed shine and sparkle for the party.

6. Tucked in Roll-Up

Another classic yet gorgeous hairdo to try this holiday season is the tucked in a roll-up bun. This bun hairstyle not only holds all your hair together so that you can have fun throughout the party but at the same time also provides a very clean and fresh outlook.

Tucked in Roll-up

Start off your styling session by creating some loose curls here and there. Then tie all your tresses at the nape of your neck. Now, slide a half up (we prefer The Beachwaver Co. The Half Up) an inch from the ends of your tresses and start rolling it up horizontally towards the nape of the neck. Tie the half up together and secure the roll with lots of bobby pins. You can also add a jeweled glittery comb slid atop the roll to give it the required festive vibe.


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