10 Hair Channels You Should Follow On YouTube

The internet is hard to live without and sometimes for all the right reasons. Not only are you depend on it for updates, but it has also influenced our sense of fashion and lifestyle enormously. For any kind of DIY’s our ultimate platform is YouTube and we tend to follow many influencers and subscribe to their channels.

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For maintenance of hair and different easy and trendy hairstyles, following some popular YouTube channels can make it easy and fun at the same time. There is a major cut down on going to different salons or running to experts for simple things that can be easily done to your hair from home, be it hair tutorials or hair care. Following are the YouTube channels you should follow for your day to day hair solutions.

1. Cute Girls Hair Styles

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Believe it or not, this is a family page with five and a half million subscribers! If you the cool mom who has one or more daughter who pretends play Rapunzel all the time, this is your ultimate go-to channel for hairstyles! Although this channel was just a genuine attempt of a mom who loved trying new hairstyles on her daughters, their short video tutorials got really popular over the years. The videos are 5 to 10 minutes long and perfect for busy mothers who want a quick hairstyling solution for their daughter or themselves. Some of their most watched tutorials are “Feather Waterfall and Ladder Braid Combo”, “The Waterfall Braid”, “Dutch Flower Braid”, “Pony Tail Bow” and “Zipper Braid Updo” etc. Each of these tutorials has millions of views, hence a reliable source for hairstyle ideas for your family.

2. AndreasChoice

Andrea's choice Youtube Banner

Although it looks more like a personal vlog of Andrea, it is loaded with useful hair tutorials and hair care videos. If you want your beautiful curly hair to remain all natural and look gorgeous at the same time, this lady does it the best and all you need is hit the subscribe button. One of her most popular videos is “8 Curly Hair Styles for Stubborn Hair”. Her other popular videos are “My Updated Curly Hair Routine”, “How to Style Curly Hair”, “How I Color My Hair and Eyebrows at Home” etc. Her hair has gorgeous hues too and she gladly shares all her tricks and tips so that you can try them too. Nurturing natural curls look really fun because of her great presentation skills. Also, you’ll get to know more about her curly hair hacks and how she maintains her natural curls all by herself.

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3. Milabu

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While the internet is loaded with beauty influencers who are trying too hard to be perfect, Milabu is a breath of fresh air. She is a joy to watch and at the same time, her videos are really useful too. While her bubbly character is what makes her stand out on the internet, she is a pro at creating short hairstyles. Her hairdryer and hair styler reviews have been watched millions of times. Among her hair tutorial videos “10 easy Updo Tutorials for Short Hair”, “10 Easy Braids for Short Hair Tutorial” are the most popular ones. If you have a bob, a medium bob or a long bob, Milabu is the ultimate go-to YouTube Channel for you and you will not be short of ideas.

4. Natural85

Natural85 Youtube Banner

All those ladies out there with natural hair know the struggle of it. Maintaining, caring for and styling natural hair can be draining. Natural85 is a channel you can trust with all your heart and soul when it comes to styling and caring for your natural hair. Going through ups and downs with her hair and trying out different things to keep her hair healthy, she has been on YouTube since 2008 and has helped many people with similar hair types to overcome their hair caring nightmares. With all her knowledge and experience about hair care, till now she maintains a beautiful curly mane. Her reviews on hair gadgets are absolutely honest and reliable and you can subscribe her with eyes closed!

5. CinthiaTruong

CinthiaTruong Youtube Banner

ChinthiaTruong has the most exotic hair tutorials ever and you will love them all. CinthiaTruong has grown popularity over the years for her really unique hairstyles that look impossible to do. But her elaborated tutorials make these hairstyles absolutely doable. Among her, really popular tutorials are “3 Strands Uneven Braid Hair Tutorial”, “Angel Wings Half Updo Hair Tutorial”, “Easy Big Loop Braid Hair Tutorial”, “2 Minutes Spring Twist Hair Tutorial” etc. She has a huge number of DIY hair tutorial videos and you will find something you will like among them for sure.

6. Liza’s Braids

Liza’s Braids Youtube Banner

Similar to Cute Girls Hairstyles, this is another mommy trying to keep everything together and still doing a great job making hair tutorials on YouTube. Being a mom is not a piece of cupcake and taking time out and do something other than raising kids can be a huge challenge. This mother has been trying out ranges of hairstyles on her daughter’s beautiful hair and has made that her passion apart from just applying her mothering skills. Who knew her videos will be loved by so many! Although she mostly tries braids on her girl’s hair, you will find doable hairstyles you can try on Christmas, Halloween or other occasions that you can try on anyone or even yourself. She is also popular for her 3 minute and 1-minute hairstyles perfect for school going girls.

7. Princess Hairstyles

Princess Hairstyles Youtube Banner

Princess Hairstyles is another great channel you can subscribe on YouTube. This channel can give you great Prom hairstyle ideas, or hairstyles for preteens or teens that are absolutely gorgeous. Their styling techniques use both heat and heatless methods and you can choose whatever suits you. One of their most watched videos is, “Dad Uses Vacuum to Give Daughter Perfect Ponytail” which has 60 million views and went viral 6 years back! Till today, they haven’t disappointed their viewers and came up with real eye catchy hair tutorials.

8. DIY Everyday

DIY Everyday Youtube Banner

Want professional feedback? DIY every day is packed with professional quality hair tutorials and maintenance videos. Their Compilation of “Professional Hairstyles” are a treat to the eyes. Also, if you want to step up your game of hairstyling, watching their tutorials can definitely help. Their videos range from hair cutting, rebounding, Bridal hairstyles to creating celebrity grade hairstyles. It doesn’t end at that, hair transformations and what not. Follow this channel to know more!

9. Bebexo

Bebexo Youtube Banner

Bebexo tutorials are really convenient to watch because of their short durations. Also, their styles are unique and cut the monotony you get from watching hair tutorials online. You can be having different hair lengths and types but you will not feel excluded from Bebexo’s range of hairstyles. She has something for everyone and for every occasion. She definitely redefines internet DIY hair tutorials for sure. Her popular videos include, “Intricate 5-Strand Braid Hair Tutorial Hairstyle”, “4 Strand Slide-Up Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial.” She also has cool tutorials showing “Back to School Hairstyles” or “Workout/Active Hairstyles”, “Summer Hairstyles” or even “Running Late Hairstyles”. Over and above, her videos are really easy to follow and useful for everyday hairstyling.

10. Fancy Hair

Fancy Hair Youtube Banner

Don’t be fooled by the thumbnails or be fooled by the thumbnails? Well, do the latter when it comes to Fancy Hair! This hair DIY Vlog is by Nikki Sky who is a Toronto based fashion and beauty influencer. Although she is fairly new compared to the other YouTube hairstyle influencers, she is heading towards greatness. The best thing about her channel is, she tries out almost anything and everything trending and that really helps those who are in a dilemma whether to try it or not. Not only does she have a collection of drop dead hairstyles, but she also tries out hair styling tools, hair packs and shares her experiences with her viewers. Being an owner of a hair extension company and her enthusiastic videos on hair hacks makes it seem like she is definitely passionate about keeping her mark in the hair industry and the influencer industry as well.


While anyone and everyone want to be an influencer in this era of YouTube and Instagram, not everyone possesses the skills required. However, the 10 YouTube channels mentioned here have gone through the hurdles and passed with flying colors. These are well established verified vloggers who are not only earning names for themselves but helping many others bring out the best of themselves out of their busy schedules. Ditching the hair salons have never been easier, but these YouTube channels will definitely save your time, money and energy and let you try legit things out on your hair from the comfort of your own home.


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